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My Sister's Girlfriend

i fucked my sisters girlfriend.

My name is David and I am nineteen years old. I have dark hair and dark eyes and I am ruggedly handsome.

My sister is my best friend, we are twins. We both have the same taste in women, and as such, she is a lesbian. Many of the girls she has been with are very much my type, but obviously, they are into girls.

About a year ago, my sister started a relationship with Christine, a gorgeous blonde girl that I have had many a fantasy about. Sometimes at night, I can hear them giggling as they make love and can’t help but masturbate.

My parents never seemed to mind that we had our own girlfriends, and made sure we understood about safe sex from early on. 

I never really had a steady girlfriend. A few girls I’d mess with but nothing more.

My sister and I have always been close, and we have gossiped together many times, mostly about girls. It’s funny how we both seem to have similar tastes in women, and she has often described in full detail how she makes her girlfriends get off.

It was one morning, and I was still in bed being lazy when my sister walked into my room and climbed into my bed next to me.

“Dave, do you like Christine? You know, she’s technically still a virgin. We were talking last night, and she said she would love to try a cock.”

I could tell where she was going with it, it was obvious.

“I know you have a way with girls, and I would feel more comfortable with you sleeping with her than anyone else. What do you say? Wanna fuck Christine?”

I know I was in bed with my sister, but the thought of sleeping with my sister’s girlfriend really turned me on.

“Okay, that’s decided. Try not to be too loud and make me jealous.”

It was decided and it was planned for a night later in the week, a night when my sister would come home late from work. That way she wouldn’t see us getting together beforehand.

The evening in question arrived and Christine hung out with me like usual and watched tv. My parents were used to having her around, so it wasn’t unusual. My parents went up to bed early, as was the custom, leaving me and Christine alone.

I decided it was time, so I took her by the hand and led her up to my room. At first, we just sat there awkwardly and then I decided to act. I gently pushed her back on the bed and climbed on top of her. We started to kiss slowly, and she stuck her tongue in my mouth making out with me. She seemed to warm to me and soon we hungrily sucked on each other’s tongues and groping each other.

She gently pushed me off her and started to do a sexy strip for me. She was so hot that I was rock hard by the time she was naked. I stripped off too, and soon we were making out as our bodies pressed together. I could feel my cock press up against her belly and she seemed to find that as hot as I did.

“Wow, David, I’ve never felt a warm cock against me before, it makes me so horny. You are going to have to talk me through what to do, I’ve never been with a guy before.”

I smiled and stood up, I stroked my cock in front of her face. I could see her mouth water as she looked up at me. I gently held the back of her head and pushed my cock against her lips. Her mouth opened and she took my cock deep into her mouth.

“Yeah, that’s it. Suck it as you’d suck on a dildo. I’m sure you’ve done that with my sister. I know she has a small collection that she has used in you.”

She blushed slightly as she took my cock deep into her mouth. I held the back of her head and gently started to fuck her mouth. She looked up at me, keeping eye contact as she sucked me good. She was better than I thought and soon started to get into it. I told her to play with my balls and she started to caress them. She seemed to really enjoy sucking me and loved the way I fucked her mouth.

“You’re a great cocksucker, want me to fuck your mouth hard? Do want me to be rough with you?”

Her eyes seemed to light up, as she nodded a yes. I gathered all her hair in my hand and started to fuck her mouth. I fucked her mouth hard, forcing all my cock down her throat. I could hear her gagging and feel my dick go past her tonsils. I looked down at her and could see her eyes water and start to go red, I kept fucking her mouth.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and could see her gasp for air. She started to pant and smiled at the same time wiping the tears from her eyes.

I smiled and pushed her back on the bed. I spread her legs and buried my head between her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet and her body seemed to quiver as I slid my tongue over the opening of her wet pussy. I slowly started to lick her out, pushing my tongue deep inside her. She seemed to like it and ran her hand through my hair.

I ate her out, slowly snaking my tongue deep into her hole. I could feel her body slowly buck against my face as she whimpered. I could feel her legs shake against my head and I knew I was doing something right.

It wasn’t long before she pushed my head away from her pussy. She looked at me and without saying anything, she mouthed two words at me. “Fuck me.”

I climbed on top of Christine and pushed my cock against her vaginal opening. I thought there would be some resistance like taking the virginity from a normal girl and then realized that her hymen probably broke ages ago with all the toys my sister had used on her. I lay there for a few seconds, letting her get used to the feel of my penis inside her. I leant forward and we started to slowly make out as I started to slam my cock inside her.

Her arms wrapped around me and groaned into my mouth as I fucked her tight hole for all I was worth.

There was something about the way she held me and the way we seemed to fit perfectly against each other’s bodies, I think I was falling in love or lust.

Christine rolled us over, so she was on top and started to bounce on my lap. Her full breasts hung over my chest and I grabbed them and gave them a good squeeze. She sat up on my lap and bounced harder, making me groan louder.

She felt and looked amazing, her pussy was tight, and her body was kicking. I pulled her close and kissed her passionately as I slammed my cock up into her pussy as hard as I could. She buried her head in my neck and groaned as I fucked her from underneath. As I fucked her, I could feel her biting down on my neck, giving me a hickey.

I rolled her off me and made her get onto all fours. I watched as she grabbed hold of the headboard, ready for me. I slipped my cock inside her from behind and started to slam as hard as I could. Her ass was so round and juicy that it made a great slapping noise as it hit my hips with every thrust. She started to moan loudly, and I grabbed a handful of her luscious blond hair to use it as leverage as I fucked her. This seemed to make her get wilder and her body started to shake like mad.

After a minute of her body shaking, she seemed to collapse on the bed, and I could see a trickle of fluid escape from her wet pussy.

I was so close that I told her to suck me off till I come in her mouth. She hungrily took my cock and started to suck me off. I held the back of her head, using it to help her suck properly.

It wasn't long before I was groaning loudly, and she seemed to sense it too because she started to suck me harder and jerk the base of my cock. I groaned loudly and pushed my dick as far as I could into her mouth until I started to shoot my load.

She looked up at me in surprise as I seemed to shoot load after load into her sexy mouth. She was a trooper and swallowed everything, even sucking my cock a bit after.

I lay back and Christine lay on top of me. We kissed for what seemed like an age before both of us falling asleep in each other’s arms.

When I awoke the next morning, Christine was gently stroking my chest. We spent the best part of an hour talking and making out. I didn’t want it to end and I don’t think she did either. We decided that we wanted to be lovers, she said she would bring up the subject with my sister.

As it turns out, my sister didn’t see a problem with us sharing her girlfriend. We ended up having a wonderful relationship, my sister and I both taking turns to have her to ourselves. There were times when my sister wanted to watch us make love too, we let her.




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