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Getting To Know Your Teammates

Team USA teammates get to know each other better before the games.
“This was one of the best parties before London,” said the tall, tanned, muscular man wearing a Team USA swimming t-shirt covering only part of his wing like arms.

“Yea did you see all the cute little gymnasts checking you out?” the shorter, tanned, muscular man walking beside him questioned.

“You sure they were just checking me out, I think they were looking you over pretty good too, man.”

The two young athletes chatted about the girls and that the upcoming games were going to be fun, this time around. As they walked toward the elevators they were being watched by a pixie like, teenager; that could rival them in the muscle department.

She wore the long skirt and a tight fitting top her Mother purchased for her senior prom last year. She felt sexy and adult wearing the revealing outfit. At her age and libido she was after her prey like a lioness stalking a gazelle. The pixie followed the two much taller men to the elevator hanging back just slightly to not let them know she was on the prowl.

The two swimmers waited for the elevator as the pixie approached; she was so small compared to them. They noticed the little sprite and turned to look down at her, she smiled up at them.

“Hi, how did you like the party? I thought it was sorta over the top and a bit boring,” she beamed at them knowing they could see down top.

“Well it was better than the last one, but it still, yea, a bit boring. Where are you heading?”

“Oh I thought I would go up and change into my suit and go for a swim. You boys wouldn’t want to join me and maybe teach me a few strokes,” just flirting like this was making her feel warm and tingly. She hoped and prayed that she was not being too obvious and that they would play along.

“Well, Mike, how does that sound to you?” Ryan winked to his friend.

“Sounds like a good plan to me,” Mike answered while looking to the little tumbler.

The elevator door opened, Mike and Ryan waited for the pixie to enter and both looked over her tight, toned butt. Ryan pushed the button for the sixth floor as she said she was also staying on the sixth floor. The trio chatted while the elevator moved between the floors.

The doors opened to the sixth floor and the three departed. Jo told the boys she was just a few doors from the elevator and as it was they were staying right across the hallway. The boys offered for her to stop by their room and hang out. Jo agreed to join them, but wanted to change clothes first. She stated that she wanted out of the constricting top and to get more comfy, both boys frowned at that and gave little awes. They all were laughing as they entered their rooms.

Jo walked into her room thinking about what to wear: slutty, flirty, playful or relaxed; she needed to decide fast. As she looked over her suitcase she pondered her options: a few sexy bras and panties, tight t-shirts, lace stockings, form fitting jeans, revealing nighties and some plain comfortable clothes and jammies.

“What the hell should I wear, what would turn them on?” she asked her suitcase and the empty room. She then smiled having decided to go casual and relaxed on the outside; but total slut underneath.

Jo quickly changed into her lace stockings and panties, a demi-cup bra and covered them with a red gymnastics t-shirt and a pair of red pj pants with a ribbon drawstring. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror her black hair fell long down her back standing out over the red shirt and her small breast pushed up larger due to the bra; her butt was covered by the pants, but she knew that they had seen her tight butt earlier. Jo was ready to seduce them and giggled thinking ‘wow I could have two of them; this is going to be a great night.’ She hurried out of her room and across the hallway.

“Damn man we need to get this place cleaned up a bit, this place is a mess, if we are going to entertain Jo,” Ryan stated picking up some of his clothes off the floor.

“She is hot, so what is the plan man? Are we just gonna play with her or what?” Mike asked grinning from ear to ear. He was hoping Ryan would want to do both.

“Yea she is hot, did you see her ass and she was flirting up a storm. Do you think she is going to want us both or just one? I can’t compete with you in the pool, but with girls… that is where I take the gold,” Ryan smiled as he threw some jeans at Mike and laughed.

They laughed and planned as they cleaned there room, deciding to let Jo make the moves, they agreed that they would not ‘fight’ over her. They were both thinking it would be great if she did want them together. Mike and Ryan had been with the same girl a few times, but not one that they both liked. They talked and laughed a little about what they would like to see happen between the three knowing that everything was fantasy. They were changed and the room a manageable mess when there was a knock on their door.

Mike was closest to the door so he answered to see Jo in her relaxed outfit. His first thought was she looked even hotter in a t-shirt and loose pants.

“Come on in, the mess is all Ryan’s fault,” Mike commented with a slight smile and a wink. Jo laughed and smiled up at him.

“Yea, sure blame me for your shit,” Ryan replied as he smiled and threw a shoe at Mike.

Jo was all smiles as she took both boys in; Mike was still wearing his swimming t-shirt, but was in a pair of tight blue jeans. Ryan had changed into a loose white t-shirt and a pair of long, baggy shorts. Jo thought that they both looked very sexy, she wanted them out of their clothes, but that could wait.

