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Vet School Part 3 M/F

Vet School Part 3

Melissa had just been spanked for being late to her first class at the vet school, so she made sure she was on time to her next class. Since there wasn’t much time between classes, Melissa didn’t take the time to go to the bathroom and put her panties back on. Besides, her poor bare bottom was still very red and sore from the spanking. So during class, she sat down very slowly and made sure she kept her legs together.

After her second class, it was time for lunch in the cafeteria. She had exactly one hour to eat lunch, go to her dorm and change into her lab coat, overalls, and boots; then walk over to Barn Number Seven, for her next class.

All of the food they ate at the vet school was grown right on the farm. So the meat and vegetables tasted very good and fresh. Melissa liked it so well, that she went back for seconds. Then she saw that she really needed to hurry up and get to her dorm room and change clothes.

So she made sure the table she ate at was nice and clean and bused her own dishes. The conveyer belt for her dishes was quite low, and it forced her to bend over to place her dirty dishes on the belt. When Melissa stood up and turned around, two men wearing black suits grabbed her arms. On the men’s suits, both in front and back, was “Rule Enforcers”. Melissa had remembered reading about them in her manual, but had never seen one of them until now.

They grabbed her arms and said, “Be quiet, you are coming with us right now.” Quietly but briskly they took her to the “AAA” room, which was the “Attitude Adjustment Area”. That room was marked occupied, so they took her down the stairs to an “AAA” room that was unoccupied.

Melissa wasn’t sure why they were taking her to the room, so while still outside of the room, she asked, “What is going on? What are you doing to me?”

One of the men answered, “Please raise up your skirt and you will see why.”

Melissa raised up her skirt and now remembered that she had not put her panties back on.

“It is a violation of an automatic ten strokes of the cane in the nearest “AAA” room, if you are caught not wearing your panties during a school day.” One of the men said. “It is in your rulebook page ten, if you need to check.”

“But I wasn’t wearing them because I was spanked during my first class for being late.” Melissa protested.

“There are no excuses for breaking this rule. Come inside with us.”

Inside the AAA room, the walls were filled with all sorts of spanking implements. It was very well organized, with all of the canes in one area, all of the paddles in another, and so on. In the middle of the room, there were various wooden stools and benches, all with many straps on them. Melissa had never seen anything like this before. Also, the walls and ceiling looked like it was soundproofed, with lots of padding.

They took her to a wooden stool that was curved on top. It also had leather straps on each leg, and a wide strap for the top. “Please bend over the stool and spread your legs so they are on the outside of each leg. We will not strap in if you feel you can maintain this position while being caned.” One of the men said.

Melissa felt she had no choice but to bend over the stool. One of the men had a riding crop and flicked it many times to her upper middle thighs. “Spread your legs further apart so that your feet are on the outside of the legs.” Meanwhile, the other man raised up and folded back her skirt so it was out of the way. He also tucked it into the waistband of her skirt, so now she was totally exposed again. Melissa knew these strange men could see everything, but she had no choice.

“It looked like you were recently spanked.” One of the men said. “Your nice round bottom is still red and warm.” She stayed in position as she felt their hands examining her exposed bare bottom. Melissa just wanted her caning to be over with, so that she could attend her next class.

Then two men argued about who would cane her, and then decided that one would give her five strokes of the cane from one side, and then the other man would give her five strokes from the other side.

“Be sure to stay in position, otherwise the stroke will not be counted.” One of the men said.

“Also, keep you head facing forward, so that you don’t know when the next stroke is coming.” The other man said.

Then Melissa felt a tapping of the cane on her sensitive and warm, bare bottom. She heard a strange whistle, and then felt shearing pain on her bottom. It felt like a thin line of fire on her poor bare bottom. She clenched her teeth, threw up her head, and held on tightly to the legs of the stool.

“Is this the first time to receive the cane?” One of the men asked.

“Yes, sir.” Melissa answered. “I never knew it felt this bad.”

“Well, you have nine strokes left.” One of the men said. “You can yell and scream all you want because no one will hear you, but stay in position.”

Then she felt the tapping on her bare bottom, the whistle, and the pain from the next stroke. Melissa yelled out, “Ouch, that hurts so much”.

“It is supposed to hurt. This way you will always remember to wear your panties.”

Tap, whistle, pain again. Melissa wasn’t sure that she could take all ten strokes of the cane.

After receiving the first five strokes, she was moving her legs together to help get rid of the pain. Then she felt the riding crop between her tender inner thighs. “Keep your legs spread wide apart, or else we will strap you into position.”

“No, I will stay in position, don’t strap me in.” Melissa said as she spread her legs wide apart again.

Then she felt the men’s hands on her bare bottom. “You have five nice parallel welts on your red bottom. Now you will receive five more form the other side.” One man said.

“These you will receive in quick concession.” The other man said. “You can cry and yell all you want, just stay in position.”

Melissa gripped the legs of the stool very tightly, and prepared herself for the pain.

She felt the now familiar tapping on her poor bare bottom, then the incredible pain, over and over, five times. Melissa couldn’t help but to collapse over the stool and cry.

Then men said, “Stay in position and don’t rub your sore bottom. In ten minutes we will be back, and if we find you out of position or rubbing your bottom, we will give you another ten strokes of the cane. By the way, there are cameras in the room so that we can watch your every move.”

Now Melissa wondered how many other people were watching her getting caned, in this awful room. All she could do is to cry and hope that the ten minutes would come quickly.

Finally, the door opened and the two men came back in. She felt their hands on her poor exposed bottom, as they examined the ten parallel red welts.

“You can get up now, and be sure to put on your panties.” One of the men said.

She quickly got up, put on her panties and rearranged her skirt and went to her dorm room to change clothes. What a horrible first day at the vet school, and it wasn’t over yet.
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