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Bond Fire pt. 2

I woke up to a text from Amber “Morning baby how'd u sleep?”

I got up and headed to the bathroom to relieve myself not texting her back. I was standing there doing my business and remembering the awesome night I just woke up from. I got done and headed to my room to get my crap ready for the hard day before me. Grabbing my phone there was another text. I flipped open my phone and saw it was another one from Amber.

“Hey sexy hope I didn't wake you but I need to talk to you.”

“What's up beautiful?” I text back

“ I left a black bag in your car n I need it brought to me, if it's not to much trouble.”

“Sure give me a couple of hours n I'll bring it right to u.”

“COOL :) I'll b at the shop,” she replied

I got my stuff and headed out to the garage to start my work on the farm. It was a blazing hot day and didn't want to work let alone sweat my ass off. I did my work quickly so I could get inside and cool down. But one thing after another prevented me to do so. About four hours later I finished drenched from head to toe. Not wanting to do another damn thing, but get in a cold shower and taking a quick nap before dinner. I remembered that I promised I'd take the bag to Amber. I jumped in the shower and let the cool water fall over my hot sweaty skin, it felt amazing as I slowly started to soap up my flesh. As I ran the loofah over my stomach and thighs my member started to grow, I stood there with my cock standing at attention. Knowing I didn't have a lot of time to work my situation out I finished washing my body and tried to think of something not that sexy.

I shaved, then brushed my teeth but still had a raging boner. I was starting to get a little pissy because I would have to ether tell Amber I couldn't make it or just go with my buddy in all his glory. Heading back to my room with just a towel wrapped around my waist and the bulge of the erection. I laid in my bed and contemplated texting Amber or just going. Finally I had to make up my mind and I deiced to just go and get it over with. Getting dressed I started to loose some of the erection and I started to feel relieved, then heading over to the shop. I got there, but there was no place to park so I went around back to a small parking lot. Which I didn't feel comfortable leaving my car there for long.

Grabbing the bag and heading for the door I looked around to make sure nobody was hanging around the lot. When I opened the door of the shop she smiled and walked over to me throwing her arm around my neck and kissing my passionately. I wrapped my arm around her back and picked her up to kiss her back. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I walked over to the counter, placing her on it she started to grind her hips into my crotch. My already semi hard member got hard again.

“Oh somebody wants to come out and play,” she said as she broke the kiss.

“Yes he does. But he has to learn to wait,” I said lightly chuckling.

She bent down close to crotch, “Oh it's OK I'll try to get you freed,” she said then placing a light kiss on the bulge.

I laughed at her talking to my hard throbbing member. I handed her the bag, she took it and pulled out the film container I gave her the first time I saw her. Then she handed my the bag back with a cheeky grin on her face. I grabbed it then slowly opening it, it was a black with red swirl glass bong with a matching bowl. I took it out of the bag and looked at her with a surprised face. She bit her bottom lip as I looked back down to the beautiful piece of art in my hand.

“What's this for?” I asked.

“For you silly. I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel so welcomed at your party.”

“Ah, thanks sexy you shouldn't have,” I said winking at her.

“It's nothing, I get everything cheap.”

I just stared into her hazel eyes, all I wanted to do was ravage her right there on the counter but the store was still open. I moved closer to her slowly moving my face closer to hers as I ran my hand up her stomach. Placing my lips on her soft little lips I cupped her left boob and started to pinch her already hard nipple. She gasped and moaned as our tongues were fighting at who's mouth they belong to. I grabbed her nipple and twisted it. She shivered and growled at the sensation of my hand working her hard nipple. I smiled as she spread her legs a little wider and grind on my hard member, I could feel the heat coming from her mound as she started to grind faster on my throbbing cock. With my other hand I slowly started to rub up her thigh on her left leg and smiled as I kissed lightly.

