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A Passionate Day

Another sensual encounter that leaves a sweet taste in my mouth

A Passionate Day

I wake from a restless night’s sleep; in a highlyaroused state. My cock is already hard, precum seeping from my swollen head. I close my eyes again, as my brain recalls the previous evening’s amazing encounter with the woman of my dreams. Images crash into each other, like dodgems at a fairground. In my minds eye I see you arching your back.

“I want more, don’t stop Darling,” you scream.

As I shove two fingers into your swollen pussy, deep and hard sending wave after wave of pleasure just crashing through your body, I feel your walls clamp onto my fingers as your juice gushes from within you, the image of your writhing body is etched in my memory. I want you so badly, I reach for the phone and hastily I dial your number.

“Hi, Gorgeous, how are you? Sleep well?” I ask.

“I would have slept a lot better with you by my side,” you reply.

“When am I going to see you?” I ask.

“It better be soon,” you reply, your voice is soft almost a whisper. “I want to straddle you, sink my wet open pussy onto your big hard cock until I cum and scream. When you’ve cum inside me. I’m going to sit on your face so you can lick my swollen hard clit, until I cum over and over again. Finally you drench my face, in a mixture of both our sweet internal juices.”

Suddenly I’m in an erotic free-fall, and find it hard to breathe.

“I can be there in 30 minutes,” I stammer.

“I’ll be ready, and waiting for you darling.” you reply.

By the time I pull up outside your house, I’ve a drumming noise inside my head. I turn off the engine and try and compose myself. It’s been 4 months since our first liaison. Every time I have seen you since then, your sheer beauty has left me speechless. The sparkle in your eyes alone ignites a fire inside of me, and when you touch me I can hardly breathe.

I knock on your door and take a deep breath, nervous excitement and anticaption take hold and my pulse starts to race. The vision that greets me takes my breath away.

You are standing legs slightly apart dressed in a short black pleated skirt, which hugs your slender waist. A white blouse tied in a bow at the front shows off your firm and flat stomach, exposing your pierced belly button, the silver bar glinting in the light. Under your blouse a baby pink bra encases your pert 34c bust. Your supple and toned legs look soft and smooth, black patent high heels accentuating your stunning figure even more. Your black eyes sparkle, and look like deep pools emphasized even more by newly styled short jet black hair.The ruby red lipstick you have choosen makes you soft lips even more inviting.

You smile wryly and teasingly put one finger in your mouth. I can feel my cock twicking hard in the confines of my jeans. This is the woman I want to please, the love of my life.

I kiss you gently at first savouring the taste of your mouth, our tongues meet. As if someone has flicked a switch, electricity surges through my body, a deep moan escapes your lips. Our eyes met briefly, and I can see the excitement and intensity in them.

Our kisses become more urgent and passionate. I gently hold your hips and lead you into the dining room and sit you down on a chair and kneel infront of you.

“Lift up your, skirt “I whisper, and you oblige willingly.

Exposing matching baby pink cotton knickers, the material is stretched tight across your mound. Juices are already spreading across the front of them, highlighting your slit tracing a thin line across the tight cloth.Your body is already starting to tremble. I slip my fingers beneath the waistband and slowly pull them down. I expose your freshly waxed smooth pussy.Gently opening your legs as wide as possible. I pull your pert bottom to the edge of the chair. You’re pink, swollen pussy lips parting slowly, juice already trickling from deep within you. I slide my right index finger up and down your shiny, wet slit, lubricating them with your creamy nectar. I search out your already swollen clit, hidden under the tiny fold of skin at the top of your pussy. Your body jerks as spasms fire through you.

You thrust your groin forward off the chair to meet my waiting mouth; I feel your body shake as my probing tongue flicks across the head of your engorged bud. I push two fingers into your moist opening, and they easily slide between your delicate silky folds. I thrust two fingers deep inside your wetness to hit your g spot. I gently hold your clit between my teeth, and flick my tongue across the head. As I increase the speed my fingers move in and out of you with renewed vigor. You start to tense up and your hands grip the sides of the chair as you begin to shudder.

“I'm, cumming,” you scream in ecstasy.

I shove my fingers into you even harder, sending wave after wave of pleasure just crashing through your body. Your pussy walls clamp onto my fingers with a vice like grip. As if a dam has burst, I feel a rush of juices wash over my tongue and fingers. I can’t swallow fast enough as your nectar floods my mouth. Spilling out the sides and running off my chin towards my chest and soaking into my shirt.

