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Anyone up for a game of pool?

Strip pool sounds like fun.
I got a call from my sweetheart about spending a week house-sitting for his parents while they were away on vacation. I said yes, thought it would be fun spending time in the house where he grew up. I met him at the home with my overnight bag in hand, knocked on the door and he opened it with a big smile on his face. That was the first time I had been there so I was curious about it.

He opened the door and let me in, took my bag and asked me to follow him to the bedroom. It was a small ranch with many antiques and conservatively decorated. As I followed him, I peeked in each of the rooms and the pictures of the kids in the hallway leading to the bedroom where we would be sleeping.

He stopped and stepped aside and asked me to enter first. It was clearly a teenager’s room stuck in time with a twin bed. I had a curious look on my face because he said this is the room we would be sleeping in so I said, “We are both sleeping in that twin bed?”

He replied, “Well, yeah.”

I thought it just so small for the two of us, and there would be no moving around in that bed. I asked, “I thought that maybe we would sleep in your parents’ bed”. He was shocked I had said that and said that was his parents bed and he could not do that. I had to laugh, for as open-minded, wild, and adventurous he was about so many different things, he was still a little boy at heart. I told him it was going to be fine and we would figure something out. Maybe we could sleep on the floor together, who know maybe we wouldn’t sleep much anyway. His boyish look turned into a big grin and he walked towards me and gave me a big hug and sweet little pecks on my lips and thanked me for understanding.

He gave me a tour of the first level which was much like the rest of the house, stuck in time. He was eager to show me the family/game room in the basement. As we walked down the stairs, he in front of me, I started thinking about what kind of kid he was, clearly an athlete with all the trophies, awards, and photos of him with his teammates. He was a jock in high school, not much of a surprise with this entire memorabilia his parents had for him. I joked with him about it and he said he may have been a jock but was very quiet and reserved. I could see that in him, because that is how he was during our dating out in public. However on vacation, he let loose just like me and we had a great time.

As I walked around noticing all the different types of games in the room, my eyes stopped and I saw the pool table. Boy did I get excited. It’s been a while since I played pool but I loved the challenge of it. He saw my excitement. He asked if I wanted to play pool, so I eagerly agreed. I asked if he played well and he told me he didn’t play great but he did ok and he in turned asked me the same question. I said, “I used to in college but it’s been a while, it’s like riding a bike, right?”

He laughed, and said, “Yeah, like riding a bike.” He asked if I was up for making the game interesting and fun, like changing it to strip pool.

I smiled and said, “Absolutely”. We were going to have some fun now. The rules were as follows; if one of us lost a shot then the other player would tell that “loser” which article of clothing to remove. He didn’t say anything about what we couldn’t do during the game to the other player so they would lose their concentration. I was on board and eager to get him to miss a couple of shots. All in good fun of course. I loved the way his mind worked, some laughing, joking, games, and most of all turning it to some form of sex. Lucky for him, he met his match in that department, and he knew it!

I grabbed the first pool stick trying to get a feel for the weight and how it felt in my grip, then the second one. He came over to me to see if I needed his help with my selection. So he took one of the sticks out of my hand and felt the next one. He ended up putting them both aside and went over to the other corner of sticks and brought two more. Tested both of them and gave me one of the two he tested and said, “This is the one you should use”. I looked at him and nodded ok, but I felt the stick and it was not right for me. He walked away and continued to look for his stick. So I went back to the two I originally picked out to try and settle for one of my initial two selections. I didn’t want to tell him I found the right one on my own, so he would not feel slighted or get the idea I actually knew what I was doing.

So he asked if I wanted to break, I passed it to him because that was one thing about the game I did not do well. So he got two striped balls and one solid in the pockets and naturally selected the stripes. So the game began. He positioned himself and began to call the shot. As he was pulling his arm back I casually walked over to the other side of the pool table so he could see me. I slowly began to unbutton a couple of the buttons on my shirt. It was further than I would normally unbutton. I could see he lost his concentration for the shot and focused on my breasts. I told him I was hot and wanted to cool off, and sorry if I was in the way. I rolled up the bottom of the shirt and tied it into a knot just below my breasts, kind of like the “Daisy Duke” look. He looked at me and said no that's fine, he could still play and watch me at the same time. He told me he loved it, whatever I did it just made him hotter. Well, he was right, it did not faze him, and he got the shot.

He started circling the table to get a better position for the next shot. So, in order for him to miss this shot I figured I would unbutton the top of my jeans and slowly pull the zipper down, not all the way, but enough for him to see my black panties. I slowly moved my right hand down my panties, pushing my way to my vagina. I was a little wet, but I plunged my middle finger into my pussy, wiggled it around, and then pulled it up and he could see it was wet. I guided my hand to my mouth. I sniffed my finger and said, “Baby, my pussy is so wet, and it smells so good, want to try it and see?” He just stood there looking at me in awe. So I said, “Ok then, since you’re not interested, I don’t want the juice to go to waste."

