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Damaged but Renewed

Random sex gave her hopeless life new meaning

A story about a mostly-innocent, athletic young woman learning to apreciate sex at the hands of an arrogant jock.


Another endless Friday afternoon. Made more endless because April had nothing to look forward to. No plans for that night, no plans for the weekend.

No friends. Crappy job. No life.

The twenty-two year old sat behind the reception desk and just stared sightlessly. She worked on autopilot; printing out new membership cards, calling trainers out to meet clients, directing anonymous gym-goers this way and that.

She'd been crying herself to sleep a lot lately. Alone in her tiny studio apartment.

She handed a well put-together woman in her forties a replacement card and then slumped back into her chair. It wasn't supposed to be like this. She looked down at her body.

To outward appearances, it looked fantastic in the blue leotard with pink running shorts. 5'4" with a dusky complexion that could either be Latin or a great tan. Tight everywhere. Well, tight by most standards. She'd lost a tiny bit of muscle definition in the last year. And actually grown about a cup size as well.

But her body was a traitor. It was broken. It had let her down and now she didn't know what to do with the rest of her life. She had no prospects.

What does a would-be Olympic gymnast do when she never quite made it? She'd spent her entire life training and she fell short. And all she had to show for it were vividly stark x-rays detailing all the reasons she had to give up competition.

"Hey April! April!" The gym's manager had to shout to get her attention. She looked up at him. He tossed her a set of keys. "Open up the massage room. Tanner is bitching again. I need you to give him a rub down."

She looked vaguely down at the keys for a moment, brain not in gear. "What do you mean give him a rub down? I'm not a masseuse."

"You're barely a receptionist" he retorted. "Just get him on the table and do what he tells you."

April rose more or less without thinking and headed toward the back rooms of the gym.

Stu's Gym and Fitness was a decent enough place. Diverse clientele but mostly upscale. Everything was clean and well maintained. The front was dedicated to your standard ellipticals, rowing machines and treadmills. The back was broken into several different weight training rooms and a couple of studios for classes like yoga and Tae Bo.

Just before reaching the spacious locker rooms and showers at the back of the building there were a few small special-purpose rooms. Two of them held massage tables.

Stu's hadn't actually had a masseuse on the payroll for several years. Occasionally, the rooms were used by clients meeting with private masseures but since it could usually be done in the home, that was rare. It was entirely possible neither room had been used in a month or more.

April unlocked one of the rooms and flipped on the light. It was clean at least; almost sterile looking.

One shelf held a few bottles of lotion and oils; the selection seemed pretty slim. But another shelf was stuffed full of towels of every size.

April Martinez stood looking around the room for a good two minutes. She had no idea what she should do... just leave and maybe lose her job? She didn't know how to give a massage and didn't want to try. It was the sort of thing that should be beneath her. But now.... what did she have to be proud of? Who was she to look down on anything?

Of course, it didn't help that it was going to be Tanner. Bud Tanner, to be specific. He was one of a handful of micro-celebrities that frequented the gym. He was just a minor league ball player but he'd spent a bit of time in the majors. As one of the gym's VIP's, he could do things like demand a massage and get it. And he was big enough an ass to do exactly that.

Another small part of April crumbled as she sighed and pulled a big towel from the shelf. She spread it out on the table. She really had no reason to refuse. She'd do whatever Tanner wanted.

April was a bit sheltered, of course. Olympic caliber training didn't leave time for a social life. Road meets sometimes had the girls' teams quartered very closely with the boys' teams so it wasn't as if she hadn't been around randy, virile men... in fact, she had probably been around them too much. Their behavior and advances had mostly turned her off.

It was also this proximity that ensured she had seen her share of pornography whether she wished to or not. Many of them had seemingly been watching porn constantly and often thought it was funny to get the girls to watch.

At any rate, she wasn't a virgin but two dorm room grope-and-pokes involving vodka and a big team win hadn't really lit her fires.

She should have been at least a little aware of exactly what Tanner might want of her.

She'd left the door open so the client could find the room easier. She didn't really hear him so much as sense him in the doorway. She turned quickly and stifled a gasp.

