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Trip to the Drug Store P4

Clyde meets Jill's girlfriend and is spanked, milked
Trip to the Drug Store P4

For this date with Jill, she said she had something special planned for me. We weren’t going out to eat, this time, and she wanted me at her house at 5:30. Since Cindy and Jane at the Quick Health Center had shaved me, I felt good about myself. Also, since we were not eating out, I was looking forward to a home cooked meal by Jill.

When I got to Jill’s house, she led me into the house and there was another woman about her age. “Clyde, I would like to meet my best friend Sally. We went to high school and college together, and we have shared everything in our lives.”

“Glad to meet you, Sally,” I said.

“Me too. I have heard do much about you from Jill. I am happy to finally meet you and spend some time with you,” Sally said.

“Lets sit down and eat,” Jill said. “We can talk some more while we eat.”

During supper, I found out about how close friends Jill and Sally were in high school. They were co-captains of not only their debate team, but also volleyball and soccer. During their senior prom, their high school did something special. Both of them were crowned queens for the Prom.

While in college, they shared the same dorm room, and majored in the same subject and they actually lead their college to a championship in volleyball. It was interesting to see how closely these two women were tied together. Now both of them were renting houses just a few houses away from each other. Both women seemed to be powerful in their own way.

After supper, we continued the conversation in the living room. The two women sat side by side on a large sofa, and I sat across from them on a chair. Then Jill said, “Sally has a boyfriend and she is interested in the way I treat you.”

“I am specifically interested to meet you because Jill said you shaved your pubic hair for her and you have been spanked by her and at least one other woman,” Sally said.

“I’m a little embarrassed to talk about this, but what she told you is true. Jill said she was interested in getting more intimate with me, so I did get my pubic hair shaved by a nurse at the Quick Health Center,” I said.

“And has Jill and another woman spanked you?” Sally asked.

“Actually, three women have now spanked me. Two of the nurses spanked me because I had an erection while I was being shaved, and Jill has spanked me,” I said. “This is so embarrassing to talk about.” I added.

“I want my boyfriend to do the same for me, and I want to make sure what Jill tells me is really true,” Sally said.

“So Clyde,” Jill said. “You can either show yourself to my friend Sally right now, or you can walk out of my house right now and never date me again.”

“Jill, I really want to keep dating you. Do I really have to show myself to her?” I asked.

“You can walk out the door right now if you wish. It’s your choice,” Jill said.

“I guess I can show myself to Sally,” I said. “What do you want me to do?”

“Just stand in front of us with your hands on your head, we’ll do the rest,” Jill said.

As I stood in front of the two women, I felt my belt being unbuckled, being unzipped, then my slacks were around my ankles. Next, they rolled up my shirt so it was out of the way, then I felt their fingertips in the waistband of my underwear. Soon they joined my slacks at my ankles.

Of course I had an erection, standing naked from the waist down, to a woman I had just met. As Sally lifted my penis and balls and felt my lack of pubic hair she said, “They do a good job of shaving you at the Quick Health Center. I should suggest to my boyfriend that he go there to be shaved.”

“Turn around so Sally can see your nice bottom,” Jill said.

With my pants and underwear at my ankles, I wobbled so that my back was towards them. “I can see that your bottom is still a little red from a recent spanking. But your bottom feels real nice. Those nurses did a good job of shaving you,” Sally said.

“Yes, Jill likes the shaving job they do, and the two nurses did give me a quick spanking after I was shaved,” I said.

“Clyde, I would like to spank you now,” Sally said.

I looked over at Jill with a questioning stare. “You can either allow Sally to spank you or you can walk out the door and not come back,” Jill said.

“Okay, you can spank me, Sally,” I said.

“We will take off your shoes, then you can step out of your slacks and underwear,” Jill said. “It will make it easier for Sally to spank you.”

After I did so, Jill took my shoes, slacks and underwear and placed them far away, on the kitchen counter. I hadn’t really noticed what Sally was wearing until now. As I looked at the lap I was about to go over, she was wearing a pretty blue short skirt, a pink blouse, and pantyhose.

Sally pulled back her skirt and said, “Come over my lap.”

My penis actually felt good between her thighs that were covered with nylon. Jill had stood up from the couch so my weight wasn’t only on Sally. Then Jill walked over to my feet, and separated them. “Keep your legs spread so Sally can spank you better,” Jill said.

“And Clyde does have a very nice spankable bottom,” Sally said.

“Clyde, thank Sally for the compliment,” Jill said.

Since the two nurses had just spanked me and now Sally was spanking me, my bottom was hurting but I still said, ”Thank you for spanking me and thank you for the compliment.”

“Let me get a washrag and a towel,” Jill said. “I like how Clyde reacts after he is spanked.”

After Jill returned with the towel and washrag, she said, “Clyde, now stand up with your hands on your head.”

When I stood up, I still had an erection from being spanked. “Yes, he does react well,” Sally, said.

“Clyde, stand still while Sally milks you. Then we can talk some more,” Jill said.

It didn’t take long with Sally stroking my penis, and then I exploded in the washrag. They cleaned me up and then handed me the towel.

“Clyde, sit on the towel while we talk some more. Don’t put on your clothes yet,” Jill said.

I still felt a little embarrassed, but I slowly sat on the towel with my very sensitive bottom. Jill and Sally continued to talk about me and some of their previous boyfriends. I learned that it was a real requirement for both of them that their dates have their pubic hair shaved and their dates submit to be spanked. Sometimes they did talk about me as if I wasn’t even there. But I was happy to hear Jill say that she really liked me and was hoping our relationship would work out.

I really like Jill and that is why I had myself shaved for her and also submitted to her spanking me. We have so many of the same likes and dislikes, plus we like to do the same things together.

Then Sally asked Jill, “If the guy I am currently dating won’t agree to shave and be spanked, is it okay if I am there with your dates with Clyde.”

“Yes, I would love that,” Jill said. “You know I love to share everything with you.”

“Thank you. I will look forward to being with the both of you,” Sally said. “It is getting late. I need to leave soon.”

“Before you go, why don’t you spank Clyde one more time,” Jill said.

“I was hoping you would say that. I do like the way Clyde cooperates and reacts, when I spank him,” Sally said.

“So Clyde, go over Sally’s lap for another spanking, before she leaves,” Jill said.

To make things even more embarrassing before my spanking, I had to stand still while she closely examined the shaving job around my penis and balls. Then over her lap I went.

As Sally spanked me she said, “I do look forward to see you more often. Jill is so fortunate that she found you.”

After Sally left, Jill and I sat on the couch and messed around. Before I left her house Jill said, “I am very happy Sally likes you. It will be nice to have the three of us doing things together.”

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