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Vet School Part 7

Vet School Part 7

All Melissa wanted to do was to escape from the rules of the vet school where she was attending. She was driving too fast, and didn’t pull over when the police car tried to pull her over, and now she was arrested and sitting in a jail cell. It was located in a very small town called “Unknownville” that was out in the middle of nowhere. She was now wearing a bright orange two-piece jail uniform that was made for a man. She even wasn’t able to wear her bra and panties.

To make things even worse, the policeman who arrested her made her strip in front of him, and then he gave her an over the knee spanking. When she left the vet school with her car, she signed a paper stating she would return by 6:00 PM on Sunday, and she told the policeman that she would do whatever he wanted, if he could help her return in time. That is why she let him spank her and she did not struggle. Melissa just wanted to make sure she got back in time.

After she was arrested, the policeman told her that they had a special traffic court for her on Saturday on afternoon; otherwise she would have to stay in jail until Monday’s court. If Melissa cooperated and did everything he said, he would help her get back to the vet school in time.

Melissa hadn’t eaten breakfast because she wanted to get away from the vet school as soon as possible, and now it was around noon. After her over the knee spanking, she put on the rough jail uniform and lay on her stomach on the thin mattress and cried. She was now in a strange place, wearing a rough jail uniform, and hungry. What really worried Melissa was that she didn’t know what would happen next?

She heard a door open, and she saw the policeman who arrested her with a tray of food. At last, she could eat.

“I have a lunch prepared for you by our local diner.” The policeman told her. “I know you aren’t a dangerous criminal, but we have a procedure for delivering lunch to a jail cell. So please stand over here and put your feet in the painted footprints on the floor.”

Melissa was very hungry, so she stood with her feet on the footprints. The footprints were spaced about a foot and a half apart, and were about a foot and a half from the jail bars.

“Now lean over and stick your hands thru the bars.” There was a spot in the jail bars that had a small cross section. The policeman took out his handcuffs and cuffed her to the bars. This made Melissa slightly bent over at the waist and her legs apart. Being handcuffed like this, she was unable to move.

The policeman came in with her tray of lunch and placed it on her mattress. But he surprised Melissa by leaving the jail cell and returning with a wooden paddle and some sort of bar. Before she knew what was happening to her, the policeman put Velcro cuffs on her ankles and attached the bar. Now she had to stand with her feet apart, and she was stuck in position.

“The judge likes to see pink bottoms on you uppity vet girls before her sentences you, so that is what I am going to give him. Court starts at two o’clock, so you better eat and look presentable after I spank you.”

Then the policeman reached down and untied the strings on the waistband of her orange jail uniform. He slipped it down her parted legs until it was on the floor. Melissa was now naked from the waist down, secured to the jail bars, and couldn’t move. She watched in horror as the policeman picked up the paddle, drew it back, and it landed with a loud “crack” on her tender bottom.

“Please, don’t do this to me. I promise I will be a good girl and do whatever you want.” Melissa pleaded.


“This is only a very small part of the punishment you will receive for speeding and fleeing my arrest of you.” The policeman said. “Keep quiet and take your punishment.”


The wooden paddle really stung her and made her cry. But she had no choice but to endure the spanking.


Melissa felt she could take no more, and the policeman could sense it. So he took the spreader bar off her legs, walked out of the jail cell with the paddle, locked the jail cell, and then undid her handcuffs.

“Your bottom is now a nice shade of red for the judge to see.” The policeman told her. “But you better hurry up and eat your food before it gets cold.” Then the policeman left the room.

Melissa tenderly pulled up her rough jail uniform bottoms and went over to her mattress to eat lunch. Her bottom hurt so bad that she knelt down on her knees in order to eat. There were still tears coming out of her eyes. She couldn’t believe all of this was happening to her. All she wanted to do was escape for a two days from the vet school.
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