Tanner made a very intimidating sight, at least in that first startled moment. 6'2", frosted hair nearly to his eyes and shoulders nearly too wide for the door. As he lifted his eyes, April realized he'd been staring at her ass. "What, you're going to give me my rub down? Aren't you the receptionist?" His tone was dismissive but his eyes were roving over her body keenly.

"My name's April," she said, thankful her voice remained steady. "We don't have a staff masseuse. Mr. Kline asked me to help you out."

April found herself studying Bud's body in return. Tanned chest lightly dusted with sun-faded hair, impressive pecs and biceps. Her eyes went irresistibly downward to take in his faintly defined abs. Her own had once been even more sharply chiseled but these days they only showed if she tensed them.

He had a towel lapped around his narrow waist, obviously nude beneath. They were close enough to the locker room that that wasn't completely inappropriate but still a bold move.

Bud Tanner watched the girl's reaction and smirked. She did have an awesome, tight little body. Those tits seemed to still be budding. To his eyes she looked like a highschooler but he knew she had to be older than that. He closed the door of the massage room. "So, do I get on the table or what?" he asked impatiently.

Kat's mouth was dry but she nodded, "Yes, please. What kind of massage..." she trailed off, her mouth left hanging open as Bud dropped his towel.

He didn't quite pose but he gave her several seconds get a good look at what he had hanging between his legs. Still smirking, he climbed onto the table and laid on his stomach, placing his face in the horseshoe-shaped pillow extending from one end.

"What..." She tried to ask the question again. It shouldn't have shocked her so much. In fact, she had half expected it when he saw that all he was wearing was a towel. But his nudity was having a powerful impact on her.

"uhh.... what kind of massage would you like?" She finally asked.

Silently laughing at her discomfort, Bud said. "Shoulders and back of course. Really get in there good, girl."

April pulled another big towel from the shelf. She folded it in half and began to lay it across his hips and legs. Tanner twitched his ass and batted it away with a big hand. "Don't bother with that. I'm not modest."

That was an understatement. Of course, that sort of thing was as much about the comfort level of the service provider as the client... but Bud Tanner was kind of oblivious about that kind of thing. As well as many others.

April tried to pull herself together. She'd been dealing with arrogant personalities her entire life. Coaches, competitors and teammates and even other parents. Truth be told, she had once been arrogant and cocksure herself. But broken dreams and broken bones have a way of draining that out of you.

Still, no reason to let Tanner rattle her. So his nudity and heavily hanging cock had managed to stun her for some reason. It was just flesh. Yes, Tanner's flesh was tanned and buff. But it's not like his manhood had even been hard. Or even all that super, super big. I mean, she'd seen bigger in porn.

Then again, the handful she'd encountered in real life were not nearly so... impressive.

Shaking her head, she absently rubbed at her chest. She picked a bottle of oil. Something clear and simple that looked like just baby oil.

She turned back to her patient. As she poured some oil into a palm and rubbed her hands together, she imagined for a moment, unwillingly, his hard angular ass and powerful muscles glistening with the oil.

At that moment, she felt something unfamiliar but reminiscent of her years of competition. A feeling in her gut and chest, rising into her cheeks and ears. It was a small hint of what she used to feel in the moments before beginning a routine in front of a crowd. A fluttering energy. A feeling she had actually trained to suppress because it was bad for focus but a feeling that had always been there nonetheless.

Taking a deep breath, she placed her small but strong hands on Tanner's shoulders began to press and kneed his muscle.

Tanner eyed her legs. They were the only part of her body he could see while he laid face-down. Her thighs and calves swelled impressively. The little girl wasn't just fit, she was toned to the nth degree. Obviously a serious dancer or gymnast.

Her hands were strong and hard as well. Gymnast then. He stifled a groan as her fingers dug into his trapezoids. She clearly had no idea what she was doing but she didn't hesitate to dig in deep.

After a minute or so he said, "That's ok but spend some time inside my shoulder blades and also near my spine."

She attempted to do as he said but the table was too high. "I can't reach well enough. I don't have any leverage."

"Then get on my back," he said.


"Get up on the table and straddle my back. That's a much better position, isn't it?" Did he put just the slightest emphasis on the word position?

April was still feeling the nervous flutter. In fact, it was stronger now. Maybe nervous wasn't really the right word. Anxious? A little jittery. And warm. Was it the little room getting warmer? Probably.