You lean forward and kiss me deeply; your tongue runs around the edge of my mouth and chin as you lick your own juices from my face.

“My cum, tastes really sweet, “you whisper, “It would taste even better mixed with yours too.” I reply, gasping for breath.

With that you stand up and disappear into the kitchen you return with a bowl of strawberries. Whilst you have been away, you have also removed your bra. Your nipples are erect pushing against the soft material of your blouse.

“I thought, we could share some of these Darling, “you smile.

You take me by the hand, and I follow you up the stairs. Mesmerised I watch your firm, tight arse sway in front of me. I catch of glimpse of your butterfly tattoo at the base of your spine, as your blouse rides up seductively.

You close the bedroom door, and put the bowl down on the chest of drawers.

“Sit down on the bed,” you demand with a sense of urgency.

You lean against the door, and you unbutton three quarters of your blouse. This has exposed your cleavage, and partial contours of your firm breasts. You pick up a strawberry and slowly bite into it, a small amount of juice escapes your mouth and trickles down your chin. You scoop it up with your finger and suck it clean. You look across at me and grin as you pop two more into your mouth, juice runs freely out of the corners splashing down onto your blouse. Slowly you part your legs and arch your back. Tilting your head back as you take a small handfull of strawberries in both hands, and raise them just about your mouth. Your hands clasp together and squeeze the fruit. The juice pours into your mouth overflowing, and cascading down onto your chest. It continues running down into your cleavage and soaking your blouse, exposing every contour of your pert breasts. Your nipples become instantly erect straining against the damp material.

You stand upright and run your hands down the front of your blouse, which is now virtually transparent. It hugs every contour of your amazing body. Undoing the remaining buttons it slides from your tanned shoulders, dropping to the floor. You slowly move your legs apart and lean back against the door.

The way you look is indescribable; your body screams love, desire, and longing.

“God, I love you Siouxsie, I want you so much.” I stammer.

“Well you going to have to wait abit longer darling, I’m not done yet. You’ll have to wait your turn, why dont you get your cock out and stroke yourself.” you reply, with a wicked smile.

I didn’t need to be told twice, and I remove my jeans and boxers in one tug. A sigh escape my lips as my swollen member is finally released. I sit back on the bed propping myself up on the cushions, and lean back against the metal bed head.

Pre-cum is already oozing from the tip and I swirl it around my head with one finger. My left hand wanders down to my balls, and I cup them. My right hand slowly moves up and down my throbbing shaft. A low moans escapes from my throat as I look back at you. What I see makes my heart race a little bit faster. Your right hand has slipped into your pussy and found your clit, and you are gently rubbing it. Your fingers are coated in a combination of fruit and your own juices. Your other hand is now playing with your erect and swollen nipples.

I feel a tingle spread out from my groin and a thin stream of precum oozes from my head onto my knuckles, as I continue to work my hand up and down my length in slow firm strokes.

“Damn I’m close,” I moan, out loud.

I stop for a moment or two to regain some control and then I return to the previous slow rhythm, tightening my grip as I do so. I back off the pressure again just a fraction, to catch my breath. I’m startled by the fact that I am now breathing heavily, my balls have started to tighten as I feel my climax building inside me. I stop instantly and refocus on you pleasuring yourself.

“Don’t release yet darling, I want to feel you’re cum spurt deep inside me hold on bit longer,” you whimper, as a moan escapes your lips.

It’s obvious you desperately want to make yourself cum, as you tease your pussy hard in front of me. Your hand is rubbing your clit harder and faster, I can see by your expression, and from your moans that you are so close. Your orgasm begins to take hold, you gasp harder with every breath. Finally you release a huge, desperate cry your legs lock, and you push your fingers hard against your clit. A huge orgasm racks your entire body. I stare transfixed as juices gushes through your fingers, and run down your soft inner thighs. Your face is flushed as your chest rises and falls, with each gradually steadying breath. You open your eyes they are full of excitement and passion, as if a fire is burning behind them. You smile and walk towards me.

Lying beside me; your hand runs down my chest sending shivers of anticaption through my already tense body. You take hold of my pulsating cock slowly, firmly gripping it. Your mouth brushes against my ear and you whisper.

