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Ellie - Part Three

Ellie returns for her divorce hearing
Over the next year, I only received one letter from Ellie. It was a short, hand written note about how glad she was to be away from everything, and in particular the stress of the divorce, and how much she was enjoying herself and her job on Long Island.

Then I received a letter about the final divorce hearing, which required Ellie’s presence, and that she’d like to meet after the hearing and celebrate.

“Maybe dinner and a few drinks?” she wrote.

“When and where?” I wrote back.

A few weeks later I received a note indicating the date of the hearing and the name of the hotel she would stay at, and that she would call and give me the room number when she arrived. I cleared my calendar.

The day of the hearing was a cold, bleak, snowy day, fit for a New England winter. Ellie called from the courthouse while waiting for the hearing to start. She was nervous and particularly anxious being near Bob, her soon to be former husband. The important thing was that she was staying in room 234, and that she would meet me in the hotel lobby at 6:30 p.m. and we could decide on dinner then.

I wore a suit, just in case Ellie wanted to celebrate at a coat-and-tie, white tablecloth restaurant. Promptly at 6:30, she exited the lobby elevator.

She was happy and relieved that the divorce was over, and pleased with the results, and wanted to have a drink and celebrate. We went to the hotel bar. She had a glass of wine; I had a scotch.

Ellie had wanted to invite a few of her friends to join in the celebration, but wasn’t sure what I had in mind after we had dinner. If I had some erotic thoughts in my head, she didn’t want to have any others around.

I assured her that I had several ideas about how we might celebrate after dinner and that I indeed had some very naughty thoughts rolling around in my head.

“Good!” Ellie exclaimed, with a big smile, clapping her hands together in mock joy.

Three or four drinks later, and a quick dinner, and we were in Ellie’s hotel room.

It was a typical room, with a large bed, two small sofa chairs around a small table and lamp, and a desk, bureau and TV along one wall.

On the desk, Ellie had neatly placed some toys she had brought with her: a very large white feather, a woven leather restraint, a blindfold, two nipple clips, a rocket shaped vibrator, a towel and two sets of rubber “fingers” that can be placed over a finger or two, one with big circular ribs all around it and one with bumps all over it.

I took off my jacket and threw it and my overcoat over the back of one of the chairs, and proceeded to inspect the toys.

“I had hoped that you’d be interested in fooling around,” she said, noticing my interest.

“Where did you get this?”I asked, picking up the leather restraint.

“A friend had a catalogue from a New York City sex store, and I bought all of those through the mail, except for the towel, of course, which was supplied by the hotel.”

“A friend?” I inquired. “Male or female?”

“A woman I know.”

“You must know her very well to be sharing a sex toy catalogue.”

“We’re good friends,” Ellie replied, with a shy and embarrassed look, not expecting the question.

“Have you slept together?” I pressed.

There was a long silence. Ellie stepped directly in front of me and loosened my tie.

“Yes!” she responded.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“It was different. But, yes I did.” she indicated, feeling a little more comfortable with the subject.

“More than once?” I inquired, again throwing Ellie a little off balance.

“Yes,” she answered, unbuttoning some buttons on my shirt. “Is that a problem?”

“Not at all! You must have liked it a lot if the two of you had sex more than once.”

“I liked it,” she said, giggling a little and pressing closer to me. “Does the thought of me being with a woman turn you on?”

“You know it does!” I told her.

We kissed a long, passionate, tongue battling kiss, while I ran my hands over Ellie’s ass.

Ellie whispered in my ear, “Maybe you’d like to watch us.”

We both laughed, breaking the slight tension I had created with my questions. But the thought, I’m sure, lingered in each of our minds. I know that was the case with me.

“And what are these?” I inquired, picking up a set of the rubber fingers.

“You put them over your fingers,” I was informed. “My friend bought them for me.”

I had never seen the finger toys before, although I had a pretty good idea of how they should be used.

“Any requests this time?” I inquired, changing the subject.

“I’m a free woman. I’ll do anything that you want,” Ellie coyly said, emphasizing the word “anything”. “Anyway, you know what I like.”

There was a slight smile on Ellie’s face, a little quiver in her voice, and a little shyness displayed, as she diverted her eyes away from me.

“And the leather restraint?” I asked.

“I said anything!” she emphasized, turning her head to look back at me with a slight smile.

I had brought some items to this encounter as well, and walked over to my overcoat and took three items out of the pockets.

I held out the old blue dildo Ellie had left at my house a year before.

“You remember this?”

Ellie took the dildo in her hands and ran her fingers over it.

“My old friend,” she said.

Then I showed her a small bottle of K-Y oil. She put the dildo down and took the bottle from me, looking at it.

“And this is for?” she asked.


She looked puzzled for a moment, and then apparently thought of how it might be used, the expression on her face changing to indicate that she understood.

I had also brought a blindfold, remembering how much Ellie had enjoyed being fucked with a blindfold on.

“Why don’t you sit down,” she said, turning and walking away from me.

I put down the K-Y oil and blindfold and sat in one of the chairs. I watched as Ellie slowly and seductively removed her clothes.

“Can I wear the blindfold?” she asked as she undressed.