She looked up and down his body. As he shifted slightly, his muscles played before her eyes.

Swallowing, she said "Okay." Her voice breaking slightly.

She could clearly hear his grin as he added, "And I don't think you need the shorts, do you?"

She didn't answer. After a moment, she slid her track shorts off, shivering as she did so for reasons that confused her.

Then with one hand, she vaulted lightly up and over his body. She landed in a splayed, four-pointed crouch, hovering above his powerful back. Hesitantly she lowered herself. Though he had a very trim torso, he was still too broad for her to properly straddle. Her knees wouldn't reach the table. Not both of them at any rate. She ended up with most of her weight on her inner thighs and the gusset of her leotard.

Ban shifted beneath her, rubbing his spine against her groin. "Comfortable?" he asked.

"Yeah." She said in an unintentional whisper. Clearing her throat she asked, "This comfortable enough for you?"

"Oh yeah. Not a problem." He wiggled against her again.

She drizzled more oil across his back and resumed the massage.

This actually went on for a while. Almost despite themselves, April was giving Bud a relaxing rub-down. Her movements remained smooth and firm. She might not have known the sweet spots or the angles but she was being thorough.

As she pushed and prodded his shoulders, neck and back, each of her moves was also transmitted down through her body to where she straddled the small of his back. He could feel the muscles of her legs shift and flex against his sides. When he concentrated, he could also feel something very interesting rubbing across his spine.

For April's part, the activity was almost hypnotic. His skin glistened beneath her fingers. His body was warm in her hands and between her legs. Eventually, not only did she begin to consciously appreciate the situation on a sexual level, she was ready to let herself do so.

Her breathing and heartbeat slowly sped up.

When she began to subtly move her hips along his back, Bud noticed. He also noticed something else. "What was your name again, honey?"

"April," she said softly.

"April, your pussy is getting very wet, isn't it? I can feel it."

April froze. He was right. Not only had she soaked through her leotard, the little nubbins of her nipples were hard, pressing through the sleek blue material.

"Yes, Mister Tanner. I'm getting wet on your back."

"Let me turn over," he said, moving as he said it.

April hiked herself up on one knee as he rolled in place under her. They stared into one another's eyes as he settled into position and she lowered herself onto his stomach.

She knew what was behind her but she didn't look. She wanted to but she made herself hold Bud's gaze. She wasn't ready to confront what she knew must now be a very hard piece of manhood quite yet.

She ran her oily hands through the thin auburn hair on his chest. It was so much softer than she expected.

She saw that his eyes were glued to her tits. She looked down. Since giving up gymnastics, what had once been non-existent had filled out slightly into modest B cups. They still looked more girlish than womanly but they were certainly tits.

And with her nipples as hard as iron, they made a strong impression on the male psyche.

Rising his eyes back to hers, he reached up. For a moment he cupped her cheek. April was surprised at how warm the gesture made her feel. The guy was an ass; she knew the gesture meant nothing. But it felt very right at that moment.

It still felt right when his hands slid lower and began to pull the straps of her leotard down off her shoulders.

At first, April didn't move. She sat with her hands on his chest, feeling the play of his pectoral muscles beneath her palms. But when the lowering straps began to meet resistance along her arms, she moved to help, freeing first one arm and then the other.

A moment later her small breasts were bared to Tanner's lustful gaze. The naked hunger in his eyes made April shiver. She felt goosebumps shimmer across her body.

Bud Tanner grunted when he felt her shudder on his abs and saw the flesh of her tight breasts pebble. She chick was tan all over, had powerful looking shoulders and visible chest muscles beneath her adorable little tits. The hard points at their tips we a milk-chocolate brown.

Leaving her leotard bunched around her waist, his big hands engulfed April's breasts. She caught her breath as he wrapped his hand's around her chest. They were calloused but warm. They were so large; they seemed bigger than her entire rib cage.

Her tits sizzled against his palms and she instinctively ground her cunt against his abs.

Watching her squirm made him so horny his hips surged beneath her. That's when she felt it for the first time. His hot, fleshy nob jabbed against the small of her back and she shuddered. Her pussy juiced hard; it knew what it wanted.

Without a word, she rose and backed down his body. She watched between her legs as Bud's straining rod came into view.

