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Check You Out...

This was not what I had planned for my day off, I can’t stand supermarkets and do my utmost to avoid them. My girlfriend, Lucy, normally takes care of the grocery list, but had been called into work as they had some urgent order to complete, so the shopping list was left in my less than capable hands.

I wandered up and down the aisles, trying to find the items from the list and to be perfectly honest, making an absolute hash of it. I tried to concentrate, but there were far too many sexy women around. I made a mental note to accompany Lucy more often.

As I passed through the frozen section, a vision of loveliness caught my eye. I guessed she would be mid thirties. In great shape, wearing tight blue jeans and a black t-shirt with a plunging deep neckline exposing a cavernous cleavage. She must have been about 5 feet nine and had honey blonde hair tied up.

I was captivated by her, some women just have an aura, a certain presence, and she sure had it in abundance. I don’t know what came over me but I just seemed to be acting on pure instinct.

“Excuse me, I’m a little lost in here, where would I find the ice cream?”

She smiled and said, “Men. Put them in a supermarket and they go to pieces.” Her words were followed by a sexy giggle. “Next aisle along, or do you want me to hold your hand and point you in the right direction?”

“No I think I can manage, cheers.”

Her green eyes were wide and sparkly, and I couldn’t stop looking into them. I must have stared for longer than I realised. “Are you ok, you look like you’re in a daze?”

I snapped myself out my dream and told her I was fine. Man that was a damn fine woman, you don’t see many who are just so naturally beautiful.

I managed to locate a few of the items Lucy had written down, but quickly got bored and gave it up. Wheeling my trolley to a short queue, I saw a longer line, but at the back of it was the blonde. I decided it would be worth the wait. She saw me join her queue, turned and looked into the trolley.

“Give him a medal, he found the ice cream, woo hoo.” She gave me a wry smile.

It was her turn now, she placed her groceries onto the conveyor belt and waited for them to be scanned. As they were processed she lifted them off and placed them back into the trolley. I was so glad I chose this queue, every time she bent down to place the goods I was treated to a wonderful view of her ample breasts. Every item seemed to bring a slower bend and a greater exposure of her cleavage.

Between items she gave me a look, a look which told me she knew I was looking at her. It wasn’t a look of disgust by any means. As she picked the last item, and placed it in the cart, she did it with a seemingly slow motion bend - pushing out her chest. I was feeling a wave of lust tingling through my groin. She knew I was looking but carried on anyway, what a girl.

She paid for her goods and left the store. A sexy wiggle in her walk and a curvy bum, she was just too much.

As I left the Supermarket and turned the corner into the car park, she was stood waiting for me.

“Did you get a good enough look?”


“Did you get a good enough look at my tits, you couldn’t take your eyes off them.”

I denied it, of course, but she wasn’t having any of it.

“Follow me back and I might let you see a bit more.”

I can’t take in what has just happened. Half an hour ago I hadn’t even met this lady, and I don’t know her name, Now I’m driving back to her house and who knows what will happen. I’m following right behind her, bumper to bumper, don’t want to lose her.

We are heading out into the country, the houses are getting larger and larger. Finally we pull up a driveway which seems about half a mile long. The house is large and impressive. She gets out and I follow suit.

“Bring that ice cream, it will be melted by now, would be a shame to waste it.” She fixes me a smile which melts me quicker than the ice cream.

She ushers me into the kitchen and wastes no time pulling the t-shirt above her head and off. It is quickly followed by her black lacy bra.

“These, are what you wanted to see I believe.” She looked down at her pendulous breasts and then up at me.

Her breasts were on the large side, just the way I like them, high and firm with large nipples.

Calmly she walked over and took the ice cream off me, removed the lid and smeared the softening vanilla all over her boobs.

“Are you hungry?”


“Come and help yourself then.”

I gently licked around her nipple and the tip of my tongue circled outwards over the areola, then back again, finally taking her erect nipple into my mouth and nibbled softly.

She liked this. “Hmmm, harder, harder, bite it.”

I applied more pressure and her sigh of pleasure was turning me on. I moved to the other breast and licked the ice cream and gently sucked her nipple, again slowly raising the pressure. Her hands were now tightly holding my head clamping it onto her breast.

“Jesus, oh that feel so fucking good, don’t stop.”

