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Camping with my Wife

Man's hot drunk wife is taken by teenager at a camping trip.
My wife and I had been married for 4 years. Even now, I can't believe my luck. At 28 years old she is a revelation to behold. Not only has she turned a lot of heads with her long blond hair, delicate and beautiful face, perky 36C breasts, slim waist and a perfect nice and round ass, but she has always been completely dedicated to our relation and faithful.

She kept herself in shape by long strenuous bike rides, and daily laps in the pool. Also, she is very successful in her professional career, which is not much of a surprise, since she has always been very intelligent and centered. I am not on the bad side myself, trying to keep up with her and stay in shape.

Our sex life is great, I've been trying to convince her to have a child for quite some time now, but she keeps saying she is not ready and it is a lot of responsibility and it would be a significant change in both our lives.

We have been both quite busy, but after Sue, my wife's name, finally manage to get a break from work, we decided it would be nice to do something different than what we are used to, and at the same time get to spend some time together.

Sue was in such a good mood that she even said that she was willing to "discuss" the pregnancy subject while we were at it. So, we planned to go away from the city for a few days and stay in a more reserved place, close to nature. We bought a bunch of camping equipment, stuffed it all into our car, and headed off for our first camping trip.

She was dressed in a tight pair of low cut black pants that clung tightly around her seductive hips, long toned legs, and tight firm behind. Her tight blue button down shirt pulled tightly against her skin, and strained greatly to cover her size c breasts, ending just above her navel, and exposing her flat stomach.

We were able to find a great campsite further from the main area, just like we wanted. The sun was still burning hot when we got all settled, so we decided to go for a swim.

Even though she has a body to die for, Sue tends to be very shy and dress more on the conservative side, but I convinced her it would be a good opportunity for her being a bit more daring so she bought a new bikini, which was rather skimpy, and didn't hide any of her perfect attributes. I was in the water cooling off and my wife was laying out working on her tan.

We though it would be nice to record our trip, so we brought our digital video recorder. I started playing around with the cam, shooting the beautiful sight, as well as her. It was a scorching hot day and there must have been a couple dozen guys checking out my wife's body. She did look great in her bikini, but I was still a little surprised at how much attention she received.

As the sun was setting, a lot of people were leaving the beach. We heard the last call for the bus leaving for the day, so a lot of people rushed to get it. Just as the bus left, we saw a teenage boy running after it, but he tripped over something and his stuff fell all over the place. Although it was kind of a funny situation, we both felt a little sorry for the guy, he looked like he needed a hand.

I wanted to go for one last swim, so I headed to the water. I got a bit distracted, and when I looked back in her direction I saw them talking. I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying to each other, but Sue did seem to enjoy the attention.

I stayed in the water longer because I didn't want to make it seem as if their chatter bothered me, after all the boy was not really a threat: had a handsome look, but he was shorter than her, a bit skinny and goofy. I finally gave in and made my way to the shore.

"Honey, this is Alec, can you believe he's only 16 and he's up here by himself?" He seemed at least a couple of years older. She also said that she'd invited him to our campsite and then he headed off to get his gear. I asked my wife why she invited him.

"I feel bad for him being all alone, it's only for a night." Sue answered, trying to be sympathetic.

I was starting to get a bit frustrated, since I was planning on fucking her, but just went along with it; we had plenty of time after all.

So the three of us went back to the campsite and Alec set up his tent, I started the fire and we all sat there and Sue and I started drinking. All that Alec had was a tent and a backpack.

He told us his that he and his family live in a town near bye and that he just loves camping so much so he comes here by himself sometimes. He seemed like a nice kid but there was just something funny about him, I just couldn't put my finger on it.

As we told stories and jokes, we felt more comfortable with his presence, especially me, who wasn’t the least thrilled to have him around in the first place. We even played around with the camera again, pretending to act and just laughing at it.

I noticed that Alec accidentally felt her up a couple of times, leaving him with a large bulge in his shorts. He kept saying I was lucky to marry such a pretty girl. I wasn’t very pleased with the way the conversation was going so, eventually, I told him we were planning on having a child; he congratulated us and claimed he would want the same thing if he was married to her.

Sue blushed by his commentary and Alec clearly noticed her apparent discomfort.

