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Change of view

It takes persistance to change the course of a river...
I could feel him about 2 inches deep; he moved slowly in and out trying for my sake to put some tenderness in this thing we were doing. He curled my legs a bit more as he went in again and finally felt some spark of sensation.

“Come on, baby.” he moaned so softly I only guessed the words. Then again it wouldn’t have been hard to. He always said that. He always begged me, ironically, to enjoy it.

Searing hot. His skin was searing hot. And sweaty. His hands were sliding with no effort over my ribs and my hips making my body react and tremble but my mind, as always, wasn’t in it. A few locks of his hair were tracing the line that his lips were making on my neck. They tickled and his lips were yielding and slow, sensual. Kissing now, nipping later. He tried so hard, to make me feel good, to give me pleasure moving his hips slowly and teasing my skin, brushing his lips against my collarbone and slowly nipping at my breasts.

“I need you here baby, I need you with me.”

That time it was a groan... he pushed deeper and a little bit harder. And I could feel him, my muscles griping him when he pulled out and relaxing when he pushed, spurring him on. Somehow my body knew him better then I did, it gave him what he wanted, made him grow harder and thicker while I experienced the scorching friction with estrangement.

I kept my eyes shut and watched the flecks of sensation that appeared from time to time behind my lids: when he tasteed the soft skin of my breasts and then sucked it slowly... when his hand went to my right thigh and pushed it higher to give him room... Damn he was getting good with those teeth: he lightly grazed my nipple with them right before taking it in his mouth and flicking his tongue over it with little mercy.

“Please... I need you with me...”

I wanted to tell him to shut up so I might actually have a chance to get lost in the lust that possessed my body and eluded my mind but then he bit me. Hard. That managed to draw a moan out of my throat. Damn, I could feel him smile right against my skin and get even more excited in his frenzied search to make me take pleasure in this. For him it was a small victory I suppose. For me... just another reason to feel sorry for him. Nothing had changed: we were still together because it was expected of us, because it was the convenient thing for others, because he was the least of two harms for me. I was still in love with my freedom. He was still in love with love. But he tried so hard...

His arm slipped underneath me and made my back arch while he kept his assault on my breasts and my core. He inhaled deeply against my skin while he buried his face in my breasts. A cool breeze swiped through the window and over us and made me shiver and my nipples, wet from his kisses and licks, harden even more. He took one in his mouth and sucked it greedily almost as if he were jealous of the wind.

“I want you to come for me...” He mumbled through the gravel in his voice.

Oh damn, Alex... You just had to say that. I thought to myself as I dared open my eyes and look down at the golden mane that was caressing my skin right above my breasts. His hands wouldn’t stay put. He kept moving them: gripping my hips, kneading the breast his mouth was not assaulting, his fingers biting my thigh as he held on to me... and he did it all with a sexual beauty that seamed almost ferocious. Possessive and gentle. Desperate and luxuriating. He looked beautiful: his wide shoulders moved slowly making his skin look like a shifting sea of gold and amber silk under the dim lights. I could see the muscles on his back rolling with his every move, sensual and powerful like he was a panther on the hunt. I could even see in my mind the way his gorgeous ass looked when the muscles tensed as he pushed himself inside me, and I loved how that hollow valley got sculpted on each side. So why didn’t I love him?

“I need you to come for me.” He whispered as he lifted his head from my chest catching me by surprise as he looked straight into my eyes, punctuating the last word with a hard, long thrust.

“Damn!” The word just burst out of my lungs. He’d buried himself inside me in one slide. I could sense him, all of him, pulsing inside of me. What was he? 8 inches? 9? Who cared? He stayed in for a bit while he drew his breath, gaining control over himself. He pulled out slowly for maybe just and inch and then pushed back again. What the hell was he doing?

Fine...he wanted to play...okay. I closed my eyes again going back to my rag doll state. When was he ever going to give up? When was he going to understand the only reason I had sex with him was because he wanted it and needed it and I felt guilty? And because he was good at it.

