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Trip to the Drug Store P8

Monthly gathering for the Quick Health Center
I was sitting at work on Monday when I called home to see if there were any messages. I heard, “This is Cindy from the Quick Health Center and I would like you to call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX. We have a monthly gathering of the nurses where we like to discuss patients, new ideas and products. It takes place on Wednesday evening at a different location than where you see me. I can make it worthwhile for you, if are willing to attend. I hope to hear from you.”

So I immediately called her to see what this was about. The meeting would take place fairly close to me and would last for one to two hours. If I attended, I would get my shaving for five weeks free, plus the Quick Health Center would pay for my shaving supplies for two months. I would also be shaved on Wednesday night, so I wouldn’t need to keep my appointment on Friday. I asked her how many nurses would be there, and Cindy said there were usually just a few, so I agreed to attend.

I quickly drove home from work on Wednesday, ate real fast and took a quick shower. I left a bit early because I wanted to make sure I found the place okay. The meeting was being held in a small medical building, which had special meeting rooms. I entered the meeting room and was glad to see Cindy there. The room had an exam table, like at the Quick Health Center, a desk, and also about ten folding chairs set up.

“Clyde, I am so glad you made it,” Cindy said.

“I am too,” I said. “I guess I am a little early.”

“The others should be arriving shortly. Usually only a few attend these monthly meeting, but when they heard about the topic, more said they would attend. Are you okay with that?”

I had already committed myself to attend, so I said, “I guess so.”

“I think you will learn some new information too.”

Then the nurses started to arrive. Most of them had their uniforms on and they all were wearing nametags. Cindy knew everyone and introduced me to each of them individually. When it was time for the meeting to start, all of the chairs were filled.

Cindy started the meeting and told the group the topic was shaving pubic hair, specifically men’s pubic hair. There were more men wanting to have this done, both to please their wives or girlfriends and for hygienic reasons. She also rolled out a small table filled with various shavers and razors. She explained that the industry had come up with some new shavers that were made specifically for shaving a man’s pubic hair. She showed each one to the group and also passed them around to everyone. The new shavers were waterproof, and made to shave sensitive skin.

Then she told the group that there would be refreshments and if anyone was interested, they could stay for a demonstration after the meeting. This is when Cindy had me follow her through a door into a changing room. It had a bench, many hooks on the walls, and some robes hanging on the hooks. There was also a pair of slippers on the floor.

“Take off all of your clothes and put on the robe and slippers. I will demonstrate the new shavers on you. Come out when you are ready,” Cindy said.

I wasn’t quite expecting this, but I undressed and put on the robe and slippers. When I exited the changing room, I was surprised to see that almost all of the nurses had stayed for the demonstration. I also couldn’t help myself but I had a raging erection going on, and it was creating a tent with my robe.

“Good. Clyde is now ready, so we can start the demonstration with the new shavers. So Clyde, drop the robe and get up on the exam table so we may begin,” Cindy said.

The stirrups were already in place, and I slowly took off the robe and sat at the edge of the table with my legs together.

“Lean back and we will help you put your feet in the stirrups,” Cindy said.

Now I didn’t want to watch all of these nurses staring at me, so I closed my eyes and felt my legs pulled wide apart and put into the stirrups.

Then Cindy shaved me with my old shaving supplies on one side, and used the new shavers on the other side. Next, the nurses came over and felt the difference. I was so embarrassed with all of these nurses touching me, and my erection kept raging on. Then the stirrups were raised a lot higher, and the nurses practiced shaving my bottom too.

It was better for me with my legs raised up higher, so I didn’t have to see all of their faces. Then, when I thought everything was over with, the stirrups were lowered and Cindy said, “You may stand up now but don’t put on your robe yet.”

Once I stood up, I could see that there was now only Cindy and two other nurses. “I asked them to stay and help me with the rest of your treatment. I showed them your file, and they are willing and able to help me. You were a naughty boy again with that erection, so now you are going to be spanked.”

“But I couldn’t help myself! I didn’t expect this many nurses,” I complained.

Now the two nurses and Cindy were seated on the chairs again. “That is no excuse. First, lay over my lap for your spanking.”

I knew if I made a big fuss that I would be spanked longer, so I lay over Cindy’s lap. Now I was acutely aware that I had just been shaved and I could feel her body heat and smell her perfume. Her strong upper thighs squeezed together as she held me in place and began to hand spank me.

As she spanked me she said, “All of those new shavers are yours now. They can be used on you every week when you visit the clinic. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“I guess it is,” I replied. “By the way the nurses were talking, I guess they do a better job than the straight razor and shaving cream. But it was really embarrassing for me to be totally exposed to that many nurses while my pubic area was being shaved.”

My spanking continued as she said, “With you being here, the nurses learned a lot of information. But now you need to be spanked by the other two nurses. So stand up.”