"What’s the matter, Sue?" He smiled. "You don’t look too excited."

"It’s nothing." She replied. "I am just not sure I am ready, that’s all."

I looked at her, a bit disappointed, but didn’t say anything. I wasn’t about to discuss a delicate subject like that in front of a strange teenager.

"I know what we should do!" Alec broke the awkward silence.

"And what would that be?" I asked, not really in the mood for any ideas.

"We should play ‘Truth or Dare’!" He suggested.

"Nah!" I promptly declined. "We are too old for this kind of thing!"

"Hey, who are you calling old?" My wife protested. "Besides, it could be fun!"

"I don’t know, dear." I still wasn’t convinced playing this game with a kid would be appropriate.

"Don’t be like that, honey! Just relax and have a laugh, it will remind us of our school years." Sue insisted. "Here, I’ll go first! Truth or dare, Alec?"

"Dare!" He eagerly replied.

"I dare you to jump over the fire." My wife stated, quite naively actually.

"Please!" Alec mocked her, getting on his feet and performing an impressive back flip over the fire. "Piece of cake!" He winked at her as he returned to the place he was sitting earlier.

"My turn now!" He announced. "Truth or dare, dude?"

"Dare!" I wasn’t about to let the punk kid show off like that.

"I dare you to drink all this beer without taking a breath!" He challenged me as he reached for a beer can inside the nearby ice container and handed it over to me.

"Watch and learn, kiddo!" I opened the can, tilted my head back and drank the freezing beer, swallowing large gulps at a time. After I finished, it was my turn to mock him. "Is that the best you got?"

"Truth or dare, Alec?" I continued.

"Truth." He replied, clearly bothered by my commentary.

"Are you here only to hit on my wife?" I asked him, right to his face.

"True!" He answered, without showing the least sign of embarrassment.

I was quite angry by his bold confession, but my wife started laughing out loud, almost hysterically. "Isn’t Alec funny, baby?" Sue asked me. I simply remained silent.

"Truth or dare, Sue?" Alec resumed the game.

"Truth!" My wife promptly chose.

"Are you shaved?" He harshly asked. "Are you tight?"

"Excuse me?" I shouted as I watched my wife’s face turn red. This game had gone too far.

"It’s Ok, baby. Alec is not going to win." Sue was self-confident. "I keep my pussy neatly trimmed, just the way my husband likes. And I can assure you it is very tight, tighter than any teenager pussy you may have experienced! Too bad you won’t ever be able to see for yourself!"

I couldn’t help but smile as I heard my wife’s answer. Alec wasn’t expecting Sue to be so straightforward nor blunt. He didn’t know what to say and just lowered his gaze to the ground.

"Truth or dare, dear?" I asked my wife, certain that it would be the last round.

"Dare!" She winked at me.

"I dare you to kiss me!" I smiled at her. "Right now!"

As my wife crawled towards me, I couldn't hold my cravings and pulled her to me, kissing her gently on the lips. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me back hard. As our tongues dueled passionately, I let my hands slide down her back to her ass.

With a hand on each globe of her butt, I pulled her tight against me. Sue spread her legs slightly as I pulled her pussy against my rock hard dick, thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth. After several intense moments, we finally broke our heavy kissing session.

I looked at Alec’s face, he looked as if he was about to die out of envy.

"Truth or dare, Alec?" My wife decided to push the game further.

"Truth!" He still thought he could be on top of it.

"What about you?" It was Sue’s turn to try and make him embarrassed. "Are you endowed?"

"I certainly am!" He replied without hesitating.

My wife and I both laughed at the kid claiming to be a stud, and that obviously made Alec upset.

"I dare you to see my cock, Sue!" He finally challenged her, in an attempt to get back at her.

"I am not going to check your penis out, Alec." Sue declined; his proposal was simply absurd.

"So are you going to chicken out?" He mocked her.

"Never!" She shouted, her pride threatened.

"You don’t have to do it, dear." I guaranteed her. "As a matter of fact, you won’t do it."