I looked into her eyes and I could see the fire of passion burning in them. I slowly rubbed up to where her leg and womanhood meet. But quickly started my way back down. She thrust her hips to make me touch her hot mound, but I was going to make her wait for it. I kissed her one long last time as I brought my hand back up. She grabbed it still trying to have her way with me but I was stronger then her and pulled it away.

“There will be none of that sexy,” I whispered into her ear.

“Mmmmm, your driving me wild. But I think you know that already.”

I lightly kissed her down from her mouth to her neck, sucking her earlobe, she gasped. I knew I could do what I wanted; that she was mine and mine alone. I deiced to make her beg for it as I slowly ran my hand up her thigh again this time I lightly grazed the top of her mound. She arched her back and bit her bottom lip. Moving my hand up her body I twisted her other nipple, she moaned loudly. I slowly ran my hand up her body grabbing her face I planted a long passionate kiss on her lips. She hungrily sucked at my tongue.

“Baby what do you want me to do?” I asked in between kisses.

“I want you to fuck me right here and now,” she panted out.

“What if a costumer comes in?”

“Fuck it, they can watch,” she said with a purr after. “I just want this big throbbing cock in my wet pussy,” she said as she grabbed it and squeezed.

That's all that it took and I picked her up off the counter. I unzipped and fished out my throbbing hard cock as we walked behind the counter. She turned around fast and locked her eyes on my throbbing cock. She licked her lips then looked in my eyes as of to say 'May I' I nodded and she fell to her knees. Grabbing the shaft and placed a light but greedy kiss on the hard dark red head, then slowly licked down then up the throbbing hot shaft. Her saliva sent shivers up my spine as it cooled when drying. I wanted more, but I also wanted it to last a bit. I watched as she slowly started to lick more of my shaft in her passes. I could see she wanted it more then me but also wanted it to last as long as we could.

She slowly wrapped her lips around my head and took a couple of inches into her warm wet mouth. My knees started to buckle as I grabbed the counter, I could feel her smile around my cock as I did this. She slowly started to bob her head in long strokes I was in heaven as she picked up her pace a bit. It slowly started to thrust my hips as she took all of me in, my balls slapping her chin was making me lose my mind. She started to move faster as I thrust my hips to meet her pace. I could feel that tingling sensation deep in my stomach that tells me that I wouldn't last much longer. When my cock was almost out of her mouth but the head was still in she would flick her tongue around it. After about four of those I lost it.

“Oh fuck baby, I'm guna cum if you don't stop,” I panted out.

'Mmmmm' was all she could do as she picked up her pace like she was in a hotdog eating contest, and it was just her and one other. My balls tighten up as I grabbed her head thrusting my cock deep into her mouth. She stopped moving as I started to do all the work I felt my legs starting to give out but I just keep thrusting hard and fast. Her tongue still playing with my throbbing hard head with every thrust.

“Oh fuck.... Holy shit...... mmmmmm...... baby here I cummmm,” I panted out.

I could feel her relax and start to accept the gift I was about to deliver. I quickly grabbed my shaft and started to stroke it fast, she sat back on her legs with her tongue sticking out. As my first shot flew across her face hitting her right eye and hair. I stroking my shaft and keep firing away hitting her tongue with most of it. I slowed down my strokes as she kissed and licked my softening cock. She sat back grabbing for her purse, pulling out some tissues she cleaned up the creamy mess on her face. I couldn't help but chuckle as she tried to open her right eye.

“Mmmm, you are so sexy with my load all over you.”

“Oh yeah you like seeing me covered in your man juice?”

“Oh baby like you wouldn't believe.”

I put my now soften cock back in my boxers an helped her up. She went into the restroom to clean up properly and a costumer walked in throwing the head nod to me I returned it still trying to catch my breath. He walked up and asked to see a hooka, I walked over and grabbed it off the shelf placing it on a glass counter he started to ask questions. Which I knew not because I worked there but because I've always wanted one. He was satisfied with my answered and wanted to buy it. I picked it up and headed over to the register just as she walked out of the restroom still blinking her right eye. She came over and took care of the customer and I went out to my car to grab something to help her.

