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Banging in the Backwoods Part I

Leah Gets Wild in the Woods
I've known who Nick was since high school. He was shy, considered more on the nerdy side. He was in the band and played trombone. But after senior year he joined the Marines and was sent overseas to protect our country. I didn't see him or think much about him until a few years later when a friend of mine invited him to my apartment.

"Wow..." was all I could think. The scrawny boy I remembered from high school was gone, replaced by a truck of a man. I could see, even under the tight fit of his Carhart undershirt, that his chest and abs were firm and tight. I could see every ridge of his muscles in his chest through that shirt... His skinny arms were replaced with massive tree trunks. His whole demeanor had changed. He was strong and confident. His physical appearance, was rugged and sexy. I could feel a sudden wetness start to build within my pussy just staring at the new version of Nick. The only thing that didn't seem different was the fact that he still towered over me by a foot and a half.

We were friends for a while... We had a 'friends with benefits' type of deal for a short period. Then we parted ways after he met a girl, and I didn't see Nick again for almost 4 years. After running across his name on a social networking site, I decided to say hello to him. Minutes later my phone went off with a message from an un-saved number. It was Nick. Asking to see me.

Just reading the words on my phone made my tight little pussy start to drip. I starting going through the memories, and firstly remembered the size of his cock. Nick was huge, at least 9.5 inches long and so thick my hands didn't fit around the shaft. He wanted to take me to dinner. I had to decline because I was on my way out the door to a meeting for work. However, hours later we were sitting at an old hang out and reminiscing.

A few beers later we were leaned up on the side of his truck, making out like high school kids. His lips were firm, and soft at the same time. He parted my lips with his snake-like tongue, and began to kiss me just like I remembered. My knees went weak, my heart started racing, and I could feel myself soaking through my panties. His strong arms were holding me in the air by my ass, and his lips were on my neck furiously kissing all the spots he knew drove me wild. I dug my nails into his back as he nibbled on my neck causing me to moan loud enough for the smokers outside to look in our direction, and with that he whispered "Lets get out of here."

He said he was going to drive us to a private spot in the woods. On the drive there, I reached for his pants and unbuttoned them. The zipper slid down, and I reached to pull his cock from his boxers. It was already rock hard, and dripping with pre-cum. I stared for a second in intimidation, and slipped my tongue to the head to lick up the drops he was spilling, and then greedily took the head into my mouth and started sucking. I started at the top, and took more into my mouth with every head bob. Soon, I was deepthroatinghim and could feel cock pushing my throat muscles apart and sliding so far down I almost choked. He let out a moan that let me know he was appreciating some of the new skills I had learned since the last time we had been together. I smiled a quick smile before returning to trying to suck the salty juices from his cock.

Parking his truck quickly, he turned it off and just threw his head back. His eyes were closed, andanimalesquemoans were escaping from his lips. He looked down at me, and I was staring right into his eyes. "I can't believe I forgot how good you sucked my cock!" he exclaimed. I grabbed his shaft and started jerking off the portion that wasn't being taken care of by my mouth. A few minutes later he was gasping as I could start to feel his cock tense and start to twitch. My mouth was bathed in his sweet, salty cum moments later. I swallowed happily, and didn't waste a drop.

I sat up right, smiling at him. He opened his eyes, still lightly gasping and looked at me. "Fuck" was all he managed to say to me. I laughed, and climbed into the backseat. He turned around staring at me, and I took my shirt off and threw it in his face. I laughed and did the same with my bra. He growled playfully and climbed into the back with me. He sat, pulling me onto his lap. My bare chest was highlighted by the moon light and he commented "Nice piercings, I don't remember those."

Nick engulfed my right nipple with his mouth. I felt him swirl his tongue over my hardening nipple, and play with the jewelry. He bit onto the barbell with his teeth and gently tugged. I felt his hand on my left nipple as he started to pinch and pull on it. He switched over to the left, and explored the jewelry there. He seemed to enjoy the new moderation's, because he spent an awful long time sucking and pinching my tits. The feel of his wet, warm tongue on my nipples felt so good and I could feel how much more I had soaked my panties while he teased me.

He pushed me off after a few minutes, and laid me on my back and started to take off my pants. He leaned down and kissed me in the moonlight as he slipped my pants off. My pussy was dripping in anticipation, and I couldn't wait to feel his cock force itself into my tight hole again... He slid my panties off and threw them into the front seat. He looked at me with a devilish smile, and plunged his head in between my legs.

'Oh my God' was all I could process in my head. His tongue was inside me, and he was lapping up all the cum I had pouring from my tight little box. He licked up the cum that was between my legs, and moved up to my clit. His warm, stiff tongue dancing with my stiff button caused me to explode with a wave of cum, that he once again lapped up readily. Moaning and panting, I began to realize I was getting close to an orgasm. Nick hadn't even penetrated me yet!