"Don’t worry, baby." My wife assured me. "I will give the opportunity for Alec to embarrass himself!" Sue told me as she got on her feet and waved for Alec to follow her behind his tent.
A couple of moments later, I heard a loud "Oh my!" from Sue. Soon after, my wife returned, laughing, making a large gap between her both hands, referring to his size.
"You won't believe it, honey!" My wife mumbled. "This kid is really hung like a fucking horse!"
Alec just stood there, smiling. He seemed proud that a hot girl like Sue was complimenting his manhood. I just assumed she was drunk and didn't want to humiliate the boy in front of me, so I didn’t think anything about it.

The fire was out, and it was already very late at night. Both Sue and I were quite drunk and we said goodnight to Alec, ending the game. We were both pretty buzzed and I was looking forward to fooling around, but I really needed to take a leak first, so I watched as my wife retired to our tent and head out to the beach for a quick relief.

"Do me a favor, kid." I said to Alec. "Watch my wife for a couple of minutes, will you?"

"Sure, dude!" He smiled and nodded. "It will be my pleasure!"

"Thanks." I was not sure I appreciated his tone, but I would be gone for a moment only, there was nothing to worry about.

On my way back, I was a bit tired, so I just lay on the sand for a moment to catch my breath.


I woke up in the morning with the sun at my face. I headed back to our camp and arrived just in time to see Sue leaving out tent.

"Hi stud, weren't you getting us some breakfast?" Sue said cheerfully.

Thought she would be mad at me, for leaving her alone last night, but she remained in her good mood and kept smiling all the time.

"Guess I am the one who is getting it," she was about to leave, then she turned back and said "By the way, you made quite a mess last night, see if you can do something about it, ok?" She winked at me and left.

Did I? I looked around and noticed that Alec was gone, his things were gone too so I thought he just took the first bus out.

I went back into the tent and saw the camera stuck in an odd position, but I remembered it was lying by the fire the day before. Didn't think much of it and stated tiding up the place a bit before Sue came with the food.

As I started folding the blanket, I found the mess she was referring moments ago. Thought it would be some of the beer that got spilt but it was something else. It had a strong scent, took me a few seconds to figure it out: it was dried cum, and a whole lot of it. My wife's new bikini bottom was also covered in it.

My head started to spin; I didn't remember any of this. Had I come back last night and fucked my wife as I was planning? When I woke up, it looked like I never left the beach.

I didn't know what to do, until I caught a glimpse of the camera again, and thought maybe it would have something that could make me remember. So I took the cam and started playing what was recorded.

It played the part we were at the fire, which I more of less remembered. Then the screen went all black with muffled sounds and static, thought it was the end of it.

After a good while I saw Alec face, he was holding the camera in front of him, filming himself by the fireplace.

"Dude, you can’t handle a few drinks, can you?" He laughed. "I thought of dragging your sorry ass from the beach, but I think your wife would appreciate something else!"

What the hell was he talking about?

Alec aimed the camera down, as he pulled out a pair of Sue's thongs from his pocket. He obviously took them while I was gone! He quickly sprung his cock from its constricting prison, and I could see that my wife was not lying earlier. The kid had indeed a huge cock, had to be nine, maybe ten inches and very thick.

Placing her thong up to his nose to inhale her womanly scent, he began to pound his meat for all he was worth. He probably imagined himself deep inside of her, pounding his cock in and out, as she wrapped her magnificent legs around him.

"I bet your wife will be moaning with pleasure when I penetrate her womb!" He mocked. "I will greedily suckle from her breasts, and it will be my time to moan when her full lips wrap around my fat cock! I bet she will hungrily milk me for hours on end, until finally I explode my seed deep into her waiting mouth."

"Urgh," he moaned as he took a deep breath to slow his heart rate. "I gotta tell you, dude, your wife is a hot piece of ass! You should have knocked her up when you had the chance!"

Then he started filming our tent as he quietly walked towards it. He checked to see if Sue was awake, she seemed to be sleeping heavily under the covers. He entered our tent; the camera adjusted itself due to the light being very dim inside.

"Let's see what you are missing," he said as he slowly pulled the blanket from her. Sue was sleeping wearing only her bikini bottom, her big firm breasts were all exposed to him. He just stood there for a moment, zooming in and out her hot body.

Then he managed to fix the camera at that odd place, I understood why: it had a clear angle of the whole tent. He came back to where she was sleeping, leaned over her and started squeezing her breasts. Sue was not moving so he started being bolder, sucking and licking on her nipples, while massaging them with both hands.