“My name is Ann. Come over here so I can first examine you.” One of the other nurses said as she sat down on a chair.

“You better do as she says and be sure and ask her to spank you,” Cindy said.

So I walked over to Ann, spread my legs apart, put my hands on my head and said, “Ann, please spank me.” I knew that Cindy liked me to spread my legs when I asked to be spanked. It also made me feel more humble when I did that.

Ann’s perfume really smelled good. It reminded me of my girlfriend Jill’s perfume, and I was aware of my hard-on as Ann was examining me. “Yes, I do wish my boyfriend would shave his pubic hair like this. You feel so smooth and nice. But now go over my lap, so I can spank you.”

Ann was wearing a white nurse’s uniform with a very short skirt. Before I lay on her lap, she spread her legs and hiked up her skirt so that I could see the tops of her white nylons. Ann was also wearing some white panties. Once I was over her lap, her legs came together so my erect penis was held tightly between her powerful thighs. Then as she began to spank me, her fingers wrapped around my bottom and between my legs, so that I even became more sexually excited. It seemed like a combination of pain and pleasure as Ann spanked me.

I actually was disappointed to hear Cindy say, “Clyde, stand up now and go over to Karen and ask her to spank you.”

This time when I stood up I said to Ann, “Thank you for spanking me.”

Ann answered with, “I hope I can spank you again.”

Then I walked over to Karen, spread my legs apart, put my hands on my head and said, “Karen, please spank me.”

As Karen felt my hairless pubic region she said, “I can see why your girlfriend likes you shaved down here. You do feel really feel so nice and smooth. But bend over my lap for your spanking.”

My poor bottom was already sore from being spanked twice, plus I felt the spankings even more since my bottom was freshly shaved. But I reluctantly bent over Karen’s lap. When my spanking started again, I couldn’t help but to squirm about because her hands really stung my bottom.

“Lets hold Clyde down so he doesn’t move about so much,” Cindy told Ann. Then to my surprise, Ann stood with her legs spread apart, so my head was between her legs and she bent down to hold my shoulders in place. Meanwhile, Cindy held my legs apart and kept my feet on the ground.

Although my head was facing down, I could really smell Ann’s perfume and her unique female scent. I really felt exposed but I also was enjoying having my head between Ann’s legs. My spanking did hurt, but Cindy and Ann did a good job of keeping me from moving about.

Finally Cindy said, “Clyde, stand up with your hands on your head and legs spread apart. There is one last spanking you will get before they leave.” I was surprised when she next said, “Is there something that I can use to blindfold Clyde.”

Ann replied, “I have a sweatband in my purse that I use when I exercise. That should work.”

So soon I was blindfolded and now I could really smell Ann’s female scent. Then I could her whispering and I was aware that someone was sitting on a chair in front of me, and someone was in back of me. Next I felt the wooden paddle with the holes in it, sting my bare bottom. At the same time, I felt hands stroking my penis and balls. I felt myself propelled forward with each spank, and I was feeling both pain and pleasure. Finally my thrusting and her stroking my penis was too much for me, and I felt myself explode. I had never had an incredible experience like this before.

“Keep standing like that while I remove your blindfold,” Cindy said. Once it was removed, I was able to see that Ann was in front of me and Karen paddled me. “Clyde, another surprise for you is that Ann and Karen will now be working at the Quick Health Center that you go to.”

“Yes, we hope we can help with your shaving and spanking every week,” Ann said.

“It is also more educational to have a patient here for these monthly meetings. I hope you can be here in the future to help us demonstrate new products,” Karen said.

Then I saw Ann stand up and she went across the room and picked up a jar of cream. After she sat down again Ann said, “Come over my lap so I can put some soothing cream on your spanked bottom. It must be sore.”

“Okay,” I said. “Thank you. It really is sore.” Then I lay over her lap again.

The cream felt very cool as her fingers seemed to find every spot on my bottom to spread the cream. “Open your legs a little more. I want to make sure I don’t miss a spot,” Ann said.

Now I felt really good again. Although I had just been shaved and spanked, I felt like I was in heaven. I was feeling this young woman’s warm body heat, smelling her nice perfume, and feeling her hands caress my tender bottom with cool cream.

Cindy startled me by saying, “It’s getting late and I need to lock this place up. So Clyde, get dressed so we can leave.”

So I stood up and thanked Ann for putting the soothing cream on me, then went back to the room and got dressed. When I came out Cindy said, “I will lock up all of your shavers so that can be used on you again. I got real good comments from the other nurses that they enjoyed you being here. Also, Ann said that during the week, she is willing to give you a ‘touch-up treatment’, if you want it and if she is not busy. I think she likes you.”

“I like her too. I like you to shave me but I also am looking forward to having Ann shave me too,” I said.

Then Cindy locked up and I had wonderful warm feelings as I drove home.

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