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For the Lady Who Wanted it All

The memories of Virginia flooded my memories and then she again flooded me completely.

I was sitting in the break room at work a few days ago when a page came over the intercom for me to answer a customer call.   In that I was on break, I called the desk and asked if someone else could answer it for me, but was told that the customer had specifically asked for me, and told that I could begin my break anew if I took the call, so please to do so.   Being a long standing employee, I of course did so, and now looking back I am certainly glad that I did.


It wasn’t many months ago when I had taken some photos of a family and met Victoria, some that read my stories will remember her all to well, she is and was a hell of a fuck and so good at getting me off multiple times too.   Anyway, that is who was on the other end of the line when I answered, and trust me when I say it wasn’t store business she had in mind.   The blatant offerings she made during that call, with me standing only feet away from the manager were, shall I say…, and I had to work very hard at not getting flustered, embarrassed or a hard on.   I replied as if she were a loyal customer wanting information on some piece of electronics, though she and I both knew it was a different kind of piece she was after.   I told her I would find out and call her right back, and left the break room destined for the main office which I knew would be empty with the boss left behind.   I made the circle out to the sales floor and then to the office, and to my luck it was empty, so I dialed her number and made the arrangements for a time and place to meet that evening when I got off work.


I was scheduled to get off at 5, and got done with my work early enough to be certain of getting off on time so I’d be able to get her off soon thereafter.   I didn’t bother to change, for I knew that my clothes wouldn’t be on that long once I got to the park where we were to meet.   I clocked out and walked to the truck as usual, and the thoughts of again pounding my ten inch tool into her got me very revved up as I drove the few miles to the campground.   As I pulled in to the parking area I saw her Camero sitting at the exact spot I had told her to meet me, with her sitting casually behind the wheel.   I pulled up beside the car and waved for her to get in the truck so we could go the next distance to our destination, which she did.   Now I’m not saying this woman was horny, but even before I got the truck into gear she had her hand on my zipper tugging at it; I said “Calm down girl, there’s time, just relax we will be there in a couple of minutes.”   I’m guessing she was frustrated as hell, ‘cause she did unzip my pants and drag my soft but eager cock out to give it some foreplay while I drove to the end of the road and near the cave I had in mind for our frolic.


By the time I drove the mile and a half she had my cock deep in her throat sucking me like a vacuum was attached to her neck and my rod was at full attention, yep all ten thick inches and she wanted to suck the whole thing in.   I drug her head back and looked into her eyes and asked “What’s the deal girl? Not like you haven’t seen it before, or had it for that matter” with a chuckle.   Her mouth was already looking pretty beaten up from sucking on me so fervently, but I decide a kiss would seal the deal and laid one on her.   My hand dropped to her wondrous breast and the long elliptical nipple I remembered so well from the last time, of course she was braless as usual and that got me revved up all over again.   I reached past her and flipped the lever to recline her seat fully and pressed it back to lay her down next to me, and quickly reclined my seat as well.   I thought about saying let’s go to the cave, but blew that off as her hand jacked at my cock with an eagerness that was unbelievable, her spittle still lubed it up well enough that it was slick enough to make it good to go.


I dropped my hand to the hem of her short skirt, knowing that I would find her bare beneath the fabric, and indeed she was.   Without much concern as to whether she was ready or not I shoved two fingers roughly into her gash, the canal was sopping wet already and needed only to be punished with the thrusts of my digits to fill it to the brim with her juices.   Her moans drove me onward as she climaxed almost immediately with but my fingers to get her off.   I slipped down in the seat a bit and began thrusting four fingers pointed as a spear in and out of her wet needy channel. She groaned loudly as she began a full fledged climax, flooding the seat of my truck with her sticky goo.


As her first climax ebbed she writhed around wanting to have my cock in her in a bad way, something was awry, never have I found a woman so set on getting fucked, and I’ve seen my share of horny women.   Victoria sat up enough to pull her shirt off over her head, the wonder of her elliptical nipples again caught my eye, and I grasped at them with an eager joy pulling roughly at her tits to bring her up to a level of excitement that would bring her climax again.   She wiggled around some more and removed her skirt and said “Jeremiah….I need it, game' that cock” as she pushed at my pants to get them to my knees and turned to straddle me.   I was still good and hard as she mounted me with a fury I have rarely experienced.   There wasn’t a great deal of foreplay to it, she grabbed my dick and got it lined up in short order before impaling herself with my shaft, so I just laid back and watched as well as enjoyed the show.


Her ample C cup tits bounced up and down in a mystifying picture of a well done XXX movie, those long nipples seeming to create circles of dark lines as they bounded quickly in time with her undulating hips and sopping hole as it took my shaft into her core.   Her breathing became really hard again, her body going into spasms of muscular contractions that knotted up and released over and over around my cock, I was being fucked like a man could only dream of, and she was my dream ‘cum’ true.   I felt her body quiver again as her muscles contracted hard around me and then coated my shaft with a slick layer of cream that flowed out past my cock as she squirted out her glory again with a scream of delight that echoed through the woods and across the lake adjacent to our parking place.   I had been so wrapped up in watching her get her rocks off, I had not as yet done so and said “hey doll, how about you get me off now, you’ve had your nut twice already” with a chuckle.


