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Ah, The Anticipation of Passion

Ah, passion and heat of a first fuck...

Ah, the passion and heat of a new lover, mmmmm what is sweeeter? I really can't think of nothing else. We all know that unbridled passion and first kisses of a new relationship. So let me explain in depth...

Ah, I met this most perfect man online, I know seems so strange that you can find love online but it happens, it also happens to be the place to find lust if your looking. So I'm thinking to find both is pretty rare you think? However it may be to some so here is my little story...

I was just browsing profiles online one night and came across this man's profile. I thought he looked like and sounded like from his profile everything I could ever want in a man. I decided to ask for a add.  He had the most beautiful green eyes and gorgeous smile I ever seen. It seemed like forever to get a reply but when I did was I ever so glad! I sent a few emails and a couple of comments and one month later I got my reply, and a lot more...

I sent back a reply to him to his email and we started talking online, We really seemed to click quickly and talked most of the night. I finally decided that I wanted to know more and gave him my number and quickly made a date with him for two day's later, I was determined not to let this one go without a fighting chance. Talking over the next few day's made me even more drawn to him and I couldn't wait to get this man next to me. Finally, the day arrives he is coming to meet me. I'm so excited and can't wait butterflies dancing in my stomach and to be honest the wetness between my thighs from dreaming about fucking him had something to do with it as well, however you got to play it cool and not let to much eagerness show.

I get up the day of my little meeting and prepare myself, thinking about him all day wondering what he is going to be like in person, the anticipation builds and on top of that getting a friends unwanted advice as to all the things not to do, that being her statement: DON'T HAVE SEX WITH HIM!!! I'm thinking don't have sex with him???? I've been wanting to fuck him for a week now. How am I going to control myself enough to not have sex!!!

 I had a plan, I finish getting my clothes together to shower and make myself presentable for him. I turn my cd player on to my favorite R and B song Imagine That by R- Kelly and turn the shower on to a hot temperature and if I wasn't already turned on enough by this man I just made it worse. I get in the shower and I start imagining him, his lips kissing me the way his hands would feel touching me. I step under the steady stream of hot water and soap my tits up thinking about him touching them. My nipples hard and knowing how good it would feel to have him lick and bite them. MMMMMMMM  I want him bad and he hasn't even got here yet!and I'm not supposed to give in????

 I slowly run my hands down my legs with my favorite body gel and place one leg on the side of the shower to shave slowly leading the razor to my pussy in light strokes I shave it clean. The soft touches of the razor against my skin makes me so wettttt! I love the way my pussy tingles when I'm horny and can feel the wetness drip from my pink lips. I'm at the point that I know I've got to control my urges or I'm going to give in at first sight, so I lower to the shower floor while raising and spreading my legs apart against the shower wall so I can feel the steady stream of water trickle down my pussy. I'm getting hotter by the minute and I rub the outside of my pussy lips with my hand thinking how good he would feel inside me. I part my lips the water is beating down on my clit, I raise to change the stroke of the water to pulse it's hitting harder and more fierce against my hard clit til I'm rocking up and down against the water's pulse exploding in an orgasm that racks my body and hot cum drips from my pussy lips wishing he was beneath me to lick the juices that flow from me for him. I finish showering and getting dressed for my date and hoping that my little adventure in the shower tides me over for the evening.

My evening has arrived, I leave to meet him and he is even more then I thought, I'm so excited when I pull up beside his car he's sitting there so cute waiting for me. I think he's so gorgeous and his green eyes looking at me makes me feel like he can see through me.  He tells me to get out of my car and he gets out walking toward me we embrace and he kisses me. A kiss not a peck a long passionate OMG! kiss I wanted the first time I seen his picture and profile. I'm pretty sure upon first look at the profile I was hooked but now I know I am. We talk for a moment and decide to go to the park to talk, talking is good I thought, park is public not much can happen there this will be a good start. We enter the park and park near the fountain, I kinda chuckle to myself hearing the water remembering what I had done earlier with the steady little water flow at the apartment. Then he ask's : What is it, What are you thinking about? well it would be kinda hard to say I was thinking about him earlier and masturbated with the shower today while doing it, so I simply deny anything saying nothing! He say's ok and leans in and kisses me. His kiss again- passionate long kiss he puts his hand against my faceand one against the back of my head pulling me lightly and forcibily into the kiss, what a turn on I loved it at this point he could pull, push or force me to do anything I was a willing participant at this point.