I came back in the store and handed her a bottle of clear eyes,“Here this will help. I didn't mean to squirt in your eye.”

“It's OK I should have closed them faster, but I wanted to watch you cum for me.”

I smiled and I helped her put drops in her eyes, she had another tissue as she wiped away what was running down her face. I was still so turned on so I started to kiss her and lick her neck again she moaned. As I groped and kissed her body. Moving down her heaving chest I bit her still hard nipples through her shirt. Continuing down her stomach I slowly ran my right hand up under her shirt, squeezing and pinching her nipples. She moaned louder as I licked across the waist band of her pants. I could feel her stomach quiver and get hotter as I did this. The animal in me woke up again as I grabbed her pants undid then and pulled them down to her ankles in one hard tug. I could see she was so wet by the large wet spot on her pink cotton boy shorts.

I placed my face on her crotch and took a deep long breath enjoying her sweet scent. My cock was standing at attention yet again, I couldn't wait as I stuck out my tongue and ran it across her boy shorts. She placed her hand on my head as I did so and started to grind in little short burst. I just let her have her way with my face as I reached up and started to play with her still rock hard nipples. Her breathing became short and fast as her continued to grind on my mouth and chin.

“Oh fuck baby I need your tongue on my hot wet pussy. Take my panties off,” She moaned.

I slowly grabbed the waist band and pulled them down kissing the new untouched skin. She moaned and purred as I continued to pull down her panties. I could see her pussy lips were covered in her hot juices as I kissed and licked her now bare thighs. She leaned back against the counter opening her legs as far as they would go, I slowly licked up her thigh to her red puffy lips. She took a sharp breath as I stuck out my tongue and lick her whole slit with one long pass. She tasted so good as I picked up my pace of licking her like a ice cream cone she pulled one of her legs out of her clothes and placed it on my shoulder. That made her pussy open up for me, almost like it was telling me to tongue fuck it.

I did just that shoving my tongue as far as I could I wrapped my left arm around her leg and started to play with her hard throbbing clit. She moaned and gasped as I fucked her faster with my tongue and did short hard circles on her clit with my thumb. She started to buck wildly as I picked up my pace. Her phone rang, quickly she tried to pick it up as I continued my assault on her wet slit.

“Hello....mmmmm..... Oh Hi dadddddy...... NO everything's OK....... OH god........ Business is OK a little slo...mmmmmmm.....slow.....'' she said as I clamped down in her clit with my teeth and flicked my tongue across the tip. “NO it's OK..... oh fuck..... I'll stay open til closing....... oh my... oh my god...... you never know it may pick up..... OH FUCK!!!!” I bite harder as she started to squeeze and twist her hard nipple with her free hand. “OH nothing there was almost a wreck in front of the store.” I slowly let go of her clit and she grabbed my head shoving it back into her hot wet pussy and started to grind on it. “I'm guna have to let you go there's a customer. Bye I'll see you later daddy.”

She hung up the phone quickly and looked down at me with a animalistic look in her eyes. She pulled my face up, bending down she kissed me with such force and passion. Sucking on my tongue hard as if to clean all of her juices off. I stood up all the way picking her up she wrapped her legs around my waist I dropped my shorts and boxers. As she started to grind her hot wet lips on my throbbing cock. She picked up her pace and kissed me harder almost shoving her tongue down my throat. I wrapped my right hand around her waist to support her, with my left I grabbed my shaft placing my dark red throbbing head on her lips we stared into each others eyes as I thrust slowly up. I felt the head slide in with a light pop.

“Oh FUCK..... FUCK me hard baby.” She panted loudly.

I placed both hands under her ass cheeks slowly lifting her up and down. Her wet tunnel was tight and only got tighter as pulled at my cock. I picked up the pace as she unwrapped her legs and opened them wider, I just watched as she threw her head back and moaned loudly. I watched as she continued to moan and scream as I thrust faster and faster into her tight pussy. I felt my ball tighten, I didn't know how much longer I would last but I tried to go longer slowing down my pace. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs back around my waist. She started to ride me fast as I held her close to me, her nipples were hard and running up and down under her shirt. I could see in her eyes she was almost done too.

