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Finally Fucked My Highschool Dream Girl

finally got to have sex with my highschool crush but in a way i never would've expected
This is my first story here on Lush, comments would be much appreciated

My name is Nick, I’m 17 and at Northview High School in Ohio. It’s a typical school to me, jocks, nerds, hot girls, etc. You get the idea. Not to brag but I’ve been told I am a pretty good looking guy. I’m 5’11” with black hair, brown eyes, and coffee colored skin. During the summer I swim and workout at the YMCA, and during the winter I work out at home, I’ve done this for a while so I have a well-toned body with six-pack abs. Anyway, my school is pretty boring long classes, stupid homework, but there’s one thing about it that makes me sad when I have to go home.

There is this girl there that makes my cock hard with the mere thought or sight of her. Her name’s Kimberly; she’s about 5’4” with long black hair that goes to about the middle of her back, sexy brown eyes, and skin about the same color as mine only a bit lighter. She’s Hawaiian (I know because I’ve asked her) and very nice and cute. She’s a bit on the chubby side but it only seems to ad d to her growing allure and sexiness. She has pretty big boobs, I think about a D-cup and a large, phat, round, juicy ass that sways as she walks. She’s the same age as me and nice but I’ve only talked to her a couple times and have been too shy to ask her out. Now I’m no virgin, I’ve been with a few girls but there was something about Kimberly that made me scared to ask her out so I’d been reduced to jerking off to fantasies of her. I never thought I’d be able to get Kimberly until one day a few weeks ago.

It was a normal day like any other and I was heading to lunch when I accidentally bumped into her.

“Oh sorry Kim,” I said.

“Oh it’s alright, Nick,” she said with a beautiful smile.

She was wearing a tight blue tank top that hugged her large breasts, a black mini-skirt that just barely covered her delicious rump, bright red nail polish and 6” high sexy open-toed stilettos. She looked so sexy I could feel my cock hardening and had to use my books to cover the bulge forming in my pants.

I was so caught up in her attire that I didn’t realize I was out of it until she snapped me back to reality.

“Oh sorry Kim you just look so sexy…” I said. “Crap” I thought “ I meant to say nice or cool. I was expecting her to be creeped out or something but instead she gave me a slightly seductive looking smile.

“It’s OK, Nick; thanks for the compliment. You don’t look too bad yourself,” she said with a grin.

“You wanna eat lunch together?” she added.

“Yeah that’d be cool,” I said. This felt like a dream I was finally able to really talk to my high school crush.

So we got our lunch and ate together. We made small talk about our hobbies and interests and etc. She kept flashing me that seductive looking smile which I didn’t I didn’t understand but didn’t hate it either. Soon lunch ended and we had to go to the rest our classes unfortunately. But before it ended she asked, “Do you think after school we could drive over to your house and hangout?” I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. My parents wouldn’t be home until 6pm and we got out at 2:30 so of course I said yes. And she smiled even more seductively and winked at me.

All the rest of the day I was waiting for it to end so I could hang with Kim. It felt like ages but finally the day was over. I went to find Kim, the we headed to my car and took off for my house. While I was driving thought she put her hand on my leg and started rubbing and said something I’ll never forget.

“I’m not blind you know. I’ve seen how you look at me. I know you like me and want me a lot. And honestly I feel the same,” she said.

I was floored speechless.

"You’re a very sexy guy, you’re nice, cute, and sweet. When I see you at school I just wanna rip your clothes off and fuck you till we’re both sore. Just looking at you makes my nipples rock hard and my pussy dripping wet like a faucet,” she said. I wanted to keep looking at her but I had to focus on the road. Before I turned back I said, “ I like you a lot and I can’t wait to we get to my house.”

The next time I looked over at her she hiked up her skirt to reveal she had no panties on. I was looking at her smoothly shaven pussy. Her juices were dripping out on to the passenger’s seat!

“Do you always not wear panties?” I asked.

