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A Late Night at the Office

This is my first submission. It is a fantasy of mine.
I'm sitting at my desk and it's about 10:00 at night. I'm working late to finish a project and am alone on the deserted top floor of the downtown sky rise. Trying to regain my focus I gaze out one of the windows surrounding my corner office. I love the look of lights of the city reflecting on the water of the bay. From here I can see a few sail boats or yachts lit up. I wonder what the people on those boats are doing. I know what I want to be doing. I have to work late because I've been bad and chatting with my online lover all day. Antonio has me so worked up, I can't focus. All I can think about is his hands on my body, making me feel things I've never felt before. I don't even need to touch my lacy black panties to know how wet I am. I have started to wear sexier undergarments now that I've been talking with him. He makes me feel sexy. Thankfully I'm in a skirt today.

I lean back and close my eyes and slide my right hand up my skirt fantasizing it is Antonio's hand. Lightly I trail my fingers up my sensitive inner thigh on my right leg. Then I do the same on the left leg. Tingles radiate all over my body. I am getting so turned on. Then I touch my lacy black panties. Just wearing them makes me hot. I imagine that it’s Antonio’s hand touching them. This thought is likely to send me over the edge. Already can feel how wet I am.

Slowly I let one finger slide beneath the lip of my panties. Just then I hear a throat being cleared. I spring up knowing I've been caught. There in my office door way is Antonio and he's been watching me for a while judging by the large bulge in his pants. I gasp as I can't believe he is actually standing there. My tongue involuntarily runs across my upper lip as I gaze at his hard body . Now my panties are soaked. With out a word he walks forward into the office, leaving the door behind him open. His long stride takes him around my desk quickly. His left arm reaches around my waist and pulls me forcefully to meet his body. His strength fuels my fires as he holds me close. He presses his lips to mine almost desperately. Then, as quickly as it began, he pulls arms length away. His eyes drink in the sight of me. He winks, picks me up in a cradle type hold and strides out of my office.

As I'm literally swept off my feet I lean my head against his chest and inhale his scent. He smells amazing, like a man should. I don't even bother to look where we are going, completely trusting this man that I have only chatted with online. The next thing I know we are sitting in the back of a cab and locking our lips and legs around each other. I’m sure the cab driver must be watching us in his rear view mirror. Antonio skillfully lifts me so that I straddle his lap, his hands clinching my ass as he pushes me to ride him. My skirt inches up so that my panties rub against his rock hard shaft, cloth rubbing against cloth.

The cab stops and I realize that we have arrived at the pier. With out missing a beat, Antonio pays the driver and lifts me out of the cab. I wrap my legs around his waist as we continue to kiss. He walks down the dock and I can feel his fingers sliding between my ass cheeks searching for my lower lips. His finger penetrates my slippery walls easily. I moan against his lips as I feel first one then two fingers trying to satisfy my desperate urges.

We stop walking and Antonio ever so gently releases his grip on me. I slide down his body, still not breaking our kiss. He is the first to pull away, but only because now we must step on to his luxurious yacht. It’s absolutely breath taking. As soon as we are aboard two beautiful women appear. Their outfits are identical; both dressed as scantily clad deck hands. One has long beautiful dark brown wavy hair, a stark contrast to her blonde mate. Where the island beauty is a luscious golden color, the blonde has soft very light skin. And then there is me, the red head. I almost start to feel a bit self conscious faced with these two and then I look up into the eyes of my once online lover. His gaze seems to bore into my sole and read my thoughts, he only sees me. He kisses my lips lightly and then, more passionately. His tongue probes my mouth expertly and I melt into him forgetting about the women.

Although they are temporarily forgotten, I know that they will some how play in to this evening’s adventure. Antonio knows my every fantasy and every experience I’ve ever had. And from the beautiful women he chose as deck hands, he plans to make at least two of those fantasies come true tonight.

He leads me by the hand into a lounge area. It’s set up very comfortably with a bar and large sofa that faces an array of large windows. As we continue walking through this room, the boat begins to move. I almost loose my footing but Antonio is there, without even a thought, to steady my footing. We move into what is obviously his bedroom. It is dominated by a king size bed set in the very center. The room is aglow from candles of varying shapes and sizes on nearly every surface. From the doorway I can also see a large bathroom; this is where he leads me. An enormous tub is already filled waiting for us along with two glasses of my favorite red wine. Antonio leads me closer to the tub and hands me a glass. As I sip and savor the flavor he slowly he begins to remove my royal blue blouse that I’m still wearing from the office. His eyes never leave mine. Button by button, my flesh is revealed. Before I know it, the blouse drops to the floor. His hands reach behind me and with expert motion, remove my lace black bra. It too unceremoniously drops to the floor. For the first time, Antonio looks away from my face. He focuses on my breasts and as if out of control grasps my left one and sucks me into his mouth. I moan loudly and hold his shoulders so that I don’t collapse as his tongue rolls and gently nibbles my nipple. I very nearly cum right there.

