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All In A Days Work

Ever want to have sex in the office?

BY Caroline Kingsley

I had worked for this company for almost 6 months, and I’d never felt as invisible as I felt now. I worked as a receptionist for a medium sized business. Answering phones, sorting mail and copying documents didn’t sound too glamorous and it wasn’t, but it paid the bills and gave me the flexibility to come and go, and the insurance that I needed for being a single parent. I was content in my job and performed most of my daily tasks with little or no brain power. The less stress the better because when I got home it took all of my energy and attention I had to keep up with my 5yo son.

I loved being a parent and loved my son, and thought my life complete, until a month ago when HE started working here. He was our new sales rep for the western region. At a little over 6 ft., with thick dark hair that looked finger combed into a messy array that somehow stuck up in all the right places. He had an average build, maybe even a little soft in the middle, but it was his eyes that first drew my attention. They were a dark stormy grey, lined with thick black lashes that seemed to look straight to your soul. They seemed flash with deep emotion, humor, anger, frustration, concern, and passion all within a split second of each other. And when they looked at me, something deep within me shifted, stirred, and warmed. And lately, although no one else seemed to notice me, he was looking a lot.

I never thought myself a beautiful woman, but I wasn’t ugly either. A little taller than most and since motherhood, my hips were a little larger than I liked. I had stopped really paying attention to how I looked just glad that I managed to dress everyday in something that wasn’t covered in sticky hand prints. I usually wore dress pants, or a skirt with a blouse or sweater. My hair was always in a neat bun or French braid that reached right past my shoulders, more because of lack of time to style it rather than trying to look professional. His gaze made me feel like I was wearing nothing at all. My nipples would tighten every time he walked by and smiled, and my legs grew weak if I had to deliver papers or a message to his office. I knew it was just a matter of time before I made a total fool of myself by tripping, or spilling something all over his reports. And it looked like today was going to be my lucky day.

It started out as any other day; I was dressed in a straight skirt that stopped a few inches above my knee, with a light weight sweater that I thought made me look soft and huggable. Being adventurous I decided to wear shoes with 3” heels. I always got to work a little earlier than everyone else, starting the coffee warming up the printers, checking the companies voice messages, looking at my work list for the day. As I settled into my routine others started to arrive. Most people just nodded as they passed, and were barely civil until they had at least one cup of coffee in them and today was no exception. I found myself glancing at the door wondering when he was going to come in. The time passed with me making the copies for the day and taking messages. I had a stack of messages for him, mail and a report I printed marked “Urgent”. I gathered all of these together, switched the phone to voicemail, and headed to his office, hands full, feeling steady on my feet only because he hadn’t arrived yet.

I flipped the light on with my elbow when I entered his office and glanced around. This was the first time I had been in here without him sitting at the desk usually with fingers busy on the computers keyboard, and phone to his ear. I put his messages, mail and report on his desk and almost turned to go, I should have just turned and walked out but being a woman I couldn’t resist snooping just a little. After all even Oprah admits to going through people’s bathroom drawers when she visits and whats good for Oprah…

I looked over his desk, which was remarkably organized and clean and wondered what this told me about him. Maybe he was OCD, anal, controlling, or maybe just very thorough. His large broken in leather chair looked comfortable and inviting, but held an air that spoke of a confident and potentially powerful man. I couldn’t resist sitting in it for a minute and taking in his domain. Looking over his desk again from this angle I noticed the one thing that looked totally out of place in his manly office. I reached for the overly decorated pencil holder stuffed with pens and smiled. It was a soup can covered in orange felt, decorated with glued on beads of every color, blue rickrack, and fuzzy little pompom balls, with the words “Worlds Best Unkle” with the “K” being backwards. Again being the curious woman that I am, I tilted the can slightly to look at the bottom, hoping to see a name of the child that made this masterpiece. That’s when things went wrong. I wasn’t paying attention and every pen, pencil, and paperclip dumped out of the can and came crashing to the floor with a loud clatter on the plastic floor mat under his desk. Swearing a little louder than I planned, I slipped under the desk and started to pick up the mess.

I was about half way through cleaning up when I heard voices coming down the hall. I recognized the squeaky Minnie Mouse voice of the office manager laughing a little too loud and the deeper voice of him. Instead of doing the smart thing and standing, or at least letting my presents known, I panicked and slid further under the desk, not my smartest moment. I heard them come into the office and was momentarily grateful that he didn’t immediately sit down at his desk. Instead he stood just inside the doorway talking to squeaky voice and I could tell by his words, he was trying to get rid of her. I heard her say something in a hushed voice about wanting to talk to him in private and my heart almost stopped when they both came inside the office and shut the door. I could hear him approach his desk and I scooted as far under as I could as he came around to sit.

