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An Old Crush pt 2

It just seemed to get better and better
Lilly and Ryan's reunion went wonderfully. It was more than she ever dreamed possible. They had 10 days of fun, sun and excitement. Along with a lot of long chats and getting to know each other all over again. There were so many feelings between the two, that neither felt possible. They had such a connection with one another, it was magical. A lot of hugs and kisses and cuddling.

There were days at the beach, spending time with his family, hanging out with old school friends from the past and laughing uncontrolably at stupid stuff they all used to do. Lunches in restaraunts, dinners by the bay. Walking hand in hand through the mall. All in all, a great vacation for them both.

When he touched her, no matter what part of her body he touched, it would send shivers down her spine. His kiss was unbelievable. So much passion, so tender, so loving. And it seemed to get better with each passing day. He was not afraid to show the world how he felt about her. Small little public displays of affection were not a problem. Whether it be to open her door, or pull out her chair or just hold her hand as they strolled through the streets. And she would show him just as much attention. She would run her hand lovingly over his neck or shoulder while he drove, trace his fingers while their hands entwined. Constantly paying attention and geniuely interested in what he had to say. Even learning a few things in the process.

A couple days before he had to leave, they decided to go out on a night on the town. They had decided to go to a local club to hear a live rock band. Dressed in a short little blue jean mini skirt, paisley halter top that tied around her neck, no bra and cute little panties, she was set. He dressed in jeans and a nice t-shirt, looking sexy as ever to her. They got a drink of vodka and orange juice and fought the crowd to a table near the stage. It was really a good band playing that night, so it worked out nice. He pulled her chair close, as a drunk guy moved towards her, placing his arm around her, as if to show the guy "this beauty's taken".

After listening to the band and enjoying the music, a slow number began to play. He asked her for a dance. She quickly accepted, although she couldn't really dance to save her life. Middle school was the last time she slow danced with anyone, so it was 20 years or so. But to her, it was all about being in his arms, held close to his chest. They danced close, often staring into one anothers eyes. Him gazing into her hazel green eyes, while she stared lovingly into his deep brown ones. They held each other close slowly swaying to the music. When the song ended, they returned to their finish listening to the band.

When they returned to his motel, the love was there. It filled the room. He reached for her and caressed her cheek. Bending to kiss her deeply, she melted in his arms. How could something like this feel so right? It just didn't make sense. But she wasn't going to deny the feelings she was feeling for him. She needed to feel his touch, his warm lips on hers, his body pressed against hers.

His hands entangled in her hair, pulling her closer to him as they kissed. Her arms wrapped around his neck, rubbing the back of his neck. His hand glide down her spine to her ass. Grabbing and squeezing gently. Her hand moved to his chest...down underneath his shirt, feeling the warmth from his chest hair. Their tongues playing with one anothers, nibbling on each others lips.

He pushed her against the wall and held her arms above her head. Forcefully but not bearing her any pain. He kissed her hard and deep. Moving to her neck and collarbone, she moaned, awaiting for more. His hands moved down her sides, tickling her slightly as he did so. Her hands wrapped back around his neck, pulling him closer, as close as she could. Unbuttoning her skirt, and he slid it down her hips, he told her to step out of it. She reached for his shirt and begun tugging it over his broad tattooed arms. Running her hands in his chest hair, he moaned.

He removed her halter top, kneading her breasts as he went. As she reached for his jeans, he moved in a little closer. She unbuttoned and lowered the zipper and slipped them of his hips. He backed up slightly and kicked his shoes and socks off and slide his jeans off his legs. There he stood in boxer briefs at full attention. She wanted to grab his manhood and suck the life outta him, but he had other things in mind.

He laid her gently back on the king sized pillow top mattress. Kissing her all down her body. Tracing her tanned, smooth legs with his hands as they kissed. He touched her in her warm, wet,shaved, womanhood. Rubbing her swollen button, intensifying it. She moaned with pleasure as he stuck a finger deep inside her. Slow....hard...and deep... inside of her. He traced her lips with a wet fingertip, moving to play with her clit.

She tried to touch him anywhere, everywhere...but he refused her. He told her that this was all for her. He wanted to show her how much he loved her. It drove her crazy with desire. His lips moved down to the moisture between her legs, licking at her wet sweetness. With one simple flick of his tongue she climaxed hard. She couldn't stand it no more! She wanted him! Then and there! Wanted his hard cock buried deep inside her.

His tongue played circles around her clit while he fingered her deep, hitting her spot. She came so fierce and so hard she squirted everywhere. By this time, he couldn't deny her the pleasure any longer. He came up to her and kissed her smoothly on her pink heart shaped lips. She tasted her juices as they kissed. He slid her legs apart and entered her slowly, wrapping her legs around his hips. They moved in rhythm together like they were meant to be.

Both kissing and caressing, she arched her back each time he drove his hard cock inside of her. Deeper and harder he thrusted until she came so hard all down his shaft. He pumped and pumped, pulling out of her and came all over her bare breasts. She rubbed his juices all around her nipples.

It wasn't long until they were both ready to go again. This time they experimented with toys. He pulled an 8 inch pink vibrator out of her bag and teased her with it. The vibrations against her clit was outta this world! Teasing her, he would slip an inch in and pull out, the vibes against her lips. He played and teased and kissed all over her naked body.

When neither could take more, it was her turn to tease. She reached in her bag and pulled out a vibrating cock ring and slid it over his hard cock. With a flick of the switch and her tongue on his head. He went crazy!

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