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James 1

The butterflies were as big as dinosaurs and they were stomping around my stomach like crazy.
“Where do you want to go?” He asked, I looked over at the beautiful boy beside me then shrugged “where ever” I smiled biting the corner of my lip. He stared at me and smiled slowly “well you live here, I don’t. You know where to go” He stated. I looked at him feeling my heart pound heavily in my chest. I wanted to be somewhere alone with him, somewhere cute. “How about the park?” I asked innocently. His eyes flashed to me for a second before returning to the road. “yeah that sounds nice” he smiled lightly. “where is it?” he asked. “Its not too far from here” I said looking out the passenger window, I honestly could not believe this was happening. James was absolutely amazing and he probably the most beautiful boy I had ever seen.  
We pulled into a parking space and I took a deep breath as he got out of his car waiting on me. The butterflies were as big as dinosaurs and they were stomping around my stomach like crazy. I opened my door and walked to his side, He smiled down at me and I giggled looking down and fiddled with my hair. “sooo” he said, I looked back up at him and pressed my lips into a hard line “sooo” I repeated laughing lightly “want to walk?” I asked feeling like an idiot after the words escaped my mouth. James laughed lightly and nodded “sure why not” he stated. We began walking on the paved walkways in the park, I chewed the inside of my cheek nervously as he talked about random things. “Come here” He said sitting in the grass, I looked at him for a moment then smiled sitting next to him. He was so cute, everything about him was amazing. The way his hair fell over his eyes to his perfect smile. God he’ so perfect, why can’t he stay here… I wondered to myself. James made a face at me and I looked at him “what was that for?” He smiled lightly “I don’t even know” he laughed. I smiled then scrunched my nose at him, his eyes widened and he looked confused “what was THAT for?” he mimicked me. I shrugged “just cause” I laughed picking a blade of grass from the ground and flicking it at him. He turned to me quickly with a serious face “OH HELL NO!” he laughed grabbing a handful of grass and throwing it at me. My eyes widened and I pouted my bottom lip “that was uncalled for” I said laughing lightly. He raised his eyebrows “You started it” I stuck my tongue out at him.
My mind wandered a little. Thinking about how much I wanted to hold his hand, or kiss him. I stared at him thinking about how amazing it would be if he was mine. “I want to wrestle you” I blurted out randomly. He looked at me for a second trying to figure out what in the world I was talking about. I sighed “okay okay It was my excuse just to be all over you” I blushed and hid my face from him. He laughed lightly “Oh really now?” he asked in interested tone. I looked up at him and nodded feeling my face get hot again. He laughed and pushed me lightly. My head shot up “what was that for!?” I exclaimed laughing. He smiled slowly “You said you wanted to wrestle” I bit the corner of my lip and leaped on him pushing him back on the grass. I looked down at him as he stared up at me and smiled his perfect adorable smile. A rush of heat returned to my cheeks as I realized what happened. “Sorry?” I said rolling off of him. I stared up at the sky trying to slow my heart when he leaned over me. Slowing my heart failed as I looked up at him, his hair dangled down from his face from beneath his hat. I bit my lip and stared into his dark gray eyes and smiled slowly. This didn’t seem real, it was too good to be true.. Too amazing to happen to me. My breath caught in my throat as I watched him smile leaning in towards my face, My heart pounded as his lips became only inches from mine. I close my eyes as his head tilted and leaned down pressing his lips softly against mine. My heart raced then stopped all together, The butterflies exploded and a fire raged throughout my body. I gripped his face and kissed him back only more urgently and with more want. His returning kiss held as much urge and want for me, I felt him start to pull from me. I unwillingly let my hand fall from his face and slowly let my eyes open still seeing him hovering above me. I exhaled deeply and smiled. He smiled back at me “come on” he said standing up and grabbing my hand leading me back towards his car. 
