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A Day In The Hot Sun. Part 1.

I was hot, sweaty and horny.
 Hello all. We're just coming out of a stretch of very hot weather here. For over two week, we had temperatures in the middle and upper nineties. I've always loved hot weather, but even for me, it's a bit too hot. You can't stay in all of the time, so you just need to deal with it. If dressed you're appropriately, and stay hydrated, you'll be fine.

A week ago this past Sunday was the hottest of all , the temperatures were ninety eight in the shade, and there was bright sunshine all day. Approximately thirty miles south of where I live, there is an outdoor festival that goes on every second weekend in July. They have bands and food. There are a lot of activities that go on, and fireworks each night. Though it's open to all, a lot of college kids attend. They have water events like a dunk tank, and a slide, so it really isn't a good place to bring children.

My best friend Debbie goes every year. Sometimes her daughter Krista will also attend. I have never gone, mainly because I'm either working, or with my boys. Debbie almost always brings a young man with her. One day, about two weeks ago, she told me that she would be going with Brad, the man that she met that day at the beach. She asked me if I wanted to go too. At first, I said no, I'm not going to be a third wheel. Then she mentioned that Chip was going with them, and that he had been asking about me.

I asked her to give Chip my phone number, and that he could call me if he wanted. A few days later he called, and we chatted for a bit. He said that he was going to the festival, and said that he'd like it if I went with him. I told him I'd think about it and to call me the next day. My ex was going to be on vacation that week, and he always takes boys camping, so I knew I'd be alone. I had planned on working, but the schedule was full, so I decided to go.

When he called back, I told him that I'd go with him. He said that he'd pick me up at ten o'clock Sunday morning. I asked him to call me Saturday night to confirm. Then I called Deb and told her. She said that it's a real good time. She said that the four of us would go together, and that we'd meet Krista there. I could sense that Debbie was hiding something.

I woke up on Sunday morning just after eight o'clock, and put on the television to get a weather report. They said that it would be sunny, in low nineties, and very humid. Now I needed to figure out what to wear. I needed to find clothes that we're cool and comfortable. With temps as high as they were, a bra was out of the question. Earlier in the week, I found an old pair of light blue jean shorts. They we're tight, and went down to about the middle of my thighs. For a top, I decided that a t-shirt would be good, but it couldn't be white. I knew that I'd be sweating, and that white might be a bit too revealing.

I remembered that I had this yellow t-shirt that I rarely wore. A friend of mine got it from a local strip club, and it had the club's name and logo on it. The reason I never wore it was because it wasn't a full t-shirt. The bottom falls about three inches above my navel, and exposes my mid drift. It is loose fitting, and basically hangs off of my tits. Normally, I wouldn't wear anything like this, especially in public. I put on my sneakers. When I looked in the mirror, I looked like a slut, but because of the extreme heat, I didn't really care. Being cool and comfortable on a day this hot is more important.

A few minutes before ten o'clock, I heard this roar in front of my house. As I looked out of my living room window, I saw what Deb was hiding. Chip and Brad were in my driveway on Japanese Motorcycles. Deb was on the back of Brad's. I couldn't believe it. These motorcycles were hold on tight, tits on his back, crotch rockets.

I put some money and my license in my pocket, and walked outside. Chip had a huge smile on his face when he saw me, and he looked sexy. He had on jeans and a tight, gray T-shirt. Then I saw Deb, standing next to Brad's bike. She looked sluttier than I did. She was also wearing tight shorts, hers were black. She also had on a tight, white tank top. You could just barely see her Areola right through them.

"Hi, I hope you don't mind the bikes," Chip said, handing me a helmet.

Actually, two things went through my mind. The first was the helmet. It was so hot out, and I had to wear that. The second was fear. I don't really like motorcycles, they scare me, and I have two young children. Debbie has always been daring, and quite adventurous. I'm more cautious than she is because I have young children. At the same time, the wild side of me came out, so I said nothing. I put the helmet on my head, and climbed on his bike.

"Hold on tight," I heard him say.