I brought my middle finger to my lips, rubbed the juice on the outside of my lips and inserted my finger in my mouth and started to suckle it. I sucked it like I would his cock, and he knew it. He moved away from that side of the table, came around and positioned him in front of me. He pulled my finger out of my mouth and started to lick the rest of my juice off of it. He then pulled me by my waste closer to him, licked the pussy juice off my lips and started kissing me more intensely. I could feel his cock; it was hard and began to bulge out of his jeans. He felt, smelled, tasted, and looked great. I could have easily forgotten the game and tore his clothes off and fucked right there.

He gave me a smirk, pulled away from me, went back to his original spot and very seductively said, “So, babe, are you trying to get me to lose this game or what?”

Just as he was ready to take the shot, he looked dead into my eyes, smiled and hit the ball. He made the shot. I thought what a stinker. I was going to pull out all the stops.

Now it was the next shot. He was feeling a bit too cocky and hesitated and took the shot, not before I told him that I was very hungry and I wanted him to feed me. He knew exactly what I meant when I said that, he was going to get a blowjob and I would swallow it all up. He looked up at me instantly, accidentally took the shot and missed, so I smiled and quickly said, “Looks like it’s my turn”.

He told me that I was not playing fair and I was being too distracting to him. So I told him, “All is fair in love and war baby, but when we’re playing games I play to win! So take off that T-shirt, because I want to see your chest." I loved to look at his body, especially his chest, shoulders, back, and arms. He worked out fairly often and had a nice body with muscles in all the right places. I always told him I loved the letter V, he asked me why. Because his upper body was shaped like that letter. He chuckled, and said that he aimed to please me no matter what. Well he certainly knew how to please, pleasure, seduce, and most importantly was an awesome lover to me. I just could not get enough of his body, mouth, and cock.

Now it was my turn and I positioned myself, got the first solid and then the second solid ball into the pockets that I called. I missed the third shot. He asked me to drop the jeans. So I dropped the jeans and he finally got to see the rest of the black lacey bikini panties. I made sure to pull them up so that the panties clung to my wet pussy lips. I wanted him to continue to lose his concentration on the game and focus on me and start to fantasize about what was going to happen after we were either done with the game or just quit it to submit to our sexual desires.

So now it was his turn and I could see it was a little bit of a tricky shot and I asked if he would show me how to make that shot if it was my turn. He smiled and happily agreed. He asked me to get my stick, wrapped his arms around my back, held the stick with me and took a quick sniff of my neck, hair, and shirt. He said, “Baby, you smell great”.

I thanked him, smiled and gave him a lick on his lips, then slipped my tongue in his mouth. He sucked on it and it turned into a very passionate kiss. His cock firmly pushed up against my ass, one arm around my waste while the other was still holding the stick. I reluctantly pulled away from him, looked into his eyes and asked him, “Baby, please show me how to deal with this shot”. By the time he pulled himself together from the pressure of his cock against my ass, my scent, and the passionate kiss I just gave him, he could not concentrate with all of the sight, the smell, the touch, and the taste. He just pulled his arm back with the stick and quickly pushed forward. Low and behold he missed the shot.

He said that it didn’t count because he was teaching me that move. I disagreed and told him that he needed to drop the jeans. He could not believe I did that. I looked at him seductively and said, “Baby, I told you, that I am not that competitive in some games or sports however, but when it comes to pool, I don’t typically lose.“

He gave me a look like "what the hell just happened?". He still didn’t drop the jeans. I walked up to him, unbuttoned the top button, slowly unzipped his zipper and started to pull the jeans off of him, very slowly, seductively to the point where I was on my knees and his cock was in my face. I laughed and said, “Baby, commando, awe I guess you didn’t want me to work too hard to get to you, huh?” He stood there, buck assed naked, looking hot, sexy, and so turned on, that the game was basically over.

He finally started coming to the realization that I actually knew how to play the game.

I slowly started to get up, grabbed his cock and began to massage it, while I continued to go from a kneeling position to a standing position, all the while watching him close his eyes, tilt his head back and began to moan. I softly whispered in his ear, that I loved to see him standing before me completely naked, hard, horny, and ready to get fucked by me. He slowly tilted his head forward towards me with a smile on his face, opened his eyes slowly and said, “Baby, you know how to talk to me and get me going. All you have to do, is talk dirty to me, I love it so much.” I chuckled and told him that I would always be a lady in public but behind closed doors I was his whore. He smiled and said, “No doubt that you are my little whore and I love you for it and I just can’t get enough of you”.

He started to caress my face then run his fingers through my hair, all the while I was stroking his cock. He asked me to tell him the truth about how much pool I really did play. I was telling him the truth that I did play pool in college, however I was taught by some of the hustlers in the pool room. So I actually could hold my own quite well. He told me it was not fair, that shot was not to be counted.

