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Circle of friends

Disclaimer: The characters here are all ficticious, as are the events. Any similarities to anyone "real" are purely coincidental.

Husband dropped off at the station, kids dropped off at school, Karen lay back on her sofa and logged on.

Four unread messages, three friends online - the screen advised her. Within seconds the first request to chat appeared.

Martin says: I'm so glad you're here, I hope you're well. xx

A smirk crept across her face, she slid her laptop a little further down her thighs.

Karen says: Mmmm hello gorgeous x
Martin says: Have you read it yet?
Karen says: Not yet, I've only just logged on. Shall I read it now?
Martin says: Please do, I wrote it for you x

Karen clicked on the link he had provided her and a new window opened. She kept their conversation open in the background while she read. Her eyes flicked across the opening paragraphs, she knew how he loved to set a scene and all she needed was the names, location and setting. Two former lovers, meeting by chance in a health spa, both there because their respective partners are attending the same conference. Time on their hands during the day, old passions rekindle.

"… Karen's full breasts sat buoyed half out of the bubbling water, the continuous effervescence of the rumbling hot tub causing almost imperceptibly faint ripples on them. Nathan sweetly remembered how deliciously pert they'd been 15 years earlier, how she loved to have them firmly caressed and teased. Karen leant back purposefully raising her erect nipples out of the bubbling water - they poked teasingly through the thin material of her skimpy bikini..."

Karen loved reading her name in stories; for her it brought an extra sparkle to anything she read. She slid her hand inside her panties, her middle finger teasing back the folds from her clit. She let out a sigh as she started to stroke.

"… his iron-like manhood thundered into her welcoming, wet entrance. His strong body pressing down on hers..."

Her fingertips teased her swelling clit, she was so wet already - another morning where she'd have to change her panties. Good job she did the washing.

"… the flowing stream of hot man juice sprayed across her delicate features; cascading down from her chin on to her breasts. Her energetic tongue catching what it could..."

Her eyes firmly shut now, Karen rubbed at her throbbing clit, her imagination had taken over: Nathan was there - in her house - fucking her in her living room. Urgently ramming his cock inside her, taking his pleasure from her until, finally, she tipped over the edge.

Karen says: Thank you for that, will keep me smiling all day ;)
Martin says: The pleasure is all mine


Becca says: You're new story is proving popular as usual, 19 comments already.
Martin says: I'd be nothing without my muse xxx You're the one who gives me all my inspiration.
Becca says: Sure it's not one of your teenage fans? LOL ;)
Martin says: There's only ever you
Becca says: Martin, please, we mustn't. I have a bf - it makes me feel so guilty sometimes with you.
Martin says: I can't help myself Becca, I imagine the day we're together
Becca says: You could have any woman you want from here, why me?
Martin says: I only ever want you
Becca says : What is about you that can break my resolve
Martin says: I want your naked body against mine, our hands stroking and exploring
Becca says: Take me
Martin says: My fingertips gliding over your porcelain smooth skin
Becca says: I need you
Martin says: Kissing your collarbone, caressing the line of your jawbone

Many, many lines later...

Martin says: Looking deep into your eyes as I empty my load into your clamping pussy
Becca says: mmmmmmmm
Martin says: nnnnnngggggg! yes!
Becca says: Oh my god
Martin says: I've just cum all over my desk. Did you cum?
Becca says: Of course, three times ;)
Martin says: I'm so glad
Becca says: We must never allow ourselves to be so weak in future. Deal?
Martin says: Deal.


Becca says: Nice pics, you must be down the gym every day.
Don says: Thanks babe ASL? 20M NJ
Becca says: 28 F UK
Don says: wot u doin
Becca says: Sat at home bored and horny
Don says: u wanna get on my big dick
Becca says: Yes
Don says: u got a wet pussy there baby
Becca says: Soaked. Fuck me. Use me like a whore.
Don says: Im gonna fuck u like the dirty whore u r
Becca says: Yes, hold me down and use me. Call me a slut.
Don says: Fucking dirty little slut im gonna fuck u so hard. hold u down and use ur pussy
Becca says: Fuck, yes. Do it

Becca reclined in her chair and lifted her foot up on to the desk. Her skirt hitched up and her panties on the floor, she pressed her buzzing vibrator against her clit.

