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Good Neighbors Wear Denim

I give a neighbor something her husband cannot.
Thanks in advance if you read this. I appreciate and respond to any
comments. For those of you who vote, thanks. For those of you who do
not, please just click the button. A small ego boost for me sharing a
mostly true story.

I used to hate living in my neighborhood. The houses are too big, the driveways imposing, and the lawns lush and green. It seems nice but the people are stuck up and rude. My wife wanted to live in a big house with room for all the kids she planned on having and a big yard for the dog. She makes a great salary so I stay at home to tend to the house and work on my carpentry. Unfortunately, all we have is a dog. Her ovaries shut down shortly after we moved into the house. She was, of course, sad and disappointed. Adoption was her top choice but I wanted to have kids of my own. This was a source of great contention and the reason our sex life was not great.

In the evening, the houses are like tombs, most having no lights inside,just outdoor spotlights highlighting the landscaping. The neighbors seem to have no sense of what is real. One lady, two houses down, likes to walk her little dog which dressed in designer clothes. This woman is a piece of work. She wears three inch designer heels, some pricey dress, manicure and make-up to the nines just to walk her dog around the block. And she does it with her nose in the air. She is a high maintenance bitch that just needs a good fucking to bring her back down to earth. All the neighbors are like that. Except one.

I first noticed her in August walking her brown lab. I was working in
the garage and she approached my work area. A little over weight but
she seemed pretty. When she smiled, I lost my breath for a second.
Her eyes were dazzling but her smile hypnotized me. She introduced
herself as Heather. She was wearing a plain t-shirt and black sweats
and her hair was drawn up under a baseball hat. Simple make-up. We
exchanged pleasantries and small talk and she went on her way. For the
rest of fall, I would periodically see her walking and she always
stopped to talk to me. I actually looked forward to our little visits
and started to fantasize about her sometimes.

A harsh winter came and our visits stopped. I would find myself looking
out the window to catch a glimpse of her if she by chance happened to
walk that day. I found my thoughts more and more on her. I really
missed our little chats if just to see her smile. Now don't get me
wrong, my wife is beautiful and I love her smile too. But, between
work and PTO and book clubs, she often does not have time for me. We
have sex once in a while but the passion is a lot less than when we
first were married. I guess that's how it goes.

Spring came and I was like a little school boy awaiting the arrival of
Heather. Her appearance would be more welcome than the first robin of
spring. One day, I was repairing the damage the snow plows did to my
mail box and I saw her. Only it was not quite her. She was wearing a
denim mini skirt and a scoop neck t-shirt. Her auburn hair was in
loose curls and flowed from her head past her shoulders. Still with
simple make-up and her dazzling smile but she had lost about 35 pounds
over the winter. I had never seen her legs until now and they were
fantastically shapely. She was about 5'10" and at least half that was
her legs. Her breasts seemed to be enhanced by her weight loss rather
than in some woman who lose some cleavage when they lose weight. At
least a 36 C. Her waist was small giving her an amazing hour glass
figure. The only thing missing was her dog. I had to stand behind the
mailbox to hide my obvious excitement.

She flashed her smile and I felt like a teenager touching his first
boob. She had come over to explain that she was moving but she felt
that I was her only real friend in the neighborhood. She had come over
to say goodbye. Sadness and despair took over my brain and I invited
her inside for some tea. Initially hesitant, she finally agreed.
Something told me I had one chance and I didn't want to miss this

We went inside and I started the water for the tea and grabbed a couple
of mugs. She looked around the kitchen making small talk. It seemed
as if she were a little nervous but I might have imagined that. As I
pour the water into the mugs, she sat at the table and crossed her
legs, showing a brief glimpse of her white panties. I spilled water
and burned my finger. When I groaned "ouch" and put my hand under cold
water, she realized I burned my finger and came over to the sink. She
helped hold my hand under the water and was so close to me, I felt
drunk from her scent. Her blue eyes pierced my soul and I was filled
with desire and lust and I had to have her. She asked if my finger
felt better. I took a chance and told her it needed a kiss. She closed
her eyes as she drew my finger to her mouth and kissed it softly.
Then, she sucked it into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it.