He laughed, he started to untie the knot on my shirt and slowly remove my shirt. I was standing before him with black bra and black panties. He moved his hand down to his cock and, joined with my hand, continued to massage his cock. I then moved my other hand and massaged his balls. I could see he loved it all and wanted more. He asked me if I was still hungry and wanted to be fed? I smiled and said, “Just a taste my love, for I want you for hours of uninhibited sex, fun, serious passion and yeah some awesome fucking. Not making love tonight babe, I just want to FUCK!"

He laughed and said, “I love your honesty and the fact you are so straight forward with what you want and baby, yeah we can FUCK." 

He picked me up and carried me over to the black leather couch and dropped me onto of the cushions. He ran over and said, “Geronimo” and dove over the back of the couch right on top of me. He made sure I was OK, kissed me and got on all fours with his face in mine.

We took a moment and looked into each other’s eyes. I looked at him and told him that he was truly something else and so unforgettable. I could be myself with him and he loved my boldness and I loved to explore my sexuality with him. He was so much fun, non-judgmental and very open to try new things. He got close to my lips and our eyes were focused on each other and right then and there he told me that he was in love with me and he could see forever in my eyes. He brought tears to my eyes. He told me not to cry that it was all good¸ and we started to kiss very slowly, sensually and very lovingly. He was so gentle and loving with me sometimes and other times he was this glorious lover, wanting to satisfy me first every time.

His lips were soft, fine and thin and his tongue was perfect. He dragged his tongue from my neck down to my breasts. He did not remove my bra, just breathed his hot breath on them as he passed them on his way towards my belly. He re-wet his tongue and licked around my belly button. He continued to crawl backwards and his lips and tongue never left my skin. I was moaning and quivering with his licks and kisses. He reached my panties and could see that my panties clung to my wet pussy. He pulled the panties away from my pussy with his teeth and all the while with his hands along the sides of my body.

He then moved both his hands towards my panties and slowly removed them for me, all the while licking the outside of my pussy lips. I was feeling wonderful, excited, and very much aroused. I loved his mouth all over me. I so wanted him to lick my pussy, but the urge to have his cock deep in my pussy was much stronger than that desire for oral sex. I reached my hands towards him, pulled up his face and said to him, “Baby, I need your cock. As much as I love your lips and tongue, I need you to fill me up and take me like your whore." 

He looked up at me and tried to wipe the juice off his face with his hand and I told him to stop right there, just to come closer to my face and I would take care of cleaning him up with my tongue. He gave me that smirk again and began crawling back to me, hovering his cock over my pussy. I could feel his pre-cum drop on the outside of my pussy then drip down the slit to the bottom of my ass. I pulled his head down to my lips, kissed his lips very passionately and began to lick the juice off his lips, chin and moustache. He opened his mouth, pressed his lips on mine and inserted that glorious, pussy soaked tongue in my mouth.

We continued to kiss so passionately, that he began to lower his body on top of mine. His cock was now on top of my pussy. He felt my wetness and began to move forward and back. He felt wonderful, and it was not long when he slipped his cock into my pussy with one fell swoop. I gave out a loud moan while we were still lip locked. He grabbed my ass with one hand and the other hand was under my head. We released our lips and he told me that he loved me so much and wanted to share everything with me.

So I was bold and said then, "I want you to share your cum with me."

He smiled and said, "Whatever you want you will get." I then told him that I wanted to be on my knees on the couch facing the back of it and I wanted him to fuck me from behind. I quickly got up, he grabbed my arms and pulled me up. He started kissing the back of my neck, my back, then my lower back and finally my ass. He told me to kneel on the couch and arch over. I did as I was told; he got behind me, grabbed his cock, rubbed it up and down my pussy, then up and down my ass, and then finally inserted his cock inside me. Oh my, the minute he entered me I saw stars.

He pressed his chest against my back, kissed my neck, grabbed my hips and started to kiss the side of my face until I turned and we kissed each other. I told him I wanted him deeper and harder, and he did do just that. He kissed me more passionately. Then he nibbled my back and that was the final straw. I told him I was cumming and to cum with me. I so needed him to cum at the same time. He told me to tell him when he was allowed to shoot his load in me. Well I did not take long. "Oh, yes, ah now," I said, "NOW!" I could not think, just feel. My orgasm was coming intensely and I felt great and I went with it. One intense orgasm and then a few more baby ones that still felt great and he kept on fucking me harder and harder.

Then I heard him say, “FUCK, yes, baby I so fucking love you. Take it all, every bit of cum belongs to you." He came and I could feel him shoot his load inside me, so powerful, so much of it that he was completely worn out.

He just lay his body against mine for a few seconds, then he lay on the carpet and said that was so intense. He felt each orgasm and loved that he could make me feel great. We smiled at each other, I lay down beside him on the carpet and we cuddled a bit.

I could not let it go and had to say to him, “Hey babe, we didn’t finish the pool game.”

He laughed and said, “You’re kidding me, right?” .

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