He regains his focus and while switching his warm mouth to my needy right breast, and unzips my charcoal gray pencil skirt. When it falls to the floor I hear his first sigh. He has noticed the matching black panties, garters and fishnet stockings I have on. Once I found out that this is one of his favorite looks on a woman, I started dressing like this on a daily basis. I had no idea how erotic garters and stockings felt.

“Undress me,” he seductively says. I realize this is the first words either of us has spoken; the first time I’ve heard his voice for that matter. For the first time, we can let our actions dictate our wants and needs. I lift his hunter green shirt over his head, standing on tip toes, even in heals. Before I even have his shirt completely off, I start kissing his gorgeous muscular chest, unable to resist touching it. He removes his shirt the rest of the way, difficult for a shorty like me, as my hands and mouth continue exploring his torso. I finally kiss my way down to his waist. I have to control my hands in order to remove his belt, I’m so anxious to see what is inside.

I zip his zipper down and move my hands to his hips and wiggle the waist of his pants over his tight, muscular ass. I dip my fingers under the waist band and give that tight ass a squeeze. A bit more manipulation and the pants slide easily to the floor. And there, in front of my face is a fabulously large, fantastically hard, cock. He has his dark hair trimmed neat and close to his body, but not completely gone. I very nearly start to drool as I gaze upon it. Unable to resist, with my hands still on his ass, I start to lick him. My tongue touches the tip and flattens as I drag it down the front side of his beautiful shaft. I don’t stop when I get to the base, but continue to his balls. Taking each in turn, I suckle them and roll my tongue around them. I inhale his manly sent, the aroma heightening my level of arousal. Anxious to feel the entire length of him, I slide my tongue up the other side of his cock and on reaching the tip, pucker my lips to make a smaller opening. Using my hands to hold him steady I push that cock between my soft pink lips. I suck him deep in to my mouth, relaxing my throat to be able to feed as much of him into me as possible. I can taste his salty pre-cum as I bob my head.

Antonio moans as I slowly work him over. My hands grasp the lower half of his enormous shaft because my mouth is already stretched to its limit. I want to control the pace of his pleasure so I start slowly, massaging him with my mouth, and tongue. Then I go a bit faster, moaning as I go causing a vibration to tickle his senses. I let him slide out of my mouth with a pop and once again, pay some attention to his balls. My index finger slips behind them to gently tickle that soft spot between a man’s balls and anus. This cause a much louder groan to escape his lips. Antonio pushes his hips forward involuntarily, aching to feel my mouth surrounding him again. I greedily comply with his wish. Finding it difficult to control myself, I squeeze him with my mouth and bob my head up and down faster, using my hand to jack him at the same time. “Uuuunnnngggg…” is all that he can seem to state. I feel his balls tighten up under my playful hand. I know what’s next, but being the tease that I am, I pull away, not wanting him to release just yet. I also know that I will pay for this tease dearly.

Antonio’s eyes pop open as he realizes that I have stopped. An evil, yet seductive grin crosses his face. His hands start at my ass and then move down my leg to the garters. He unsnaps them starting at the backs of my legs, trailing his fingers around to the front of my legs to unsnap that side. First he rolls the stocking down one leg, removing my heel, and then the other leg. Now, kneeling before me, his hands return to my ass and pull me too him. He places his nose just in front of my soaking wet pussy and inhales my scent. From behind he grasps my panties and down they go as well. As I step out of them, he places my legs wider apart. From his position now he can easily see my juices dripping down my leg. His tongue immediately laps them up, not wasting another drop. He traces his way up my slit to my little pink clit. I groan loudly with the first touch. He takes another lap of my pussy then focuses on my clit. As his tongue thoroughly teases me, his fingers creep up my leg and easily slip in to my hole. He curves them upward so that my g-spot gets lots of attention. I hold on to his head for support and try to control the explosive orgasm that is about to release.

But just as I did to him, he stops and grins up at me. I can see my juices on his lips as he rises and kisses me hard and passionately. This time I pull away and lead him to the tub. We both step in and sigh at the as the heat of the water surrounds us. He sits at one end and motions for me to sit between his legs with my back to him. As I lean against his chest I can feel his still very hard cock resting against my back. His hands begin to massage by neck and back and we start to talk a bit.

“When did you get into town?” I ask.

“Came here straight from the airport. I couldn’t wait to see you.”

“I’m glad you did! I just don’t understand how this is even possible. You told me you were going on a business trip to L.A.”

“Well, that’s exactly what I wanted you to believe.” Antonio says as his head moves to kiss my neck. “I wanted to surprise you.” He whispers against the sensitive skin below my ear.

End Part 1

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