I gripped her waist tighter with my left arm and slide my right hand in between us as I found her wet throbbing clit pulsating out for her hood. I grabbed it and pulled it hard, she bit her bottom lip to muffle her scream. I smiled and she looked deeper into my eyes placing a hard passionate kiss on my lips I squeezed her clit harder and twisted it slightly. This sent her over the edge and she bucked wildly and picked up her bouncing pace. I could see the passion in her eyes as I twisted her clit one last hard time and thrust harder into her.

“OH FUCK OH FUCK. Your so good at this,” She panted out.

“Mmmmmm,” was my reply.

“Mmmmm, baby I'm cu....” She couldn't finish her sentience as the orgasm hit hard and fast.

Her orgasm sent shock waves through my body too as I unloaded my thick creamy load deep in her tunnel. I thrust four or five more hard thrust as I shot rope after rope of cum into her. She pulled me closer to her body as I finished up with a couple of short quick thrust she slowly bounced on my semi hard cock deep in her pussy. Kissing the tip of her nose and rubbing my thumb on the side of her face. I lifted her off my now soft cock and placed her on her feet. She kissed me passionately and grabbed her clothes as she walked into the restroom I watched her ass sway and bounce. I just wanted to grab, pinch and fondle it as she walked away.

Just as I pulled up and buttoned my shorts up the door opened. I looked up it was an older lady. She looked confused and scared as she walked up to the counter.

“Good evening. May I help you?” I said still panting a bit.

“Ummm, who are you,” She asked.

“I'm Jax.”

“Oh your Jax,” she looked me up and down as she extended her hand to me. “I'm Amber's mom.”

I grabbed her hand and shook it lightly, “Oh nice to meet you,” I said with a slight smile.

We stood there silently giving small smiles, the time felt like it was moving very slow. I walked from around behind the counter and started for the door as I hear the restroom door open.

“Mom! When did you get here?” Amber said with shock in her voice.

“About two minutes ago.”

“Oh did you meet Jax. He came to drop off a bag I left in his car the other night and I had to use the restroom so he said he would watch the store til I got done.”

“Yes we meet. He's such a gentlemen.” Her mom said still scanning my body for something

“WELL, I better let y'all get to it. I'll talk to you later Amber,” I said walking backwards towards the door.

“OK I'll text you later,” she said blowing me a kiss after.

I smiled and left the shop quickly heading to my car I stumbled with the keys in the lock. Finally getting the door open I took off fast from the parking lot. Getting home I sat in my car with my head pressed hard into my head rest thinking about 'how close we were from getting caught by her mother and did she see anything.' Trying to forget about it I went inside in a daze just heading straight to my room and grabbing come clean clothes. Headed to the bathroom taking a nice long warm shower then back to my room. I laid on my bed looking at my alarm clock it was still too early for me to crash out so I got up grabbing my cigar box seeding and steaming a good amount of weed.

I picked up the new black bong headed to the kitchen filling it with the just right amount of water and made me a tall glass of grape Kool-Aid. Going back outside on the front porch I got comfortable and took a swig of my drink. Fishing my lighter out of my pocket I pulled both my phone and lighter out. Putting my phone on the table I picked up the bong and lite up the bowl. Taking a long smooth hit off of the fresh packed bowl I held it for awhile as I sat back and released a huge cloud of smoke. Feeling so relaxed I sat there sipping my drinking and ashing the first bowl.

I could tell I was zoning out, because I went to grab my empty cup and I stared at it for a long time hoping something would just appear in it. Chuckling to myself I got up and went in to fill up my cup again, as I was in the kitchen my sister walked in shaking her head and staring at me. I just stared at her wondering why she was shaking her head. I grabbed a couple of ice cubes dropping them into the Kool-Aid and headed back out front. I sat there for a good while ashing a half of a bowl since I was pretty high already and headed back inside to my room. Placing the bong on my shelf I laid back on my bed and passed out.

