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Dirty Girl and Guitar Guy

I've always had a thing for musicians...
    I don't know what happened! I just showed up to see my friend's band play and just so happen to find out that he would be there, that his band would be there. I didn't have anything else to do that day so I stayed and watched his band, his long, curly, dark hair that framed his gorgeous face and haunting green eyes so perfectly, his toned, lean arms that led to his heavenly fingers that played every beautiful note so effortlessly on his electric guitar.
    Sure I was flattered when his singer got up on a chair and sang to me, but watching him play his guitar gave me chills and a sex flush all over. When he played his solos, I thought my body would melt into the seat and I had this raw, animalistic want for him that nearly drove me insane. Every time they finished a song I would sigh inside, hoping that it wouldn't be the last one, that my audio pleasure wouldn't end. I think he knew what he was doing to me because he proceeded closer to me during one of his solos. I was in the second row and his cord wasn't long enough, so he got really close to the empty 1st row and In a sense, as close to me as he could. I thought I'd melt into the floor, everything just got so hot, I adored him.
    I prayed that my ecstasy would go on longer, but unfortunately as they played their last song I slowly sank back into reality, back into my chair. It had felt like I had just been made love to musically and as I smiled to myself silently, he flashed a smirk my way. I gasped. I wanted him. After a questionable applause from the audience, he and his band proceeded to pack up their things and leave the stage. My eyes couldn't stop following him; he had a dull glow around him that attracted me like some lovesick moth. I was fixed. I had planned to go tell him how great I thought his performance was but could not find the strength to get up from my seat. And as I watched them leave, I slowly sighed with want, I needed him.
    On my way back to my dorm I thought about him. I slowed down every motion, every face he made, and every stroke. He was special, this was something else. It was deeper, it was hotter, and the heat engulfed my whole body still.
    It was dinner time when we got back and while in the cafeteria I saw a familiar sight. It was him! He was eating with his bassist and the sun played in his hair and cheeks as he spoke. He was so gorgeous. I thought my knees would give out. I felt my breathing get heavier as mustered up the little bit of strength I had at the moment to go sit down next to him. “Oh my goodness! What the hell did I just do?!” I thought to myself. I didn't know what to say, I could feel my throat begin to dry with confusion. My eyes seemed to glaze over as I searched for something clever to say, something funny something interesting, hell something! In the midst of all this physical torment I somehow managed to get a “hi!” out. He said it back, asked how I was doing, what I was going to do for break and what I thought about the show. I nervously shook internally, answered him back and one of the most awkward conversations I've ever had in my life ensued.  I accidentally said he played a song that I said was my favorite only to find out that he didn't play it. I was so embarrassed I thought my ears would melt off my head.
    I couldn't help but stroke his ego a little, all the “I love your bands,” and “You play guitar so wells,” seemed to tickle his fancy more and more, but that's all I had to talk about. I quickly made up an excuse to leave and painfully went to go eat dinner with my friends.
    Our conversation was a short one, but I was invited to another show which kind of sufficed my need to see him. I felt that I had made the biggest fool of myself. I wouldn't blame him if he didn't want to talk to me ever again, but I would curse him. Oh my goodness he is so gorgeous.
    After my crash and burn I went back to my room for the night. I had some serious homework to do and as tempting as it was, I wouldn't let anything else distract me. Hours went by and the dull throbbing down there that had started a while ago seemed to worsen. I had studied long enough, I deserved some me time. I was a little wet and decided to play. Taking two left fingers, I slid them along my slit and bit my lip in interest. I then proceeded to slowly ease them inside of me, feeling the grooves inside my throbbing want. I slowly began to work in and out, making each slide deeper than the last. Moaning softly I began to please myself.