Her nipples were now fully erect and extended, they must have been half an inch long. I continued working from one breast to the other, paying great attention to her nipples. The ice cream had now been licked clean from both breasts. I gently kneaded her globes now and flicked each nipple in turn with my tongue. Her grasp of my head had become tighter and her gasps of pleasure louder. “God you’re so good with you tongue, don’t you dare stop."

This continued for a few moments when I realised she had released one hand from my head, and it was now squeezing the solid bulge of my erection through my jeans and venturing down to by balls and giving them a gentle squeeze. She broke away from my ministrations and moved her mouth onto mine. A long sloppy kiss, her tongue darting into my mouth like a crazed lizard, she couldn’t get enough of me and her hand was now stroking my length with greater force.

“What have we got here then ?” She was now unbuttoning my fly slowly. Her hand delved inside and fished out my erection and gently cradled my balls with her other hand. She started to wank me whilst increasing the pressure on my sac.

“Somebody wasn’t at the back of the queue when they were handing out cocks.” She stared at me deep with those green eyes inches from my face, I swear I nearly shot right there.

She grabbed the ice cream, which by now was liquid, and covered my manhood from base to tip and massaged it in. Her action was slow and deliberate to start with, one hand grasping the base of my dick and the other working it’s way up and down my shaft. As her action quickened her quivering breasts were shaking like a jelly. The sight of this was enough to bring me to the verge of orgasm. “I’m coming babe, I’m gonna shoot.

She manoeuvred herself into position and I shot my wad all over those gorgeous globes, my ejaculation seemed never ending and she encouraged more out of me by squeezing my balls. Eventually my orgasm ceased, her boobs were plastered in my gooey come, which she immediately massaged into the peachy skin of her breasts. Once she had done this she took each finger in turn and licked the residual cum from them.

She kissed me deeply and I could taste my salty load on her tongue.

“Let’s go upstairs.”


We were now both completely naked and lying on her king sized bed. Her body was to die for, those breasts, a curvy bum and the cherry on the cake, a beautifully shaven pussy, with just a runway of blonde hair above her pretty sex. Two fingers were now knuckle deep in her lush wetness and I was building a steady rhythm, flicking her clitoris with the thumb of my other hand. She was deliciously juicy and ready for me to fuck her.

I got her onto all fours and stepped back to take in the view of her curvy arse, massaging my cock to full erection. I coated a finger and caressed my way from her pussy lips up the dark circle of her ring. Softly I pushed the finger into her bum and it was accepted without too much resistance. But I was stopped.

“Not up my bum, I don’t do anal.”

Thwarted, I felt a pang of disappointment. I really wanted her that way. My cock was now at the entrance of her pussy. I forcefully penetrated her, fucking her with hard, sharp, long strokes. I seemed to be taking it out on her because I couldn’t get what I wanted. My cock was slamming her forcefully now. I gripped her hips and pulled her to and fro onto my length with brute force.

“Ooh you’re so good, fuck my pussy, make me come, make me come.”

Her fingers were frantically circling her clit so quickly they were almost a blur, her orgasm was loud, but sadly only short. Her face screwed in pure pleasure. My own climax soon approached and as it came close I whipped my length out and spurted my juice over her pretty arsehole. My come was trickling down between her cheeks. I coated my fingers with my load and lubricated her anus, sliding my index finger up her bum to the first knuckle and rotated it slowly. Her ring submitted and I pushed the finger in, she was now taking all of my digit
“Uggghh, no it hurts.”

I tried a second finger, but she was too tight.

“Enough now, stop.”

I decided not to go any further, withdrawing my fingers. She just wasn’t into it.

After a few minutes she said, “You’ve obviously done anal before, but I just don’t like it.”

I told her only recently, with my girlfriend, Lucy. I mentioned that she was reluctant to try it, but now she was a convert and couldn’t get enough of it.


A sunny July afternoon. I’m going to a wedding with Lucy. We exit the taxi and approach the Church. “Oh look there’s my Dad.” A broad shouldered man with his back to us. She taps him on he shoulder, “Dad, I’d like you to meet David, my boyfriend.”

He turns around and shakes me by the hand warmly. As he turns, behind him I see a buxom, pretty girl with honey coloured hair and a heaving chest.

“Oh, and this is my lovely sister, Kim.”

She doesn’t blink an eye. “Hi, David, nice to meet you. Sure I’ve seen you before, maybe in the supermarket or something ?”

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