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Fun on a lazy afternoon

Sex should be fun
When I hear your car in the driveway, I come to the door to greet you, as I always do. Today something is wrong, you're moving slow and carefully like you are in a great deal of pain.

“What's wrong?” I ask, “What did you do?”

You just look at me and shake your head.

“Yeah, ok, so I ask a lot of stupid questions.” I said, “but that's only because I failed the home study course in mind reading.”

You reply, “I was helping a friend move yesterday. I twisted wrong and hurt my back and my shoulder.”

“Oh hon, I'm so sorry. Come in, sit down, let me get you something to drink and I'll run you a hot bath.” I say.

I had contemplated making it a bath for two, but with the amount of pain you are in, I thought I better back it up a notch or two, at least until you are feeling better. After you have settled into the tub, I throw a couple of towels in the dryer to get them nice and warm for you. Then hurry down the hall to wash your back.

“You want to join me sexy?” you ask as you reach out to grab me.

I laugh and back away saying “No, not this time sweetheart, I just want you to relax and feel better. I plan on giving you a good massage after your bath, so don't be taking too long in there.”

I leave and return with the towels, to find you standing in front of the mirror, admiring your manhood as it starts to come to life; it's such a gentleman, it always stands when I come into the room. I wrap a warm towel around your shoulders and give you one to dry with. I am tempted to grab your cock and massage it, but I fight off the urge, I know you're in pain.

Concerned I tell you, “When you're ready hon, come in the bedroom, everything is set up for you.”

I go ahead and strip off my clothes. I know you like it when I am nude, giving you a massage. You come in and wrap your arms around me, and start to nibble on my ear, whispering pretty love words as you do. I pull away and point to the bed. You lay down on your stomach and I grab the heating oil and start rubbing your sore shoulder, I hear you groaning, I”m not sure if I'm hurting you or if you're really enjoying this. Working my way down your back I feel the muscles loosening and relaxing, and I hear you sighing. It must be feeling better. I go down to your feet and taking the oil, I liberally soak them. I start rubbing at your feet working my way up your leg.

“Spread your legs sweetie, let me get at your inner thigh muscles.”

I hear you laugh and say “No, you want them spread, you have to force them apart.”

Alright then, now I know you're feeling better, you want to play hard to get. I slap your ass hard and I watch you jump.

“Ouch, damn it Woman that hurt.” you growl.

“It worked too, didn't it, you spread your legs.” I laughed.

I rub up your leg and just below the bubble of your butt, I stop, and run my nails down the inside of your thigh to your knees. I watch as you shiver. I do the same to the other leg, watching as your body shudders. Liking that, I get an idea. Two can play your game. I crawl up your body and sit on your legs holding you down.

I tell you , “I don't want you thinking you can run away now.”

I lean over, rubbing the small of your back. I start to nibble on your cheeks; I know you like it. Hearing your soft moans into the pillow your clutching tells me that you're enjoying this game. I gently rake my nails down your torso to your ass cheeks and suddenly spread them apart. I watch your light brown star winking at me, and giggle. Squeezing the muscles in your ass, I lean down and kiss the star and feel you jump, I stick out my tongue and trace around it. The sharp intake of breath tells me that I have done something you enjoy. You're trying to raise your hips up so my tongue is forced inside you. I don't think I'm quite that brave yet.

“You about ready to turn over and let me do the front of your shoulders?” I ask.

“No” you say “But if I don't you will probably beat me half to death.”

“Cheeky little bugger ain't ya?” I ask you.

I spank your ass again and hear you grumbling as you roll over. I start rubbing at your feet again. I hear your chuckles; you're trying hard not to laugh as I tickle your toes. I get up on the bed again and sit on your lower legs, and massage your thighs, oh those tight sexy thighs. Of course, I have to take a break at your midsection, to pay homage to that beautiful cock. It's rising in the sunlight that is streaming in the window. I grasp it to massage it good. At least until I have you squirming and moaning

“Stop. I want this to last; it feels too good.” you say.