    I thought about him and his guitar playing just for me. Standing in front of me, his talented fingers gracing over the strings so tenderly, his arms flexing, his hair flying everywhere...I couldn't control myself, I needed him, and in my fit of lust filled pleasure began to rub my clit harder. I could feel it. I was about to orgasm; I could feel it building inside of me as my legs began to shake. I didn't care anymore, I began to moan loudly for fear that if I didn't let it out there would be no sweet release. I was there; it was coming when all of a sudden I heard a knock on my door. Terrified, I immediately stopped and stared at the door. The knock happened again, this time harder. Shaking, I asked who it was. I jumped down off my bed and looked through the peep hole. I almost peed on myself, what was he doing here? Is he at the right room? I slowly opened the door and as I did a sly smile crept across his gorgeous face.
    “Hi”, he said like he knew something I didn't. “H-hi”, I replied. I immediately felt my want start to ache painfully and uncontrollably. I could barely stand. “Um, what are you watching?” he asked slyly. “Nothing.”, I answered uneasily. “Well then what are you listening to?”, “Nothing.”, I began to grow uneasy and my aching began to worsen. I fought back to hold back the soft moans. “So what's going on? Is someone else in there?”. “No”, I said. I scorched as I felt his eyes start from my toes and go all the way to my eyes, and nearly jumped when he asked to come in. I let him in and he just stood with his back facing my mirror, smiling at me. I thought I would burst.
    “So, are you still up for guitar lessons?” he asked delusively. I totally forgot that we had talked about that earlier. “I- I might be...” I gulped. “Are you sure, it sounded like you were busy when I came up.” I felt my body give out. I got so hot from embarrassment and the mere fact that he was in my room that I thought I would burst into flame. I started to tear up because the pain from my want had worsened and I had become soaking wet. He got closer to me and I thought I would lose my mind as well.  
    I felt my body shaking. His haunting green eyes seemed to kiss mine as he calculatingly stared into them. “Is this what you were taking care of?” he asked as he grabbed my want. I yelped with surprise as a violent shock made its way from there to my eyelids. I caught my breath in my throat as my body jolt subsided. I couldn't believe what had just happened. He just stood there, delusively smiled at me and put his fingers in his mouth. “Baby, you taste so fucking sweet.” I gasped in desperation. I began to bite my lip hard as he came closer to me. What was he doing? What was this?  My questions were answered when his beautiful pouty lips kissed mine softly. I kissed back gently, relishing the taste of his lips on mine. After about five minutes his softness turned into urgency and as his tongue greedily explored my mouth, I explored his. His strong hands started to grip my breasts then my neck, holding on. Biting, nibbling and licking, I began to appreciate his lips. I kissed all over his face, all over his neck, and ears as he bit my neck and kissed it. This was too much, I was trickling with want and as far as I could tell his member seemed in need of release as well. As he grinded his hips into mine I could feel his hardness tease my want, I felt it's thickness on my stomach as it struggled in his jeans.
    I felt his warm hand slide up my t-shirt and grab my left breast hard and I squealed in delight. I raised my leg around him and let him grind me harder and deeper into my thighs. We hadn't even gotten our clothes off yet, we were just grinding and heavily making out for what seemed like hours and I loved every minute of it. I thought I would orgasm just from that. The room was so hot and our breathing soaked each other’s skin as we desperately necked each other with all the animosity we had.
    Pulling his hair I felt the need to let him know that we needed to get on my bed, now. He bit my lip and then let me jump on my 4ft of the ground bed. He followed suit and we picked up where we left off. His hands were exploring all over me, and then they went lower. I moaned to let him know it was alright as his talented fingers pulled my shorts to the side. He lapped my neck and slowly started to fondle me. “Yes!” I whispered into his hear as I grabbed his neck. The lapping continued, then the biting started again as he slid two fingers inside me. I moaned in delight and arched my back, loving the fact that his talented, guitar playing fingers were inside me. As he explored me he looked into my eyes and smiled. “You're so wet babe. I'm guessing you like that, ha ha.” he said as he continued. “Yes!” I moaned, biting my lip and grasping his hair. “Oh fuck yes!”  As he continued I reached down to play with him. I knew he needed some too, but when I slid my hand down his stomach he grabbed it and placed it lower, by his fingers inside me. “We'll get to me in a minute.” he said as he placed my fingers on my clit. I began to rub, this was so intense. I too began to slide my fingers inside of me while he was doing it, it felt weird at first but then it got so hot. I thought of it as a really sexy way to hold hands.
