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A Party Girl

A Party Girl

I go to a Tokyo sex party and make a new friend
I was one of the first to arrive that evening. My host had e-mailed me and particularly asked me not to be late. And, he said, there was no need to bring a date unless I especially wanted to: there would be plenty of girls. It sounded as if he thought there might even be too many! That is the sort of challenge I enjoy, so I made a special effort to be on time.

In the room set aside for men to leave their clothes, I pulled off my shirt and slacks and put on a towelling robe, tying the belt loosely. Then I entered the big room. There were about a dozen girls there: I guessed they had been brought in from agencies and film studios. They were standing together in groups, giggling and chatting, and were already almost nude: apart from their high-heels, they were wearing only a pretty selection of little panties. Of course the panties were not expected to stay on for long, but for the moment the opening display created a pleasant air of catch-me-if-you-can availability. Other guests began to arrive, the girls—alone or clinging excitedly to their dates’ arms—reacting with a charming mixture of delight and apprehension as they took in the scene and understood what sort of a party they had been invited to.

I had been looking over the agency and studio girls and had almost made a choice when I spotted one of the new arrivals. Unlike some of the other guests, she clearly knew what to expect at a sex party, and had dressed appropriately. She was wearing a very short skirt in pale green. It had a white belt which she wore a little loose so that it fitted round her hips rather than snugly round her waist: if she had hitched the skirt up higher she would have been obliged to wear panties—which would have been a shame. As it was, the hem of the little skirt just covered her bottom and—by a millimetre—hid her pussy so long as she remembered to stand up very straight. On her left thigh she wore a frilly garter in virginal white. Very tempting, I thought.

Above she wore a little sleeveless jacket, also in pale green and white. There was a nice view down the front of the upper curves of her breasts, but nothing too blatant. The jacket was short enough to leave her tummy bare: from the stud in her navel dangled a pretty decoration made up of green stones chosen to match her clothes. She was wearing nothing else except strappy gold sandals with the highest heels she could manage. I suppose she might have been wearing a bra under the short jacket but I thought not. Her breasts quivered attractively as she walked towards me; and a girl who had taken so much care to dress nicely would hardly spoil the effect by adding anything unnecessary. Still, I was already planning how best to find out.

“Good evening,” I said formally as she came up to me.

“Oh … good evening,” she replied, slightly flustered, as if she hadn’t been expecting me to speak to her.

I took one of her hands. The nails were long and encrusted with little coloured stones.

“How nice you look,” I said.

“Er—do I?” she said, a little disconcerted, as Japanese girls often are, by flattery.

“Yes. Turn round—let me see the back.”

I moved the hand I was holding gently to one side and let go, encouraging her to make a dancer’s spin. She turned slowly and obediently, wobbling slightly on her heels; she looked coquettishly over her shoulder at me, then completed the turn and stood facing me again.

“Do you like it?” she asked, now more at ease with me.


“What are you looking at?”

Well, obviously, I was taking advantage of my greater height to look down the front of her jacket.

“I was just wondering,” I said slowly, “if you were wearing a bra …”

She tossed her head, her short hair swinging prettily from side to side.

“Were you, indeed?”

“Yes … well, are you?”

She decided to stop pretending to be annoyed.

“I can’t remember …” she replied teasingly. “I don’t usually wear … you know … underwear when I have a dress on, or a suit like this. There seems somehow no point in wearing both, does there?”

“No. But if you can’t remember perhaps we should check …”

The little jacket was done up with two big buttons between her breasts. I carefully undid the upper one, as she stood close to me, smiling demurely. Then the lower one. The jacket fell open, revealing a pair of firm, naked breasts.

“There! I didn’t think I was!” she said proudly.

“I didn’t think you were either.”

“So why …”

The only honest answer to that was “Because I wanted you to be nude for me,” but she already knew that. So instead I just murmured “Let me help you,” and slid the little jacket over her shoulders. It fell down her arms and off: I dropped it carefully on the couch behind me.

“So much nicer …” I said.

“Yes …” she whispered. “It feels so good …”

Her breasts had been pierced and she was wearing a pair of silver rings in her nipples. I slid one arm round her waist to hold her steady and played with the rings with my free hand. They glittered in the light and I could see that they were inlaid with tiny diamond chips. I began to twist one of them round and round. It moved smoothly through the hole cut for it.

