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I love my job

Working from a home office has its benefits

I love my job!    Most days anyway.   Today I had to make the rounds with several clients.   I work for a large advertising firm that by and large was stuffy and hyper-competitive. It’s such a relief to get out of the office and out with “real” people.   I wore khakis and a light blue shirt and I figured I could get away without wearing a tie after the first two calls. It was warming up and I could feel a little trickle of sweat as I drove up to Lafayette .  


I loved the place because it was so different.   Lafayette is a peaceful place that still clings to a rural, small town style.   I was meeting a lady in her home.   She was working for a marketing firm and had set up an office in her house.   This is getting to be more and more of a trend and I wish that I could get my boss to buy of on it. I had to drive around a bit before I found it, but she lived in a nice house on a tree lined street.     I got out and walked up to her door, noticing that someone had obviously done a lot of yard work recently.    


I rang the doorbell. It was one of those old fashioned twist knobs that had a REAL bell.   I hadn’t seen one of those in years.   I was expecting someone in jeans and a flannel shirt working from home and I was a little surprised when she opened the door wearing a black business suit, white blouse and pearls. Her skirt was above her knees but VERY classy looking. I must have been standing there with my mouth open because she laughed and said “Hi   are you Steve?”.   “Uhhhh”    I shook my head a little and said    “Yes!   Sorry..   Hi!   I’m Steve with Johnson and Brown”. I shook her hand.   It was so warm and soft!    “GREAT Start you idiot” I thought to myself, but she looks REALLY great!”     I could tell she was getting ready to go to a meeting of her own.    The pearls she was wearing draped perfectly on her neck and into her cleavage.    “How in the hell am I ever going to concentrate?’ I wondered.   


“BUSINESS! BUSINESS! BUSINESS!” I thought.   Her hair was swept back into a ponytail.   I told her what the proposal from our firm was and she listened.   I could go swimming and drown in her eyes and her voice had a quality that mesmerized me.   I could get in big trouble here if I’m not careful. She asked if I wanted some coffee.   “Yes please. Just black thanks.” I answered.   She got up and as she walked away to get the coffee I stared at her bottom and her ponytail bobbed on her shoulders perfectly.   “damndamndamn” I whispered.   She came back and handed me a cup “It’s hot” she said and our fingers touched.   We both sipped and I was aware of her dark brown eyes looking at me over her cup.     


She crossed her legs.   Such a simple thing.   The way she did it was so feminine so elegant and very sexy.   I had to concentrate not to stare. There was a hint of a smile in the corners of her mouth.   I was getting rattled. She knew it and she was enjoying it.   I got the print ads I wanted to show her out of my briefcase and laid them out on the coffee table.    She got up and came over and sat down beside me.   Her perfume was very faint but certainly noticeable. “I love your scent” I blurted out “what is it?”    She laughed and told me. I noticed that she sat a little closer than some had before her leg was barely touching mine.   We went over the pictures and a strand of hair broke loose. She brushed it back with a finger in yet another exquisitely feminine gesture.   “Is it getting warm in here?”   I took my jacket off and laid it on the edge of the couch.   Her skirt was riding up on her thighs, and it was positively hot where her leg was touching mine.


I asked if she had a meeting to go to and she said she’d just gotten back from one and that she didn’t have any more commitments that day. I closed the file. “I guess that’s all I’ve got to cover today.” I said, but I sat back, not in any hurry to leave.   She said that everything looked in order and that we had a deal.   She smiled and asked if I was the guy she’d be working with and I said that I would be handling the account exclusively. Our eyes met and locked.   She shifted very subtly on the couch pressing against my leg just a little more.   I glanced down as she crossed her elegant legs and tugged her skirt down.   I looked back up and knew that she’d been watching me look at her legs. She smiled and I blushed.   “Sorry” I mumbled. “You’re doing ok” she said.   She didn’t seem to be in a hurry to move either so I took a chance.   I leaned forward and kissed her.  


Her lips were soft, warm and very sweet!   I could taste the hazelnut that was in her coffee. Her lips parted and her tongue found mine. Almost instantly there was a fire storm in my mouth.   She sucked my tongue inside her mouth and lightly bit it. I slid an arm around her waist and kissed her hard. Her perfume brought me under her spell.   I lost track of everything outside of what was happening on the couch.   My ears started roaring like surf crashing on rocks.   I moved so that one hand found her breast and squeezed it through her blouse.   She shrugged her black jacket off and I helped her without breaking our kiss. She tossed it on the floor across the room.   She wrapped her arms around my neck and our kiss only got hotter. I fumbled with the buttons on her blouse and slowly unbuttoned it. She did the same thing pulling off my tie and then unbuttoning my shirt.   Both of us were hot. I kissed her ears and her neck.   I sucked on her collarbone. She pulled my shirt up and out of my pants, unbuttoned each of the cuffs and almost ripped it off.   I slid her blouse off her shoulders.   She was wearing a white lace bra and her nipples were clearly visible through the lace. “You’re gorgeous” I told her and she kissed my neck.   Her kisses showered me. She sucked and nibbled on my ear sticking her tongue inside it.   That drives me crazy.


I slid my hand up her thigh as she kissed my face, my nose my ears and my forehead.   She was so hot and wet. Her skin was so smooth and her bare legs that looked great under the skirt without stockings felt even better.   I rubbed her through her panties and she seemed to explode in passion.   She unbuckled my belt and then unzipped my pants, reaching inside to take my cock in her hand. I kicked off my shoes and pushed her skirt up around her hips. I moved and laid her back on the couch.   I unbuttoned and then unzipped her skirt so that I could slide it off.   She was gorgeous in white lace. I stayed right there for a moment just so I could drink her in… SOOO beautiful!   I leaned down and kissed her knee then traced a line with my tongue up from there to the top of her thigh. Her hair showed through the white lace.    Incredible!


I hopped around and slid my pants and boxer briefs off.   Then I knelt in between her legs and hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down. She looked at me smiling her face flushed with passion.   She lifted her hips so that I could slide them all the way off.   I tugged them over her ankles and tossed them across the room. I smiled down at her and lowered my face to her tummy.   I kissed around her navel and then down to her hot wet slit. She was squirming on the couch and I ran my tongue up and down her lips then I found her button.   By the way she jumped when I touched it with my tongue, I knew she loved it.   I flicked my tongue on it and that only excited her more.   I sucked it and then lightly bit down on it. She gripped my head between her legs and moaned.    Hearing her in ecstasy only made me hornier. I focused on her clit until she came. She screamed and flooded my face. As her orgasms subsided I knelt between her legs.   I rubbed the head of my cock along her slit and eased it in. She was sooooo hot.


I began to thrust into her and was taking deep long thrusts in no time. Her muscles were squeezing my cock tightly.   Her kisses were all over my face. Tasting herself on my moustache only heightened her excitement.   Her hips were bucking wildly underneath me.   I knew I couldn’t last much longer.   I sucked on her neck and pushed my cock into her as hard as I could.   Suddenly she arched her back and screamed again.   That sent me over the edge.   I came deep inside her.   My cock throbbed as I shot cum into her over and over again. Her whole body was shaking.   My legs felt weak.    I looked into her eyes and the rushing noises in my ears subsided. . I laughed in a hoarse voice and said “Ooops!   We forgot something” I smiled and reached behind her and unhooked her bra. I leaned down once more and sucked on her hard nipple.   She jumped again and her body stiffened and shook.   Slowly we relaxed.    I looked into her eyes and we smiled at each other.  


That was the first appointment.   We’ve since developed a GREAT working relationship and we have a lot of meetings in her “office”
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