“Want to order something from room service, they have a great menu here,” Ryan asked as he looked over the menu.

“Sure what did you have in mind,” Jo asked as she walked over to Ryan and looked over his shoulder at the menu.

They decided to order some fruit, veggies and some soda. They were athletes and needed to be in shape for the games, so they could not indulge in some of the items. They laughed and joked about what the really wanted to order until there was a knock.

Ryan stood slowly and retrieved their order. The trio sat on the floor and continued to talk about their lives while they ate. They talked about home, family, and friends and of course the upcoming games. Mike excused himself and left Ryan and Jo chatting.

“So what would your coach say if she knew you were in our room all alone?” Mike asked Jo with a little smile and laugh.

“She would be pissed if she knew I was here and probably leave me here and replace me with one of the alternates. Let’s hope she never finds out,” Jo replied with a wink.

Jo tried to stand to stretch her legs, but lost her balance. Mike was fast and caught her by the waist with his long, strong arms. Jo smiled and blushed slightly as he pulled her close.

“I could wrap my arms around you twice you are so small,” he said as he held her in his lap.

Jo felt so safe curled up on his lap feeling his strong arms holding her tight to his chest. She could feel that he enjoyed her there too by the slightly poke she felt against her cheeks. She definitely liked her current situation, she was starting to tingle and tighten below. Jo looked up at Mike and met is sparkling eyes. Jo sighed and felt lost in his gaze wanting to close the gap and feel his lips.

Mike saw the pixie so small curled in his arms and wanted nothing more but to kiss her beautiful lips. He lowered his head closer to her hearing her sigh just as his lips met hers. He kissed her lightly, slowly opening his mouth inviting her to open up for him. As their lips embraced Mike felt her open to him, her small arms reaching up his chest as she moved closer to him. He could sense her heat radiating toward him and mix with his energy. Their tongues met and his world crashed around him and left him with only this tiny girl in his arms, his desire growing out of control.

Jo leaned further into his kiss and followed his lead to touch her tongue to his. Her eyes closed and just her senses aiding her movements, she smelled him, his remaining cologne and under that him. He smelled musky and warm; she inhaled him deeply relaxing into his arms and lips.

They kissed for what seemed like hours, but were soon brought out of their created world at hearing a clearing throat. Ryan was standing in the entryway with a grin and glint in his eye. Ryan wanted to join them to be in their world, to feel the heat they were producing. He was growing long and hard just admiring their passionate embrace.

“Sorry didn’t mean to interrupt, but I do hate to miss the fun. If you two want to be alone I can find somewhere else to be,” Ryan said and slightly dropped his gaze, he hoped that they didn’t ask him to leave.

Jo looked to Mike and smiled; she wanted Ryan to stay and was looking to Mike to see his reaction. Mike grinned and winked also desiring for Ryan to stay. She rose up from his lap and walked toward Ryan, he looked so dejected and she felt his pain flowing from him. Jo hooked her finger under his chin and raised his eyes to hers; she smiled lovingly conveying her desires to him.

Ryan saw her desire for him to stay in her eyes; he lit up and picked her up in his arms kissing her forcefully and passionately. She held close to him her legs hugging his waist pushing his hardness into her. She moved her hips crushing into him making her lower body tighten and a gasp pass into their kiss.

Mike watched them hold each other and kiss rubbing his erection through his jeans. He wanted to let him loose and feel skin contact, he loosened the buttons of his jeans and felt his manhood pulsing against his hand. Mike rose removing his jeans and proceeded toward the embracing couple. He trailed his fingertips down Jo’s back to her tight ass, he grabbed a handful of cheek and squeezed. Hearing her gasp sent chills down his spine, he kissed her neck.

Jo felt Mike cupping and squeezing her ass increasing her arousal and desire to get out of her clothes. She wanted to feel their hands upon her skin and their hardness inside her. Just from her thoughts and the feeling of being sandwiched between the two strong men her head fell back as she moaned, her body twitched from the rush of endorphins through her veins. Her panties were soaked, as she flushed with extreme lust.

Ryan felt her legs grip his waist as she ground into him. ‘Damn she wants a good fuck,’ Ryan thought with a devilish grin. Ryan looked to Mike and nodded, the two men sharing a single thought, ‘This going to be one hot night.’

Mike placed his hand at the base of Jo’s neck like you would an infant with his other arm going to her waist. Mike cradled her light, small frame in his arms; he gently laid the petite girl on the middle of the bed. He looked to her eyes seeing her still in the throes of her orgasm. Mike lifted her up pulling her shirt over her head revealing her upper body. He saw the revealing bra and swiftly unhooked it freeing her tiny tits, her nipples rock hard from the orgasm. He felt drawn to them, needing to lick, pinch and pull them with his fingers and teeth. Mike pushed the thoughts back, his hunger for her naked body growing into a ravenous rage. He lowered her head to the pillow and captured her breast massaging his fingers around then pinching her nipple. Mike placed a hand on her stomach holding her down as she bucked her hips his fingers moving to graze the top of her pants.