Becca says: Oh my god, You're going to fuck my ass, aren't you!
Don says: Fuck yeah!! Im gonna spread ur ass cheeks and fuck ur ass so hard dirty whore
Becca says: Fuck it hard
Don says: Stickin my cock deep in ur ass pushing it hard
Becca says: Oh, you bastard
Don says: Im gonna cum in your ass

Becca sat up, she was so close.

Becca says: No. Shoot your load all over my face - cover me. Cover your whore with your thick cum.
Don says: Shooting my cum all over ur pretty face

Becca snapped her legs together as her pussy went into spasm. The vibrator held firmly against her as she came hard. Her body jolting and shuddering, making her glasses slip from the bridge of her nose on to her lap.

Don says: u there baby

Becca had already left the conversation.


Don stood at his desk, naked from the waist down and yanked his cock in the direction of his webcam. His body stiff, only his right arm moving - his hand busily sliding up and down his thick erection. He could see himself in a thumbnail on his screen - a screen dominated by a still image of a blonde laying on her back holding her pussy lips open.

Candi says: This next one is me and my room-mate, Jess.

The image flipped to be replaced by one of the blonde with her hand between the thighs of a brunette, rubbing her bald, wet pussy. The blonde looking at the camera while licking one of the brunette's pointed nipples.

Candi says: You like? I have plenty more.

The next image showed the two licking cum from each other's faces. Don's body shook and he let out a low moan. A thick spurt of semen shot from the tip of cock - arcing across his desk.

"Ah Fuck!" he breathlessly exclaimed as the last drips of cum oozed out. Wiping his hand across his t-shirt, he reached across the desk and switched the cam off.


Roger was updating the profile for "Candi". Who he had decided was a 21 year old Californian girl, very bi and looking to explore more with girls.

He tapped away in what had been his bedroom for all his 47 years, safe in the knowledge that his mother was already asleep in the room next to his.

He was checking on a forum post he set up the day before: "Girl talk> are you with someone much older than you". There had been three replies: two of the usual suspects and one from someone new.

Jamie, Female UK replied: "I'm 20 and my current bf is 37 - he's so much more confident and tender then boys my own age."

He clicked on her profile, she was online.

Candi says: hey :D thanks for replying to my forum post {}{}
Jamie says: np :)
Candi says: Can I add you as a friend?
Jamie says: yeah sure
Candi says: Your pictures are so sexy - do you model professionally?
Jamie says: LOL no I'm a pa
Candi says: hey! me too! I do some modeling in my spare time too - wouldn't it be cool if we worked in the same office LOL
Jamie says: Your pics are hot!
Candi says: I have loads more on msn if you want to share xx
Jamie says: not on msn sorry
Candi says: Skype? CandiCal89
Jamie says: no sorry :(
Candi says: are you bi?
Jamie says: kinda, yeah
Candi says: I hope you don't mind me saying that I'm stroking my pussy as I look at your pics xx
Jamie says: LOL no feel free
Candi says: I'm so wet for you
Jamie says: mmmmm
Candi says: I wish you could taste me right now
Jamie says: that would be so hot
Candi says: I think I'm gonna cum
Jamie says: Shit I have to go! Thanks for the add. Finish this again next time xxx
Candi says: :( sure - send me some more pics - I'll send you some hot ones of me and my room-mate Jess


Jamie scowled at her parents, "You'll have to buy be my own computer when I start at college, this is useless, me sharing one with Toby is ridiculous."

Her parents were used to it - she'd been pushing the boundaries with them since before she could talk - now at 16 she was pushing harder than ever.It was apparent her mother was in no mood to let Jamie have her way on this one though: "You had the machine for two hours, your brother needs it for his homework too. Don't think I don't know what you get up to on their with your msn and yahoos."

Jamie let out an exasperated huff and spun on her heels. "I'm going to bed! I probably won't even get to college at this rate," she gushed as she stropped up the stairs to her room.