Keeping my finger in her mouth, she tuned her back towards me.
Initially, I wrapped my other hand around her waist and squeezed her
body into me. Even through her denim skirt, she had to feel my
erection grinding into her ass. I moved my hands to her shouders and
moved her hair to one side. I started to kiss her neck and nibble on
her ear. At first she moaned softly but then she stiffened up and
whispered "stop"

I didn't move but stopped kissing her neck. I explained to her, "I have
thought about this all winter. I have dreamed of making love to you
for so many months. I won't do anything you don't want me to do but I
need an explanation. You used to be pretty and I wanted you but now,
you come flaunting your new sexy self and I need you. Your smile
always had me hooked but I want to kiss your lips, I want to taste you,
I want to wrap your legs around me and make love to you."

She took a deep breath and sighed. "Not even my husband has
complimented me as much in all the years we've been married. This body
is because of him. I found out he was cheating last fall and thought
it was my fault. I figured if I got into shape he would notice me
more. He promised he wouldn't cheat anymore but I caught him again
recently. This time it was with his boss' wife so were are being
transferred to another state. I thought I could do this, that you
would do this for me to get revenge back but I don't know if I can go
through with it." She hung her head down and took a couple of deep

"I won't do this to help you get revenge on your husband," I told her.
Her head hung even lower, she started shaking it side to side as if to
acknowledge she made a mistake. She started to turn away but I held
where she was. "I want to make love to you because I am in love with
your smile, because you are a genuine person. I want to make love to
you because I think about you everyday day and dream about you every
night. I want to make love to you because you are sexy and gorgeous
and I would regret not doing so." As I whispered this into her ear, I
pressed my body against hers and ran one hand through her hair and
massaged her scalp while the other reached around and rested on her
breast. She raised her head and I could see a tear running down her
cheek which I kissed away. Both hands on her breasts, kneading them, I
whispered, "You are beautiful and I want to show you how much I desire
you." She responded to my touch and starting to grind her ass into my

I continued to rub her breasts and realized she had no bra on. Her
nipples began to throb and harden and she moaned when I rolled them
through her shirt. Continuing to stimulate her breasts, I moved one
hand down her back and lifted the back of skirt. Rubbing my hand along
her ass, I moved towards her mound and found her panties slightly damp.
I spun her around and kissed her on the lips. Softly initially. I
sucked her upper lip into my mouth then her lower lip. She opened her
mouth and probed my mouth with her tongue. Our tongues engaged in a
passionate tango, swirling, sucking, twisting. I broke the kiss only
long enough to lift her shirt over her head. Her breasts were amazing,
perfect teardrops with the nipples pointing slightly at an angle away
from her body. They were red, full, and throbbing. Her areolas were
raised from her breasts like small stages for her thimble like nipples
to perform. I kissed her deeply and rubbed her nipples between my
fingers and thumb. I moved one hand to the small of her back and
started to take her skirt off. She stopped me and said I could do
whatever I wanted to her but I had to leave her skirt on.

I kissed her neck and worked my way down to her breast. I sucked her
nipple into my mouth and flicked it and swirled it with my tongue. She
was moaning softly and I bit down on it, not hard but firmly. She
cried out in pain for just a second and then grabbed my head and pulled
it against her heaving chest. My hand found its way under her skirt as
my tongue continued its exploration of her wonderful boobs. Her
panties were not just damp, they were soaked. My finger pressed
against her throbbing clit which caused her to gasp and cry out in
pleasure. I pushed the soaked fabric of her panties into her slit.
She started to thrust her pelvis around my finger. If it could, my
finger would have sprayed cum inside her especially when I felt her
folds spasming around it. She came from me fingering her and I kissed
her deeply as she was climaxing and she moaned even more.

I reached under her skirt with both hands and savagely tore her panties
off her. I was filled with lust and I had to have her. I sat her down
on the bar stools surrounding my kitchen island lifting her skirt to
give me full access. I spread her legs and brought my nose to her
pussy, inhaling her scent was intoxicating. I probed her folds with my
tongue, plunging it in as far as it could go and then swirled it
around. She was gushing fluid onto my face as she pushed my head
further into her vault. I licked and slurped her honey. I sucked her
clit into my mouth as hard as I could amidst her screams of "oh my
gaawwwd" and "I'mmm cummming" and other unintelligible groans and
moans. She had gushed and tasted so sweet. I placed the head of my
throbbing cock at her opening so she could just feel it. She tried to
thrust at me but I matched her moves until she begged me. "Fuck me
now, fuck me hard." I never turn down a lady's request or begging.