I continue up your torso until I reach those sore shoulders - you know - where I love to lay my head. Gently working the pain away. Wait, I see a couple of soft lips that need a massage too. Mm they are soft and moist and oh so kissable. I bring my lips to yours to gently caress over them, just a soft friendly kiss. My tongue sneaks out. I surprise you by tracing the shape of your lips with just the tip, then I shock you by plunging my tongue between them and exploring the inner cavity. Your tongue, of course, is putting up a fight and trying to dominate mine.

I cuss at you a little in jest, as I straddle you , “I cant believe you're playing so damn hard to get. Making me work so hard to take your mind off of your pain. I don't want to be chasing you around the house to finish this massage.” .

My pussy is doing all she can to help, making sure you are aware that she is here too. I spread her out over your cock, so it's blanketed by my fat lips As I'm massaging your shoulders, the back and forth movements of my upper body have me sliding over your shaft keeping it strong and straight. Making you oh so wet with the juices that are starting to run from her, naughty girl that she is. I just cant seem to control her drooling. I may have to do something to remedy this situation soon. She is starting to tingle so much.

I feel my clit throbbing against your cock and my mind wanders. I'm not able to concentrate on your shoulders anymore, my hands pick your unwilling ones up and place them on my nipples, forcing your fingers to squeeze them.

“For some strange reason, honey, your breathing is becoming erratic, are you still in pain?" I ask.

Listening to your mumbled reply, I ask, “What's that you say? Your cock is feeling strange and swollen and the sunlight is hurting its only eye? Say what? You think its allergic to the sun? The light is making it water? Oh my oh my, do you want me to close the drapes? You have a plan you say? Tell me what it is so I can help you. Whats that? You want to put it where? Inside my pussy? Well maybe that would work.” I chuckle as I make up what I think you're saying to me.

I rise to a squatting position, and I watch you grasping your cock and...

“Wait!” I yelp, “No don't choke it! That won't stop it from watering.”

You rub its sloppy wet eye over my slit trying to bury it inside me fast, you must really be in.....

“Oh fuck,” I groan, “ Yes that feels so good, inside me.”

You grab me now and growl at me, “Alright little lady, playtime is over. Time for some serious fucking.”

You push your cock deep into me, making me gasp as your big head pushes the walls of my pussy apart, stretching me wide and filling me so full. I hear your moans as my pussy clenches around you making it so tight inside. Your cock is trying hard to escape the cavern you buried it in. It's pulling out and you push your hips up and thrust it back in. It seems to be playing a game of its own as my pussy clenches harder trying to hold it inside me. I feel your arms going around me and holding me tight...

“Wait a minute!” I ask, “What did you do, how did I end up on the bottom of this pile?”

Something must have worked right, now I see you're smiling or is that a grimace? Holy fuck. Your cock is pounding in and out of my wet pussy. You're making me feel so good, I am tingling from head to toe. My pussy is convulsing hard around you. The orgasm starts in my head, I hear a buzzing in my ears and my heart is racing. My back is arching.

“Oh Fuck Me .” I hear someone say and it sounded like me.

Wave after wave ripples through me and into my cunt, over your cock. The pleasure is unbelievable, my pussy pulsating around your shaft. I feel you thrusting harder. I know you're close. Your eyes are closed, your head is thrown back, and you're grunting with each inward plunge. I feel you twitching and throbbing. The head is growing. Then I hear you growl one last time, as I feel the first rope of your thick hot cum hit the walls of my pussy.

“Oh fuck I'm gonna cum again baby.” I moan as my pussy releases another river of cum.

My pussy spasms over and over again, I feel the cum running down the side of my pussy over your balls and down my ass. You kiss me hard and passionately, wrapping your arms around me and holding me close as we both gasp for breath.

You roll off of me and lay beside me, pulling me to you. We gaze at each other for a moment and smile - kind of an evil grin I think - your lips lock onto mine as you start to tickle...

“Pay back is a bitch.” you say.

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