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We meet online, finally met and had a wild night
This is my first story, comments welcome 

I met Red online and, after a while, we started to exchange numerous emails. As the months progressed we started getting to know each other better. We would tell each other things over the internet that we wouldn’t say or admit in person. She told me she was a frustrated woman whose husband had ignored her for years but, at the same time, very jealous and controlling. Repeatedly she told me that her love tunnel needed attention and how much she missed having a man screw her.

She described herself as a bright red headed 56 old house wife, with an hourglass figure and 42F tits, 5’8” and weighed 135 pounds.

Red said she missed the feeling of hot cum in her love tunnel; hitting the back of her mouth; sliding down her throat and, also, splattering over her humongous tittles .

She would tease me that if I would cum on her titties we both could lick it off. Also she told me that she could lie on the floor and I could titttie fuck her, then she could lick my cock at the same time. She also admitted that it would be good to have my cock in her pussy.

We exchanged many stories by email that were every erotic fantasy to bring each other off. One of us would start a story and the other would finish it off by making it more erotic .

One day she emailed me to tell me that her husband had been called to his brother’s bedside, as he was ill, so he would be gone for several days. I sent a message back asking her to come over, as we were about 90 minutes apart and gave her directions.

I grabbed a quick shower and tidied up the house. When she arrived we met at the door and kissed deeply and passionately, with our tongues intertwining and wrestling with each other. We took turns to unbutton each other’s clothes, only breaking the kiss to fondle each exposed area .

Her tittles were so big that I had to spend some time admiring them. Rolling a nipple between my fingers and kissing each one, then sucking it into my mouth, I could hear her moaning as the assault on her boobs felt so good. We finally got naked right by the door and moved into the living room, where we sat on the couch and continued with our task.

I started kissing down her body, paying attention to her boobs then down to her navel where I licked it out. Slowly I continued my way down to her pussy, which was so wet that her clit was sticking out, and then I sucked on it to make her cum. I stuck my cock into her wet love tunnel, and heard her moaning. Going slowly we thrust our bodies against each other until I started to cum. Then we lay there resting until we get our breath and strength back.

After a while Red asked me where the bedroom was, and then led me there to continue with our ‘discussion’. Pulling the covers back, we lay down on the cool, clean sheets. My left arm was under her as we faced each other. We talked about the daily activities and I gently started to rub my hand over her beautiful full soft breasts.

As we gently started kissing the intensity built up, and we started to suck each other’s tongues and having tongue wrestling matches. To slow things down a little I stopped kissing her lips and kissed her eyes and eye lids. That only lasted a little while, and then we were kissing again, repeating the whole process. I continued to play with her breasts, lifting them to feel the weight. Finding her nipples once more I rolled each one between my fingers, making them hard. They stood out like points as I teased them. Red moaned louder and wriggled around.

I started to nibble on her ear lobe and bit it. Moving to her neck I snuggled there, kissing and licking it. Pulling my arm out from under her I raised myself up so that I could slide down, then I started kissing her wonderful breasts. My mouth found her nipple and sucked on it, I could feel the milk coming from it and it tasted so good.

With one hand I continue to play with her tit, while I moved my other hand slowly down her beautiful body to circle her belly button. Then on down to rub her thigh, circling from one leg to the other, stopping briefly at her cunt to rub it and tease it a little.

Her nipples were so hard and I flicked my tongue back and forth over them. She cried out for me to fuck her and gently pushed my head down towards her belly button. Knowing what she wanted I moved down and kissed it for her. Then I briefly kissed her pussy lips, smelling that feminine scent that always arouses me. I started caressing her legs with my hand. Red opened her legs wide and grabbed my head, forcing my mouth over her cunt.

I used two fingers to open her pussy lips and saw her clit sticking out like a little cock. As I licked the length of her slit she moaned a little louder. Sliding a finger deep inside her I found her G-spot.

Gasping with pleasure as I rubbed it and licked her clit, circling it with my tongue, she then started to hump my face as I fucked her with my tongue. I still had a finger deep in her tunnel and I stuck another finger in her ass. Screaming out in pleasure a mind blowing orgasm shuddered through her body.

I didn’t let up on her and she screamed at me to turn around so that she could suck my cock. As it slid into her mouth she looked into my eyes, and I could see the lust that was in them. I could feel that I was close to cumming so I stopped her and rolled onto my back. Sitting astride of me she slid my cock into her tight pussy and started to ride me cowgirl style.

She leaned forward so that her tits were slapping me in the face. I grabbed a boob and sucked on a nipple as she fucked me. We were both nearing another fantastic orgasm. I humped up to meet her downward thrust and we pounded each other hard. Finally we both started to cum together, and then she collapsed on top of me.

We kissed again and rolled over, with my cock still deep in her tunnel, and then we fell into an exhausted sleep.

We slept for a couple of hours and then started all over again, as we couldn’t get enough of each other. Her boobs were so big that I had trouble keeping my hands off them, which led to kissing and sucking her nipples again and more fucking. Then back to sleep for a few more hours, this continued all night

Finally, in the morning, we showered together and felt each other’s bodies getting horny. Before we could even dry ourselves off, we got back to bed to fuck one more time before she had to leave.

I will never forget my beautiful Red.

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