“Of course!”

“Will you tie me to the bed?”

“Yes!” I said, but noticing that the bed had a solid wooden headboard and footboard.

She removed her bra and let it drop to the floor. Pulling on each nipple, she moaned a little.

“Do you like them?”

“Yes,” I indicated, now with a very large bulge in my pants.

“Do you want to play with them?”


She removed her stockings, leaving herself with just a small pair of panties; really just two strings and a small black patch covering her pussy. She stood about four feet from me, letting me look at her body.

“I love how you look at me, like you want to devour my body. I get chills thinking about how much you want me and what you want to do to me.”

Ellie had been working out in a gym and her muscles were more defined. The result was a firm, tight body, which seemed to make her tits look bigger.

“Do you want to take them off?” she said in a quiet, sultry voice, referring to her skimpy panties.

“It would be my pleasure!”

I can tease as well and slowly removed Ellie’s panties, sliding them down to her ankles.

She wasn’t shaved, but she was trimmed closer than I had remembered. And her pussy lips were already glistening with her juices.

I ran my fingers lightly up her leg to just below her pussy lips. Ellie knew where she wanted to be touched and spread her legs just enough to give me access.

I got on my knees and very lightly ran my fingers over her slit, allowing some of her juices to escape and run over my fingers, and eliciting a low moan from Ellie as her body jerked with my touch.

She placed her hands on my shoulders to steady herself as I ran my fingers over and into her slit. She shut her eyes, held her head back and moaned, letting the pleasurable feeling flow through her body.

I stood, took her hand and led her over to the desk. Her tits bounced as we walked; her nipples were hard and stood out, each one begging for attention.

“What pleasure do you want to start with?” I asked, as we looked over the toys she had brought.

“You choose.”

Ellie held onto my arm and watched me pick her next pleasure; the big white feather and the nipple clips.

“Let’s start with these and see how much you can take.”

I could see the excitement in her eyes and a little tremble when she saw what I had selected. There were goose bumps on her arms, tits and nipples.

We walked silently to the side of the bed.

I put the feather and clips on the table next to the bed and started to undress. Ellie sat on the bed and watched. She said nothing, staring in anticipation and leaning forward, looking for her most important toy.

I pulled down my shorts letting my cock pop out, straight and hard. I could see the expression on Ellie’s face change to one of pleasure and need. Her lips, still with red lipstick, parted slightly and the tip of her tongue ran along her lips.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned as she stared at my manhood.

Teasing a lady who is very turned on is one of my favorite things to do.

I moved closer to the bed, stroking my cock with my right hand, as Ellie moved closer to me in anticipation of sliding the swollen head of my cock into her mouth. Instead, when she was close enough, I ran the head all over Ellie’s face and lips, leaving streaks of pre-cum on her cheeks, nose, lips and chin, and then slapped my hard shaft against her face.

“Don’t touch it,” I said, letting my cock just dangle in front of her face. She didn’t take her eyes of my cock and flicked her tongue out at the head, letting me know how much she wanted it in her mouth.

“Just the head; just put the head in your mouth.”

Her warm lips and tongue engulfed the head, and as instructed, she licked and sucked on just the head, moaning with pleasure. The warm ripples of pleasure spread through my body as I moaned as well.

“Lick just the head,” I instructed.

Ellie flicked her tongue all over and around the swollen head.

Finally, I gave her what she desired, and let her take all of me into her mouth. She hungrily consumed the entire shaft, sliding its full length in and out of her mouth. We both moaned.

I only let her have her way for a minute or two, before directing her lay on her back on the bed.

Taking the feather, I lay next to her and began to whisper in her ear what I was going to do, while running the feather lightly over her tits and nipples. It tickled; it felt good; it gave her goose bumps all over her breasts.

“I’m going to play with your nipples. I’m going to suck on them and pinch them. Do you want it to hurt a little?”

“Yes,” Ellie answered.

I licked and sucked on each nipple, over and over, until they were bright red. I pinched each and then rolled them around between my fingers and thumb. Ellie moaned with pleasure.

“Harder,” she instructed.

I rolled her nipples around some more, this time applying greater pressure. She let me know that she liked what I was doing.

“Yes! Like that! Yes!”

When we were done, Ellie’s nipples were hard, red and sensitive. Even so, she expressed her disappointment when I stopped.

I used the feather to tickle her stomach, thighs, feet and in between her toes, eventually telling her to spread her legs so I could run the feather lightly over her inner thighs and all around her slit.

Her body stiffened with anticipation each time I came close to her pussy lips. But I was teasing her, and she knew that I would not touch the feather to her pussy until she asked me to; begged me to.

I told her how beautiful her body was; how I liked her tits, nipples, pussy and ass; how much I enjoyed teasing her and hearing her moan and groan and, how I was going to make her cum, not just once, but several times.

The teasing had an effect on me as well, with my hard shaft resting against Ellie’s hip and upper thigh, oozing pre-cum onto her leg, which then ran down the side of her thigh to the bed sheets.

Finally, after several minutes of coming close to, but not touching her pussy, she asked me to use the feather on her slit.

I ignored her.