"Oh god, you're so fucking big," she gushed, literally and figuratively. She'd never felt this way before. She'd been aroused of course but not fucking drooling-at-both-ends-for-cock horny! She ground her gusset-covered mons down on the shaft, nearly climaxing from just the heat of the cock and the awesome sight.

"Ever seen anything that big before, girl?" he growled. She reached down and wrapped a small hand around his amazing cock while she continued to hump him in a way that was anything but dry. The bit of oil still on her hand made his throbbing rocket glisten.

His slit began to leak pre-cum. April spread the lube around his bulbous head. It dwarfed her little hand. It was practically the size of an apple.

Bud needed to put his cock in her NOW. He grabbed her granite ass in both hands jerked her back up his body. She caught herself on his chest. She stared down at him for a split second, mouth open with poorly understood need.

He yanked her bottoms to the side with one hand and guided his man-stick against her slick pussy lips. He lined up and moved one hand to grab her shoulder. He thrust his hips and pulled her down onto his spear in one brutal move.

April shrieked. "Fuck! God. Shit, no, you're too big!"

She probably had a point. He was very big and she was rather small. But she was also very, very wet.

Contrary to the laws of physics and decency, every fat, throbbing inch of Bud Tanner's prodigious cock battered its way into April Martinez's barely used vagina.

She stared down at their groins in shock. "What the fuck are you doing to me?" she croaked, not really able to breathe.

It had hurt. It had hurt a lot and her cunt was still protesting, almost in agony. And then the fucking asshole jerked her body up and then back down again, ramming her just as hard and deep the second time. Though he was certainly an arrogant prick, Tanner wasn't usually actually brutal with his conquests. But little April had him out of his mind and his cock needed what it needed so he wasn't thinking straight.

However, April wasn't just any conquest. She wasn't just any girl. She was a top-tier athlete. Someone who had spent thousands of hours essentially abusing her body. She had rehabilitated a dislocated shoulder and an ankle that had broken three times. She had performed at a national level on a foot her doctor didn't want her walking on.

April was so tough and had such a high tolerance for pain that frankly, she was a danger to herself. Overtaxing her damaged body is what had ultimately ended her career.

So taking Bud's big fucking dick in her tight but soaking little cunt hurt like hell and April just didn't care. In fact, in that moment of agonizing shock, April felt more alive than she had for months.

She was cumming by the third stroke. She screamed again, her body tensing. Tanner stared awestruck as every sinew and muscle on her still mostly hyper-fit body was revealed in sharp relief. She was like a sculptor's dream.

And her pussy was squeezing his cock like a bench vice.

Bud went out of control. He repeatedly jabbed the little woman onto his cock, snorting, and she continued to keen through her climax.

"Oh shit. I'm gonna nut in you, girl!" He grunted. Forty-five seconds after his first brutal thrust, his balls cut loose and he filled her tight chamber.

The feeling of his hot seed bursting in her belly made April's eyes roll into the back of her head. She wasn't capable of another climax right then but her pussy made its satisfaction known, transmitting the warmth through her entire body.

April collapsed onto Bud's heaving chest, barely conscious. Certainly not aware of her surroundings. In the course of less than a minute, her world had changed.

Under the circumstances, Bud remained hard. His fat cock stayed in April's hole which was dribbling a trace of their combined cream. Her head was on his chest, just under his chin. He could feel the hot points of the little receptionist's breasts and the rapid beating of her heart.

April came to her senses quickly though. She felt warm all over but energized like she felt after a good performance.

She breathed deep and ran her hands over Bud's body. The oil had mostly worn away but his warm flesh felt wonderful underneath her. And his enormous cock felt fantastic throbbing in her cunt.

She sat up, closing her eyes with pleasure as the movement shifted his hardness inside her. "You cock is amazing," she said dreamily.

"I can't believe you took it like that, little girl. I went kind of crazy on your cunt."

She stretched her arms over her head and arched her back. Her ribs and abs showed in glorious relief and her little tits almost disappeared except for the dark points of her nipples. When she relaxed, she swayed and ground herself down on him with a satisfied grin. "I should be angry at you for being so rough but guess what? I'm not." She teased her nipples for a moment with her fingertips.