Waking up early the next day I rolled out of bed, grabbed some breakfast and headed back out to do my work around the place. I could feel the sun almost like it wanted to kill me it was so hot today. But I stripped off my shirt leaving me with in my white beater and short. Getting done pretty fast I headed back to the house, showering and hanging out in my room, I checked my E-mails and a couple of sites I hit every now and then. My phone went off I picked it up and I hand four text messages. One from my mom, two from Mark and the last one was from Amber.

I went into the living room talking to my mom; she was just making sure I was OK out there while I was doing my work. I read Marks' and he wanted to know what I was up to this weekend. Sending a “Not much Bro, What u up too?” I opened Amber's message it was a picture and a text. The picture was her spread eagle with her left hand pulling her hard nipples on her bed, The text said “Mmmmmm,can't stop thinkin about what we did in the store :)

I quickly typed, “WOW, baby ur so fuking HOT!!!”

When I flipped back to look at the picture my phone chimed again, Fumbling with it trying to open the message. I finally controlled my heart beat and slowly opened the phone.

“Oh yeah r u gettin hard rite now ;)

“Mmmm, yes how'd u kno hehe?”

“Let me see.”

I quickly unzipped my shorts pulling out my hard cock grabbing the base with my thumb and index finger I snapped the picture. Looking at it to make sure it was a good picture and sending it. I laid there slowly stroking my hard throbbing cock waiting for a response. It felt like hours before my phone chimed again. I took a deep breath and opened it. My mouth fell open as I looked at the new picture it was of me licking her wet pussy.

“OMG!!! U took pictures?”

“Oh yes just of u eating my tight vag.”

“Mmmm, damn u got me so fukin hard rite now baby.”

“Oh yeah u want to fuck that sweet pussy again don't u?”

“OH FUCK YES!!!!!”

I was picking up my pace of stroking my cock looking at my head pressed it between her thick thighs. I felt my balls tighten up as I gripped my throbbing shaft again. Running my thumb across the engorged head as it strokes all the way up. My hips bucked wildly as I felt the amazing tingling feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was stroking fast and hard trying to control my breathing. My phone chimed again I fumbled with my phone as It fell on my chest, I slowed down my stroking and read the text.

“If u want it come outside baby.”

I was so fucking confused and I was curious too. Slowly placing my throbbing cock back in my shorts I stood up and did a couple of jumps to make it fall, as I tried to hide my bulge. Getting to the front door I thought to myself 'Is she fucking with me?' But putting that thought out of my head I opened the door and saw her dads truck parked behind my car. I almost ran out the door, but I didn't want to seem too eager so I controlled myself. Walking around my families car she was standing there with her shorts unbuttoned and a hand in them. I looked up and down her luscious almost running up to place her on the hood of her dads truck and burying my face deep in her wet hot mound.

“Hey sexy, How are you doing?” I said knowing damn well how she was doing.

“Horny as hell!!! How are you?” she said winking at me.

“Oh baby you know how I am.” Reaching down grabbing the now throbbing hard bulge in my shorts again

She looked down and licked her lips slowly. I walked up to her wrapping my right arm around her body lifting her up and kissing her passionately. She wrapped her legs around my waist and started to grind softly on my member. I could feel the heat radiating from her hot wet center. I was thrusting my tongue in and out of her mouth fast, she moaned and gasped as I squeezed her ass cheeks. I heard the front door open as I turned my head a bit to see who it was. My dad was walking to the car to go check the mail, I placed her on her feet and tried to stand in away where he wouldn't see my happiness.

“Oh baby, I got the best Idea. Wait here and I'll be quick.”

I ran inside to my room grabbing a fleece blanket, my cigar box and the new bong. Placing the stuff into my back pack but carrying the bong. In the kitchen I grabbed the container of Kool-Aid, cups and some munchies placing that in the back pack too. Heading towards the front door I told my mom 'I was going to go down to the lake for a bit and I have my phone if you need to get a hold of me.' Walking over to her with a cheeky grin on my face I kissed her one more time.