Just as I had that thought, with his tongue still massaging my clit, I felt his finger push into my pussy. He went straight up and hit my g-spot. He remembered! I gasped out, loudly moaning "Holy fuck." He joined his first finger with a second, and started going at my g-spot and clit ferociously. My hands flung out to grab whatever I could. One hand ended up gripping the head rest, and the other hand found the door handle. I gripped, and pulled myself away from the pleasure. Nick wrapped his free hand around my waist to keep me from pulling away, and dug his fingers deeper into my pussy, slamming into my g-spot and making me scream in ecstasy. "Harder!" I screamed out.

I got what I wanted. Nick's rhythm and pace quickened, and my snatch was squirting cum all over his hand. I could feel a river of warm, sweet girl juice pouring out of my punished pussy. Over my gasps I heard Nick laugh, and looked at him. He was enjoying every moment of making me scream. His enjoyment turned me on more, and suddenly I felt an urge coming over my whole body. I tensed and grabbed his neck and dug my nails into his back. The orgasm hit me like a freight train, and I felt the cum explode from my pussy causing me to see stars.

I barely had a moment to realize I just had a mind-blowing orgasm before he was telling me to suck his cock again. "I bet you can't bend enough to suck it while I finger you." One thing this boy still hadn't learned; don't doubt the things I'm capable of doing in bed... Or the backseat. I sat him down and put my mouth to his cock, pushing my lower body out at an angle unheard of by most girls, and offered him my pussy. His fingers plunged back up into me, and he began to finger fuck me. Just enough to get me to start juicing up again. He used my cum to moisten my asshole, and started poking a finger inside.

Nick pulled his fingers from my horny holes, and I let his cock slip from my lips. He grabbed me and told me to ride him. I obediently climbed on. I was ready to get fucked, and fucked good. I straddled him as he guided his rock hard cock into my tight, wet, fingered hole. I could feel every millimeter slide into me, filling my pussy with more cock then I was ready for. I could feel it pushing my muscles apart, and it felt like he was poking my stomach. I got re-acclimated to his size, and began to ride. I thrust myself up and down, riding every inch. Each time I came back down, I felt his cock jab my insides. Soon, I was gasping for air, and cumming all over his cock.

Nick knew he caused me another orgasm and decided to throw me into a new position. He told me to get on my knees, and I obliged. He grabbed my neck and slid his fingers into my pussy, swirling the girl jizz around. He used the lube from my pussy, and started poking my asshole again. He was gentle and pushed one finger inside. He finger fucked my asshole with one finger, and then with two. He pulled them out and replaced his fingers with his tongue. The feeling was new, and extremely erotic. I felt him slowly circle my asshole with a stiff tongue, and as his tongue relaxed, he ran it from my asshole to my pussy, collecting all my drippings. He grabbed his stiff cock in his hand and felt the head push up against my box. He again guided himself into my tight hole, and grabbed my hips with his hands. He started slow, and quickly gained pace as I begged him for more. "Shh, you'll get everything you want" he whispered into my ear.

My pussy tightened up at the promise in his voice. I wanted to feel him pounding my snatch harder than I had felt anyone fuck me in the past. I wanted him deeper inside me then any guy ever had been before. He quickened his pace, and I could feel him hit deeper with every thrust. A hand released from my hip and grabbed a handful of my hair and snapped my head back. With my back arched as far as I could go, I stared up and behind me and stared into his eyes. Even in the darkness, with only the light of the moon, I could see his steel green eyes peering back at me. He bent over and quieted one of my moans with a kiss that stole the breath from my soul. He shoved his mouth hard to mine, biting and kissing, so furiously that I tasted blood. I closed my eyes and let my body shake and my pussy squirt a third cum-filled orgasm all over his cock.

I let out a moan that would have terrified the woodland creatures outside. I couldn't hold anymore in. My body shook harder than an earthquake, and cumming felt more powerful than Niagara Falls. My moaning pushed Nick over the edge. As I started cumming, and my pussy tightened I felt his cock tense and stiffen as I had earlier. He grabbed my waist and hair, and pulled my head back again. He stared at me as he pounded my pussy, until he couldn't take it himself and pulled his cock out. I was bent so backwards, my lips were mere inches from his cock. I stretched myself just a bit farther, and just in time too. As my lips closed around the head of his cock, he grabbed my jaw and thrust his cock into my face and shot off a hot, salty load of cum down my throat. He moaned with ever pump of cum that spewed from his cock. Once again, I thought of myself as a girl little girl when I realized I didn't miss a drop of his sweet juices.

Nick let go of me, and I fell backwards into his arms. He stared down at me in the moonlight smiling. He lowered his face to mine, and pressed his lips to mine. I could taste the sweat dripping from his forehead and falling between our lips. His sweat tasted as good as his cum. He parted my lips and slid his tongue in for a soft, 'I've-fucked-you-too-hard-to-touch-you-any-rougher' kiss. He pulled away and grabbed a blanket from the backseat. He threw it over the two of us, and told me to prepare for round two.

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