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Delayed Gratification

She lays there... tied up. Her wrists and ankles bound and she is blindfolded. He is so turned on by having her naked and completely helpless. He has fantasized about this for a long time.

He begins by lightly caressing her. Starting with her cheeks, his fingertips move onto her jawline. However, he avoids those beautiful lips of hers. He gently strokes her ears and then moves down to her neck. As his gentle caresses continue, he can her soft sighs, and some quiet moans.

As his touch on her is so very light, he can't feel her skin as he would like; but he knows that this barely there graze is exciting her. He moves from her neck to her chest. Just moving his hand back and forth feeling, seeing, and hearing her reactions to his very light touch.

As he looks at her, he sees her squirm lightly, and as he moves towards her breasts, he sees her shift them up to him -- wanting him to touch them. The sight of her luscious breasts being thrust up towards him urges him on. He begins to caress those breasts. Wanting to do so much more. However, this is about teasing her. His intention is to get her begging for him as she has never begged before.

He very slowly and very lightly caresses her breasts. Tracing the outside of her areole, but never touching it. Gliding his hand up and down and around those beautiful breasts of hers, but never touching her nipples.

He notices that as he continues to caress her breasts, but avoiding her areole and nipples, her nipples are becoming erect from desire. He knows that if he were to attend to those now erect nipples, she would let out a gasp that would turn him on even more. He loves the little sounds she makes, but he is after more than that.

His gentle grazing/caressing continues to her stomach as he notices her breathing starts to become more rapid. He moves his way down to her abdomen. He gently traces the line joining her legs to her groin. She starts to thrust towards him wanting him to attend her slightly wet cunt. But he avoids it as he moves onto her legs.

He loves her legs. He loves the feel of them, and always enjoys kissing and sucking her inner thighs. This is much harder on him than he thought it would be. However, he continues to just very light graze her legs: first her inner thighs, then moving onto her knees, her calves, then her feet.

He then starts to move up her body, but this time with small kisses, a little licking and sucking. Again, he enjoys the feel of her, her little noises, and the sight of her body urging him on; however, he avoids the most sensitive spots. He begins with her feet and moves up her legs to her inner thigs.

She is really getting into this and wants him to use his mouth on her cunt. But he avoids it. After licking the lines joining her legs and groin, he moves up her abdomen to her stomach, and then to her breasts. He enjoys kissing and licking her breasts. However, his attention to her breasts has made her desperate for more direct attention.

She begs him to lick her nipples. He just grins. He just quietly continues his torturous plan to tease her. After her breasts (and avoiding her nipples), he moves on to her chest, and then her neck. He nibbles on her ears (which drives her crazy) and then her face. She licks her lips, desperate for his lips.

He then gets up and leaves for a moment. After he returns, he begins to work on her face and back down the same path he originally started, she gasps.

The feather he used caught her by surprise. He is going to enjoy this. By now, she could anticipate what he was going to do -- and it was torture. Knowing where he would use the feather on her didn't help since she knew what he would avoid. She desperately wanted her nipples, her cunt, even her lips, to receive some of his attention. However, she knew she would be denied.

She then heard some moaning and sighs. The sound of grunts filled the room. Suddenly, she can see and realized that he has turned on the tv to a porno. This is torture for her. She feels him stroke her with the feather, but now can hear people fucking and realizes she has a good view of the tv.

She tries not to look, but she finds it hard to resist. She loves watching a good porno, and now her nipples, cunt and lips beg for attention. For the first time in what seems forever, she is able to look at him. She notices that he has a devilish smile on his face.

After he finishes with the feather, he then grabs an ice cube. She see this the ice cube, and gasps. She loves the feeling of ice cubes on her. He traces her body with that cold cube and follows it with his warm tongue. As always he covers every part of her with the cubes -- but avoids her most sensitive regions: those regions, that now, scream for attention.

She notices that her cunt and nipples almost feel hot. As that cold liquid spread over her, those neglected parts seems now hot to her. He takes his time tracing the edge of her areole with the cube. Careful not to even get close to her nipple, he follows the cube by licking the edge of her areole with his tongue.

As he drags the cube between her breasts, she is now lost in the sensation of that cold cube followed by his warm tongue, and the sounds of lust from the tv. But now... now she realizes those sounds are much more familiar.

She looks and realizes that the porno now is of the two of them. She is now listening and watching a video of one of their last sessions. This is even worse for her. She remembers that night. In fact, she has daydreamed about it for the past few days.

As the ice cube reaches her neck and his tongue is moving up from your breast to her chest, she remembers the feeling of his tongue on her clit. Her waist is now grinding, trying to get her clit to touch anything it can. The sounds, the sight, and now the memory of his tongue on her clit is driving her wild.

He then produces a straw and blows through the straw all over her body. Now she sees them fucking while he is sucking and twisting her nipples on the video. Madly kissing every now and then, and she has just about had it. She is crying out for him to kiss her, lick her, or fuck her. Anything, just so long as he attends to her aching parts.

As he passes her nipples, is breath is yet another assault. As he circles her belly button, it all feels so damn good... except for the parts that have been ignored. As she sees the video of her bent over in front of him, all she can do is beg as she remembers the incredible feeling of his hard, stiff cock ramming her cunt.

Then suddenly, she has the most massive cum. All at once, he begins to suck her clit and squeeze her nipples simultaneously. The sudden unexpected attention allowed her to experience such a wonderful release. Her cries of pleasure fill the room as he continues to suck and lick her clit. He continues to squeeze, twist and pull her nipples. After she realizes what has happened, she starts to feel herself getting ready to cum again. Her swollen clit pulsates in his mouth again as she comes while he sucks her clit.

Waves and waves of pleasure wash over her, and now there is just one more things she needs. She needs his cock in her. She begs over and over "Fuck me.... Fuck me, please". He can no longer take it. The teasing has been hard on him as well. He mounts her, and begins to fuck her so hard and deep. Missing those lips of her, he hungrily kisses her, adding to the passion. It isn't long before she feels herself about ready to cum yet again.

However, he stops just before she has her next climax. He releases her. She instinctively gets on her hands and knees, and he fucks her from behind hard and fast. She notices that their position matches what they're doing on the tv. She enjoys watching herself getting fucked so good on tv while feeling it in real life. She feels his stiff cock pound her hungry cunt over and over again.

It isn't long before she feels she's about to cum. And this time, she is not alone. As she begins to cum, she feels him release into her cunt as her cunt squeeze his cock. They enjoy the feel of their mutual climax, and wind up laying next to each other. Spent. Drained. The long teasing and subsequent passionate fucking has left them both so very tired.

She caresses his face. She enjoys the ability to touch him again. The feel of his warm skin leaves her, finally, so content. She smiles and tells him "I love you. Thank you for that." Then with that devilish grin that he loves so much, she tells him "You realize, I will have to repay you for that." After a small giggle, she lays her head on his chest, and falls asleep.

He lays awake a little longer and contemplates the entire meaning of what she just said. He feels a little excited thinking of how she might "repay" him, but the night's exertions catch up to him, and he too falls asleep.
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