Jo still feeling the euphoria tingled as her shirt and bra were removed, her skin over sensitive. As his fingers pushed into her breast she tightened and thrust her hips only to be held by his strong hand. She groaned her agony as his fingers teased the tops of her pants; Jo wiggled trying to get them off.

Ryan watched as Mike did his best to entice and elicit strong emotions from Jo, he groped his hard penis waiting to see where Mike would leave off and he could play. Ryan enjoyed the show, his cock glistening with precum. He touched Mike on the shoulder reminding him that he was there letting him know that he yearned to touch her.

Mike looked to Ryan smiled and moved to allow the other man to enjoy her intensity. He moved closer to Jo’s head, caressing her cheek as she pushed against his hand. Mike ran his fingers through her hair moving strands from her face revealing her gorgeous looks; her eyes closed, her small nose and her luscious lips. He looked down her body taking in her small, built frame. He lowered his lips to her nipple licking just the tip before devouring her entire breast. Her tits were so small he could take the whole body part in his mouth, his tongue playing with her, feeling her nipple harden for him. He heard her moan and rise arching her back forcing her farther into his mouth.

Ryan straddled her legs holding them firmly between his knees as he kissed her abs. He licked her skin tasting the salt, sweat and her lust; her skin was sweet and sexy all at once. He moved his lips and tongue lower to her waistband then under tasting skin he could not see. He used his teeth to pull the fabric from her body feeling the radiating heat from her and the sweet aroma of her moistened nether region. Ryan’s senses were in overdrive as he pulled with teeth and hands removing her pants and showing her stocking clad legs and damp silken panties. Looking up her body he soaked up her nearly naked form, he tickled up her stockings deciding if he would remove them or leave them in place. As he reached her thigh and the tops of her stocking he chose to leave her in just the stockings, he longed to feel the soft nylon caressing his back.

Mike watched as Ryan displayed Jo’s panties while still teasing her breasts. He ran his fingers lower to her belly writing letters on her skin, he reached the band of her panties and slowly slid his long finger underneath. Jo thrust her hips forward only to be held in place yet again. Mike took his time introducing finger after finger until his hand was palm deep in her panties, he could feel the smooth skin under his tips as he slid his hand toward her slit.

Jo’s mind was lost in the passion of their every move; she felt every touch, every caress by their hands, tongues and mouths. She was under the spell of them and the rush of pleasure. Knowing that she was naked before them her body flushed and warmed anticipating their every move wanting more and more of this intense arousal.

Ryan lowered his face to her wet panties and took in a deep breathe filling his nostrils with her scent, her fragrance awakening an animal deep inside him. He pulsed with hunger for her, to feel himself filling her and making her cry out for him. Ryan burned with the desire of a thousand fires; he stiffened and hardened as he reached for her panties.

As Mike swept his fingertips over her hairless groin he heard her gasp and her breathing stop short. He continued to massage just above her clit, teasing her and listening to her breath in short, shallow pants. Mike loved to hear a woman’s desires in just her breath. Her panting spurring him to progress further, his first graze of her wet clit brought a shutter to Jo. He felt her tense and relax under his touch, her head drawn back and her mouth opened as she wailed out another orgasm.

Jo felt the pressure building as the fingers in her panties moved lower to her deprived pussy. She craved his touch as he lightly nudged her clit tossing her over the edge. Her body convulsed, her blood stopped with her breath, all her neurons firing at once and every muscle contracting. Jo felt her body demanding to be filled and pleased as only they could; she pleaded and begged with her body.

The animalistic drive took Ryan over as he felt his fingers around the saturated cloth of her panties. As he tore the cloth he heard a quick gasp and saw her body dance and her back arch. This site engorged him with adrenaline, her overwhelming bouquet drawing him in like a sirens song. He lifted and spread her knees high and wide opening her fully to him.

The quick rush of cool air on her damp slit caused Jo to writhe grinding teasing fingers hard on her clit. She spasmed from the tearing off of her panties and the manipulation of her clit, she had no thoughts of what was happening but for wanting more.

Mike watched as Ryan tore her panties off and put her in a position to enter her slit. He felt a pull toward her lips, to feel her excitement and pleasure pour into him as Ryan entered her. He closed his lips over hers jamming his tongue into her mouth almost as Ryan entered her, she moaned long and heavy against his mouth. Mike held her head tight to his as he drove his tongue and urges down her throat.

