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Fun at work

Based on a true story of fun I had in the office

'Hi how you going my name is Christy and I have been sent from the temp agency to work with you for a couple of weeks' I said to the tall attractive gay man behind the reception desk.

'Hiya' he replied 'my name is Darren and you will be working closely with me so let me show you around the department and introduce you to everyone'.

I followed Darren around while he showed me what's what and started introducing me to various staff members. Everyone was really nice and friendly which was great, I was looking forward to working here. Finally we came down stairs to the last office and went inside, Darren introduced me to Joanne a PA and a guy named Jared who both shared that office. Damn Jared was good looking, olive skin, brown eyes and black hair. We exchanged hellos and Darren and I left the office. I could feel Jareds's eyes burning into my back as I walked out of the room.

I thought about Jared as I went back upstairs with Darren. I wonder if he was single? I wonder what turns him on? I wonder what he tastes like? I wonder what it would be like to fuck him?

My train of thought was interrupted by Darren telling me we had work to do.  We started doing idle boring bits like filing and things and chatted about this and that while we did it. It wasn't long until we ran out of the documents we were filing and Darren asked me to go down stairs to get another 50 copies.

'Where's the photocopier' I ask. 'Its down in the office where Joanne and Jared sit' says Darren. My heart skips a beat, 'Sure no problem I will be back in a minute' I go downstairs and find myself at the photocopier ignoring Jared, back to him. Again I can feel him staring at me. I turn around slowly and sure enough he is watching me. I smile. He smiles back.

'So did you have a good weekend?' he asks, 'yeah not bad. you?' Somehow the conversation turns to going out, drinking and drugs. We are both chatting and laughing like old friends when I realise the photocopier has jammed. 'Crap' I turn around. I pull the draw out and close it again, nothing happens. I feel Jared standing right behind me, his breath almost on my neck, I can smell his aftershave, I turn my head slightly and realise Joanne is no longer in the office. My breath catches in my throat and I can feel my heart pounding through my chest. 'Here let me help you' He reaches past me, brushing me ever so slightly, opens a different draw and pulls the jammed piece of paper from the machine, the noise of copying resumes.

Jared goes back to his desk and sits down. I turn around and face him and smile, I think I am blushing, he has a smug look on his face. I look past him and see a picture of a child about 2 years old on his wall. Shit I think, I look at his hands searching for a ring, his hands are huge, I imagine them on me, sliding up my shirt and grabbing my breasts, running down my back and lifting up my skirt, pushing my underwear to one side and sliding his finger over my clit then pushing deep inside me.

I snap back to reality, he is watching me watching him. The lust in my eyes must have been obvious, embarrassed I say a quick goodbye, grab the documents and leave the office, I feel giddy and light headed as I walk up the stairs.

Over the next few days we continue to chat and realise we have alot in common. I find out that he has a 3 years old son and is not single. Fuck I think that's that then I wont pursue this but I won't turn him away if he comes after me. But he goes on to tell me he has had affairs in the past. I'm not sure how to take that comment so I just laugh.

My temp contract gets extended for a new position and I get moved into Jared's and Joanne's office where he will be teaching me the new job. We now both have company email addresses. Sure enough the emails start and fly back and forth across the office, they quickly turn sexual. He sends me emails like 'I cant wait to bend you over my desk, fill you with my cock and fuck you so hard till you scream' then watches my reaction as I open them and squirm in my chair squeezing my legs together trying to give some relief to my aching pussy, thinking about how good it will feel to be fucked by him. We both want the same thing and you can cut the sexual tension in the air with a knife.

He comes over to my desk to see how I am getting on and puts his hands on the back of my neck and shoulders, I feel him lean over, his face close to mine, I turn to face him slightly, our lips only centimetres from each other, I feel his breath on my cheek. He stands back up and goes back to his desk.

The atmosphere is so intense I'm sure Joanne has noticed but is not saying anything. I go and sit at Jared's desk and he starts to explain the computer system to me. I try and concentrate but its too hard. I feel his hand on my leg, it makes me jump a little but feels good, he runs his hand slowly half way up my thigh testing me, seeing how far I will let him go, then rests his hand on my knee. I am so wet and so horny I cant think about anything else. He stands up to adjust himself and I see his erection, he sees me looking and makes no attempt to hind it, its big, just like I thought and I have to smile. He sits back down next to me and I turn to face him.

Joanne comes back in the office saying she is off to lunch and will be back in an hour. We both smile and tell her to have a nice lunch. My legs involuntarily part and he leans forward sliding his hand all the way up my skirt this time. He reaches my panties and presses on my clit through the fabric. I am soaking wet, he can feel my heat and wetness and smiles at me, looking me straight in the eyes, saying nothing. My body tightens and I start breathing heavier,  I am going to cum, I lean back pushing myself onto his fingers harder..... just a few more seconds....... He stops and takes his hand away and puts his finger tips in his mouth. 'Mmmm you taste so sweet'.  What the fuck! I am going to scream. I get up and go back to my desk, legs shaking slightly, annoyed that I am left hanging but so aroused. I think about going to the bathroom and finishing myself off but decide against it as I am curious as to what else might be in store for the rest of the day.

