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Andrea's Playtime

When they left the party they couldn’t stop looking
When they left the party they couldn’t stop looking or thinking about each other and the excitement kept building in the two of them. They arrived at her building and Andrea invited John up for a drink. She gave him a brief tour of her place, and then offered him a glass of wine while they were in the kitchen.

He kept looking at her lips wondering how soft they were, she could feel him looking at her lips and the excitement was building within her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him as their lips locked in a passionate kiss, his hands ran all over her body and then suddenly she stopped and pushed him away. Andrea “I’m not like that, I don’t move that fast” At first he was confused as he stood there; she was confused as well but she felt this magnetism from him and could not resist it as she lunged at him. Again they were locked in a passionate deep kiss and embrace. She could not believe this was happening, she usually was so conservative but instincts just overwhelmed her and she had to have him.

Sliding his hands over her body they guided over her breasts squeezing, caressing and feeling. She liked the way this felt to have his hands on her and wanted more. His kissing turned on her neck, with soft kissing, sucking and licking up to her earlobe, her eyes closed as his tongue slowly slipped up to her ear. She was falling into the sensations she was feeling, and could not resist the desire building within her as she started unbuttoning his dress shirt pulling it from his jeans and off his shoulders exposing his toned slightly hairy chest. She ran her hands over his chest, caressing feeling as this felt great to her and just increased the wetting arousal building between her thighs. Reaching down she unbuckled his belt, unbutton his jeans and pulled down the zipper. She could see his excitement bulge in his shorts.

Her eyes became a little wider as he pulled up on her sweater pulling it off over hear head revealing her full bosom encased in her bra. Never before did she feel like that but that’s all she wanted now was him and his body. Pressing their bodies together he slid behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist unbuttoning her form fitting slacks and pulled down the zipper as he tugged on her waistband pulling the pants down over her hips and off. Wrapping his arms around her again, he ran his hands up and down her body slipping his hand into the front of her panties, touching and feeling the swelling wetness within. Gently he tugged on the elastic and pulled down her panties as she stepped out of them, running his hands over her perky full breasts he unclasped her bra allowing those marvelous breasts freedom. There she was fully naked in front of him and all she could think about was pulling down his shorts and seeing his manhood. She locked her lips with his in a passionate kiss and ran her hands down his body, slowly pulling down his short exposing his building hard cock.

Pulling her to him, pressing his naked body against her nude body kept building the excitement as those hands were all over her body as he kissed her lips, neck and slipped a wet tongue in her ear. Carefully sliding his wet tongue down her neck over her full breasts, carefully taking a good part of her nipple and flesh in his mouth as he gently sucked on them alternately. She could not believe she was doing this, acting like a complete uncivilized animal. But it felt so good and he was so good at sucking on her breasts that the electricity just made her even wetter. As he continued to suckle her breasts she pressed her hand on the back of his head and pushed it into her as she threw her head back in this thrill. After some time he returned to kissing her pouty lips and caressing her nude body, then she got on her knees and wrapped her small hands around his raging hard cock. Taking those pouty lips she kissed the head and ran her wet tongue all over the head of it. His breath shortened as she licked the shaft getting it all wet with moistness form her tongue; slowly she pulled it into her mouth and engulfed his hard cock. The sensations were incredible to him and he had a difficult time concentrating as she stroked it slowly in and out of her wet mouth while giving some suction. He was completely focused on her sucking as his breathing become shallower. Unable to take it anymore, he pulled her off his raging hard cock and pulled her to the floor. There he slid his body on top of hers, his bare flesh sliding over hers as he kissed her pouty lips, full perky breasts, sucked on her nipples and slowly guided his tongue to the inside of her thighs. Slowly slipping his tongue towards her Y, as the anticipation excited her more, making her pussy soaked with arousal. Gently he pulled her thighs open and teased his tongue over her soaked swollen pussy lips. Andrea let out a sigh “ohh, oooo oh no yes ooo yes yes” as he thrust his tongue in her pussy and continued licking for some time. Her cries, moans and whimpers increasingly louder as his licking was more intense.