“Ooh, yes …” she said. “The little rough places tickle me so nicely. Inside … inside the hole, I mean.”

I let go of her waist and concentrated on rotating both rings together. She murmured happily, obviously enjoying this unusual form of foreplay. The holes had been cut well back, so that the rings kept the nipples permanently erected and firm enough to leave room for clamps to be placed in front of the rings. If she had learned to like that sort of thing. I must start to find out.

“Are your nipples very sensitive?” I asked.

“Oh, yes! Very …”

“You like playing with them—or having other people play with them?”

“Of course!”

“Do you sometimes use other decorations?”

She looked up at me flirtatiously. I was sure she knew exactly what I meant. It didn’t bother me that someone had got there before me and introduced her to the delights of masochism. I was sure there was still plenty I could teach her.

“I’m glad,” I went on. “I love decorating girls’ bodies.”

“Only decorating them?” she asked, still flirting delightfully.

“I like my girls to be beautiful,” I said vaguely. “In lots of ways.”

She turned round suddenly and leant back against me.

“You haven’t finished undressing me,” she said accusingly.

My fingers at once began to undo the belt of her little skirt.

“You like being undressed?”

“Oh, yes! Or undressing myself …”

“You undress at strip-clubs? Go nude?”

“Of course! It’s fun … all those men wanting me … all those lovely erections.”

She undid the zip at the side of her skirt, then turned to face me again, standing a little apart. She wriggled her hips and let the skirt fall—as she had no doubt done often in front of appreciative audiences. She stepped out of the little circle of skirt and bent forward as she adjusted her garter. The silver rings flashed in her nipples. As she stood again I bent down and picked up the skirt for her, taking a careful look at her pussy on the way. It wasn’t shaved, but she kept the crisp curls of her cunt-hair neatly trimmed. I placed the little skirt carefully on the couch. It had done its job for the moment in teasing and attracting me, but she would soon want to wear it again—for me or for other men.

“Oh, thank you …” She giggled. “Now it’s your turn.”

Before I could react she untied the belt of my robe. It fell open, and her gaze moved rapidly over my chest to focus on my erect cock. She took it, stroking it expertly just enough to stimulate me without bringing me too close to orgasm. Since her hands were occupied I pulled off the robe myself and added it to the heap of unwanted clothing.

“Oh, nice,” she was saying. “Very nice.”

“You like cocks?” I asked—unnecessarily but I had to say something.

“Of course!”

“Where do you like them best?”

“It’s funny,” she said, looking up at me seriously. “Strange, I mean. When I first saw a cock …”

“How long ago was that?”

“I was quite young But old enough, anyway. I wanted at once to kiss it and lick it and suck it. Of course I knew in theory that I had a particular hole between my legs specially designed for it to fit into, but it was years before I started putting it in there.”

“And when you did, did you enjoy it?”

“Well, of course! But I still had that special love of taking cocks in my mouth. I still do. It’s so exciting. I feel so in charge. And it tastes so good.”

“I knew we had a lot in common,” I said. “You love sucking cock. I’m passionate about sucking pussy. Especially Japanese pussies.”

“Are they different from Western girls’ pussies?”

“Oh, yes. Cleaner, sweeter—and they taste marvellous. That’s why I live here. Because of Japanese girls and their pussies … and their attitude to sex.”

“Well, we all love sex, of course. And for sex you need a man, and a man’s no use without an erection. So you have to do whatever is necessary to attract a man and make him erect. That’s obvious. And it’s fun, too! Don’t Western girls understand that?”

“Some do,” I said carefully. “But others don’t know what they want. They start by wanting to be fucked, and making a man want to fuck them like you said; but then they wish they hadn’t and say it’s all the man’s fault …”

“It sounds so complicated.”

“It’s a mess,” I said firmly.

She clearly wasn’t interested in the psychology of Western women. Nor was I: after all, that was why I lived in Japan. She looked round.

“There’s a mattress free over there!” she said. “Come on.”

We settled down and started by cuddling and fondling each other.

“Tell me your name,” I said.

“I am Yū. Well, Yūko, really, but everyone calls me Yū.”

“And how old are you, Yū-chan?”

