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Coming ashore (part 2)

Further adventures of two sailors ashore

Marlene moved closer, dropping her hand to Stu’s fly, groping him through the cloth and looking him in the eye. He let her for a second then brushed her hand aside, unbuttoned his fly and pulled out his prick. It was fully extended and Marlene ran her palm along the underside of it.

“ Mmmmm”, she said, running her tongue over her lips. “what a big boy”.

She dropped to her knees and took it full in her mouth, the full length of the shaft disappearing between her lips. She held it for a moment, then let it all the way out again. Her face was flushed bright red.

“ Like that do you Marlene?”, asked Bill, his voice strained.

Marlene looked at him for a second but didn't reply. Deliberately wetting her lips with her tongue she eased the head of Stu's prick between them, moving her head back and forth slowly.

Stu groaned. “God, I want to fuck you”.

She carried on for a moment then stopped. “Not had it up a woman for a while then, sailor boy?”

Stu didn't respond, his eyes closed.

She looked at his face, then down at his prick.

“ Well let's just get a condom on”, she continued, “I know what filthy bastards you sailors are.

She turned to rummage in her bag then bent to him again, rolling on the condom from her mouth.

She checked the condom was in place, then began to suck him again.

“ That's enough”, said Stu, pulling her up towards him. “Time to try to pot the pink”.

“ I bet you've potted the black often enough”, she giggled, raising her skirt with both hands and leaning back against the pool table. The thong was a red line between her hairy lips.

“ Well big boy?”

Stu went at her like a hungry animal, pulling the thong aside and ramming four fingers up her. She was dripping wet, but she moaned at his ferocity.

“ Oh yes. Put it in me. I want it up me now”.

He stepped backward and she dropped the thong to the floor, leaving it like a red stain on the faded carpet.

“ Now I'm ready”.

Stu moved quickly towards her, grabbing her round the waist and forcing himself between her thighs. They both groaned as he entered her, her groans increasing as he forced his way in. Her legs rose from the floor, trying to find a place round his waist, her hands suspending her body from his shoulders. They were moving together now, Stu shoving hard into her, bringing a little whimper with each thrust. I moved sideways so that I could get a better view. Marlene's skirt was around her waist and Stu's prick was steadily thrusting in and out of her pussy, which was dripping wet.

As I watched I realised how dry my mouth was. I swallowed a large mouthful of beer, which didn't make made me feel much better, so I drained the pint. That didn't do it either. I noticed that Bill had shifted position near me, so that he had a clearer view of the proceedings. From the way his cock was standing he was enjoying it.

“ Mind if I have a wank while you're shagging sailorboy”, he asked.

Stu opened his eyes, turned his head and looked at him.

“ What was that you said”?

From the tone of his voice I sensed trouble. From the corner of my eye I could see Bill was balancing on the balls of his feet and holding his glass in a position from which he could glass either of us without much trouble.

“ Shit Stu”, I thought, “we're in deep shit again. How the fuck are we going to get out of this one?

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