    I soon couldn't take it anymore, took my fingers out and slid my hand into the front of his pants. I felt his handle grow harder in my hand as I began to tug and rub it. He groaned in his throat as I squeezed harder. As we both fondled each other we moaned in each other's mouths as we hungrily sucked each other's faces. “Oh yes, Jonny, yes!” I moaned as he went faster. I returned the favor and squeezed tighter as I pulled and rubbed. His groans got louder as he took his fingers out of me and slid them into his mouth. “You're so fucking sweet!” He couldn't take it anymore. He took off his shirt and then proceeded to undo the button and zipper of his jeans. I helped since my hand was already down then and as I did, his member sprung free and stood at attention, proudly might I say. My eyes grew wider with fascination, it was beautiful, and it was so big. I figured it must've been 9 or 9 ½ inches at least. Either way, I ached to have it inside me.
    I wanted let him know how much I loved him pleasing me so I leaned forward and stroked him up and down. He kissed me and bit my lip once more, which sent me over the edge. I need to let him know how much I was enjoying this, so I leaned forward again and took all of him in my mouth.  Tasting his beautiful, silky flesh, licking the sides and kissing I began to give him the best head I think he's ever gotten in his life. Grabbing his thick base, I hungrily sucked him to the tip, swirling my tongue over the head and coating his dick with my spit. It was mine. I played with his balls as he popped out of my mouth every time I got done sucking. He tasted so good and I moaned in lust as I began to let him down my throat. He was trembling.
    His eyes began to close and he moaned as he ran his fingers through my hair. Pushing himself down my throat, fucking my mouth he began to thrust his hips into my face, setting the pace at what he what he wanted. He groaned in his throat with each thrust into my mouth. I felt myself grow wetter with the idea that I could make this guy tremble in my hands. I gagged and released him from my mouth when I needed air but would let him back in. “Oh my fucking god,” he said as I sucked him harder. “That's my baby, that's my fucking baby-oh shit!” he said as he went deeper. “Oh, I'm about to cum Ashleigh!” he groaned as I felt him twitch in my mouth. I knew what that meant. I sucked harder and he let out a yelp. I wanted him to cum in my mouth and as I felt him getting closer I sucked even harder. He gasped and let out a loud “Oh god!” as his salty sweet cum filled my mouth. I greedily sucked him dry as his cum slid down my throat and I felt him soften in my mouth. He was done. I sucked softer then let him out of my mouth completely as I rubbed his member. “Oh baby that was so good, that was so fucking good.” he panted as he rubbed my lips with his fingers. He slid one in and I sucked gently.
    He lay down and rested for a little bit while I sucked his fingers. Traces of me were still on them and I smiled as I ran my tongue across them. I got even wetter at the fact that I was having my way with the talented fingers that played such beautiful music earlier, and that had given me so much pleasure. He smiled at me as I lowered them to my breasts. He then started to pinch my nipples and rub my breasts and I moaned happily. “Your tits are so gorgeous,” he said as he pushed my shirt, exposing the rest of me. I blushed viciously hard. He sat up and then started to suck my right nipple and play with the other as I played with his hair. He then bit down and I squealed in delight once again. I straddled him, arched my back, and began to grind him slowly as he sucked my breasts.
    As we continued grinding each other I felt him getting hard again. I smiled to myself and started to grind him harder. He groaned as pre-cum started to find its way out of him. I knew he couldn't take this anymore, he had to be inside me and that urge grabbed my arm, flipped me on my back and ripped my shorts off. He smiled deviously as he stared down at my pink and black polka dotted panties. “Nice,” he said as he smiled into my eyes again. He pressed his lips onto mine again as he slowly slid my panties down my thighs. I shivered underneath him as I felt myself exposed to him again and because his dick was on the outside of my want. I began to ache again and bit my lip in frustration. I needed him inside me.