She closed the door behind her, got undressed and slipped into her pyjamas. She sat down at her dressing table and started to cleanse - pausing midway to pout - practicing the next hot look for her facebook profile. She jumped into bed and grabbed her phone from the bedside table: no messages from him. She started tapping at the screen...

Jamie sent 23:25 - "Are u awake? I've missed"
Simon sent 23:37 - "Yeah babe, you in bed?"
Jamie sent 23:38 - "I am and wishing u were with"
Simon sent 23:42 - "Me too. What have you been up to?"
Jamie sent 23:45 - "Just work, I wish I could text you from the office during the day. I need you"
Simon sent 23:59 - "I keep thinking of you x"
Jamie sent 00:03 - "What would you do if you were with me right now?xxx"
Simon sent 00:15 - "I'd have my face between your smooth thighs right now lapping at your dripping cunt"
Jamie sent 00:17 - "I'm so fucking horny right now. I'm rubbing my wet pussy imagining my fingers are your"
Simon sent 00:23 - "IMG02445.jpg 78K"
Jamie sent 00:41 - "OMG that was so sexy. I came so hard. My bed is soaked. I wish I could sleep in your arms"
Simon sent 9:12 - "Glad you liked it"
Jamie sent 12:33 - "I loved it. Your amazing. We need to meet soon, getaway for the night. I want to be with"


Simon cleared Jamie's message, clicked his phone on to silent and put it back in his pocket. "Was that the wife checking up on you?" asked Karen sarcastically as she stood in the doorway of the hotel room's en suite wearing just a black silk slip.

"No, just work," Simon replied. "You look amazing."

"It fits perfectly, thank you" she giggled, coyly. "Now what can I give you in return?"

They stepped towards each other, meeting halfway. She gasped quietly as his hand stroked her face, "I'm sure you'll think of something."

Their lips met. Her breasts pushing against his chest as they put their arms around each other. She softly bit on his lower lip, pulled away slightly and looked into his eyes. "It's felt like ages - you don't know how badly I've wanted you."

He stood back and unhitched his belt. "Please, let me," she offered, dropping to her knees at his feet. She slowly unzipped his jeans, all the time looking up into his eyes with a playful grin. The thick bulge strained at his sheer skintight shorts. She stroked it tenderly. "Mmmm, so that's where he's hiding." Hooking her fingers in the waistband she tugged his shorts down, releasing his erect cock.

She wrapped her hand firmly around his shaft and started slowly sucking at the tip, her eyes half closing. Simon sighed in pleasure and started to run his fingers through her hair. She worked her way down his cock, taking it deep - inch by inch.

His heart was pounding, he started to grip her tighter in an effort to control her. "Fuck Karen, you're gonna make me cum doing that."

She pulled back and smacked her lips together: "Well that is the general idea," she purred. Climbing on to the bed and on her hands and knees she lifted the slip to expose her wet pussy, looked over her shoulder at him and whispered: "Fuck me, now."

He took hold of her hips and slowly eased his cock into her, pushing most of his length inside. She moaned long and deep.

Pounding her, his hips slammed against her firm backside. Her juices running down his shaft and dripping from his balls.

He leaned over her and grabbed her swaying tights through the silk slip. Squeezing and gripping them as he fucked her. "I'm cumming," he murmured into her ear.

"F-fuck do it, Simon, fill my cunt with your cum."

With her words he started to ejaculate. Firing thick cum deep inside her, coating the walls of her pussy as it contracted in spasms around him. Squeezing every drop from him. Her body writhing in his strong arms.

They collapsed breathless on to the crisp white sheets. The next two hours they'd spend in bed; giggling and gossiping , teasing and fucking.

"The room's booked until six, wish I could stay until then. There's wifi, I think, if you've got your laptop with you. You can go online and write your next story," Simon joked as finished getting dressed. "It's been fantastic, I promise not to leave it so long before we do it again."

He looked back at Karen, smiled and blew a kiss as he closed the door behind him. Karen lay on the bed, the smell of their sex still hanging in the air. She fished her netbook from her bag and logged on. Two unread messages, five friends online. "Martin would like to chat with you - accept?"
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