She looked down past her lean, powerful body at where it joined his. She gently stroked the peak of her sex. Bud felt her pussy squirm around his cock in response. "Because I think I needed a wake-up call of some kind."

He just stared at her. Her short brown hair was matted and her small, sharp features were relaxed and happy. She wore a smile of simple satisfaction. As he watched, it turned just slightly to one of need. "But this time, let's take it slow and see just how horny I can get."

He didn't know her intentions so he just watched. She stilled, sitting erect on top of him. She closed her eyes and worked to slow her breathing.

April wanted her body ready to feel every nuance of what was to come. Because it had occurred to her that she was twenty-two, fit and sexy but really very inexperienced. A couple of frankly quick, frustrating dorm room trysts and a lot of flesh-toned pixels on phones had failed to kindle a real interest in sex.

But Bud Tanner's buff body and huge cock, along with the glistening oil and bright lights and even his arrogance made for a fundamentally different experience. It made her feel sexy for the first time in her life.

Slowly, she began to rise off him. She concentrated on how it felt. The rub of his shaft against her entrance, the pressure her clit experienced from being pulled in tightly by his girth. The flare of his apple-sized helmet forcing apart her walls. Even the hollow emptiness he left behind.

She reveled in every inch of him. And when she finally rose far enough, having to shift to her feet to get high enough to release his length, that big knob pulled at her labia as they stretched to allow it past.

When his massive log finally popped free, it fell to his stomach like a redwood. And April froze, crouched above him, shivering with excitement.

She made herself pause three long seconds before opening her eyes and looking down at Bud's cock.

It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. And while her vagina clamored and drooled, begging to be filled again by him, she wanted to do other things to get better acquainted with her new toy.

She pulled her bunched up leotard down her legs, first freeing one and then kicking it away.

Giving Bud a look of pixie innocence, she nudged his legs apart until they fell to either side of the massage table. At 5'4", April wasn't as petite as some of her gymnast friends but when she curled up between Tanner's thick thighs she felt tiny and delicate.

Almost reverently, she held his sex at its base and stared up at it.

Watching the little girl crouched like a cat, almost hiding behind his pulsing cock made Bud feel like a god. His heart pounded and fresh bubbles of pre-cum rose from his slit.

April's mouth watered seeing the lube flow from his circumcised mushroom. None of these feelings and ideas had ever in her life crossed her mind but now it seemed natural and necessary.

For the first time in her life, she wanted to put a penis in her mouth.

For a split second, Bud saw the eagerness in her eyes and he swore her butt wiggled before she brought her head up and touched the slow fountain with the tip of her delicate pink tongue.

The drops of seminal fluid spread into her mouth and seemed to directly stimulate her nipples and clit. The taste... there was almost no taste to it. Just a warm and salty sensation. But there was something about the nectar that just opened all her senses to full.

She breathed in deep through her nose, smelling him. Sweat and musk and cum. She smelled herself on him. She licked again, tongue wide this time, savoring all the flavor she could like an ice-cream cone. The effect re-doubled and she immediately needed that intoxicating fountain in her mouth.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could and tried to engulf the purple helmet.

Bud hissed and put a hand on her head. He just managed not to try to squirm away.

Her teeth scraped his delicate, velvety flesh but the big knob couldn't get past. She had her mouth open as wide as she could but she wasn't even close to fitting the head into her mouth.

She pulled back and pouted. But the lube continued to flow.

So she licked him. She licked every centimeter of his fat cock. Many, many centimeters. She tasted herself, she tasted the massage oil and the sweat and the musk of man. And she tasted the slick nectar of his arousal.

She began to slobber all over his dick. As she did so, she pulled the rest of her body closer and closer. She used both hands to jack and massage the tower before her. She rubbed the head all over her face, across her little tits and chest and neck. She tickled and drooled on his balls, giggling as they danced on their tethers. She made out with his sex.

Bud was cross-eyed with lust. "Fucking Christ, girl. You really dig big cocks, don't you?"

His voice actually startled her. He wasn't a person to her at that moment; he was just a set of highly stimulating sensory experiences. The smells, the taste, the heat and the subtle movements of blood and muscle.

But at his words, reality set in. Or perhaps better to say, a different version of the mad sex world she'd become caught in asserted itself. And she realized that her pussy was wet, hot and way too empty.

