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Vet School Part 4 M/F

Vet School Part 4

In Part 3, Melissa had just received ten strokes of the cane for not wearing her panties. She hadn’t put on her panties because her poor bare bottom was still tender from the twenty strokes of the addle she received for being late to her first class. So Melissa’s day was not going very well.

After Melissa received the ten strokes of the cane, she also had to stay in position for ten minutes. So now she had to hurry to her dorm room and change over to her boots, bib overalls, and lab coat. This was the uniform needed because her next class was in the barn, working with the animals. This is the part she liked best about the vet school. Half of the day would always be spent working with the animals.

Melissa also loved the way the campus was set up. While she changed her uniform in her dorm room, she could look outside and see the barns and animals. Each barn had a large number on it, and her next class took place at barn number six. Between the red barns was an old style wooden fence. Between each wooden fence post were three planks of wood, equally spaced apart. This kept the animals in their corals, next to the barns. The fence was also painted white, so it looked pretty next to the red barns. Looking out her dorm window while Melissa was changing clothes, she could actually see the class forming on the grass, right next to the barn.

Since she rushing around and trying not to be late for her class, she left her clothes on her bed and ran out of her dorm room. As she was hurrying down the steps of the dorm room, the bell rang which meant she would be late for this class.

There were also two other students also walking quickly to the barn as Melissa was rushing to barn number six. Melissa now thought maybe the instructor would not punish any of them because there were three of them. Out of breath, Melissa and the other two late students joined the class on the grass, next to the barn.

“My name is Mr. Jones, I am your instructor for “Basic Care of Barn Animals.” The male instructor said. “Please introduce yourselves to the group.”

First, the other two girls introduced themselves and told why they were interested in the class and vet school. Then it was Melissa’s turn.

“My name is Melissa and this is my first day at this vet school. I love to be by the animals and help them in their time of need. It is also wonderful to be at this great campus, away from everything, and to be with the animals.”

Then Mr. Jones said, “I know everyone received their rule books and you know that includes being on time for class, so the three of you are still going to be punished for being late for class. But since it is such a beautiful day, I will not take you into the building to the AAA room. So take off your lab coat and bib overalls while I get the buggy whip from inside the barn.”

All that you were allowed to wear under your bib overalls were just a bra and panties. So Melissa felt embarrassment again as she stripped down to her bra and panties in front of the class. She was also aware that a lot of people could also see what was going on because barn number six could be seen from many of the dorm rooms and also the cafeteria.

Mr. Jones returned from the barn with a long solid whip with a small string at the end, that was about two feet long. “This, class, is called a buggy whip.” Mr. Jones said. “It is very effective to get to horses that are farther away when you are controlling a buggy or carriage, that uses horses. It also works very well for students who show up late for class.”

Mr. Jones pointed to Melissa and the other two girls who were late for class. Now all three of them were dressed only in their bra, panties, and boots. “Please go over here and stand on the bottom rung of the fence. Bend way over the top rung and hold onto the middle rung. Do it now and keep your legs straight.”

Melissa and the other two girls bent over the fence as requested. This position pushed their bottoms way out, and then Mr. Jones went up to each girl and pulled her panties down to her ankles. When he pulled down Melissa’s panties, he was surprised at what he saw. Her bottom was already quite red and had ten recent parallel welts from the cane.

“You must have been a very naughty girl on your first day.” Mr. Jones said to Melissa.

“Yes. I was late to my first class and got paddles, and then I got the cane because I didn’t put my panties back on.”

“Well, you are still going to receive five stripes from the buggy whip.” Mr. Jones said. “Tonight, you will probably be sleeping on your stomach.”

Melissa was at one end, so at first she heard the other two girls yell out as the whip hit their poor bare bottoms. When it was Melissa’s turn, it really hurt since it was on top of her other spankings. It stung so much that she stood up on the fence and rubbed her poor exposed bottom.

“Since you stood up, that does not count.” He told Melissa. “Bend over again, so that I can get this over with and get back to teaching the class.”

Melissa slowly bent over the fence and gripped the second very tightly as the whip bit into her poor exposed bottom again. It was hard for Melissa, but she kept bent over the fence as she whip stung her bottom again and again.

“You can now get off the class and join the class.” Mr. Jones told Melissa and the two other girls. “Please pull up your panties, and put on your bib overalls and lab coats before you join the class.”

As Melissa stepped off the fence and faced the class, she was even more embarrassed to see the many faces near the windows of the buildings next to the barn. Apparently many people saw her bent over the fence and punished by the buggy whip. But Melissa just hurried up and put on her bib overalls and lab coat, and just laid on her stomach as the class officially started.
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