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A Gym Dream

A mature student meets an older woman at the gym and invites her home to shower
I am a mature student, 27, and when I am not at lectures or studying I hit the gym, a small but well equipped club that is frequented by some great looking guys and gals. I have been going for two years or so now and I am not shy to say that it shows. I used to hide my body, now I wear a revealing vest top and baggy jogging bottoms. 

I was working out and had nearly finished my hour. Just as I was about to take a shower this stunning woman came in. She must have been a few years older than me but her body was at the peak of fitness. She wore a small fitness bra and shorts with a baggy string vest top - very stylish.

She took to the running machine nearby, pounding the tread with strong purposeful strides. The muscles in her legs shuddered with each impact, her breasts – firm and round like grapefruits – swaying with the motion. I was in a great position on the chest press and didn't want to leave my vantage point. A couple of other guys were in, but not as close. I licked my dry lips and moved the weights, sweat building on my brow. Luckily, just as I thought my arms would give way, she moved to the rowing machine. I sat down at the machine next to her, watching her body slide back and forth. I imagined her naked and felt the hot tingling sensation of an erection. So I matched her speed, upping the tempo. Shortly after she increased her speed, puffing with new exertion. I, in turn, quickened the pace. Looking to my side, I saw her quickly look at me. Smiling, she upped the pace again. 

At this point my body was pushing its limits. Reluctantly I slowed to cool down. She turned to me, smiling broadly, and thanked me for the competition, but warned me, "Next time don't take on a competitive rower." 

I laughed and declared myself beat. So then, I thought, what the heck? "Do you want to get the dying man a last drink?" I panted.

"Sure, it’s the least I can do. Let me change and we can meet in the juice bar."

I showered down and luckily none of the other guys were about, 'cause the whole experience had made me horny as hell and I had an uncontrollable hard-on the whole time. I quickly dried, stowed my swollen member and went out front to the bar. 

I saw her out the front looking anxious and worried. I asked her what was up and she explained that she'd forgotten her towel and wash stuff. I bought her a juice and we talked a bit. She was reasonably new to the area and was checking out the local facilities. We hit it off well and then she asked if I lived close by; she was meeting friends later and didn't want to turn up sweaty and unwashed. I helpfully offered the use of my bathroom, not five minutes away. To my amazement, she jumped at the idea and we set off.

We arrived and I showed her the way to the bathroom. I left her to it and collapsed into the sofa. Listening to her splashing in the shower, I imagined her washing herself, her hand running along her sculptured body, the water running down her neck, breasts, belly and down those wonderful long legs. My erection soon returned. Lost in my daydream, I was startled to hear her calling for a towel. I got to the door and threw one to her, resisting all my urges to peek. She soon emerged with the towel wrapped round her middle. It just covered her breasts and left gave me a fantastic look at her legs. Nothing of her curves was left to the imagination. 

"Wow, you’re stunning, use my shower whenever you like!" I said quickly and somewhat lamely.

She laughed. "You look pretty good yourself, mate!" she said, and smiled. She turned and looked slyly at me and purred, "Would you massage my shoulders - please?”

She had taken up position at my sink, bracing herself either side of the bowl. I reached into my medicine cabinet and squirted a little baby oil into my palm, heating it to body temperature. I poised myself as I rested my hands on her shoulders. I softly kneaded the muscles round her neck and shoulders. She almost groaned with each circuit of my busy thumbs. I worked round the tops of her arms and moved down to her upper back. Her eyes were half closed and she looked as though she was enjoying herself. She shifted position and the towel lazily unwrapped itself and fell to the floor between us.

I slowed, taking in all before me. In front of me her feminine yet muscular back sloped down to her arse; pert and rounded, well worked like the rest of her. But in the mirror I feasted my eyes on her breasts, full and round like grapefruits, topped with small but dark nipples. My eyes moved down her toned belly to her immaculately trimmed pubic mound, the valley of her long firm thighs.

My libido soared into action. Blood pumped my dick to full hardness, straining within the confines of my jogging bottoms. She did not react to the missing towel and just urged me huskily to carry on.

My hand slid and played down her back, obviously sending pleasurable chills though her. My hands moved to her slender waist, around her front and slowly, slowly up her front. My front was so close to her back and my solid dick nudged against her bottom as my hands reached her breasts. They felt so good. My fingers played around their expanse working ever-decreasing circles to her nipples. As I reached them, I rolled each one between thumb and finger. This caused her to gasp and groan a little, lowering her back, her bottom firmly pressed against my straining cock. Amidst soft moans caused by my caresses she whispered, "You'd be more comfortable without them clothes you know...and I’d like a good look at you!”

She turned round and I stood there, my own breathing deep with need for this woman. She pulled off my track top and lifted off my vest top in one go. She smiled broadly as she ran her palms down my chest over my erect nipples, slowly down my abdomen. She slowly worked her fingers round the defined muscles there and reached the elastic top of my jogging bottoms.

"So you like what you see, then!" she said, indicating to my erect member.

She pulled the waistband out and over and straight down my legs. I kicked them off and stood naked before her, my cock slowly pulsing up and down with each heartbeat. I glanced into the full mirror next to us and saw us standing in front of each other, naked, sexy and horny. I ached to have her.

"Do you want me?" she purred.

"Yes!" I gasped.

"I want you; I want to feel your hard horny body above and below me. I want you to take your time and fulfil me! But as you are now, you'd not last 10 seconds." I almost wept at this; the strength of my passion was so strong. "But that can come later." She smiled broadly.

She turned away from me, resuming her position over the sink, this time her back lower, her arse tilted up at me. I could tell, as she looked back and round at me, she wanted me then and there. I moved forward, penis thrusting out, and impaled her silky, soft wetness. I entered all in one go, savouring the enveloping of my manhood. But animal passion took hold and I thrust deeply and quickly, the tops of my thighs slapping against her arse. Through my passion fuelled daze I saw her smiling, as she took in the image of me having my way with her in the mirror and, perhaps, the image of what was to come. 

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