“No, but today I was doing it for someone special,” she said with a wink. That sexy little minx planned this. The next thing I knew she stuck two fingers in her pussy and started fingering herself and moaning. I kept taking occasional glances to keep my eyes on the road. Then before I knew it she took her fingers out of her pussy, waved them under my nose and then in my mouth. I sucked them clean and the taste and smell of her pussy was sweeter and more intoxicating than I could’ve ever imagined. At that point my cock felt it was harder and bigger than it had ever been before, hard enough to cut through diamond. A huge bulge had formed in my pants. She noticed and it was obvious by the look in her eyes that she wasn’t about to wait until we got to my house.

“I saw that bulge during lunch; it looks pretty damn big,” she said as she reached over past the console and started to unzip my pants.

“Kimberly, can’t you wait till we get to my house, I need to focus on the road,” I pleaded.

“No I’m not waiting another damn minute, I want this fucking cock now,” she said as she unzipped me, pulled my pants and underwear down a little and my cock popped out.

She gasped as she said “Damn Nick I never knew you had such a big cock.” Again I don’t like to brag but for a 17 year old I did have a have much bigger than average cock. It’s about 8.5 inches long and 3 inches wide.

She looked up at me with a wicked grin and said, “I’m going to enjoy this fucking big dick.”

The she took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Thankfully though we finally got to my house and I quickly put my cock away and got out of my car. As I did though, she shoved me against my car door and started kissing me passionately. I rammed my tongue in her mouth and explored hers with mine. I could slightly taste my pre-cum on her lips but I didn’t mind. We quickly made our way into my house and as soon as we were inside I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder making her squeal and giggle. I then smacked her ass which made her moan in pleasure. I carried her up to my room and tossed her on my bed. I don’t know what came over me but I started dominating her - that has always been a fantasy of mine.

“You little slut, you planned this whole thing didn’t you? I’m the master here and you’re gonna get it the way I want to give it to you, you fucking little tease,” I said in a commanding tone.

Surprisingly she was accepting of this as she said, “Yes master I planned this, I’m sorry for teasing you, but master I just wanted you so bad please master make me your little slut, I want to be your slut and only yours,” she said in a seductive tone.

“Bend over the fucking bed now,” I said. Which she did quickly.

I started smacking her ass hard which made her whimper and moan. “Please master harder,” she begged between moans. But I was the one in charge.

“No slave I’m in charge now. Get up on the fucking bed, get your ass naked, and spread your legs but keep the stilettos on. They look sexy.”

She quickly stripped out of her clothes and spread her legs. Before I dove in for my treat I admired her magnificent boobs, cute sexy face, and smooth little pussy. I had her exactly where I wanted her. I crawled up on top of her and started licking her nipple on one breast and squeezing the other then switched which mad her moan aloud, “Oh yes master... yes... that feels so damn good,” she moaned.

I then started sucking her nipples hard while I used three fingers to rub her juicy pussy, “Ohhhh shit,” she moaned as I continued to pleasure her. I then began to kiss my way down her body to her pussy and I got down there, I said “You are not allowed to cum until I say so, if you even start to fucking cum without my permission I’m going to punish worse than I did that big ass of yours! GOT IT!?”

“Yes, master, I’ll try my best,” she said in her sexy baby tone.

So I started to tease her by only kissing her inner thighs making her bite down on and moan. “Ohhh master please stop,” she begged. I started licking and nibbling around her pussy, then I gave her slit a quick lick and went right back to kissing her inner thighs driving her nuts.

“Master please I beg you please eat my fucking pussy. Please eat your slut's pussy. Please, I want you to eat it so bad, make a meal out of it. I beg you!!” she screamed.

I kissed and licked her inner thighs a few more times then went for her pussy. I licked her slit up and down slowly making her shudder in ecstasy. “Ahh shit…shit master you’re making me feel soooo fucking good,” she moaned.

I opened up her lips and used the pointed end of my tongue to lick circles around her clit making her moan even louder. “Ohhhh myy god! she shouted. Using one hand to keep her pussy open I used the other to reach up and tweak her nipples and pull on them roughly one at a time. I then stuck my tongue inside her tight little hole and went in and out like a piston, making her squeeze my head with her thighs. She was a moaning screaming mess as I continued to give her oral pleasure. “Please, master, please. I’m begging you to let me cum,” she pleaded.