My heart sank, Was he taking me home? What was going on? My mind wondered a thousand possibilities of why we were going back to his car. He turned and smiled at me as we reached the jeep. I stared at him for a second wondering what was happening. James wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me towards him. I smiled up at him resting my hands on his arms; He smiled and leaned towards me again. I leaned up meeting him halfway; I exhaled deeply as his lips moved against mine. I pressed my body hard against his, and ran my hands up his arms and shoulders to his hair. He tightened his grip around my waist as I threaded my fingers through the back of his hair. I felt James’s arms loosen and I was afraid of letting this moment end. I latched onto his hair not wanting to end the kiss. He continued to kiss me fumbling with the door behind him. He stopped the kiss only for a moment to sit in the back seat and pull me forward on top of him. I let out a small squeal as his arms wrapped back around me and pulled me down with him. Our lips were locked again. I pulled up unwillingly to catch my breath and smiled down at him. His hands ran up and down my sides and I bit my lip again, He smiled and kissed me letting his hand run lightly through my hair, I smiled against his lips and lightly bit his bottom lip as he began to turn us. His hand stayed securely behind my head guiding me the entire way. I felt his body pressed against mine and I smiled against his lips again, he pulled up and looked at me with curious eyes. I stared at him for a moment then reached up wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him back to me. Our hips grinded against each others , the fire in me engulfed my entire body. It pumped through my veins wanting more. James’s hands touched the skin on my stomach, sending shivers across my body. I loved it, his hand traveled a little farther testing boundaries. I moaned lightly against his lips letting him know I enjoyed every moment of it. I felt him smile against my lips this time, I whined a little wanting his lips back with mine. 
He laughed a little and pressed his lips between mine. He sat up for a second and smiled down at me, I looked up at him pathetically, wanting him back against me. He took off his shirt and my heart burst. He was gorgeous, his body was perfect. I ran my fingertips over his chest and studied every aspect of it. I ran my fingers over every groove of his chest, then looked back up at him. He placed one arm underneath the small of my back and lifted me up a little using his other hand to lift my shirt. I pulled back from him and lifted my shirt over my head, his eyes examined my body as mine had his. He laid me back down and kissed my neck. I closed my eyes and ran my fingers over the soft skin of his back. I could feel him sucking lightly on my neck and a small moan escaped my lips, James reacted to my pleasure by kissing down my neck and stopped at my collar bone . His hand traveled up my body and caressed my breast. I grinded my hips harder into his and arched my back. I felt him laugh against my neck , I closed my eye tightly and whined a little. He was teasing me and it wasn’t fair. James kissed his way back up to my lips then leaned up looking down at me. I bit my lip and smiled staring up at him, he knew what I wanted. James’s hand reached down to my belt and loosened it, I could feel my body tremble with anticipation as he unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. He looked up at me and raised his eyebrows. 
I licked my lips lightly and he pulled my pants down, I sighed as his fingers trailed down my legs. He leaned up unbuttoning his pants, I kicked my jeans off and watched him as he slide his pants off.  I looked at him and pulled him down onto me, kissing him softly, letting my hands travel down his back dragging my nails across his skin. He let out a small groan and my body stiffened as his sound reached my ears. I sighed heavily and arched my back pressing my body hard against his. James’s hand reached around my back and unhooked my bra, I positioned myself letting my bra fall off my shoulders and I tossed it on the floor, I felt his warm hand on my breast and I gasped lightly pressing my lips hard against his. His hand trailed down my body lightly stopping to rest on my hips. He played with my panties and I pressed my hips up into his grabbing the edge of his boxers and pulling them down a little. He laughed against my lips and leaned up bringing his hand up to brush my bangs out of my face. I smiled lightly and pulled his boxers down. He kicked them off then looked at me pulling off my underwear then looked at my naked body. I stared at his, it was perfect. Everything was perfect. Granted we were in the back of his jeep but It was perfect. James pressed his bare body against mine and kissed my neck. 
I moaned pressing my body hard against his, “James” I whispered. He replied with a low groan, I couldn’t finish my sentence, I kissed the side of his neck and kissed his earlobe nibbling it lightly. He smiled against my neck and kissed it once more before leaning up and picking his jeans up off the floor. I stared up at him, letting my eyes wander his body while I could. He pulled out a condom and leaned back over me balancing himself on one arm, he kissed me while he rolled on the condom. My body was so ready for him, I kissed him trying hard to fight the urge to press up against him again. He leaned on both arms and I entangled my fingers In his hair, sliding my tongue along his lips. I felt him pressing against me, then pushing inside. I let out a gasp and he stopped, pulling away from my lips to look at me. I smiled softly running my fingers through his hair, to let him know I was okay. He smiled slowly and my heart melted. He slowly continued to push inside of me and I bit my lip lightly pushing my hips up until they reached his. I pulled him back down, I loved the feeling of his body against mine. We moved our hips in a rhythmic motion, I moaned and closed my eyes, I could feel James’s breath against my neck as he thrusted into me. I dug my nails lightly into his back and moved with him. 

Before I could fully register that this was real, it was over. I stared up at James and smiled as he kissed me again before getting off of me. I exhaled deeply and got dressed. 
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