I plunged my 7 inches deep into her hole in one slow thrust. Her pussy
was on fire, so tight, so wet, convulsing around my shaft. She came on
that thrust and soaked my shaft and her juices were running out of her
pussy and coating my sack. I pulled all the way out as slowly as I
could. When my cock head left the warmth of her pussy, I thrust it
right back into her. Her ass was barely hanging onto the edge of the
stool she was on so I moved another one under her back and eased her
down onto it. After ensuring she would not fall, I went back to
fucking her. No more finesse, no more slow and sweet. I pushed her
thighs as wide as they would go and grabbed her hips. My poor cock had
been outside of her delicious pussy for too long and it was about to be
rewarded. I impaled her vault in one hard thrust. And then I fucked
her. Oh god did I fuck her. I pistoned in and out of her with such
fury and animal desire. She was moaning and arching her back in
extreme pleasure. Her pussy was contracting around my cock, so tight
and so wet. She begged me to fuck her faster and deeper. Her chest
and face were flushed and she was panting. When my balls finally
tightened, I thrust one last time to the hilt of my shaft and sprayed
her hot pussy with jet after jet of my warm seed. As my cock twitched
with every spurt, her pussy contracted it, massaging and milking every
last drop out of my rod. She was so tight that even after I was done,
I stayed hard.

Standing over this incredible beauty, out of breath and sweating, I
watched her recover from her bliss. I helped her up and handed her a
towel to clean the spunk leaking from her pussy but she just used her
skirt. We went to the living room and sat on the couch, my cock now at
half mast. As I sat, she snuggled into my neck, her breathing had
slowed down. She started to nibble at my ear and whispered if that was
all I had. I assured her, with the right stimulation, I had more to
give her. Her kisses moved to my neck then chest and before I knew
where she went, she was on all fours on the floor in front of me. She
was swirling her tongue around the tip of my semi rigid cock. She took
just the tip into her mouth and sucked it in then pulled back and
swirled her tongue some more.

She began stroking my shaft with her hand and in no time at all I was
getting hard again. While I was still semi rigid, she took the entire
shaft into mouth and let it grow inside. Her tongue swirling and
dancing around my head. As I got harder, she gagged a bit and let out
some of the shaft. Her hand developed a steady rhythm as her head
bobbed up and down. She pulled off and licked my shaft from the base
to the tip and then gave some attention to my balls. She sucked one
into her mouth and swirled it with her tongue, sucking gently on it.
She moved to the other side and I felt like I was in heaven. The whole
time, she continued to pump my shaft. Her lips were soft and gentle.
She moved her mouth back to my shaft and took it all in. She had
pursed her lips and while her lips felt soft on my rod, she tightened
her lips around it. It felt amazing, and she moaned and groaned around
my cock and I was so lost in the feeling that I barely noticed when she
stopped and got up.

She straddled me on the couch, lifting her skirt up and guiding my
throbbing head into her pussy. She started to grind back and forth for
a little while and then she started to bounce up and down. She would
slowly lift herself and then slam her pussy down hard, impaling her
cunt with my cock. I let her rise but as she slammed down, I thrust up
to meet her and was rewarded with a loud moan. I started thrusting
upwards as hard as I could and reached around to spread her ass cheeks
and slap them a bit. She cried out even harder. I could feel her juices
spilling from her pussy. I lubricated one of my fingers and as she was
bouncing on my cock, I swirled it around her ass and thrust it in. The
sensation overwhelmed her as I sunk my finger into her ass and started
thrusting it in and out. Her muscles contracted around my cock and she
started to quiver and shake. I thrust harder upward, impaling her
spasming pussy and she screamed even louder. Her nails were digging
into my shoulders. She opened her eyes and looked right into mine, her
deep blue eyes piercing my soul. With one final thrust, I exploded
into her folds. I could feel her contracting harder around my cock
every time it twitched and sprayed my cum deep inside her. After
several moments of both of us tensed and moaning, I collapsed back down
on the couch and she on top of me. I could feel her heart pounding as
her soft breasts were crushed against my chest. I just wrapped my arms
around her and breathed in her scent, a mixture of her perfume, sweat
and sex and it was enchantingly erotic.

Suddenly, she stirred and stood up, a little shakey at first but
regained her composure quickly. She put on her blouse while
she occasionally used her skirt to wipe up the fluids leaking out of
her pussy. "You can keep the panties as a gift. I just want to say
thanks but I don't want it to be too awkward. So, Thanks and before
you have a chance to say anything, that was the best fuck of my life
but a one time thing. I hope you understand." She kissed me softly on
the lips and then on the cheek. She held her forehead against mine
while looking down and taking a deep sigh breath. And then she left.