“No, you will hold it until I say otherwise, you teasing slut,” I said as I continued sucking her hardened clit.

I then started to search out her g-spot. Once I found it I began hitting it constantly over and over again with me going in and out faster and faster and harder. I took my tongue out of her pussy for a minute and licked her asshole and started tonguing it good and fast. “Fucking shit master, that feels so good, I’ve never had anything in my ass but it feels fucking amazing. FUCK MY ASS WITH THAT TONGUE, MASTER. TONGUE YOUR WHORE! she screamed. I spent a couple more minutes on her ass and put my tongue back into her pussy and really started munching her like my fucking dinner. She was shaking, moaning, and screaming all at once while constantly begging me to let her cum but I kept saying no. I took my hand off her breasts and then went to finger fucking her hard with three fingers and then moved down and went back to tonguing that sweet delicious ass of hers. Once again she pleaded “Please, master. Please let me cum!” she screamed.

So I decided to take mercy on her. “Oh alright you may cum my slut, but you better cum fucking hard for me,” I yelled.

But before she did, I gave her clit one last hard suck and she exploded. “OHHHHHHHH MYYYY GOOOOOOOOOODD!!!! she screamed as she came, and boy did she cum like a geyser! Stream after stream of hot milky pussy juice was blasting out of her and spraying all over the bed and my face as I kept lapping up her heavenly nectar.

When her orgasm finally subsided, I looked up at her and smiled as she continued to breath heavily.

“Oh master that was fucking amazing,” she said between pants.

“Your pussy tastes very good slave, but we aren’t done - not by a long shot,” I said as I got up and stood in front of the bed.

“Get over here on your knees now, slut!” I demanded to which she quickly obliged.

I pulled down my pants and underwear and kicked them to the side. She cooed as she saw all of my manhood, “Oh master your cock is so huge and thick and gorgeous. Not to mention you have some pretty big balls. They’re like large eggs,” she said.

Again I decided to tease her as I grabbed her head and then my cock and kept waving my meat under her nose to take in the aroma. I then started rubbing it along her cheeks and forehead as some pre-cum drooled out of my piss hole and onto her face. She kept making snaps at my cock with her mouth letting me know how badly she wanted to suck it.

“Does my little cock slut want to suck on her masters big cock?” I asked.

“Oh master I want every inch of that delicious beautiful cock,” she begged.

I then shoved my cock in her mouth and she swirled her tongue all around my shaft and kept going “MMMM” as she did it and began bobbing her head up and down on my cock taking it down inch by inch until she started to gag on it and moved off my cock for a minute. “Master I’m sorry I’ve just never had a cock this big. Please don’t hurt me,” she pleaded.

I was feeling sympathetic so I decided to be easy on her, “I won't punish you slave if you can get me off,” I said.

With that she went backing to sucking on my cock, licking it from my balls to the tip and swirling her hungry tongue around the tip. She was like a woman possessed, an amazing cocksucker and made curl my toes. Then went to take my balls in her mouth one at a time since they were pretty big. She sucked one in her mouth, pulled back as far as it would go and then let go of it making a popping and did with the other. I then started to feel that familiar feeling in my balls that I going to cum soon.

“Ahhhh shit slave you got your master ready to cum,” I said.

“Master cum on my face, cum your little whore, make me your slut for cum” she said in that sexy tone.

I took my cock away from her once, twice, and then started to shoot my load on her. The first thick rope of cum splattered across her left eye and down to her lips, next rope was thicker hit across the right side of her face. Again and again I shot long thick hot creamy ropes of cum in her hair, on her forehead, both cheeks and eyes, mouth and then her tits, I counted at least a dozen long ropes and she looked completely coated like a real cum slut and was smiling. She rubbed my cum all over her body and scooped gobs of it up with her fingers and ate my cum then sucked the remaining of my cum out of my cock and down her throat it went.

“That was amazing master and your cum is delicious and creamy,” she said.

“Are you ready for more slave?” I asked.

She just gave me a wicked grin and said “Bring it on master."

To be continued….

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