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Athlete Gets What She Wants

I coached high school track and field while finishing my undergraduate studies because I enjoyed running. In the fall, I largely worked with the boys’ team, while in the spring I worked with a smaller group of both boys’ and girls’.   It was during my first year, at age 21, that I had one of the hottest sexual experiences of my life.   It was that year that I met and got to know one of the most stunningly beautiful women I’ve ever known.


Julie was 18, 5’6” tall, and probably around 115 pounds.   Her cute round face and bright blue eyes were framed by whitish-blonde hair that fell in waves past her shoulders.   Her skin was light, but kissed slightly brown by the California sun.   Her beautifully pert 32C breasts stood firmly on her chest above a toned and flat stomach accentuated by a belly-button piercing that drew any interested eyes to her mid-riff.   Her tight, round ass topped muscular legs that only runners truly have.   I was stunned by her good looks from the beginning and as the year went on my attraction to her became very strong and I would think about her most times when I masturbated.   It wasn’t a one-way street, either.   I would catch her looking at me when I came in from easy runs with the boys’ team, or when I started my own workouts on the track after practice.   Innocent flirting would occur when we would talk one-on-one before or after races, and more than once she would give me a boob or panty shot when she caught me looking at her stretching.


I saw her a few times after graduation, at various family parties for athletes and such, but we hadn’t talked in awhile.   Therefore, I was surprised when I got a text from her one night asking if I wanted to come over to her place and run with her the next day.   Of course, I said yes.


As I walked up to the front door around 10AM the next morning, I noticed a little note that told me to go around back.   I started to enter the backyard and Julie was out there lying on a lounge chair in a skimpy bikini with the straps untied.   My dick immediately jumped in my pants as my eyes ran up and down her body as it glistened with suntan lotion and sweat in the morning sun.   I was just starting to figure out how to hide my massive bulge when Julie noticed me and waved me over.


“Hi Coach!!!”


“Hi, Julie, how are you? Ready to run?”


She eyed me seductively until her baby blues rested on the tent my eight-inch cock was pitching underneath the nylon of my running shorts.   She was up in a flash and as she walked over to me, she flung her arms out and tightly wrapped them around my neck.   In seconds, my hands were on her hips and we came together.   She whispered into my ear in a husky voice, “Fuck the run, I want you.   And I know you want me.”   She then moved in and kissed me hard on the mouth.   I opened my mouth slowly and her tongue darted inside.   Our tongues fenced for awhile and she tasted wonderful.   I slid one hand down to her ass and moved the other to her neck.   I grabbed her by the neck and pulled it aside and gently kissed my way from her bikini top to her ear as she moaned in pleasure and anticipation.   We paused and looked each other in the eyes, and then she grabbed my hand and said “Let’s go upstairs.”


I followed obediently, watching her ass sway as she nearly ran into the house and up the stairs to her room.   Once there, she pushed me firmly onto her bed so I was lying on my back.   She stood over me and stripped out her bikini slowly while humping my leg and running her hands all over my fit body.   When she was done teasing me, she tore my shorts off, and my cock jumped to attention in front of her face.   Her eyes twinkled as she took it in her small hands and started to stroke me with both hands.


“Oooooooooh fuck, baby, that feels sooooooo good.” I moaned.


She slowly sank her mouth onto my throbbing manhood, flicking her tongue all over my swollen purple tip, making sure to get all of my pre-cum.   She worked it up and down in her mouth, slobbering all over my knob.   I didn’t think she’d be able to do it, but this girl took my entire length down her throat without gagging.   She sucked me off for nearly 10 minutes, until I realized I was going to cum, hard.


“Julie, stand up baby, I wanna cum all over your lovely tits,” I told her.


“Whatever you want, coach! Give me that hot cum!!” She moaned to me.


“Oh yeah, jerk me off hun. Fuck here it comes!”

I threw my head back and screamed as I felt my dick stiffen then spasm in her hand.   Her aim was slightly off as my first spurt shot her just under the chin, dripping onto her neck.   The second one flew across her chest onto her left boob and dripped down to the nipple.   The third and fourth filled the valley between her twins while the rest of my load came to rest on her right boob.   By the time I’d finished, her chest was a sticky mess.   She twirled her nipples with my cum and brought a finger up to her mouth and sucked on it lovingly.   She guided my still hard prick into her mouth and cleaned my glistening juices off before wiping her tits off with a towel.   I looked down at her and smiled, “My turn.”


I picked her up and threw her onto the bed.   Her pussy was perfectly shaven and glistened with her juices.   I kissed my way from her neck to her pussy, taking ample time to play with her beautiful tits and sensitive nipples and run my fingers over her firm stomach.   I ran my tongue along the inside of her thighs and finally ran it around her pussy lips.   I tasted her delicious juices with my tongue before bringing my hands off her tits so I could find her clit.   I spread her pussy lips apart and my tongue immediately found it.   I began running my tongue in circles over her clit as she shuddered under my ministrations.   As she began moaning that she was close to cumming, I slid a finger into her pussy and she shot a load of juices into my mouth and all over my chin.   She caught her breathe, and pulled me up to her lips.   We kissed lovingly, and then she whispered into my ear “Fuck me. Now.”


I pulled her to the side of the bed, and stood up.   I pointed my hard dick at her sopping pussy, slowly sliding my tip in there and pulling it out quickly.   I teased her like this for a few minutes until I forced myself all the way inside with one slow but firm thrust.   Her eyes were shut with pleasure and pain.   Her pussy walls massaged my prick as I started thrusting in harder and pulling out slow.   I fucked her like this for awhile, then picked her up off the bed and made her wrap her arms around my neck while I fucked her standing, harder and harder.   The only sounds were her panting and my breathing, and the sound of skin slapping on skin.   She threw her head back and howled as she came on my cock in a rush of juices as her whole body spasmed.


I laid her down, and then pulled out quickly.   I flipped her over until she was on all fours, and teased her pussy again with my cock’s head, until she was begging me to fuck her.


“Please, please, please, Coach, put it back in me. Fuck me doggy style, it’s my favorite position. Please give it to me hard.”


She reached a hand back and grabbed my prick and quickly guided me into her pussy.   I crouched slightly so my prick was going into her at an upward angle.   I don’t think she’d ever been fucked that way because she roared her approval as one of my hands reached around to grab and knead her tits.   The other grabbed her hair and neck and pulled it.   I began thrusting harder and harder, burying myself up to the hilt in her pussy.   As she came again, very hard this time, and sank and twitched in front of me, I felt a familiar feeling in my balls.   I pulled out and rolled her over onto her back.   I thrust into her for a few more minutes before I knew I was going to cum again.


“Push those tits together for Coach, baby, I’m going to cum all over your stomach and boobies.”


“Oh, yes! Cum for me, Coach! I want it, I need it!”


I pulled out and had only jerked myself off for one or two tugs when the first volley of semen left my tip and flew to her chin.   I’d never cum this hard in my life, as spurt after spurt exploded from my cock and covered her beautiful tits and firm, hard stomach.   Finally empty, and exhausted, I collapsed next to her and we kissed tenderly.


“Damn, Coach, look at the mess you made.   Isn’t that better than running?”


“Oh, Julie, you’re the only workout I’ll ever need!”


“Any time you want, Coach Mark, between now and when I leave for college. Now let’s go get cleaned up,” she said with a wink.


She grabbed my hand and led me down the hall for a cool shower.

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