I looked over at Deb and did exactly what she was doing. I wrapped my arms around his body, pressed my tits against his back, and held on for dear life. The ride there took about thirty minutes, and it actually wasn't that bad. They never really went very fast, and it was kind of fun being on it. The wind was whipping up my shirt, cooling of my tits. I felt like a slutty college girl, and actually got a little horny.

About one mile before we got there, you could smell the food cooking, and there were people walking on both sides of the street. That's why the guys took the bikes, parking is at a premium. If you come in a car, you may have to park quite a distance away and walk. Motorcycles can park right on the field. When we got there, the place was mobbed, and it wasn't even eleven yet. Most of the people were young, in their twenties.

It was a combination music festival and town fair. There were booths where people sold things, water games and rides. Food and alcohol were booths everywhere, there was even a car show going on. The bands, which were local, wouldn't start playing until about two o'clock. In Massachusetts, marijuana is "decriminalized". You can possess up to an ounce for personal use, though buying or selling it is illegal. Still haven't figured that out yet. There were booths that sold paraphernalia, and even a tattoo place.

Actually, I was somewhat overdressed. There were girls walking around with skimpy bikini tops on, or half t-shirts, that show the bottom curves of your tits. A lot of them were wearing shorts like mine. It wasn't a sex festival, but there were a lot of barely dressed young women. The high heat was obviously a factor. Deb and I got a lot of looks. Two sexy soccer moms with two young college guys.

We met up with Krista, and the guy she's fucking this month, and walked around. We had a ball all day long. There were water slides, all sorts of food, and a wet t-shirt contest that the guys tried to get me to enter. I'm a bit old to enter a contest like that with women in the early twenties. I was already sweating heavily, so was Debbie, so you could see through our shirts anyways. There were also a lot of bare chested, hot college men, including Chip and Brad.

Chip told me that when he's on his bike, he doesn't drink. He said that he might have a beer or two, but wanted me to eat or drink all I want. He paid for everything, andevery time I tried, he said no. Hot days arouse me anyways, but throw in alcohol, I'm like a tigress in heat. I didn't know what to drink. Vodka gets me very drunk, very quickly. If I drink to much of it however, I become a lush. Stumbling around, slurring speech. It eventually puts me to sleep.

Beer makes me horny too, but effects me differently. I don't get stupid goofy like I do with vodka. I get more daring, more wild. I find beer to be bitter, and only drink one kind. I'm not sure that I can mention the brand name, but it's American, comes in a green bottle, and rhymes with cock. If I drink too much beer, I get sick. I wanted to get buzzed, but not really drunk.

By four o'clock, we'd all just about had it. I was sweaty, tipsy and very horny. Deb invited us all back to her house to jump in her pool, so off we went. We spent about two hours there, all in the pool just cooling off. Deb, Krista and myself went topless, which the guys liked. We ate and drank some more, and I was getting drunker that I normally do. I was very horny.

"Can we go back to your place?' I asked Chip.

"My roommates may be there," he replied.

I said, "If it doesn't bother you, I'm fine with it."

 The ride back to his apartment took about thirty minutes, It was cooler, and the ride was refreshing. We pulled up to this two family house near a local college, Chip and two of his friends rent the bottom floor and two guys rent the top. His roommates were home, which somewhat excited me.

When I walked in, it looked like any frat house you see on television. They had old furniture, there were empty beer cans and clothes everywhere.The place was a mess. I could tell that Chip was embarrassed, and he apologized. I told him not too. His two roommates, Dana and Ron, were sitting on an old sofa watching a baseball game. He introduced me to both of them, we shook hands and chatted a bit. I think that they were a bit stunned about my age, especially when Chip grabbed my hand, and led me to his room.

His room was small, just enough room for a bed and small dresser. He had his air conditioner on low, so the room was nice and cool. His bed was an old twin bed, with a metal frame attached to a wooden headboard. He pushed all of the clothes off of his bed and pulled his bed spread down to reveal just the sheets By the time he turned around, I was already naked. I tapped the bed and told him to get on it, when he did, I noticed that it creaked a bit and that the headboard moved. It was going to be a loud, fun night for Chip.