As soon as he was seated he glanced down and not only saw the scattered pens and pencils, he also saw me. I put my finger to my lips and begged him with my eyes not to give me away, the corners of his lips twitched slightly and he scooted in his chair. As I mentioned, I’m not really a small girl and this left me wedged tightly under the desk. He spread his legs to give me a little more room and that movement forced me to nestle right between his thighs. I wasn’t sure at first if this was intentional, but when I glanced at his crotch that seemed mere inches from my face I noticed a hump forming. I almost laughed and was almost irritated at the same time. The office manager was now speaking, trying to make her Minnie Mouse voice sound sultry and sexy. She was saying something about wanting to meet up later and have drinks. He made an excuse about working later, but she wasn’t giving up that easily. I tried to sit still in my tight quarters, pressed in between his thighs wishing I had worn slacks instead of the snug skirt that was riding higher up my thigh, when I felt his thigh shift and rub against my breast. I almost gasped out loud at the contact, and my nipples tightened immediately. I was almost certain he could feel them pebble under my sweater. I noticed one of his hands drop to his thigh, and slowly move to cup my breast, feeling its weight in the palm of his hand. His thumb brushed gently across my nipple and it responded by getting tighter and added a bonus of warmth in the pit of my stomach and lower.

Minnie Mouse was trying to get him to agree to a lunch date when I decided that two could play at this game. I slowly reached my hand up and ran a finger along the obvious bulge in his slacks. I could feel his thighs tighten slightly, then relax and spread to give me more room. His hand that was kneading my breast, was now slowly gathering up the material in his hand until he could reach the flesh beneath. I heard him decline Minnie’s invite to lunch and explain that he didn’t date co-workers. I wanted to laugh at her advances, but just then his nimble fingers found my very sensitive, very tight nipple and started to roll and pluck at it sending zingers right down between my legs. His fingers stilled slightly when I noticed that Minnie had propped one hip on his desk and leaned in to tell him it wouldn’t be just a date. He scooted closer to the edge of his chair to make sure I was well hidden, and once again with a slight iciness in his voice declined her invite.

I heard her straighten, let him know if he changed his mind where he could find her and turned to leave. He asked her to shut the door behind her and as she did, she reminded him of the video conference call that was to start in about 2 minutes. When I heard the door click closed again he scooted back slightly and started to say something when his phone rang. He barked an impatient “hello” into the receiver and I could hear someone remind him that the meeting had begun and he needed to log in and join. He glanced down at me again, his beautiful eyes full of mischief and lust, and told the voice on the phone that he was on it. I could hear the computer hum to life and the clicking of fingers on the keyboard. I started to ask him to let me up when his hand came back down to resume caressing my breast and I forgot how to talk. I could hear voices coming from his speakers and I knew he was logged into the conference call. He had a small camera on his monitor so I also knew he was visible from the chest up.

I was a little irritated at being stuck here, but decided to make the most of the situation. As he toyed with my breast I reached up again and slowly lowered his zipper. He shifted his hips closer to me in an obvious invite and I slipped my hand inside, wrapping my fingers around his quickly hardening cock. I carefully freed it from its confined space and gave it an encouraging squeeze followed by a few long strokes from base to tip. I was rewarded with a slight thrust of his hips and a visible increase in his cocks size and hardness. I decided I wanted to see all of him so after unbuttoning his pants; I reached up with both hands and tugged them down. He lifted his hips slightly to assist and soon pants and boxers were down to his knees. I marveled at the beauty of him. His cock was thick and long, not so long that it looked intimidating but long enough to make my pussy moisten with want and anticipation. It curved slightly, with a well formed mushroom head that looked slightly reddened and had a drop of pre cum oozing out. I ran my thumb over the head and spread the moisture all around. I let my fingers glide softly over his entire length and when I got to the base, I gently tugged on the nest of trimmed hair there. I was surprised how silky soft it was, and let my fingers comb through it for a minute before resuming their exploration. I continued down, and cupped his heavy, slightly furred sack, enjoying his weight and the softness of the skin. I heard him clear his throat and say something to whoever was on the video conference and the huskiness in his voice was obvious.

I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this under his desk, his cock in my hand, his hand on my breast, and no one noticing me gone. I’m blaming it on my lack of sex. It’s hard enough being single and dating these days, but being single, with a kid and dating is almost impossible. Barely making enough money to pay the bills, much less a sitter, and trying to find the time or energy to get dressed up and go out. Most guys I did go out with only wanted sex, and when they found out I had a kid, they ran fast thinking I was just looking for someone to support us. My parents both dies in a car accident 4 years ago and left me with enough money to buy a small house and put some money away for my son’s education. So here I was, hiding under the desk with the object of my latest fantasies cock in my hand about to give him the blow job of a lifetime. And him on video conference was just the bonus.