“Oh, eighteen,” she said airily.

Well, perhaps. But certainly old enough to be fucked! And willing … I ran a finger along the pretty petals of her cunt, then licked it.

“Nice,” I said.

It was, too. She giggled happily and bent her head till she could caress the head of my cock with the tip of her tongue.

“Lie down properly for me.”

I stretched out on my back, my legs apart; then grabbed a cushion from the floor to put behind my head. Yū looked up at me from between my legs with a provocative smile, her hands working on my cock.

“Give me your cunt to kiss,” I said.

She swung round and knelt over my face, pressing her crotch against my mouth in the way I adore; then leant forward and slowly took my cock into her mouth. I grasped her thighs and pulled her firmly into position. I opened my lips so as to embrace the whole of her pussy and form that perfect communion that I love so much. My tongue pleasured her little throbbing clitoris while her cunt poured heavenly nectar into my throat. I could feel her doing exciting things to my balls with her long pointed nails as she sucked me.

I pulled away for a moment.

“Hello down there,” I said.

I could feel a sort of gurgle vibrating in her throat and stimulating my cock as it was firmly held there. Then she took it out of her mouth for a moment.

“Hello up there!” she replied.

“This is heaven,” I said. “I want to stay here for ever. Please make it last. Don’t let me come.”

“I love it too. I’ll just tease you.”

I returned to Paradise. To thank her I slowly inserted a wet finger into her anus while I sucked and savoured and swallowed. I think she enjoyed that.

It couldn’t go on for ever, of course. At last her sucking and stroking, however carefully controlled, brought me to the inevitable climax and my balls shot my cream into her mouth. She lost all control at the same moment and rewarded me with a flood of the lighter juice which some girls bestow on their lovers as they come. Then followed the delightful clean-up operations, the kisses and loving words to the cunt and the cock which had given so much pleasure, and at last we were sitting side by side on the mattress.

“I love your cock,” said Yū, in a slightly sticky voice.

“I adore your cunt,” I replied. “What shall we do now?”

“Let’s fuck again. I want to feel your cock in my cunt.”

“Well, yes—in a little while.”

She pouted.

“Oh, men are so useless. Why can’t you fuck all the time like we girls can?”

“Would you like to fuck anyone else now?” I asked, remembering my party manners.

She stood up and looked around. All the other guests seemed occupied. A couple of girls near us were starting to make love to each other: one of them had obviously managed to find a man and they were sharing a mouthful of cum as they kissed. All the men were busy—one had a girl sitting on his face and as we watched another girl ran up and impaled herself on his erect cock.

“I’m tired of this party,” said Yū. “There just aren’t enough cocks.”

“Would you like to leave? We could go back to my place.”

“Is it near?”

“Yes. And I have some interesting … toys. Lots of them. I think you’d like them.”

She considered this.

“Tomorrow,” I went on, “I could invite some friends to join us. Then you’d have plenty of fucking.”

She smiled, happy again.

“Promise? All right, then.”

“I’ll get your clothes.”

“Don’t need them.”

“You can’t go out nude in public!”

“I don’t see why not,” she said smiling at me flirtatiously. “Anyway, I’m not nude. I’m still wearing this.”

She adjusted the pretty white garter on her left thigh.

“Well, surely you have a coat.”

“I didn’t bother. It’s such a warm evening. I came as I was.”

The thought of Yū making her way to the party wearing only her deliciously short skirt and abbreviated jacket, and now preparing to return home with me in nothing but heels and a garter, made my balls tingle so that I nearly came again on the spot.

“I’ll just go and wash,” she was saying.

While she was away I found my slacks and shirt; and then rescued her skirt and jacket, and the towelling robe I had been wearing, from under the threesome now occupying the couch where I had left them. I began making a mental list of the friends I would invite to join us tomorrow. I would have to find a few minutes among our other activities tonight to send some e-mails, saying I had a new girl who liked non-stop fucking and attaching a few pics. That should fetch them.

Then Yū was back, looking delightfully fresh and innocent.

“Have we far to go?” she asked.

“My car is just a couple of streets away.”

I held out the robe.

“Oh, all right,” she said. “If you insist. But just as far as the car. And as we go you can tell me about all those exciting sex-toys you promised me.”

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