I got on my knees between his legs, and attacked. I grabbed his already semi hard cock with both hands, and started power sucking him. Moving my body back and forth as I do when giving head, I noticed that the headboard was tapping the wall lightly. That really excited me. I ramped it up, sucking even faster.

"Oh God, oh god!" he said.

"Mmmm," I mumbled, with a mouth full of cock.

"Suck it," he said.

I power sucked him non stop for about two or three minutes. I could feel his cock responding.

"I want to fuck you," he said to me quietly.

"Not yet," I replied.

"But I don't want to cum yet," he said.

I think he was a bit taken aback by my sexual aggressiveness. I reminded him that I wasn't some nervous college girl, that he was about to have a wild night with a woman.

He laid back as I sucked away, stroking with both hands. I could feel his cock start to throb.

"I want to fuck you," he said again.

"You will," I replied looking at him. "Now shush."

I took one of his hands, and put it on my head. He pushed my head with every downward suck,.

"Suck my cock," he said, loudly.

About thirty seconds later, I felt it start to fill up. His body was writhing under me.

"Cum," I said, in a muffled voice. "Cum."

He let out a loud deep groan as my mouth filled with hot cum. I didn't swallow all of it, I kept sucking, and let some run the down the base of his cock. I lifted my head and looked at him. I could see by the look on his face that he'd never been blown like that before.

"Jesus Christ." he said, looking at me. "Wow."

"The night's young," I said, "I hope that you have stamina.

We laid on his bed next to each other for about a half hour, and talked about our day. I teased him during our conversation, blowing in his ear, gently rubbing his cock with a finger. I let him suck my tits, I was trying to get him hard again, which didn't take that long. For some reason, I was feeling very aggressive, almost dominant. I'm usually the submissive partner, but can be both. I think that his friends being in next room is what was causing it.

Once his cock got hard, I didn't even bother with another blow job, I grabbed his cock, and mounted it. I put both feet on his bed, bent my knees, and began bouncing up and down on his cock. Our skin slapped loudly every time my ass cheeks hit his thighs. I could see that his eyes were focus on my tits, bouncing up and down. I put my hands flat on his chest, and began grinding on his cock. After doing that for a few moments, I grabbed the top of his headboard with both hands, and began riding him. The headboard slammed against the wall.

"Give me that cock," I commanded, "Give it to me!"

He moaned, "Oh God."

He reached up, grabbed my arms, and yanked me downward. My body was lying flat on his. He tightly wrapped his arms around my upper body, and began giving me upward, rapid fire thrusts. I noticed that the television's volume in next room was lower. They were listening as our skin slapped together loudly, and the bed squeaked. Chip would give me numerous, rapid thrusts every twenty seconds or so. They were deep and hard, and I was getting quite vocal.

"Give it to me," I said, "Fuck me!."

Chips thrusts became faster and harder.

", fuck me," I screamed.

Without removing his cock, he picked me up, spun around, and slammed my back against the mattress. He grabbed my legs and pulled them upwards, crossing them at the knees like scissors. He pulled my pelvis toward him, and tore into me. I thought that the bed was going to break. He started talking, which I like.

"You like my cock, slut?" he asked.

"Yes,"I whimpered loudly.

"You like getting fucked by young guys, don't you?'

"Yes," I whimpered again.

"You're a slut," he said.

I replied, "I'm a slut."

"Louder," he commanded.

"I'm a slut!" I said again, in loud voice.

After a few moments of this, he opened my legs. Grabbing my ankles tightly, he pushed my legs back, toward the headboard. I could see my ankles next to my head as he pushed down on them hard, lifting my ass and hips off of the bed. Then he began pounding me with deep, hard thrusts. I thought that he was going to pile drive me right through the bed. Every thrust drove my head into the pillow up against the headboard. My ass and hips moved up and down like a fulcrum, our bodies making a loud slapping sound every time they came together.