We continue to kiss in the park and talk between breaks of passionate kisses and at one point he kisses down my neck, I wonder if he knew he was driving me crazy and I wanted him badddddd! Yes! I'm emphasizing the word bad. My control just about went out the window when I looked down and could see a very visible outline of his hard cock through his tight jeans. What I wouldn't have gave up to ride for a few hours however I controlled my feeling's and dripping pussy to my dismay while thanking my shower I taken earlier for all my control and hoping I gained a little respect. It was getting late and he needed to get home so we made a date for the next night and kissed goodbye.

The next evening seemed so slow arriving, I was anticipating the night with him and I pretty much had decided if the kisses turned into more then so be it! I'm not hard to please so I knew I would be ok with it if happened. I guess you could say, I wanted it to happen, I wanted more of him to touch him and feel him inside me was going to be ok with me. He arrived around 8pm that evening we were supposed to be going to a local club but ended up going for dinner and picking up a friend of mine around midnight while sitting in the car waiting on her we began to kiss, yep those long passionate drive me crazy kisses he gives. I love the way he grabs me and pulls me into them.  He's kissing down my neck and I looking down and there is that marvelous hard on outline for me. I slide my hand down his chest and leg slowly easing my hand between his leg's to feel how hard he was God! I wanted him and I was determined tonight was it. He continued to kiss me slipping his hand through the top of my blouse pulling it down he lowers to kiss my chest and lick my nipples. I wanted him to take me in the car and make me his cause he already had me if he didn't already know it. Then the phone rings... damnnnnnnn! It's my friend : " Where you all at???" I know where I was and knew where I would like to have been but no such luck. Were over here n the parking lot come on I tell her, hell I wanted to get this man home!

I'm waiting for her to walk across the street while I'm trying to get everything back in place and she gets in the car and starts bitching talking about ruining the moment but I quickly think, she will be going home going to bed and I will have him all to myself, which was going to be pretty good from what I could tell. Her bitching is at this point driving me nuts and him to apparently cause he decides to go by some alcohol. I don't care though cause I have this little turn on about the smell of beer on a man's breath that I'm thinking is going to add to the night. So we have to drive to the next state that you can purchase beer after midnight and the ride was good just added to my anticipation, but I didn't want him to think I wasn't thinking about all the hot kisses and making out we did in the car while waiting on her so I reach over to rub his leg on the way home. He leans back in the seat so I can feel more of him. I begin to  stroke his hard dick through those tight blue jeans, I  wanted off of him. We get home and go upstairs to the apartment and my friend keeps talking to us and Im thinking GO TO BED!!! but since it was her apartment it's kinda hard to tell her that but finally she does.

Alone at last! I'm happy now, I'm finally going to get to be with him and were sitting in this soft chaise lounge chair together drinking our beers and talking and he put's his on the table and leans in and kisses me with that same long passionate kiss I've been getting for two day's now. I quickly place my beer on the table and the kisses get more passionate and heated. He kisses down my neck and gripping and tugging at my tits pulling them free from my shirt he licks and lightly bites my nipples. My pussy is so wettttt and I can feel it tingling anticpating his hard cock inside me. He tells me: "Take off your pants, I got something for you I think your going to like" I know I'm going to more then like it. I quickly take off my jeans and he pulls me down on the chaise and lowers in front of me lifting my legs with his big arms he hold's my legs and buries his face between my legs licking my wet pink pussy making me squirm and want him inside me even more. I love the way the roughness of the hair on his chin feels against my swollen pussy lips. I can't take no more I have to have him inside me, deep inside me and I motion for him to come hither looking at him with my best bedroom eyes, he raises and climbs on top of me. His dick so hard I can't wait to feel it he slowly enters my wet pussy pushing deep inside me, he feels so good. He lifts my legs and thrusts harder and harder inside me I'm so wet then he cums. cuming so deep in me it's so hot and feels so good dripping from my hot pussy and I can't wait to cum for him.

I move and let him lay in the chaise he get's hard again, he has this long thick dick that fits in me perfectly. I climb on top of him riding him harder and harder deeper n deeper inside I want him. He thrusts against mine and I drench his hard cock with the juices that flow from my cunt for him. He leans up kisses me softly and say's I loveeee youuuuu!!!


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