He could not take too much more of her cries and moans of pleasure, he lifted his head from her soaked pussy. Gently sliding the head of his hard cock over her swollen hot soaked pussy lips as he pressed his body against hers while nibbling on her neck and licking her ear. Her moans and cries of excitement increased as he could feel from her anticipation that she was ready. Andrea moaned “would you take me now?” Jason replied “yea” as he continued his teasing of her soaked pussy, nibbling and kissing her neck and ear. He could feel the warmth from her as the anticipation excited her as he was starting to lose her mind. Whispering in her ear “is this what you want, you want this inside you, tell me baby, tell me how bad you want it”. Her mind was completely clouded in ecstasy and anticipation, Andrea replied in shallow breaths “yes, yes I want you deep inside me, oh please take me” Unable to refuse her begging he slowly thrust his stiff hard cock into her pussy while pressing his chest up against her bosom. She cried and moaned “ohhhhh, that’s so good oooo yes, yes, yes” as he pushed himself into her hot soaked pussy. “Oh honey, I cannot believe how tight you are” said Jason as the snugness of her pussy was gripping around his rock hard shaft. This was so intense for him he wasn’t sure how long he was going to last but he became determined to make her cum, as he slowed his strokes the intensity from his hard cock diminished slightly.

Her eyes fluttered closed from her intense arousal as her shallow breaths became heavier Andrea “oh oh mmmm yes mmmm that’s so good honey, deeper deeper in my pussy” she moaned. Unwilling to refuse the request of such a hot honey, he plunged his cock deeper into her pussy the full length as she let out a moan “ohhhhh yes mmmm, don’t stop now” she replied as he wrapped his arms around her. And locking her lips as their bodies moved through their rhythmic passion as her legs wrapped around him resting on his lower back. He could feel it building as her breathing became shallower he could tell she was close. His stroking slowly increased as she moaned “Oh my, oh my mmmm oh this is great I’m going to cum, don’t stop, please don’t stop” as his strokes became quicker more cries and moans emanated from her “mmmm yes ooo yes I’m going to, I’m going to ohh yes I’m cumming ooo yes” as she slightly arched her back pressing her bosom into his chest, wrapping her arms around him as she exploded in an intense orgasm squeezing her pussy around his rock hard shaft. Unable to take the squeezing from her pussy, he felt his own explosion as he plunged deeper into her pussy as launched his load inside her. Out of breath, he just stayed on top of her as his cock remained in her pussy as the sensations were subsiding.  They were worn out from the intensity and they just passed out on the kitchen floor.


As he started to awaken before opening his eyes all he could think about was what just happened with Andrea, the hot brunette with the great body and how he was captivated by her big dark eyes. He became more conscious as he felt something, slowly he opened his eyes and he found himself lying on his back on a big bed as she had her hands wrapped around his half flaccid cock, slowly stroking and licking at it with her tongue. She smiled sweetly at him and said “hi there, you must have been really tired so I pulled you to the bed” His mind cleared and he could recall that passionate hot wet sex just earlier as his cock was becoming stiffer as she slowly stroked it. “I keep thinking about earlier” she said as her smile got bigger. Carefully she licked her tongue across the head of his stiffening cock. As he replied “oh that was great honey and if you keep this up…” He closed his eyes for a second as he was still sensitive as guys get from an orgasm. Coating it with saliva she parted her lips and slipped the head of his cock in her mouth, just releasing it with a slurp, she ran her wet tongue up and down the shaft as her motions were increasing its stiffness and his excitement. He could feel that he was starting to breath a little heavier as she continue her slurping of his member.

Between the sucking of his cock she slipped two fingers in her mouth and guided them between her thighs to her already wetting pussy. Her sucking continued as she slipped those two fingers in her pussy and was massaging her clit, she let out a little moan. He peered on and suggested “why don’t you turn around, then I can help you out there?” She turned keeping one hand on his hardened member, she slid her body over his lifting her left leg over his head and onto the other side, and her wet pussy was right above his face. She lowered herself as her bosom pressed against his body and he pushed her soaked pussy in his face as she continued her slurping of his hard cock. His tongue explored her already swollen pussy lips as she let out a slight yelp as his wet tongue pressed against those pussy lips. Together they were locked in the 69 position for awhile.

