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Diary of A Naughty Nurse

A first person play by play of a very pleasant doctor's appointment.
I am working as a nurse in a small doctor's office. You are my next patient, and I am looking forward to seeing you again. I have been waiting for you to come for another appointment because the last time you were in I got more than just a little hot thinking about the nasty things that I wanted to do to you.

I go into the waiting room and call you in. You look hotter than ever. You follow me into the back of the office. I make sure that I walk extra slow and sexy so that you can get a good look at my ass through the tight white uniform that I am wearing. We go into the examining room and I tell you to have a seat. I sit down at the desk and cross my legs. The bottom of my dress falls open as I do, revealing my garter belt and stockings. I take the pencil out of my long red hair and it falls down around my shoulders. I begin to ask you questions as to why you are here to see the doctor. I can tell that you are having a hard time concentrating on your answers because you are focusing on the way that I am sucking on the end of my pencil; pushing it in and out of my mouth—even licking it with my tongue.

When I am done asking questions I ask you to take your shirt off. I stand up and can't help but notice that you are staring at my titties. They are straining at the buttons of my low cut uniform. I drop my pencil on the floor so that I can bend over and give you a full view down the front of my dress. I am not wearing a bra and you get a nice long look at my big round tits. I hear you softly moan in appreciation.

I stand up and walk over to where you are sitting on the examining table. I reach over to get the blood pressure cuff and I make sure to rub my titties up against you as much as I can. I can feel my nipples getting hard, and I know that you can see this through my dress. I can see that your cock has gotten very hard and I "accidentally" brush my arm against it. It feels so big through your pants. I begin to take your blood pressure and do some other tests to get your chart ready for the doctor. I hear you moan again. You are openly staring at my chest and I look down. The top buttons of my uniform have come undone giving you a full view of my perfect naked tits. I don't bother to do it up—I love to tease. I continue to do my tests. I push my pussy up against your knee. It's already so wet that it leaves a spot on the front of my dress.

I ask you to take your pants off. I can see the wet tip of your hard cock poking through the front of your boxer shorts. This is definitely not part of my job, but I can't help myself. I reach down and start feeling around in between your legs. Not doing anything remotely medical, just teasing some more and satisfying my curiosities. I've still got my tits pushed up against you. I notice that I am breathing rather heavily. I am on the verge of hyperventilating. I close my eyes as I grip your hard cock and picture how amazing you would feel inside my wet pussy.

Just then, I feel two fingers slide in between my legs. You have slipped your hand up my dress and are rubbing my clit. It feels sooooo fuckin' good. I slowly undo my dress so that you can see my entire body—naked except for the lacy white garter belt and stockings that I am wearing. You begin to suck on my nipples, and you continue to finger my wet pussy. I put my hand inside your boxer shorts and around your cock. I am so hot. I need to have your cock in my mouth.

I slowly lower myself onto my knees in front of you and lick the cum off of the tip of your cock. I tease at first, gently licking from top to bottom. When I finally slide your cock into my mouth I suck it so gently and slowly that you are going crazy. When you are about to lose your mind, I slam your cock all the way into the back of my mouth. I start sucking harder. Faster. You taste so good. You have my hair wrapped around your hand and you are fucking my mouth as fast as you can. When I feel that you are about to cum I slowly slide your cock out of my mouth.

I stand up, making sure that I rub my body all the way up yours until I am standing in front of you. You lift me onto the examining table and spread my legs wide. It is your turn to tease me now. You lick the insides of my thighs and everywhere around my pussy until I am begging you to eat me, fuck me, finger me—anything. You finally start to lick my pussy. You lick every part of it. You fuck me with your tongue. "I want you to cum in my mouth," you whisper. And then, I do.

You stand up and pull me off of the examining table. You turn me around and bend me over the desk. I feel your hard cock slide into my soaking wet pussy. It feels sooooo fucking good. You grab my hair again with one hand, and one of my tits with the other. You are fucking me so hard and fast, I am going to cum again, so I reach down and start to finger my clit. Your breathing gets heavier and heavier as you fuck me faster and harder. You moan and say that you are going to cum. You pull your cock out of my pussy and shoot your huge load of cum all over my ass. Picturing my ass covered in your cum puts me over the edge. I cum again.

Once I have finished my massive orgasm I stand up and pick my dress up off of the floor. I put it back on and do my hair back up into its tidy bun, secured once again with my pencil. I tell you that the doctor will be with you shortly, and that you should really get in to see him more often. With that I wink, lick my lips and walk out the door.
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