The afternoon wears on and an email is sent around about after work drinks. I'm up, as are a few others. I hear him call his partner, saying he will be home a bit later. I smile to myself as his confirmation email flashes up on my screen. Five o'clock rolls around and we all end up in the bar downstairs from work. 3 drinks down and his hand is up my skirt again pressing on the wet material of my panties, mine is rubbing his cock through his trousers under the table. We both make our excuses and leave making our way back upstairs to the office.

I excuse myself to the bathroom and after find him sitting on his chair in the office in the dark. I lock the door and walk over to him. I stand over him and he looks up at me and finally our lips meet. It is better than I imagined. Gently at first we kiss, our tongues dancing together darting in and out of each others mouths. We kiss harder and more passionately, I start to unbutton his shirt and he stands up pulling my shirt up and over my head as he does, breaking our kiss for that split second. With a flick he undoes my bra and I shake it off my arm. We are both topless and he pulls me close to him, 2 naked bodies touching each other for the first time, its so sensual and I feel myself getting more and more turned on. I run my hands over his beautiful smooth back and I feel his hands drop to grab my arse.

He guides me backwards and I feel the edge of the desk under my arse. I push myself up onto it and open my legs wider, my pussy is aching for him to lick it, touch it, fuck it. Jared steps between them and leans over me, I lean back slightly pushing over an in-tray of work as I do so and we both laugh. I put my hand on his cock and he moves his mouth and hands to my breasts, licking, nibbling, sucking, kneading. I slide my hand up till I find his belt and undo it, popping his trousers button open at the same time, they fall to the floor, my skirt is hitched up to my waist and he looks down at my lace panties. Reaching down he pulls them off in one swift movement and drops them on the floor. I am exposed, I want him to see me in all my glory, I want him to get so turned on by the sight of my wet pussy that he wants to fuck my brains out.

He runs a finger over my smooth pussy and over my clit and pushes his finger in just a little bit and stops, I shudder, I watch him lustfully looking at it and he pushes his finger in just a little more, I arch my back and lay back closing my eyes. I feel Jared's warm mouth on me. His mouth and tongue are circling and sucking on my clit and running up and down my slit, he is fucking me with 2 of  fingers, rubbing them against my g spot, I am in heaven, I feel myself getting close to cumming, I start moaning, I feel my pussy tightening on his fingers, oh my god, this is it, finally.......

He stops. AGAIN! what the fuck!!!!! I sit bolt upright and he stands up smiling, I am furious. I yank down his boxer shorts and his big cock springs out. 2 can play at that game I think and grab his cock, it is oozing pre cum. I lick a little off the head. It is sour. Not unpleasant. I go back for more this time licking up the whole shaft. I look up, he is looking down at me smiling. I take him in my mouth, struggling to fit him all in cause he is so big. I run my tongue up and down and plunge him into my mouth over and over again. With one hand I stroke his balls and base of his cock and with the other i grab his firm arse and pull him into me.

He grabs my hair hard and starts thrusting his cock in my face harder and I know he must be about to cum. I stop sucking his cock and let it pop out of my mouth and lean back on the desk grinning at him like an idiot, i bend my knees up and put my feet on the desk, his cock his rubbing against my pussy and I push forward into him a bit. He looks down at me knowing I was getting him back for all the teasing from today. He rubs the head of his cock back and forth across my clit putting the head just in me then taking it out.  He then starts slapping his cock on my clit, the vibrations and feeling is fucking amazing, then I feel him slam into me. Fuck, he is so big and fills me up. I feel like I am being split in two. I stop him and turn around, my arse in the air. I sink low on the desk and feel his cock pushing into me over and over again. It is fucking amazing I cant remember the last time I have been fucked like this, I imagine what it would be like watching us fuck, all the grinding and thrusting,  I feel myself getting close again and he stops and pulls me down onto the floor.

I climb on top of him and his cock finds my pussy straight away, gliding through the wetness and heat. I put two fingers on my clit and rub it gently and start to fuck him. He looks down and the sight of me rubbing my pussy while fucking him is too much for him. He grabs my hips and pulls me deeper and deeper into him with every thrust, he is pushing so hard I can feel him up in my stomach, i start to moan, he grunts and pants, I can feel his cock twitching and my pussy tightening, building and building, thrusting, hot sweaty.....finally.......aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.... the most intense orgasm rips through me and I cover my mouth the muffle the noise. Jared cry' s out and I feel his hot cum shoot up in me.

I collapse on him in a sweaty heap. We are both tired and breathing heavily, I can feel his cock still pulsating in my pussy and my muscles still squeezing every last drop of cum from him. He lifts my face to his and kisses my gently I can taste myself oh his lips. 'I have been waiting for that all day you bastard' I say to him. He grins 'yeah but it was worth all the teasing wasn't it?'

Who said work couldn't be fun!



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