“I want you to thrust yourself deep in side me, until I feel jets of your hot thick white cum erupt inside me until my pussy overflows with it.” Your sultry voice is now full of urgency.

The desire to please you is overwhelming, and I flip you onto your front. Your bronzed and sculptured shoulders flex in anticipation, as I run my tongue down the length of your spine. Pushing my tongue against the crease of your arse, a low moan escapes from your lips. I gently bite your firm behind, and continue running my tongue firstly up and then down your left thigh and then you’re right sucking gently on your skin. I slowly spread your cheeks apart, and lick from the top of your crack to the bottom of your pussy. Stopping for a moment, I swirl my tongue around your tight ring. You start to shake, your pussy lips are deep red and swollen, glistening with juice. I shove my tongue into your puckered hole, as far as it will go. Then pull it out almost all the way, then back in again.

Still working my tongue on your asshole, I reach underneath you with two fingers, and start rubbing your clit. I begin slowly at first, then getting faster and faster. You scream as you cum, you push your arse back into my face. I can feel you tighten around my tongue. I push a little harder, but it’s as deep as I can go, your body shudders uncontrollably.

“More I want more,” you whisper breathlessly.

Your face is flushed; your eyes have glazed over slightly. In one swift movement I spin you over onto your back, your erect nipples jut proudly from your firm and perfectly rounded breasts. I run my fingers up the inside of your soft silky thighs, stopping at your swollen lips spreading them apart slowly. I rubbed gently between them, upwards firmly against your moist and engorged clit. I lick at your delicate folds, sucking at the wetness there. You tremble at my touch, and your hips grind against my face, as you cum all over me. Your moans are interspersed, with the wet slurping sound as my tongue sucks, at the sweet cum dripping from you. My hands grasp your hips, as I pull you harder onto me. As I devour your drenched pussy, licking you harder and faster until you cum a second time. I fill my mouth with your warm sweet nectar.

Holding a little in my mouth, I move up your body and let in spill into your open mouth.

You swallow, “I taste really sweet don’t I?” you murmur.

You lick your lips savouring the flavour of your own juices. You slowly glance at me, you have a wicked glint in your eye.

There was no holding back now, and I grab onto your hips. I thrust my throbbing rigid cock, against your dripping tight entrance. I continue to thrust myself deep within you, causing you to scream loudly.

The next few moments become a blur, all I care about is being inside of you, and consuming you. It’s not long before you begin to scream again. Your legs are bent around me; your nails dig deep into my arse, as you pull me as close as you can. Every thrust takes me closer to the edge, moans, gasps, and screams escape from you. I try to hold on, but your velvet walls clench my cock harder. You start cumming in deep rhythmic spasms, sending me over the edge. I feel my balls explode, shooting stream after stream of hot cum deep inside you. Your pussy contracts around me drawing every last drop from me.

I slowly pull out and collapse next to you. You are still convulsing, your breathing ragged.A smile spreads across your face as you lay there in complete bliss.

I gently run two fingers down your chest, thin beads of sweat glisten in the sunlight streaming through the window. I gently dip into your opening; a mixture of our juices is seeping slowly out running down towards your puckered arsehole. I scoop some up, and hold them up to your mouth and you lick them clean.

“Again, again,” you cry out, there’s a sense of urgency in your tone.

I push two fingers deep into you; a cry escapes your lips.

Your right hand moves down and with two fingers you encirle your swollen clit pushing down on it. I sense the waves of pleasure rising within you as your pussy tightens around my fingers. As I thrust my fingers hard into you. Your eyes are rolling and completely glazed over, and you are lost in the moment.

Your fingers flick across the head of your clit, as you frantically bring yourself closer to orgasm. I sense its close now and I slam my fingers deep and fast into you; your entire body convulses and vibrates.You ride the waves silently, too far gone to make any noise.

I wrap my arms around you, and pull you close. Safe in the knowledge that it’s me and only me that has ever made you feel like this.

“You take me to places I have only dreamed about Siouxsie,” I whisper.

As you nestle your cheek in the hollow of my neck.

“Ditto darling, I love you so much, this is only the beginning of an amazing journey together,” you reply.

Our fingers entwine, I smile kissing you gently but deeply, gazing into your eyes. Our bodies entwined I pull the duvet cover around us and we fall into a blistful sleep.

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