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For Beth

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Teaser looses control
Beth is happily married to Allan. They often fantasize about various sex scenarios and sometimes they act out these fantasies.

What follows is one of those fantasies.

The plan is for Beth to enter a club alone. Allan will be at the bar, watching. Allan chooses to take a stool next to and Adonis, just the type that Beth often fantasizes about. Beth takes a seat alone at a small table in the corner. She orders a virgin Pina Colada. She can later pretend to loosen up as if under the influence of rum.

She pretends to survey the room. The Adonis is their mark for the evening. Beth will flirt with him and lead him along then leave him high and dry. Then later Beth and Allan will go home and fuck like rabbits all the while laughing about how she had teased the guy. That was the play anyway.

Allan learns that the Adonis’ name is Angel and a Latino. The men chat about women and sports and women. The usual guy shit. Allan nod in the direction of Beth. Is she a hottie or what? Yes she is responds, Angel. Think I am going to give her a shot says Allan. He slides off of his stool and walks over to where Beth is sitting. Of course he doesn’t ask to join her. Instead he asks if she wants the Latino to be the one she teases tonight. Saying yes, she shakes her head no for the mark to think that Allan is striking out.

Allan returns to the bar. Fucking bitch he says to Angel. Angel tries to defend the woman. Maybe you are just not her type. Do you think that you can do any better. Allan challenges. Angel shrugs his shoulders and says maybe I will try. As Angel crosses the room toward Beth she gives him a slight smile.

Allan loves watching Beth tease men almost as much as she loves doing it.

Of course Beth allows Angel to sit. Angel’s smile back at Allan is more a smirk than a smile.

Beth and Angel chat and exchange facts about themselves. Angel is recently divorced. His Spanish accent is light since he has been in this country since he was a teenager. Beth says that she is married. But that her husband is out of town for the week, she lies.

As they chat and sip their drinks, Angel boldly puts his hand on Beth’s knee. She pushes his hand away and takes another sip of her virgin cocktail. Angel whispers that he thinks she is the sexiest woman in the room. Fact is that she is by far the sexiest woman there but she feigns shyness. Angel wants her to go to his hotel room. No, Angel she says. I am married, remember. Angel tries again with his hand on Beth’s knee. This time she leaves it there. She even spreads her legs a little allowing him more access. The room is not well lit. Not many of the patrons can see what is happening in this dark corner. Allan knows, however, by watching the expression on Beth’s face.

Beth is becoming aroused by what is happening, something that has never happened before in this play. She excuses herself to go to the restroom. In the restroom and in a stall, Beth’s fingers are inside her wet slit and stimulating her clit. She thinks that it is time to collect Allan and go home. As she is leaving the stall the door opens and in walks Angel. He turns and locks the door behind him. Beth is unable to resist as he takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately. Then he gently pushes her against the sink. His hand is now under her skirt. With his other hand he exposes his rock hard cock. Beth, he says, I am not a rapist I will stop now if you want. Do you want me to stop?

Beth answers by taking his cock in her hand rubs the tip up and down her slit and over her clit. No don’t stop. Fuck me she begs as she guides his rock hard cock inside of her. Angel pounds her pussy hard. Beth cries out in ecstasy. Her body shudders in orgasm upon orgasm.

There is a knock on the door.

They rearrange their clothes and open the door.

Allan is outside the door.

Angel walks away. And Beth looks at Allan and says, mission accomplished. He will have a case of blue balls for a few days.

Of course this will remain Beth’s fantasy forever.

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