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hot sister in law

long awaited sex with sister in law

My wife of many years, Karen had decided that sex was no longer something that she wanted to do. I wasn't ready to give up on it yet and every girl I saw started to look better and better to me. I contemplated having an affair but I lived in a small town and I was afraid that I would be caught. Karen didn't want to have sex but she also made it clear that she didn't expect me to stray. All of this made no sense to me and I just got hornier and hornier.

Her sister Leanne lived one town over and she spent alot of time at our house as she worked and we watched her daughter. Leanne had blonde hair, beautiful large breasts and was quite a flirt. I knew that her husband was not sexually oriented and she was often frustrated. I thought that I had to come up with a plan to get in her pants.

Since the summer was arriving and I was in shape (with no sex I had plenty of time to work out), I decided to wear less and less when she came over our house. As the wife was frequently not home this part of the plan was easy. One day I knew she was coming over to pick up some clothes I put on some loose small shorts and made sure that I had a semi-hardon. Leanne walked into the house and I could see that her eyes kept sneaking down to look at my package (bingo-part one of my plan was a success).  She was having a hard time keeping track of our small time conversation about this and that. I laughed and I think she knew I was enjoyng her discomfort. The next time she came over I stayed wet from a shower and put the smallest towel I could find around my waist. Once again I stroked myself to make sure I had a semi and acted suprpised when she walked into the kitchen. As her eyes kept straying down to my semi she stammered, "I'm sorry I surprised you. I will knock next time I come in".  I told her that she didn't have to do that and as long as she didn't mind it I was not embarrased and I wouldn't care if she caught me walking around bareass. She laughed and said I definitely would be able to handle that (bingo-step 2 accomplished).

Next week when she came in I was in the livingroom drying my hair from the shower without a stitch on. Her face was red but her eyes remained glued to my cock. She struggled to say, "wow, you weren't kidding about being bareass". I told her that I was totally comfortable and in fact she was boosting my ego by staring at my cock. I also told her that my ego needed boosting as her sister had cut me off months ago. She told me she didn't know that but she could sympathize as her husband had been neglecting her. I saw an opening  for step 3 and I said, "you could make my day by flashing me from time to time". She giggled and said well I guess I owe you that and pulled her top up revealing those beautiful tits that I had fantasized about. It was my turn to say, "Wow I knew they were great but I didn't know how great".  She laughed and said "thank you but I think I had better leave". I said, "I hope you don't mind if I'm nude the next time you come over as I love to have you watch me. Your "No problem" made me believe that step 4 would be happening next week.

It seemed forever for Thursday (her regular visiting day) to come but when it did I greeted her at the door in my birthday suit with a complete hard on staring her in the face. She said " I can see you are happy to see me" as she continued to talk to my cock not to me. I said we should be alone for four hours as my wife had commuted to the western part of the state. I asked her "could you get completely nude for me? I won't press you  to do anything I just want to stare and appreciate your beauty". Hestitantly she agreed and slowly peeled off all of her clothes. I was in awe. This was the women I had been fantasizing about for years and she was right in front of me. I asked her if she would dance with me. She said, "I don't know if we can get close as your cock looks like it will keep us apart". I laughed and said I will take care of that and I pushed it downward as I put my arms around her. Of course mother nature pushed it up to touch the bottom of her shaved pussy lips as we danced to "knights in white satin". She let this occur and smile and put her head on my chest as we swayed slowly back and forth. It became apparent after awhile that she was maneuvering back and forth slowly to allow my dick to rub back and forth on her pussy lips. Each time that occured she would let out a little moan and more precum from me and wetness from her was making us slippery at the point of contact. I asked her if we could dance joined together instead of slippping back and forth and she softly said "yes!". I inserted my cock a few inches in her and we continued to rock back and forth to the music. She was smaller that me and we were struggling to remain like this and she said "I can dance on your lap if you sit on the couch".  We moved to the couch  and she rocked back and forth inserting me all the way until I felt her pussy contracting faster that anything I had ever felt. She collapsed onto my chest and after regaining her strength said "let me finish you off now". Her hips moved back and forth rapidly and she said "cum  in me please, now, strong". That was all the prodding I needed and the cum felt like it started in my toes and was ending somewhere deeply in her. I collapsed and told her she was the best I every had. This was step 5 and was followed in the next few months by steps 6-100).

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