As she panted in short deep breaths she looked down at me lying under her with a look of astonishment.   “You haven’t gotten off yet?” she asked.   I simply replied “Nope, busy watching your fun and holding off till you were ready to catch my load.”   She giggled like a school girl, who she was far from, but the giggle was unmistakable and asked “How do you want to unload, your choice.”   I wriggled out of my shirt and sat up to remove my shoes socks and pants as I pondered just how I wanted to spew my load for this overly horny lady.   I decided I would like a bit of control for a few moments and rolled across her to open the door of the truck, slipping out to stand beside it.   I prompted her to lie down on the seats with her head towards me and arranged it to where it was hanging off the edge of the seat; the perfect angle and height to give her all I had in the throat.   She grinned and leaned her head back as I nudged at her lips with the broad purple head of my engorged cock.   Her hands rose up and took my hips in them and began puling at me to enter her mouth and throat more deeply.   Gag reflex overtook her the first time I thrust into her throat, but as I pulled my cock from her mouth she gasped out “fill me up big boy, I want it all” and pulled eagerly at my hips again as I shoved my rod deep into her throat.   I have to say it takes a really horny, not to mention talented woman to want a ten inch cock in her throat, but Victoria was definitely both and pulled at me to get it all into her.   My balls slapped at her nose with each time she pulled me all in, I was getting close to blowing my wad and yelped out an animalistic grunt as she gulped at my tool only taking a breath with her nose each time only the head was in her mouth.   My body stiffened and she knew it was time to catch my load as I pulled my throbbing member from her lips and shot the first rope across her lips and chin.   As it hit her with a splash I shoved my cock in again to the hilt, she gulped it in like a porn star and then released me to remove it from her lips again before the second rope arched across her face and landed on her chest.   Once again she pulled at me and I thrust into her throat; this time she held me in while the third jolt filled her gullet with my seed.   Her swallowing action drained the remains of my load with a delight I had never before felt, almost like being jacked off, but even better with all of her throat muscles milking it dry.


As I pulled my drained, but not diminished cock from her throat she leaned her head up and wiped the creamy seed from her face and slurped it down, and then the same of the milky pool puddled on her sternum.   As I stood by the side of the truck she gazed up at me with a devious smile and asked “Got anything left babe?   I’d like one more ‘good fuckin’ before we go.”   I smiled as I looked at her in disbelief, but figured I might be able to keep it up long enough to get her off again so replied “Turn around and roll over doll.”   With that same school girl giggle she twisted around and lay on her tummy, her legs hanging out of the truck, her wondrous ass and slit ready for whatever I might offer her.   I stepped up between her legs and stroked my cock up and down to get the semi hardened mass to cooperate as I pushed it to her snatch again, I could feel her hand working on her clit from beneath and grinned with satisfaction.   Her channel was still sopping wet and my broad cock slipped in all be it easily, my balls slapping against her mound as I bottomed out with my rod nestled deep in her womb.   I found a rhythm that seemed to work and began stroking her fully, the head would just about leave her snatch and then slip back in to the hilt with a slap; my own excitement again built and I was fully hard again which seemed to get her revved up a bit and her juices began to flow in earnest, squishing out with each plunge.   My thrusts got harder as I heard her moans turn to pants and felt her ass as it bucked against my hips with each penetration.   My fingers began working on her tight sphincter muscle to hopefully increase her excitement, and man did it, her ass pushed against my fingers hard, and with all of the juices flowing her anus was ready to take me in as she panted out a demanding cry “fuck me in the ass Jer….” Her words falling off as I shoved my bulbous head into her ass.   I was so slicked up that even though it was tight as hell I managed to ram about half of it in on the first push.   She flooded my legs as her squirting again took force over her body.   This mess was going to be hell to clean up, but it would be worth it.


I found the same pounding rhythm as I had used on her snatch worked well in her rear door as well and managed to push in and out well in time with her yelping gasps of orgasm.   Within a few strokes she was filled with all of my manly meat and loving it, her muscles gripped at me tightly and brought me to the brink of another load of my own.   I panted out to her “I’m gonna cum again baby, ohhh yeah…..yes!” just before my cock exploded the first stream of my jism into her ass.   I shoved my entire tool into her and quivered out another stream, though not nearly as ample as the first and then my cock trembled at the strain as it drained yet another rope deep inside her.   She lay there taking it all in, loving the feeling of being filled I’m guessing as her sphincter muscle gripped at my member to draw it in and hold it there.   I was still standing there quaking as our orgasms ebbed, my cock still inside her now only somewhat tight ass, waiting for the strength to pull it out and walk around the truck to sit down when from her prone face down position on the seat she whimpered “Got any more babe? I want it all.”   I shook off the urge to laugh aloud and pulled my now flaccid tool from her ass with a pop.   I slapped her on the butt and replied “You have to be kidding.   What has gotten into you Vic?”


She rolled over and looked up at me, eyeing my somewhat soft diminished tool and then back up at my eyes.   A smile came across her face that seemed strangely soft considering the events that had led up to it.   Her hand rose up and I took it into mine as she spoke up and replied “Happy Birthday, a week early doll.”


We both redressed and I drove her back to her car in the campground parking area with only the looks of sated desire between us.   As I pulled up beside her car I turned and took her neck into my hand, pulled her to me and kissed her fully on the lips with a whisper of “thank you doll, that’s the nicest present I’ve ever gotten” into her ear as our lips parted. I chuckled softly and again whispered to her “My birthday isn’t next week doll, it isn’t until the twelfth, so you delivered your gift two weeks early, but it was wonderful.”   She looked at me with a quizzical expression and said “Well, I guess I’ll have to get you another gift then baby when the real day comes.   Maybe Brittany would like to join in on the party next time” with a lighthearted chuckle.   Another peck on the cheek and she got out and drove away. I await the phone call as my birthday approaches with zeal, ready for whatever gifts the two of them may have to offer.


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