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First meeting

Dreams become reality, for Summer
First meeting....

I sit waiting in the hotel room, dressed only in my shorts, with which I am vainly trying to hide a throbbing hard on. He hopes, he prays, he eagerly anticipates that maybe you will come. No promises, you said, but I told you I would be there, waiting and hoping that you will have the courage to act.

Suddenly I am awoken from my reverie by a tap at the door. I hasten to it and open so that you can slip in. We do not say a word. We do not need to. We both know why you have come, and why I am there, and what we both want. We have spoken of it too often. You come into my arms and our lips meet tenderly in greeting, then to part and our tongues explore in the first intimacy, the first step towards the meeting of our bodies and souls.

As we kiss, I slip off your jacket and let it fall. Your white blouse sets off your creamy skin. I gently undo the buttons, one by one, and slide it back revealing those delicious soft shoulders, rounded. I kiss your neck, those dimples and curves of your shoulders, and my lips sense the firmness of your shoulders becoming softer as lead me into the freckled tops of your swelling breasts, still trapped in your bra. I kiss, and kiss, and lick between them, my tongue trying to reach into the cleft.

Softly, softly. Slowly, slowly.

I hold you close to me, and against my chest I feel the fabric of your bra, against my stomach your softly rounded stomach. Your erect nipples through the cloth speak of your desire. I reach down, and undo your skirt so it falls around your ankles. Then I can wait no longer. I undo your bra, and those glorious, generous breasts tumble forth. I immediately take them in my hands, weighing them, squeezing them gently, then lifting them one at a time so that my lips can brush against your nipples. My tongue licks each just under the nipple, turn and turn about, and they rise, harder and harder. I take them in my mouth turn and turn about, sucking, nibbling, pulling gently on them. You sigh.

My lips still on your nipples, I reach down and slide my hands into the back of your panties. I take those other glorious globes in my hands, and squeeze and pull you towards me. My hard on presses against your mound. I wonder idly, has anyone ever had the joy of penetrating that glorious ass? Have you ever tasted the different pleasure? Not today. We have the less exotic pleasures to explore. I continue to knead your wonderful, generous buns. Then I move them away to slip down your panties, which also fall around your ankles. As I slide them down, I notice moisture on your bush, and I reach my hand down between your legs and your cunt is dripping. My chest tightens and my cock throbs at this sign of your passion and need. It has been too long for both of us. I slip my fingers around and between your pussy lips, and you moan a little. I draw you towards the bed, and lie down beside you, my fingers stirring your honeypot, one arm holding you. I tenderly look into your eyes. Then my lips go back to your breasts, and I continue to play in and around your cunt, gently visiting your clit until your hips start moving up and towards me, eager to get more of my touch. The pace quickens a little, then more. Your whole body is moving now, but my arm is still around you. Then you explode, in our first orgasm.

You lie back. That cum has released so much. The journey can begin. I start to move down your body, kissing as I go, here and there lingering on a hollow or a curve. I kiss you now in that hollow where those magnificent thighs meet your body, and move between your legs. Now you know what you want, selfishly, longingly, and you drop all defenses, and all dissembling. You lift your legs and putting your hands behind your knees, you pull them up and apart, inviting me, displaying to my full gaze your bush, the wet lips, the rosy centre of your being, and that cute little brown asshole. I take in the sight of it hungrily, then gently lower my head so that you can feel my breath. I blow gently. You stir. Then my tongue does a little dance around your asshole, then works its way slowly up, licking up those flowing juices, exploring in and around the lips until it gets to your clit. I am in ecstasy as I drink the juices of a woman who is taking everything I have to give, is giving me everything she has. I take your clit between my lips. I nibble on it lightly. I lick your cunt from bottom to top with a flat tongue. You cum again, and again, your juices flowing.

I move back up and lie on my back. Now you throw your leg over me, and taking my throbbing dick in your hand, you gently slide it into your cunt, slowly taking it in, feeling it slowly fill you until you have taken it all, and your bush I s pressed against mine. You hold it there, not moving, and we both in those moments feel my penetration of you. Above me your breasts hang, and I take them in my hands, kissing and sucking on them, focussed on them, leaving my dick to you. Your mind is on your cunt, and you begin to move, gently at first, then more. You are now utterly selfish, just intent on what you want, what you haven't had for far too long. You are not doing what you are doing because you want to please me, you are in control, seeking to fulfill your own need. You are using my dick to get yourself off. You excite yourself more and more, and you grind your clit against me. You are focused on yourself, your sex, your need, and the things that you are doing inflame me. We are no longer thinking, planning, predicting. We are reaching a lower level driven by our desires. Your excitement mounts until you explode, and your abandon makes me explode also, pouring in great jets my hot sperm into you. Your juices soak me. We fall apart and lie beside each other, exhausted and at peace.

That was the first time. It will be different next time. A new voyage of discovery.
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