    He then nudged my legs apart with his and looked me calculatingly in my eyes. Dripping with anticipation I trembled and in the midst of my hypnosis I gasped at the feeling of him sliding inside me. I painfully took all of him in inch by inch as I whimpered hopelessly as I pulled the fuck out of his hair. He growled in his throat, filling my tightness with his dick. “Fuuuuck!” he said as he finally got all of him inside me. He stayed still on top of me and looked me in the eyes with this look of raw pleasure, and it made me tense up. I tightened even more around him and he groaned as he smiled at me. He knew he was my first. He then started to pull himself out of me and before he reached the end he slid right back in. My body screamed. I held it in as I whimpered loudly now, only to be accompanied by his “Are you alrights?”
    My pain melted into pleasure as he began to thrust me slowly. Gasping in my throat and moaning I began to feel really hot. My thighs were on fire as he leaned himself into me with every shallow thrust. Some time went by and he started to go faster, I grabbed his hair and moaned into his mouth as he greedily invaded my mouth again with his tongue. He began to moan too as I tightened around him even more. He felt so good inside me and as he fucked me he put his talented fingers in my mouth again. I moaned in ecstasy. He smiled at me again, and this made me slink underneath him. I bucked my hips to meet his as he impaled himself inside me. “Mmm yes, oh yes! Oh Jonny! Oh fuck! Fuuuuck! Jooooonnyyyy!” I moaned between his fingers. The room got even hazier and as I pulled his hair even harder he held my other wrist above my head as he went deeper inside me. I gasped in desperation as I felt him inch his way deeper. “Yeeeeeeeeees...” I moaned in pleasure. “Harder, harder!” Hearing this he began to grind his hips into me intensely. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head as my legs locked behind his back.
    “You like it don't you? You like the way I'm fucking you? Huh baby?” he asked as he continued to thrust into me hard. I couldn't speak, the words or the mere thought of comprehending words had been maliciously fucked out of me, so I just moaned “uh huh” and kept pulling his hair. His dick was fucking fantastic. As I closed my eyes I thought about how many times he's probably done this, how many times he's probably actually enjoyed it like he is now, and how I was so stoked that he was fucking me, and quite well might I add. “Fuck me!” I finally screamed, needing him now more than ever. He took my hand out of his hair and put it over my head with the other and held it as he fucked the air out of me. His fucking turned primal and he animalistically impaled my tightness even harder than before. I screamed in ecstasy, “Yes! Yes! Jonny! Jonny! Oh fuck Jonny! Oh Yes!” He groaned even louder and went faster. I felt an orgasm building up inside me as he continued to fuck and it seeped into my groin.  Whimpering and moaning felt him take me and he went as deep as he could go inside me as his hips dug into mine. I broke one of my hands free from his tight grip and pulled his hair in desperation. His dick fucking me in half and my building up orgasm caused me to tear up and as the tears came down his tongue licked them from my scorching cheeks. Panting he whispered into my mouth “I fucking love you.” And instantly I spasmed underneath him and let out what had been building up inside of me for about 45 minutes. My mind exploded and my body gave out. But it wasn't just that, I felt something spilling out of me as well. Did I just...I did. And upon him feeling it he looked at me passionately and then with one final thrust filled me with his warm cum. He collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily and his sweaty chest rested on mine. We had both cum with each other and it felt fucking amazing.
    He then lifted his head and bit my lip as he hungrily kissed me again. “That was insane.” he said as he laid his head back down on my shoulder. “That was some guitar lesson.” I said smartly. He started laughing and then kissed me again. “Yeah, you were by far my best student. Beginner's luck I'm guessing.” He said as he laughed again. We began necking each other again and he put his fingers in my mouth again. “You love them don't you?” he asked smiling. “Yes. Now more than ever.” I said staring him in the eye as I sucked his talented guitar playing fingers. He bit my lip while I was pleasing his fingers and we went on like this for about 5 minutes. “I love you too,” I moaned into him as our sexual animosity subsided at a subtle pace. He smiled at me and laid his head down on my breast.  Afterward we fell asleep with him still inside me.

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