“Lets go to the lake and have some fun,” holding the bong up higher.

A huge smile came across her face as she turned fast to get into the truck. I climbed into the passenger seat, placing my back pack on the floor board and the bong in my lap. I told her how to get to the place we hang out, getting there pretty quickly we got out of the truck and looked for a nice shaded place under the trees. Finding a nice secluded spot not far from the truck I started to unload the pack. Placing cups, container of Kool-Aid and munchies on the ground. I grabbed the blanket from the bottom of the pack pulling it put. I unfolded it grabbing my cigar box placing it on the ground then I unfolded the blanket for us to sit on.

“How good it the water?” she asked.

“It's OK just really muddy.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad?”

“I guess it doesn't matter. It's still water.”

“GREAT!!!” She said taking off her shirt. “Lets go.”

I stood there as she stripped down to bra and panties, I started to get an erection just watching her take her clothes off. She looked over to me smiling as she looked my body over. Stopping at the bulge in my shorts, I tried to move where she couldn't see it but no matter how I turned it was in plain sight. She looked into my eyes and smiled and bite her bottom lip, reaching around her back she unclasped her bra. Letting it hit the floor I was in awe. I quickly took off my shirt and shorts leaving my boxers on as she ran to the water. But slowed down as she stepped into it.

“DAMN!!! It's cold,” she yelled.

I laughed and took off running as fast as I could and jumped in, splashing her in the process. I heard her yelp as I came up from under the water. Looking over to her I smiled and she jumped towards, landing about five feet away. But splashing me back, we played around in the water a good twenty minutes before she was in my arms. We were kissing passionately as I groped and fondled her hard nipples.

“Mmmmm, baby you know how to start my fire,” she said as she broke away from my arms.

I watched her as she got out of the water and headed over to the blanket, by the time I got out she was laying down with her elbows supporting her. Legs crossed still in her drenched panties slowly I laid next to her still with a huge throbbing hard on in my boxers. She turned to her side she she went in for another long kiss. I couldn't help but touch her body slowly running my fingers from her thigh to her neck. Slowly dragging them up feeling every curve of her body. Stopping at her breast I would twist and pulled them making her moan, after what seem like ten minutes she pushed me on my back and straddle my hips pinning me to the ground. Looking down at me she bit her bottom lip and slowly started to grind on my hard on.

“Mmmm, baby your so hard. You like my body don't you?” She moaned out.

I reached up to cup her tits as I pinched her nipples, “Oh fuck baby you have no idea.”

She rocked her hips faster as I continued to twist her nipples harder. She bent down shoving her tongue deep in my mouth as I ran my hands up and down her back to her hip. I smacked her right ass cheek and she took a deep breath in as I continued to run my fingers across her semi wet body. Our kiss was getting out of control when she lifted her body up enough to reach down to slide her hand into my boxers. I jumped when she grabbed my cock, she looked at me and smiled as she slowly kissed down my body making my muscles twitch where she placed a light kiss. She stopped at my nipples n bite them one by one I pressed my head harder into the ground as she continued to stroke my cock slowly and kissing down my body. She had me on the edge but I didn't want to finish so fast.

“DAMN baby your guna make me cum without sucking my cock,” I moaned and gasped out.

“Oh yeah so if I did this what would happen?”

She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and ran her tongue around the crown of the dark red head. That was it I grabbed handfuls of the blanket as I unloaded my load deep into her mouth. Never stopping she keep sucking the head running her tongue around it. Making my body tense up with every move of her tongue, as my body started to relax I lifted my head up looking into her eyes and smiling.

“God baby that was fucking amazing! Sorry I didn't last long.”

She lifted her head letting my cock fall out and swallowed deep, “Mmmmm, baby that was perfect,” she said climbing up onto my body.