"Honey, what are you doing?" She mumbled still very drunk, never opening her eyes. Alec stopped for a moment, waiting for her to do something, but she must have thought it was me, so he just resumed what he was doing.

"I'm serious, what if the kid hears us?" She mumbled again.

He was smiling, and pretended he was me by making a deeper voice.

"What if I were him?" He said just before he started kissing her neck.

"Oh honey, you are being bold in this trip aren't you?" She hugged him, still looking dizzy and clumsy. As he continued his assault on her, she started moaning softly, I could see her nipples were getting hard.

"I'm just giving what you need!" He said as he undid the lace of her bikini, sounding more like him now.

"And what would that be?" She started getting into it, as it was me pretending to be Alec.

Alec pushed her legs apart as he knelt between them, an involuntary moan escaped Sue's lips as she felt his hand on her inner thighs. He leaned down on top of her and placed his nose up against her panty-covered mound and inhaled deeply.

"Oh, baby!" Sue moaned as she felt his tongue through the thin fabric. "Oh, yes!"

"Oh, God, yes!" She cried as he removed her bikini completely and he dove face first into her, eating my wife's hot pussy. He plunged his tongue into her deeper and deeper.

"Oh, baby! Oh, you're so good. Oh, God! Don't lose it, baby, please! Alec, baby!" She cried, really playing along now.

He continued eating her pussy, using his tongue to tickle and caress her clit, as he quickly worked a finger deep inside of her.

"Oh, God! Oh, yes! Oh, Alec!" Sue yelled as she was overwhelmed by the waves of pleasure flowed through her entire body. It took some time for her to catch her breath; she was still shaking from her orgasm.

"You are full of surprises, what else do you got for me?" She asked, teasing him.

He then stood up, his back to the camera, and stated tossing his clothes, getting naked. He took her right hand and wrapped it around his large dick; it was so thick she couldn't close her hand around it. She seemed puzzled, as she must have felt the difference.

"My, you're a big boy, Alec!" She said playfully.

"Bigger than usual?" He asked.

"Yeah baby, way bigger!" She answered in a sluttish tone. She didn't know she was holding the cock of someone other than her husband.

Alec got on top of her and pulled Sue to him. His lips crushing hers, her naked breasts crushed against his chest. His arms wrapped around her tight body in a devastating embrace.

My wife scissored her legs around his waist and gasped into his kissing mouth as the head of his cock pressed against the entrance of her pussy. Alec grasped the back of her head and pulled her kissing lips from his.

"Enjoy the ride, baby." He said.

"Oh, honey!" Sue whimpered, her heart fluttered and her mind felt giddy as Alec took command of the situation and her body. Sue's eyes grew wide, and her mouth opened in surprise, his cock at the entrance of her tight dripping pussy.

"How does that feel, baby?" Alec said sticking his tongue out.

"Hard! Oh, God, so hard." Sue said. Her hands were clinched in small fists and rested on Alec's chest. His hands held her slim waist, as her legs stayed wrapped around his waist. Her feet were crossed at the ankles.

I could not believe how fast she ended up in this position; few minutes ago, she was sleeping deeply. Now, her bikini bottom was at a crumpled heap at Alec's feet, tossed aside with disdain. Obediently, still clinging to him, Sue sucked in the hot heavy air like it there was not much of it left. He was still smiling, he was always smiling.

His cock head seemed enormous as it penetrated Sue's tight pussy, her body jerked as it breached her cuntlips; it looked as if she was a virgin. Her firm tits were crushed against Alec's chest, the pounding of his heart sent waves of Goosebumps across her skin. She couldn't breathe, and the throat filling tongue had nothing to with it.

"Oh, God!" Sue screamed, her head flew backwards while her grip around his neck tightened. Saliva from their drenching kiss sprayed from her mouth as she screamed.

"That's it, go slow! Oh! Oh God! Oh yes! Slow sweetie, oh yes! Oh my God!" Sue cried as Alec slowly sank his 10-incher into her.

I could see her pussy stretching as it tried to accommodate this huge organ being forced deep inside. Her eyes shut harder as she felt his cock go deeper then anyone she had ever had, it filled her completely and almost seemed like it would break her in half, as it just kept pushing forward.