She lightly sprang up his body, one hand latched onto his cock, the other touching down lightly at the center of his chest as she once again crouched above him. Without even looking at his face, she centered his sex in hers and did the most amazing thing Bud had ever experienced.

She sank down on his cock.

Or perhaps we could say, she impaled herself on his dick.

Or she fucked herself down onto his rod.

Sorry, this isn't working. None of those phrases fit. They're accurate but they miss the point.

April Martinez ever so slowly engulfed Bud Tanner's entire cock with her tight, dripping pussy.

So slowly that at times she wasn't moving. Inch by inch, millimeter by millimeter, she focused on the feel of every pore of his nob, every pulsing beat of his heart and every fat, pussy stretch chunk of his girth.

It took her two minutes to descend nine inches. And when his enormous apple-tip was lodged hard against her womb and her clit was mashed against his groin she came like an earthquake.

Bud again visually drank in the anatomy lesson before his eyes. He reveled in the dripping heat of her and replayed in his mind over and over again the excruciating pleasure of her slow journey down his manhood.

And then, still in the middle of her climax, she began fucking him.

April fucked herself on his big stake right through that mind-blowing orgasm because she just needed to. No thought, not even will. Just an animal urge to wring every last erg of pleasure from the experience. Her hips swept and bounced and twisted in every direction possible as she sought more and more new sensation.

"I'm going to cum again." she sang, leaning back and fingering her clit. "Oh, shit this feels so good." The plunging impacts of her motion began to splash as she squirted all over Bud's glorious beast.

Before the climax ended, Bud made his move. Watching this slut fuck herself on him was hot but he needed to be in control to really get off. He reached up and wrapped a hand around her slender throat. He levered himself upright with his other arm and stared into her eyes for a moment. They were rolled half back into her head as she continued to frig her clit and climax.

With one hand on her neck and the other under her arm, Bud lifted the girl until his cock popped free. She whimpered, muttering "no", wanting his monster back.

With powerful grace, he turned and stood next to the table. He kept April held high, eye to eye with her. As she dangled, she tried to recapture him with her legs but quickly he spun her and pushed her face first across the table.

He slapped her upturned ass hard. She yelped then moaned and flexed her glutes at him. His hands grabbed her cheeks. Her baby smooth skin felt like it was stretched over a piece of concrete. Her entire back rippled subtly with toned muscle.

Glistening trails of girl cum were running down her leg.

He spread his legs to crouch his hips low enough to line up with her ass. He slapped her ass one more time even harder and at the moment of her shout he rammed his cock back into her drooling hole and pinned her against the side of the table.

And then he just stayed there. He leaned forward and put a hand on the back of her neck, forcing her to keep her face on the table. She was moving constantly, not fighting his hold but trying desperately to fuck the enormous tool buried in her core.

Bud chuckled as she struggled. The minute movements against his cock were actually quite wonderful. "What did you say little April? You want to find out how horny you can get?" He slid slowly out then firmly back in, pressing her hard against the table once more. "You seem pretty fucking horny right now."

Still, she fought him. She placed her arms on the table and strained against his hand and his hips. Her powerful body flexed and forced Bud back. Then she relaxed and let him fuck her into the table again.

Bud was seriously trying to keep her pinned to the table but over and over again the little powerhouse forced the baseball player away only to happily take another pounding thrust into the table.

Finally, he partially released her and grabbed her hips with both hands. "Now you're going to get it," he muttered.

And then he began long-stroking April hard. "Yes!" she said. "Don't stop. Fuck my hot cunt!"

April let Tanner control the pace now. Her mind went blank as over and over again, his brutal weapon filled her pussy. It was tight and inexperienced but was learning quickly to wring pleasure from fat cock. She came at least twice under his vigorous instruction.

"Turn over," he said. "I want to see your face and those rock'n tits." He swung an arm under her legs and spun her on his cock. April laughed, excited and eager for whatever would come next. As she settled on her back she spread her legs wide. Very wide, the way only a gymnast could, each leg lying along the edge of the table.

He wrapped a hand around each straining thigh and continued to fuck her split gash. April grabbed his wrists and lifted her head and shoulders off the table so she could watch.

