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I find you alone one night.   I am peeking in thru your window. You see me but continue with what your doing, ignoring me.   You decide to take a shower, leaving the door open, hoping I will come in.   I do.   I watch you for awhile, lathering up; touching yourself all over, enjoying the show you’re putting on for me.   I enter the bathroom and you act startled, but your acting, and I can tell.  

I take you by the hand right out of the shower.   You don’t protest.   I lead you toward the living room sit you in a chair and tell you what I am going to do.....

You get up to stop me but I over power you and push you over the chair and tie your hands and feet to the chair, ass up.   I proceed to take my clothes off and you see that I am very well developed, nice definition.   You look down between my legs and see that I have a large hard-on.   I move it close to you and rub it all over you, sending electricity through-out your body.   You begin to shudder and get excited.

I spank you gently on your bottom and you begin to moan.   I spread your cheeks apart and begin to blow warm air on your puckered little hole.... you wonder what’s next.   I spread those, by now, wet pink lips apart and do the same; I blow warm air in and around those beautiful full lips.   You start gyrating uncontrollably.   I smack your bottom again telling you to stop that.   You can’t help it.  

I now begin to touch you every where, I stroke the outer lips of that beautiful pussy, your little brown hole and you moan in ecstasy.   I put my head down between your cheeks and lick, lick, lick.   You can’t stand it much longer and start moaning again and pushing backwards on to my tongue.  

Oh no.... no cuming yet.

I start tickling you with my tongue.   All those hidden places, all those places that were never ticklish before.   You scream for me to stop, not now, I have you in my power.   I stand up and place my engorged member next to your face and you open your mouth to taste me.   You suck like a mad woman, wanting me, needing me.   You enjoy sucking me.   I pull out before I cum. I step back for a moment and look at a beautiful woman.   I gather my self and begin the light, feather like touches.   Starting at your neck and proceed down around your breasts.   Around and around your nipples, I kiss and suck on them while I’m there.   I keep going down your flat belly around to your back and up to your neck again.   You are moaning uncontrollably, begging me to enter you.   I move down between your legs again and lick your puckered little hole, inserting my tongue in your anus.   I start rubbing your little magic button and bring you almost to climax when I stop again, teasing you.

Now I lick that little button that wet, hot, pink little hole of yours.   The love tunnel.

I stand behind you and enter you from the back.   Slowly at first, you push back on to me.   With your urging I begin my movement, slowly, gently at first.   I begin to pick up the speed and push harder, deeper, faster.   You head begins to spin; your breathing becomes more rapid. Then........

You start cuming and cuming and cuming,   you have never came this hard before.... you cant stop you keep pushing back onto me for more....As I begin to cum I start hammering into you and you start cuming again even harder than before.   You start to loose your mind, passing out and falling down into the chair and the ropes loosen.  

When you wake up I am gone and you are untied, no ropes to be found.   You wonder if it was real. You get up and every muscle in your body tells you it happened but there is no trace of me.   The chair is soaked.   You run for the door but its locked tight and you can only imagine.......


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