She asked me again, as I brought the feather even closer to her love hole.

Again, I ignored her, and continued to tease her love hole with the feather.

“Please?” she finally said. Please?

The nipple clips were like little alligator clips, but with a smooth, oval shaped piece of plastic in place of the alligator “teeth”.

I attached a clip to each nipple. The clips took some force to open so I knew that there would be some painful pressure on her nipples.

“Mmmmmm! That feels good!” was all Ellie said. Her lack of any anticipation of pain indicated to me that she had used the clips before and knew what to expect.

I moved down further beside her and spread her legs so I had good access to her love hole. I teased her with the feather again, eventually running the tip of the feather up along her pussy lips. Ellie’s slit oozed with her sticky fluid.

At first she moaned and her body jerked as the feather ran between her pussy lips. But when I spread her lips with my fingers and attacked her clit with the feather tip, she let out a loud, low moan and pushed her hips up so her clit would meet the feather tip.

I ran the feather around and over her clit, and was soon reminded why Ellie had included one of the hotel towels with the toys she had brought. She was now making such loud noises that anyone in any of the adjacent hotel rooms might call the front desk, concerned that someone was being hurt.

I got off the bed and grabbed the towel and returned to Ellie.

She knew without my having to tell her, why I had grabbed the towel, and eagerly opened her mouth so she could bite down on the towel to muffle her noises.

I used the feather on Ellie’s clit and pussy for a while longer, and if clutching at the bed sheets and continuous muffled noises are any indication, she enjoyed the feather teasing immensely.

Remembering that Ellie liked things in her ass, and how much she enjoyed the feather tickling her asshole, I turned her over on her hands and knees.

I pushed the tip of the feather into her asshole and wiggled it around. A loud but muffled low moan came from deep within Ellie and her eyes rolled back in her head. She ripped off one of the nipple clips and pulled on her nipple, stretching it out several inches.

I tickled her hole for several minutes, while Ellie continued to torment one of her nipples, as her other tit swayed back and forth with the nipple clip still holding to its target. She squirmed and shook, and moaned and groaned, and later told me that she was almost brought to tears, it felt so good.

Had I known anything about anal sex at that time of my life, I would have fucked Ellie in the ass right then and there.

But that knowledge and experience was still a few years in the future. The tip of the feather and fingers inserted in her asshole were what she wanted and enjoyed now.

We had been tickling her asshole and playing for about a half hour. Little beads of sweat had developed on Ellie’s face and lower back; she had a look of great pleasure on her face; and she dripped pussy juice, which ran down her inner thighs.

I grabbed the K-Y oil off of the desk and poured a few drops on Ellie’s asshole, after which I ran my wet finger over her tight hole.

“Put your finger in my ass!”

I slid two fingers into her ass. Ellie arched her head back, arched her back, and made noises and sounds that clearly indicated that she liked having my fingers inserted into her tight hole.

I fingered her hole for several minutes and then inserted two fingers on my other hand into her wet, slippery slit.

Ellie was now down on her elbows, her red lips surrounding the towel in her mouth, and she was pushing back against each of my finger thrusts in her ass and pussy.

After several minutes of this double penetration, she turned her head and looked at me with “that” look; the one that says it feels so good, I can’t take much more and I’m going to explode, but please don’t stop.

Her face was red; the little beads of sweat were now running down her cheeks; her eyes were half closed; and, the towel hung out of her clenched mouth.

Despite the towel in her mouth, Ellie grunted with each thrust of my fingers.

“Uuunggh, uuunggh, uuunggh, uuunggh!”

I increased my speed and pushed my fingers harder into each hole. Ellie’s grunts turned to one low, loud, continuous moan. The look on her face; her moaning; her body twitching and jerking, all were signs that she was close. I continued to slam my fingers into both holes.

In another minute, Ellie came with such force that the towel flew out of her mouth.

“Fuck yes! “Yes! Yes!” she yelled, over and over, as I continued to finger her holes.

Any hotel room neighbors would have been well aware of what had just happened.

“Yes! Yes! Oh my God that was intense! Fuck yes!” she continued to moan as she stayed on her knees, her ass sticking up in the air.

Pussy juice was dripping in long strands from her love hole down onto the bed. I ran my fingers through her pussy lips and let Ellie lick them off, tasting herself.

As Ellie continued to moan and try and catch her breath, I moved up behind her and slid my hard shaft into her soaked pussy and slowly fucked her, while she came down from her high.

“Mmmmmmmmm; yes; aaaahhhh; that feels so good; go slow; fuck me.”

I went slowly and deeply until she had recovered, and then withdrew my shaft.

Ellie rolled over on her back. The one nipple clip had fallen off and was somewhere on the bed.

“That was wonderful,” she said. “I really needed that!”

I knelt next to her face and let her lick and suck on my cock again, making her go slow so I could keep myself under control. I was enjoying all of this playing, and I didn’t want to take the edge off by coming too soon.

I lay down next to her and stroked her hair, ran my fingers lightly around and over her tits and stomach, and talked to her as she relaxed.

“What’s next?” I asked.

“Whatever you want,” she replied, still a little out of breath. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

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