He could feel himself building up she stopped her sucking of his cock and lifted off him. She lay next to him on the bed and picked up a banana from the bowl next to it. Andrea smiled, giggled and quietly said “I want you to watch me baby”, as she threw the banana peel away. Spreading her thighs she took the banana and carefully started to ease it into her swollen pussy lips, she closed her eyes for a moment and let out a little moan “ohh yea”. Lying on her back, she looked over at him while guiding the banana into her pussy. Andrea breathily “here’s a snack for you honey” as her head felt softly on the soft pillow.  Watching her just turned him on so much that he was almost animalistic, he lunged forward and his tongue over the insides of her thighs and actually started to eat the banana as he carefully pulled it from her pussy lips. This excited her, making her already wet pussy wetter as his tongue pushed between those swollen lips licking and licking. This thrilled her and he was falling into the moment and just wanted hot wet sex, as his licking increased.

After some time, she sat up on the bed and pulled him up to his knees as she wrapped her arms around him and pressed her bosom and rest of her nude body against his as they were locking their lips. As hands glided all over each others bodies, she reached over and starting pouring chocolate sauce all over each others naked body. She was thrilled as she did this and it turned her on so much, at first he didn’t know what to make of what she was doing until she made sure they were both sufficiently covered with the chocolate sauce. She spread it around with her hands and guided him with his as she started to lick it off him with her wet tongue. Covering each part of his naked body as she paid special attention to his lips and hard cock, pushing her down her glided his wet tongue over her shoulders, neck, ear, full breasts, carefully wrapping his lips on her stiffened nipples as his wet tongue traveled slowly all over her nude body getting most of the chocolate sauce. He could not believe she was like this and would never have done such a think with a woman before but this was so exciting and thrilling to him. She lifted herself to her knees again and spread more chocolate sauce over each other, as she took a large strawberry and offered it to him. As he sensually bit into it, she took the other wet half and spread it over her nude breasts and body.

The excitement was building in him and he wrapped his arms around her and a locked her lips again as the gooey sticky mess was spreading all over them as they pressed their nude bodies together. He was becoming ravenous at all this play, and pushed her down on her back as he pressed his body against hers. He felt like an animal as he sucked and licked her neck, and with his wet tongue probed in her ear. That felt exciting to her as she reciprocated by kissing his neck as he kept tonguing her ear increasing the wetness between her thighs. She whispered in his ear “Oh baby, you’re such an animal” as his sucking and licking increased. His tongue worked its way over her full bosom as he gently squeezing and massaged her breasts while carefully licking and sucking her stiff nipples. She let out an excited cry “oh mmmm oh” from the sensations of him sucking her nipple as his thigh was between her thighs grinding against her sensitive pussy lips. Working his tongue over her chest, tummy he slipped down as she unconsciously spread her thighs for him. As his passions were making him more animalistic he pushed his tongue in her swollen pussy lips feeling the hot wetness from within as he licking strokes were slow and teasing.

Andrea smiled and thought to herself that he was becoming such an animal and this was so fun as the titillation from this was increasing her arousal. And her breathing was once again becoming slower and heavier almost to panting. Lifting his head from her pussy he took her by the hand and led her off the bed, facing her towards the wall he placed his hands between her lower ass-cheeks and spread her thighs. Gently, he guided his stiff hard cock slowly in her tight hot soaked pussy. She sucked in her breath as his penetration was deeper and the sensations were more intense as she closed her eyes as she let out a cry and moan “mmmm oh yes mmmmm’ as his thick hard cock plunged deep into her swollen soaked  pussy lips. As he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her almost upright as his hands glided all over her body, gently squeezing, caressing and massaging her full breasts. The sensations were so intense for the two of them they could barely stand.

Keeping his cock inside her pussy, he slowly pulled her backward and fell on his back on the bed. She was in the reverse cowgirl position, and she lifted on leg and turned around while keeping his cock in her until she was in cowgirl facing him. Pressing her hands on his chest steadying herself she slowly started to bounce on his thick hard cock, closing her eyes as her tongue traced her lips as she let out another moan “mmmmm, yes, mmmm”. Between the snugness of her pussy, watching her slowly bounce on him and her moans, he can barely contain his excitement as he could feel her tightening up. Her moans increased “mmmm yes, mmmm, oh I’m cumming now ooo yes I’m cumming” as her bouncing on his thick hard cock increased. He suddenly shot his load deep inside her as their orgasms were so intense.

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