"Oh fuck! You've got a hot, tight pussy, Sue!" He growled down at her as his hard shaft pried its way into her pussy.

The kid’s fat cock entered her pussy like a burning rod; nearly half of the pulsating member penetrated her in one brutal thrust. Her mind was on the verge of black out and reached for happy thoughts to hold upon and keep her conscious.

She looked like a stuffed turkey on thanksgiving; her tight cunt was stuffed with so much cock she gasped franticly for air. I had fucked my hot wife hard several times before, and, at eight inches, I considered myself quite big. But nothing like this; that bastard kid filled her tight pussy with so much cock the outline could be seen through her firm belly.

She had never been fucked by such an immense cock; her nerves were on fire, sending impulses throughout her entire body. Her clit was so sensitive a feather could bring her off. This wasn't a feather; this was veined cock whose foreskin was rough and unforgiving.

The fat cock was larger than anything she ever felt, it wasn't throbbing inside her, it was pounding, like his heart, pounding against the sensitive button of her clit, causing shockwaves through her tortured pussy and back again. Her head swung forward violently and smashed

"Fuck! I need this so bad!" She moaned as he pulled out and then quickly pushed his thick shaft into her again, a bit further this time.

"Mmmph!" My wife gagged, biting into the skinny neck of Alec. He was toying with her; she laced around his body so tight her legs began to cramp up, and her toned arms wrapped around his thin form, fingernails raked his back.

"Just relax, baby!" Alec said, holding her slim waist tightly. "You're almost half way there."

Sue sobbed, unable to remove her lips from his neck. His hands already circled around her slim waist pushed her downward, while plunging his hips upward, thrusting his cock deeper into her pussy.

"Are you a slut for my big cock, baby?" He asked teasing her.

"Ohhhhhmmmmmmm!" Sue groaned loudly, her fingers clawing into his back as his dick once more rammed home. "I am!" She whimpered.

"What did you say?" Alec mocked.

"I Am!" Sue shouted. "I am a slut for your big fucking cock!"

"Would you hate me if I told you I just made up that story about missing my bus so I could screw you?" Alec held her hips, looking down at the juncture of their bodies where his bloated cock-tip disappeared into the clinging lips of her pussy.
"Fuck! You bastard! I was being nice to you and all you could think was shoving that horse cock of yours deep inside my tight little pussy!" Sue teased him.
"I've wanted to fuck you ever since I fucking saw you in that skimpy bikini!" He growled down at her as he looked down to watch his big, hard dick sliding rapidly in and out of her pussy, his large balls slapping loudly against her ass.

"Oh! Your dick is so fucking good! Yeah! Ummmmmm! So fucking big!" My wife groaned as she rolled her eyes. "Oh, I love the way you fuck me! Yes! Oh! It's been so fucking long! Fuck me like a slut!"

"You're so fucking hot, bitch!" He growled down at her as he thrust his dick hard inside her, slamming all 10-inches inside her fully, her big tits bouncing up and down.

He kept looking back at the camera, laughing as he was pounding her away.

"You are without a doubt the hottest piece of ass I have ever nailed." Alec sneered.

"Ungg! Screw you!" My wife groaned.

"You won't be saying that when I fill your belly with Alec junior!" He snickered before lifting her up until half of his cock filled her aching pussy.

"Ohhh! Fuck me! Shoot all of your fucking cum into me! Knock me up! Fill me! Oh, fuck! That's so hot! Oh! Yeah! Make me pregnant baby! I'm cumming!" My wife yelled at the top of her lungs.

Her screams died in mixture of sobs and breathless sighs, she twisted against his grip and penetration. She had never been so openly naked, her legs spread so far apart. The pounding she was receiving was ruthless.

He fucked her harder, she was his personal 'piece of ass', his cock filling plunge elaborating this fact. Sue held on to Alec with all her might, incoherent mewls of pain and pleasure being emitted from her throat.

So stuffed with cock, being fucked so hard, only whimpers and shoulder biting was her reply. Her thoughts were just as incoherent as her words. The bastard kid smiled, his ego growing as 'Oh, gawds' echoed through his mind over and over.