Ryan positioned his head at her entrance circling and teasing the moist hole adding his precum to her emissions. He groaned wanting to shove his length fast and hard in her, but also wishing to savor this moment. Ryan teased her with his head as he watched Mike manhandle her breast, nipple and clit, seeing her body respond. He slowly pushed his head fully inside her as her walls collapsed around him he almost lost it; he wanted to take her hard. He resisted the urge to be rough and slowly pushed himself into her tight, warm cavern; hearing her muffled moans prodding him to push harder. Her muscles tightened along his shaft pulling him deeper, he struggled to move slowly so he would not lose it as fast. The feeling of him engorging, filling the small space, launched the dominoes toward his explosion; he rammed hard into her groaning. Ryan picked up his pace needing to feel her flow around him; he took long strokes slowly back and returning fast and deep. His breath coming in pants as he built pressure in himself and feeling her constricting around him, he held his ground and kept his pace; waiting on her.

She felt his hands on her knees moving her legs spreading them wide for him, while other hands and teeth kept her reeling and on the cusp toying with her breast. Jo felt the graze of his head teasing with entering her, then the press of a hard kiss as he entered her. She moaned from both men; Ryan entering her, filling her and Mike’s passionate kiss. Jo felt the world sliding away and narrowing to just the two men and their actions, she was lost in them. With the increasing pace, depth and pressure Ryan was causing Jo was nearing the point of no return; Mike’s kiss and torture of her breast forcing her to climax. She groaned into the tongue trying to lick her throat as she let herself fall into the abyss of orgasm. Jo felt the abyss envelope her, taking her deeper down towards the bottom; crashing against the ground her body released as she coated her insides and clamped down hard on the shaft invading her. She felt him pulse, heard him groan and plunge deeper and tighter to her body; a moan vibrated her tongue, but was not from her.

Ryan felt her walls narrow and crush down upon him as she flooded with the warm, wetness he was striving for, he almost let loose inside her; but stopped. He groaned at the pain and pressure that she was inflicting on him, he pulled slowly back against her feeling every bite she clamped down with; he wanted to stay. As he neared the end he pushed back in quick, then pulled out fully only to hear another muffled groan. He put his fingers inside and felt her squeeze them tightly; Jo groaned loudly as Mike released her lips and moved to replace Ryan.

Mike took over where Ryan was, but he had no inclination to be gentle, he had been denied much and wanted to make up lost time. Mike pounded hard and fast into her tight space and felt her arch to take him deeper. He desired to be give her the depth she wanted so he pulled fast out of her, grabbed her hips and flipped her over onto her knees. Mike watched as Ryan held her arms above her head as he pushed hard into her, hearing Jo moaning and feeling her warm and tight around him Mike pummeled her. He continued his fast and hard pace until she was wiggling and pushing back toward him fucking him as he did to her. He was close to exploding when he pushed one last time hard and felt her convulse and had to hold her hips to keep her from collapsing.

As Ryan moved toward Jo’s head he was still hard and wanted to feel her around him, when Mike flipped her over he had his chance. He held her arms and placed her head in his lap, he rubbed himself along her lips until she opened them taking him in her warm mouth. He was so close to cuming that he almost let go from the first touch of her tongue. Ryan pushed in deeper and felt her throat grasp his head, he pushed through that barrier and into her throat. Jo gagged slightly, but relaxed as he pushed farther; he could hold it no longer and filled her throat.

Jo whimpered as Mikes lips left hers and her eyes opened to see them move, she smiled to see Ryan above her. Ryan kissed her quickly then Mike entered her hard, she gasped and moaned; he was long, hard and forceful. In her heightened state the force took her to the brink again; but as he pulled out she frowned and whimpered for him again. His hands were fast as he flipped her over and raised her to her knees, her face in the blankets. Her arms were being held above her head, and then she felt Ryan move her arms around his waist. He moved her head into his lap and felt his head brushing her lips; she wanted to taste him, to taste her on him. She opened for him and he entered her mouth pushing slowly to the back of her throat, she gagged a little then relaxed. Her tongue moved fast to lick him and tease him further down her throat, the filling feeling of having both men deep inside was overwhelming. Jo was soon writhing around Mike and sucking what she could of Ryan, she anticipated the rush. As Ryan came deep in her throat she could hold back no longer; with Mike deep in her she relaxed and unloaded on him, her legs gave out and she was held up by Mike’s strong arms.

Mike pulled out just in time to unload along Jo’s back. All three were sweating and breathing heavy. Mike fell on top of Jo, then rolled off to the side; Ryan stayed with Jo’s head in his lap and ran his fingers through her hair. Jo giggled and soon the boys were laughing with her.

“I’d give you both gold medals if I could move. That was wonderful and we so need to do that again,” Jo tried to say without breathing to hard, she failed.

“Yea and just think we have all that free time in London,” Ryan said with a grin.

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