I smiled to myself just imagining what his face looked like as I slowly lapped my tongue over the crest of his crown. I dipped the tip into his slit and licked out the pre cum. I could feel his thigh muscles tighten at the contact and an ever so slight thrust of his hips silently begging for more. I took the opportunity run my tongue all over, starting with his heavy sack. I took each testicle in my mouth, gently sucking and massaging it with my tongue before switching to the next and back again. I could hear his breathing coming faster and his hand on my breast squeezing tighter and plucking at my distended nipple. He was trying to speak again and had to repeat himself twice because no one could understand him.

I laughed quietly and ran my mouth up and down his shaft slowly, savoring his flavor and memorizing the feel of his silky skin and the hardness of his shaft. When I reached the top again I swirled my tongue around it twice before taking almost his entire length in my hot, wet mouth. When I thought I had taken him in as far as I could, I swallowed and took him a little deeper until I could feel him against the back of my throat. I started humming as I used my nails to gently graze his heavy sack. I could feel his hips starting to thrust slightly and his hand moved from my breast to my hair. He pulled the hairpins out of the bun with lightning speed and soon my hair was spread over his thighs. I matched his thrusts by moving my mouth up and down his cock, sucking harder when I got to the tip. I used my other hand at his base to jack him off while I sucked. His breaths were coming in pants now and I could hear a voice ask him if he felt OK, and something about him looking distracted and clammy. He answered that he was logging off, also for anything he needed to be informed of could be emailed to him. I heard several goodbyes and he clicking buttons to log off the conference.

He pushed his chair back with a bang against the wall, grabbed my upper arms, and pulled me out from under his desk onto his chair, straddling his lap. He slammed his mouth over mine and thrust his tongue deep inside. I was a little shocked at the sudden invasion, but soon responded by thrusting my tongue against his. He reached down, pulling my sweater off and over my head and shoving up my bra, and took one of my hard, raspberry nipples in his mouth and sucking. He flicked the tip with his tongue and I pulled his head closer. He switched to the other nipple sucking as hard and deep as the first. I tilted my head back and moaned softly, grinding my soaked panties against his rock hard erection. He wrapped his arms around me, stood and laid me back on the desk. I could feel the papers and mail beneath me, but didn’t care.

He leaned back just long enough to pull off my panties and toss them aside; he reached in his desk drawer and pulled out something that I could hear crinkle. I figured it was a condom and I thanked the heavens for a prepared man. He ripped the package open and rolled the condom on with a speed that showed that this man was no stranger to sex. I figured I’d give that more thought later and wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him closer. He pulled me until I was just on the edge of the desk and aligned the head of his cock with my pussy. He rubbed it up and down a few times, circling my clit until I tilted my hips up begging him to enter me. He thrust in to the hilt and held it there, letting me adjust to his size. I felt totally filled and as good as it felt, I really needed him to start moving. I rocked my hips hoping he would get the message. He grabbed my hips in his hands and started thrusting in and out with long slow strokes. I closed my eyes, just enjoying the feeling of being stroked on the inside, but was soon needing him to go faster, I tried to increase the speed on my end, but with him holding my hips it was almost impossible. I muttered that I needed him to go faster and a glint of something I didn’t recognize flashed across his eyes.

He pulled out completely, but before I could protest he pulled me to my feet, flipped me over and pushed me face down onto the desk. With one hard thrust he entered my hot pussy from behind. Grabbing my hips with one hand he used the other hand to thread through my hair. He tugged slightly forcing me to bend my head back in an angle totally submitting to his wants. He started to pound me with an intensity that told me he was a man used to getting what he wanted. I was amazed I didn’t fight his dominance; instead I felt a gush of extra moisture run down my legs. Soon the room was filled with sounds of his flesh slapping mine. I tried to keep my moans and pleas quiet, but had to resort to biting my lip until I tasted blood. His speed increased and I could feel his thighs quiver against mine and I knew he was getting close. He leaned down, and putting his lips against my ear he commanded me to cum for him. My body responded immediately and I could feel his cock swell inside as the milking of my muscles pulled him over with me. I knew he was doing everything in his power to keep quiet too, but neither of us could keep all of the little moans and whines inside.

He slowly released my hair and I collapsed forward on his now scattered desk. He slipped out of me and I could hear him disposing of his condom and putting his pants back on. He sat in his chair and pulled me onto his lap again, stroking my back and holding me until our breathing returned to normal. He gently kissed my face and told me how long he had wanted to do that, and apologized for being so rough. I laughed, stood and straightened my skirt, and started to look around for my panties and sweater. Once I was dressed, I explained about the pens, both of us laughing now, as started to fix my hair. He asked me to keep it down and told me he liked it like that, so I did. Not knowing what else to say I left his office quietly and went back to my desk and switched the phones over. Looking around I realized again that I was never missed, well, at least one person noticed me today, and that made up for all the rest.

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