The next day, I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. I
realized why she said it was a one time thing when I saw a moving truck
in front of her house. I didn't see her but saw her stub of a husband
yelling at the movers for some reason. I could not figure out how he
got her in the first place. I walked home a little sad but distinctly
happy for the memory of the previous day.


A few weeks later I received a package in the mail which contained her
denim skirt carefully sealed in a plastic bag. A note simply stated
"Thinking of that wonderful afternoon with you. Hope this rekindles
her memory." Opening it up, I could smell her sex and instantly became
hard. I went into the bathroom and pumped myself dry while thinking of
her and smelling her skirt.

A month later I received a pair of panties in the mail with another note
that said "I got these soaked while I was fingering myself thinking of
you." She smelled incredible and I had a marathon masturbation session
with those panties. For the next several months, I would receive a new
pair on panties soaked in her sex and would furiously jack off. One
day I received a thong, a picture of her in the thong, a picture of her
pussy, and a clone-a-willy kit. The note stated her fingers were just
not as good as my wonderful cock and if I could please send her the
cloned willy back to her she would be forever grateful. So of course,
I used the thong and the pictures and made the best clone I could. I
sent it back to her but only after I had jacked off onto it and coated
it in my juices.

For the next several months, I received 2 thongs or panties and an
occasional picture of her pussy stuffed with my clone. This was even
better than phone sex. But after about a year, all packages stopped.
Saddened a little, I realized I had enough material to keep my cock
bursting for quite a while.

About 15 months since she left, I received a letter and a picture of a
kid about 6 months old. The letter explained that she was devastated
when she found out her husband had cheated on her and even worse when
they had to move. She took it personally especially since her husband
could not have kids that he was dipping his wick in anything that
moved. She explained that she used me to get back at her husband and
that the picture of the baby was mine. She told me not to freak out,
that she did not expect anything from me and that her husband would
raise my son as if it were his own. At one of the first office
gatherings, she engaged into a conversation with the presidents wife
about how sad she was to have left all her friends and then finding out
she was pregnant with no support system and trying to get the new house
in order, she was overwhelmed. The president's wife gathered all the
vice president's wives and explained what was going on and they would
support me. They all told their husbands to watch her husband, no
after work drinks, no alcohol at lunch, no young secretaries or
assistants. One of the VP's lived near them and carpooled with her
husband. They wanted to keep her stress low. Since he was cut off
from messing around, he started begging her for sex and was denied.
She explained how the company was taking care of her and if he didn't
follow what she said, she would tell everyone he was an impotent loser.
For fear of losing his job, he followed Heather's wishes.

She would let him watch her finger herself but he had to go into the
bathroom room and masturbate into the toilet but only if she gave him
permission. Most nights, she didn't. She let him fuck her with the
cloned willy and twice a month, she would let him cum on her tits or on
her back but he would have to lick her clean. She had sex with him
once about every 6 weeks but only after he fucked her with the willy
for at least a half an hour. She always made him wear a condom and not
only lick her clean but also made him suck the clone. She was in
charge and thanked me profusely for giving her what her husband could
not. She also stated she would be visiting in the next 4 to 6 months
because she wanted a daughter.

I gave her three sons before she got her daughter and her husband raised
all the kids as his own even though not one of them looked like him.
She thanked me for her family and said if she was ever in town, she
would look me up but she probably would not be around much anymore. I
would miss her terribly, the sex was always fantastic but she was the
only connection I had to any kids. She wrote that she was sending one
more package and to enjoy it.

A few days later, the door bell rang and my chin nearly hit the ground
when I saw the vision before me. She was 5'8", shoulder length blond
wavy hair. Her eyes were a color of green I had never seen before,
bright and crisp. Her full lips highlighted her dazzling smile. Her
v-cut tank did little to hide her fantastic breasts. Long, shapely,
toned and tanned legs. I was becoming hard just looking at her and was
in a trance until she said, "Hi, I'm Angela. I have a big prick of a
husband with a little dick and Heather said you could help me out."

I stepped aside and waved her in. "Any friend of Heather's is a friend
of mine." I couldn't help but stare at her heart shaped ass as she
strode past me. I was now fully erect as I closed the door and turned
my full attention to her denim mini skirt. Maybe this neighborhood is
not so bad after all.

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