Her shaved mound was swollen and deep pink, stretched so tightly around his girth. Bud was staring down at their sex as well, watching her labia pull out from her body as he withdrew and then cave in as his shaft thrust back into the little lady.

He saw how she watched so closely. Grinning, he withdrew for a moment, fisting his soaked shaft. April gasped to see the swollen, throbbing club again and also at the feeling of emptiness she suddenly felt.

Bud beat on her splayed mound with his club and then shifted forward to lay it atop her tight abdomen. She looked so small beneath his maleness.

In another second he plugged her again, feeling the head of his cock beat against her limits and his balls wedge between her hard ass.

He managed to bring the girl off one more time before roaring, "Now watch this!"

She wasn't sure what he meant. He pulled from her quaking body again. He laid his meat on her stomach and jerked it briefly, huffing.

April didn't blink once as she watched his cock erupt. Shot after shot of white heat blasted from the slit at the tip and splashed across her body. She felt the heat of it as he painted her tits and abdomen with his seed.

She began running her hands through his cream. It was filthy but deeply satisfying to feel his essence all over her body.

Finally, Bud collapsed on the massage table next to her. She to let her legs fall limp and her head loll back. They both laid breathing heavily for a good five minutes.

"That was hot, babe. Never would have picked you out for a freak." He finally said as he struggled to his feet. He stared down at her glazed body. "You got off good, didn't you girl?"

April made a vaguely affirmative noise. Words were slightly beyond her right then. And she didn't think Bud really needed any affirmation from her. She knew he had used her. The fact that it had been an enjoyable and perhaps life-altering experience for her didn't make him any better a person or make her think she loved him or anything.

Bud Tanner thought he displayed supreme courtesy and class by tossing a towel onto her body. "You suck as a masseuse but I may have to ask for your services again sometime." He said, grinning as he wrapped his own towel back around his waist.

"Maybe," she answered quietly. "I could get used to these happy endings."

He laughed as he opened the door and left.

He was even courteous enough to close it behind him to give her time to compose herself.

Inside the disused massage room amid the reek of sex, covered in cooling sperm, April evaluated her life.

She'd been feeling that her life had nothing left in it. That she had nothing to live for.

That also means she had nothing to lose. There were entire aspects of life she had almost no experience of.

Rio had been her best shot at the Olympics but two months before qualifications her damn ankle fractured again. She'd known the tumbling run would be hard on it but she needed it to be perfect. She practiced it obsessively. It was fatigue that actually did her in. She couldn't control that last hand-plant and had under-rotated. She landed very badly.

She'd known she broken it again instantly. And her world had come down around her.

Laying on that massage table, she felt it ache slightly still. But it didn't interfere with anything in her normal life. It had healed well but would never be up to the rigors of performance again. And at 21, Rio was her last practical shot anyway. For London, she had just not been good enough; there was too much competition that was just better than her. Which is why she had pushed herself so hard in the intervening years.

So. That part of her life was over and she had truly accepted that. But gymnastics hadn't merely been part of her life; it was her entire life. So now she had nothing.

She got off the table and walked over to the full-length mirror on the back of the door. She stared at herself. Her matted hair and Bud's leavings were sick but also sexy. She ran her hands along her perfect body. Her hard little tits still felt warm, her nipples were still erect and sensitive. A year ago they'd been non-existent but her looser diet and lack of constant training had a pretty quick effect there at least. She was finally beginning to justify buying B cup bras.

She felt the faint grooves of her abdominal muscles and flexed them. For a while when she had been in peak condition, those grooves had been like cut marble. Almost unnatural looking. Now the lines were softer which was probably sexier really.

She'd kept her pussy shaved her entire adult life. It was the only practical thing to do for the sport. Her labia had never hung open like that before though. ~That is a well-fucked pussy.~ she thought to herself. The words made her shiver.

Her legs were thick and powerful. She'd never worn high heels in her life; she wondered how they would make her look.

Smiling at her self, she lifted her arms in a pose, flexing first her biceps and then pectorals. No one would mistake her for an actual bodybuilder but she had very noticeable guns.

Perhaps it was damaged but it was still one hell of a body. One she now knew was capable of levels of pleasure she had sort of assumed were myth.

Things were going to change for April Martinez.

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