"Oh, oh, oh God," I moaned.

He was like the energizer bunny, he kept going and going, pounding away at my pussy with deep, downward thrusts.

"Take my cock," he said again.

"Fuck me Chip," I replied. Then I let out a scream. "Fuck me!"

That made him pump even deeper. My ass was literally bouncing off of the bed. That's when I heard one of his friends.

"Dude, he's fucking the shit out of her," one of them said.

He was right, Chip was giving me one of the best fucks that I ever had, and he wasn't done yet. He grabbed my waist and flipped my over. I got on my hands and knees, spread my legs wide, and shook my ass. It was an invitation for him to ram his cock into me. My hair was a mess, and I was covered in sweat when I turned and looked at him.

"Fuck me Chip, please fuck me," I said, in a submissive voice.

Believe me when I tell you, I was about to get a merciless bang. I moaned loudly as he rammed his cock into me. He put his hands between my shoulder blades, pushed my upper body down on the bed and held me there as he began hammering away at me. When I'm drunk, I like my sex rougher and dirtier. I like being called names, and being treated like a whore.

"Fuck, fuck, oh fuck," I chanted.

Then I felt the sting of his hand striking my ass, over and over again. Our sex was deafening, but the sound of the spanking I was getting was even louder.

"Move that ass, slut," Chip said, as he slapped my ass again.

What ever I was saying was muffled and incoherent, because my face was buried in the pillow. He did this for about five minutes, before roughly grabbing a chunk of my hair, and yanking my body upward. I could see the ceiling above his headboard, which sounded like it was going to go through the wall. The box spring was squeaking. Some of the loudest skin slapping ever could be heard. He was tearing me up. At thirty seven years old, I was getting one of my best fucks ever.

"Oh, fuck!" I screamed.

He kept going and going, slamming him pelvis into my ass, brutally hammering away at my pussy. I could feel my body responding. I got light headed, my body tightened.

"Baby," I said.

"Yes," he replied.

"Baby," I said again, louder.

"Move that ass!" he commanded.

"Baby!" I screamed.

My leg began to twitch and my body shook in front of him.

"Oh God, make me cum," I screamed.

Men reading this will have never experienced what I'm about to describe, but some of you women have. I had one of those orgasms, the intense ones. You know, the quiet orgasms that you rarely ever have, and never forget when you do. I felt the blood rush through my body, I opened my mouth wide, and my eyes rolled back into my head. I tried to scream, but I couldn't. I just stayed there, on my hands and knees, and gave myself to him. My legs began shaking violently, and my body was writhing. I grabbed his bed sheet tightly with both hands, and I squirted all over his cock. He didn't even skip a beat. He kept fucking me hard the entire time.

I must have tightened up on him, because he began to grunt as he picked up speed. I felt his cock start to throb inside of me. After about thirty seconds, while I was still in the throws of an orgasm, Chip let out this loud grunt. Just at that moment, I felt two or three streams of cum land on my back. I collapsed on the bed, still writhing and shaking. After a moment, as I laid there panting, Chip got up and left.

I obviously fell asleep right after that because I woke up in his bed, alone in the dark. I looked at the clock, and it was just before midnight. I needed to go home, but had a problem, I didn't feel well. Beer tends to get me sick, I stayed in bed for a few moments, then it happened. I got up and ran into the bathroom. When Chip walked in, there I was, in all of my glory. I was on my knees with my head in his toilet. I was totally naked, I stunk because I was sweating so much, and I had cum on my back. I was so embarrassed, and I apologized to him.

"You're not the first girl to do it, and I doubt you'll be the last," chuckled one of his roommates.

Chip asked me if I wanted him to take me home, I told him that I just wanted a shower, and some sleep. Then I decided to do something that I rarely ever do. I decided to spend the night at a guys house. My ex-husband still has friends in my neighborhood. I never bring men home , and rarely spend a night out. I was drunk, I didn't feel well, and I needed sleep He walked me to his room, I lied on his bed, and fell asleep.

To be continued......
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