“Don’t you dare... Look at me.” He whispered right as he planted his fists on each side of my head, startling me. He looked into my eyes as he pushed in. That was a first.

“I need you with me, I need you in this.” He dragged the strokes rubbing his lower abdomen against mine, pushing inside in a very slow, determined way, then pulling out again. I held his gaze. Because he asked me. Because I was surprised. He rolled his hips between my legs making me feel him even more as he writhed inside me.

He was breathing deep and hard, the muscles on his chest straining with every move and breath, making him look like a hedonistic masterpiece. I had to look away from those blue eyes before they burned me, away from that slight smile that was taking shape on his lips while he started pounding me faster.

“Don’t you do that now. Look at me.” He turned my face with one hand slowing down but going deeper inside me making me aware how much my body was enjoying his presence and his perseverance. I tried to escape in the surrounding music but that seamed to be a mistake... dark tones, erotic and aggressive, a song about a stranger stealing someone’s soul, something about no mercy, something primeval...

“You’re going to come for me baby and then I’m gonna come too...” he groaned picking up the pace. There was something delicious about this determination; his tone had somehow become compulsory and controlling and I felt unbelievably aroused. I felt a shiver spread as fast as lightning from the back of my head down my spine to the very spot he kept on invading and my muscles clamped around him furiously.

“Yeah baby...” He bent down. “... you’re gonna come for me.” He took my mouth. Bit my lower lip, sucked it, bit some more. His kisses were that his me.

“Aaaahhh...” Such a strange sound to come from me. But I couldn’t have stopped myself even if I’d had some warning. I had to grab on to something. The damn pillow wasn’t sturdy enough. Suddenly he pulled out and my thighs clamped against his hips of their own volition.
Guess I’ll never know which one of us was most shocked about the fact. Before I could even process it he was buried to the hilt inside of me again, his hips pressed against mine, his chest pushing me down while his arms went underneath my shoulder blades. He kissed me hard, left me with no breath while he moved wildly in and out of me scorching my very insides. Damn it, this was so not business-as-usual! I couldn’t stifle the moans that he kept forcing out of me.

“Damn... Al...” I couldn’t even finish his name.

“Look at me...” His fingers were against each side of my face and despite the awkward position he held full control of me. He rubbed his thumb against my cheeks and ravished my mouth. Tender and wild at the same time. My spine was tingly, my body burning and my mind was somewhere lost in the blaze of his invasions. I looked in his eyes: blue ecstasy and demand. And every inch of me wanted to answer that demand

“Come for me now... baby...” And there it was. He pushed in deeper still and my body answered instantly gripping him like a vice, holding him put and sending me straight over the edge in an oblivious orgasm. I think I screamed. I might have scratched him too. I know I bit his shoulder when I couldn’t take all the pleasure anymore.

“Oh baby... I’m gonna...” He held on to me tighter. I felt him shudder and shift inside me and liquid heat exploded and somehow that threw me again in a spiral of pleasure the only difference being this time I wasn’t alone. I stayed put for a minute or two until I managed to catch my breath and then I realized my finger tips were roaming on their own against the smooth and wet skin of his arm. He lifted his head and stared me straight in the eye a grin spread all over his face. Scared me half to death to realize he was still inside me, still thick and he wasn’t going to budge.

“You’re gonna come again and again until there’s nothing left of you but a limp, completely satisfied woman... ”

I did my best at putting on my –I’m so not impressed, I did you a favour– mask and push him off of me. But I wasn’t convincing by the way he chuckled and rolled his hips against me making me aware of how deliciously full I felt.

“I’ll take your soul, baby... this time I’ll make you come until I’ll have your soul...”

“My soul, huh?” I felt him stir again inside me as he bent down to kiss me.

I don’t love Alex...but I adore the persistence with which he tries to always keep his word. And that night...I adored it again and again. Who could have guessed it?

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