Kissing her deeper then before I could taste my salty cum on her tongue as we continued to kiss. I rolled her over on her back doing the same as she did to me. Licking, kissing and nibbling on her neck down her chest. Stopping at her throbbing hard nipples I took the right one into my mouth and flicked my tongue across it her body flinched as I grabbed it with my teeth and did the figure eight over it with my tongue. Her left hand was in my head running her fingers through my hair as I continued to tease nipple to nipple. I looked up at her she had her head pressed down on the ground and slowly taking deep short breathes in. I continued down her body kissing, licking and nibbling down her stomach, with every move I saw her muscles twitch under me.

Getting to her panties I could smell her sweet scent, I just wanted to rip her panties off and dive right in but I wanted to get her so worked up that she would love every minute of this. I slowly licked over her panties up and down her slit as I ran my finger over her thighs I heard her taking in deeper breathes. I knew I was doing something right as she started to pinch and twist her nipples. I kissed down her thighs the slowly licked back up to them she arched her back off the ground as I licked back up her slit.

“OH FUCK!!!” Was all she said.

I took that as she was loving it so I grabbed her panties and pulled them to the side I could see her lips were glistening with her juices. I slowly took a deep breath. Lowering my head I moved my eyes up so I could see every move she made. She was staring into my eyes biting her bottom lip hard. I stuck out my tongue lowering my head more, I could feel her heat radiating from her slit. Touching the bottom of her mound with my tongue she jumped and moaned. I licked slowly up her pussy tasting her sweetness as I flicked it across her dark red hood.

“Mmmmm, baby!!!!! Don't stop.”

I went crazy when she encouraged me on, flicking my tongue up and down her pussy. She arched her back higher as I sucked in her hood and slide a finger into her tunnel. I could feel her muscles gripping my finger deep in her pussy. I gripped her hood with my teeth as I moved the skin around with my tongue finding her throbbing clit I flicked my tongue across it, she moaned and thrashed her body trying to get out of my grip. I held her harder with my free hand making sure I wouldn't hurt her as I continued my assault her womanhood.

“Fuuuuucccccck baby..... oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt..... Your gunnnnna make meeeeeeee........ cuuuuuuuuuuuuuum,” she moaned, panted and yelled out.

I gripped her clit harder and pulled it away from her pussy this sent her into the most powerful orgasm. She yelled this animalistic growl I've never heard. Her thighs clamped around my head as she went into full body convulsion. I could only thrust my finger harder into her pussy and flick my tongue across her clit she was moaning and thrashing under me. It was too much as she slide her hand in between my face and her mound stopping me from assault on her womanhood. I lifted my eyes to look up she was pinching her right nipple hard as she continued to have mini convulsion.

“Oh baby you just rocked my world,” she said softly.

She started to relax and I could move my head again, finger still buried into her pussy. I slowly started to pull it out with every move of it she would yelp and shake.

“DAMN baby, your just guna have to pull it out fast,” she said staring into my eyes.

I pulled it faster out just as it was going to come out I licked her now visible throbbing clit. Her body tensed up and she moaned.

“OH Fuck your so naughty,” she giggled.

I heard the familiar sound of the landlords truck in the distance so we got dressed as fast as possible. He slowed down when he saw her truck but just waved and honked when he say me standing there. I watched as he left and sat next to her on the blanket. Looking over to her I just smiled and kissed her lightly.

“So you want to have some more fun?” I said reaching over for the bong.

“Uh huh!!!”

We blazed up and chatted for a couple of hours til she got a call from her mom asking her to 'Take over at the shop.' We said our bye's and we'd talk to each other soon. Kissing her passionately one last time for the day I watched her leave. The rest of the day went by pretty fast and I crashed til late the next day. I jumped into the shower and got dressed for the day ahead of me. I checked my phone and had one text from Amber.

“GOD I miss you so much right now. I could barely sleep last nite thinking of ur tongue on my throbbing clit drives me crazy. HOPE we get together soon baby. LOVE u xoxo.”

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