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Festival Fever

Kez and Ella let the feeling take them
Mosh pits aren’t normally my thing. I’m short so I get elbowed in the head a lot. But I couldn’t resist it today; my favourite band played their hearts out on stage and I wanted the rush. I pushed forward into the crowd trying to get as close as I could. Closer to the stage the throng got denser. I had bodies pressed up against mine on every side and the mass moved as one entity. I threw my arms up and moved with it.

Sweat dripped off Kez and his shirt ripped as someone fell backwards and grabbed him to keep upright.

"Sod it,” he said, stripped the shirt off and let it drop to the churning, muddy floor.

He let the sway of the crowd take him. The people around him changed but the beat remained the same. He’d lost his friends a while ago.

Every time a gap opened up I moved into it, slowly making my way forwards. Some asses at the back were sending surges through the crowd by pushing forwards. The surges gathered momentum as they travelled and by the time they reached me they were rolling waves of humanity. I staggered forwards a few paced.

“Shit,” I muttered under my breath as I was battered from side to side.

I grabbed the hips of the guy in front of me before I ended up on the floor being trampled to death.

Kez kept his legs loose as the surges roiled around him, letting them take him forwards and backwards rather than trying to resist them. A few people to his sides stumbled but no one got hurt. Someone grabbed his waist and fell heavily against his back. He looked down into the eyes of a girl.

“Sorry,” I said.

My heart rate leapt up as I took in his shirtless body, strong, board shoulders the canvas for a black phoenix tattoo.

I realised I still had my hands on him, on his waist band, just touching his bare skin and my cheeks flushed.

He smiled and pushed the bodies to either side of him back to make a space for me in front of him.

"You okay?” Kez asked the girl as he shielded her from the worst of the surges so she could catch her breath.

“Yeah, just lost my balance. Thanks.”

The crowd cheered as the band started the next number. The girl grinned at him and raked her long dark hair back with both hands.

“I’m Kez,” he said, quickly, before the noise made talking impossible

“Ella,” I replied. The crowd surged forwards again, pressing us both towards the stage. I leaned back against Kez’s chest, just a little, hoping he’d take the hint. He did. His hands found my hips and held me as we swayed to the beat.

Soon I was drenched in sweat but I didn’t care. I was dancing with a hot guy to my favourite band at the greatest festival on earth. This would be a day to remember.

The sky had clouded over and, as the song reached its finale, lighting flashed overhead, followed just a few seconds later by a rumble of thunder.

The first few drops of warm summer rain fell on Kez’s shoulders and he tipped his head back to let the large drops splash on his face. Around him the crowd whooped and cheered. The heavens opened and soon everyone was drenched.

Rainwater seeped down between the tight packed bodies. Kez held on to Ella grinning as her white t-shirt moulded itself to her body. She leaned back against him and he looked down. He could see her red bra through the transparent material.

My skin felt hot and cold at the same time. My heartbeat thudded in my ears echoing the deep bass from the speakers. It was like being drunk. The collective energy of the crowd swirled around me creating an almost tangible buzz.

My breath came in short, sharp gasps. Kez’s hands gripped and kneaded my hips and sides. I let the buzz wash through me; sexual, intense, indefinable. I could feel Kez getting hard behind me and I pressed back into him, flooding with heat between my thighs.

Hot bodies pressed in on all sides, all of them feeling the heat of the moment.

It was the most incredible feeling of rapture. Kez’s head spun and his cock hardened. The band played from one song straight into the next and the crowd merged and melted together into one mass of flesh. The rain continued to fall, steaming off hot skin as soon as it hit.

Their feet churned the wet ground to slippery mud. Some people stripped off their sodden clothes. Kez could feel bare skin pressed up against his back and in front of him Ella rubbed herself against his erection. He reached down and drew her top up over her head.

“You want to keep this?” he asked.

I shook my head and he let my shirt drop to the floor and wrapped his arms round me. Wet skin pressed against wet skin and the rain continued to fall. In front of me two girls in bikini tops danced together, hands roving over each other’s bodies. To one side a guy felt up his girlfriend, holding her naked breasts as she danced in front of him. To the other side a guy watched the two girls with his hand down his pants. All of them so close to me I could hear their moans and feel their skin against mine.

I was throbbing between my legs now, almost in time to the beat. The sexual energy of the crowd penetrated and surrounded me like the water falling from the sky. I moaned and rubbed my breasts, my nipples hard and aching.

All around him people let go to the vibe. Ella radiated heat in his arms and touched herself. He gently pushed her hands aside and replaced them with his own, cupping and rubbing her breasts. She reached behind her and pressed her hand to the bulge in his jeans. He could scarcely believe he was doing this in the middle of a crowd but he wasn’t the only one.

The rain slid off shoulders and breasts and skin slid across skin. Ella’s hand found the button on his jeans and searched inside to hold him. He groaned and kissed her shoulders and neck. Her other hand reached back to unclasp her bra and he helped her take if off.

Kez pinched my nipples and thrust against my hand as I held him tight. His cock was hot and hard in my hand and I ached for him to touch me and feel the flood of wetness between my legs.

Other hands occasionally stroked my arms, breasts and stomach. Everyone was feeling it, alone or with one or more companions; separate and part of the crowd at the same time.

I guided Kez’s hand down and unbuttoned my shorts for him to slide his hand in. His fingers parted my lips and I gasped, squeezing him just a little tighter. His other hand hugged me to his heaving chest, keeping me upright, although the press of bodies wouldn’t allow me to fall. The crowd swayed in collective orgasmic heaven. The music and the rain washed over us and the sky itself rumbled with lust.

Kez’s cock jumped as he felt Ella’s wet pussy and started to tease and rub her. Her hand felt so good on him and he imagined bending her over and thrusting into her. He slid his fingers inside her; she felt tight and soft. His hips thrust against her as the whole crowd thrust and swayed around him.

The band started their last number and the crowd screamed. Ella moaned and gasped and he rubbed her harder. She moved her hips with his hand and flooded with more wetness.

Energy surged through me, alive and electric. Every sense felt heightened. I felt every stroke of Kez’s fingers, every drop of rain landing on me, every brush of skin against mine. Kez licked the rain water off my shoulder, moaning in my ear.

To one side the guy had turned his girlfriend round and now kissed her as they both frantically brought each other to orgasm. The girls in front were kissing and touching now and the guy who’d been enjoying their show had joined them.

I threw my head back and let the rain bathe my face as I approached my peak.

The song drew to a close and Ella started to shake. Kez put his fingers inside her so he could feel her orgasm, continuing to rub her clit with his thumb.

I cried out as I came and my knees buckled from the intensity. Kez held me up and groaned.

Kez felt her contractions explode through her and she turned to jelly in his arms. Just the feel of her coming was enough to take him the last bit.

Kez’s cock pulsed in my hand and I felt his warm cum hit my back to mingle with the rain water streaming down us both. He hugged me tight, still cupping my pussy while I held his softening cock and the band played the last note.

Slowly the crowd descended from the dizzying high and the press of bodies eased. We kept cheering for the band to come back on but there was no encore this time. Kez leaned down to whisper in my ear.

“Who do you want to see next?”

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