His arms wrapped tightly around her back and waist were all the leverage Alec needed to fuck my beautiful wife. One of his hands grasped tightly Sue's buttocks, pulling her away from him before slamming her back against his body.

She gasped and groaned biting into his neck, scratching his back as he fucked her deliriously, slamming her into his hairy groin over and over. Her legs flayed over his shoulder, her toes curling as her feet kicked aimlessly in the air.

The orgasms were ripping her soul apart, she couldn't breathe, her naked loins were being pounded ruthlessly, and the cock inside her was deeper than anything she had ever felt. The lips of Alec upon her neck would leave a mark, she didn't care. Alec pounded her faster and faster, trying to penetrate her deeper and fill her flat belly with so much cock it bloated outward.

"Dear God!" Sue whimpered, her body convulsed, her insides feeling as if she was going into seizure, her back arched, the muscles in her neck strained against her skin and still he continued slamming her back and forth against his body.

Alec fell to his knees holding Sue tight against his body, smashing her heavy tits against his chest, his cocks began throbbing harder than before, his heavy balls tightened against her buttocks, and her insides looked as if they were on fire.

He suddenly laid her down upon the ground, smearing her across the floor with all the delicacies of a bulldozer. He pounded his groin against hers in grinding pelvis-crushing motions. Her bare, neatly trimmed loins were impossibly slammed to his thick black pubic hair, sticky with sweat and her cum sprayed across her groin, splattered in a gooey mess.

"Ohhhhhhh! Ram that big fucking dick into my tight pussy! Fuck me hard! OH YES! Like that! Fuck me so good! OHHHHHMmmmmmmm!" She groaned loudly as she continued thrusting herself back onto his invading rod.

He continued to fuck her hard, sending his cock deep into her juicy pussy as he bottomed out on each thrust. He was impaling her on his giant spear with each thrust into her tight, clutching cunt.

"Ram it all the way in, baby!" Sue gasped, and spread her legs further, as far as she could. "Fuck my pussy deep! Pound that big fat prick all the way in and out!"

Suddenly, the pressure exploded throughout her body in a giant blast of color and light. Her pussy clamped down on his plunging cock like a vise. The entire length of her rippling cunt grabbed at his thrusting prick and tried to milk all the sperm from it.

Her sleeve tightened on his iron hard tool as he pushed in and pulled out, demanding his cum. She heard a far off scream of orgasmic ecstasy and slowly realized it was herself crying out in final release.

"Unnngghhh! Your prick is enormous! Oh, I had no idea it could be this good! It feels so good in my pussy! Harder! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can, Alec! Gimme your baby!"

She bucked, thrust, and rocked underneath him in a screaming, thundering climax that seemed to go on forever. Alec plunged deep into her exploding cunt one final time and began to fire rope after rope of burning hot cum into her climaxing womb.

It was like a geyser going off in her cunt. His cum poured out of him in eruption after eruption coating the inside of her burning snatch and then squeezing out around the base of his rampaging cock as he continued to thrust into her pussy again and again. Their co-mingled juices flowed down her legs in rivers of white sticky strands and pooled on the floor at her feet.

I could see his large balls contracting: load after large load of hot, white, sticky cum, shot deep inside her unprotected pussy, deep into her womb as she was shivering and shaking from her orgasm.

He continued to ram his big 10-inch dick hard into her tight pussy for what seemed like an eternity, until he pumped her full with his cum. That was too much for Sue, as she just passed out by all the alcohol plus the excitement.

Alec's cum filled her completely and started running out of her, down her legs, and dripped onto the floor. He just stood up, wiped his cock clean with her bikini bottom and waved the camera goodbye.

"Damn, dude, your wife wasn’t lying! She has the tightest pussy ever!" He laughed. "Can't say I didn't watch her, man! Look on the bright side, you don't need to worry about her not wanting a baby anymore... See you around!"

Another big rush of cum escaped her cunt and pelted the floor six inches from the previous drops. I could see large globs of his seed leaking from my wife's cunt, now a complete mess, all red and swollen, and making a puddle under her ass.

Soon after, the video went black. I was completely lost, didn't have a clue on what to do. If I'd only known at the time all of the things that were still waiting for us on our camping trip...

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