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Kilt Check

James walked into the room and everybody turned to look at him. He stood just under six feet tall with close-cropped, sandy-blonde hair. He was clean shaven with an athletic frame, but these weren't the reasons that the guests had all eyed him. Even though all were in formal attire, James stood there wearing a high collar Kenmore jacket, lace jabot, Mackay tartan kilt, hair sporran, argyle hose, and patent leather brogues.
James looked like he stepped out of a picture from the nineteenth century.

The way that he moved showed little of the fatigue he felt and the women began to swoon and swarm him. The curiosity had gotten the better of them. All were seeking the answer to the age-old question, "What is worn beneath a Scotsman's kilt?"

"Only that which God has graced me with."

"Nothing ma'am, everything is in fine working order."

"If I were to wear anything beneath it, it would be a skirt."

James was accustomed to this line of questioning. Ever since he had joined highland regiment, he had been inundated with it.

Soon however, the fervor of his arrival died down and he was able to enjoy a dram of Oban. It was nice for him to relax with others who had just participated in a four-day race. The survivors enjoyed the company of each other one last time at this formal dinner before going back to their normal lives.

"Hallo, Laddie." A tall, lean redhead in an emerald dress walked up to James.

"Good evening, miss. How may I help you?"

"I see you are wear a Mackay tartan, I was wondering if you were wearing the kilt in regimental fashion?"

This woman was quite beautiful with her long hair and green eyes. Her frame was very tight and her breasts were quite large in comparison. James was highly aroused, so he decided to be a little more provocative with his response than he had previously been.

"Miss I am not quite sure, but if you would care to investigate, I would gladly oblige."

The woman smirked and snaked her hand between the aprons to grab a hold of James's shaft.

James was surprised, but quite excited about her brazenness.

"My, that is quite the caber you have there," the redhead said. " My name is Jen."

"Nice to meet you, Jen. I'm James. My caber is pleased to meet you as well. Let's adjourn our conversation to a more discreet location."

Together they ducked into a room off the main hall that seemed to be vacant. James quickly grabbed Jen around the waist and kissed her deeply. With one hand he cupped the fullness of her breast through her dress.

Jen shifted James's sporran so she could get her hand between his aprons easier. This did not produce the desired effect, so she then slid onto her knees and unfastened the sporran and proceeded to unbuckle the straps on James's kilt and let it drop to the floor.

Jen then took James's cock into her hand and began to tongue his balls. A bit of pre-cum began to ooze from his tip and she lapped it up like a sweet she had been craving for a long time. With one hand Jen played with his balls and with the other she stroked his member while she sucked him for all that she was worth.

James, meanwhile, put one hand down the front of Jen's dress and grabbed the back of her gorgeous red-engulfed head with the other. James was close to cumming because of the expert work of Jen, and so he pulled her up and unzipped her dress. As her dress cascaded to the floor, James got to see her alabaster skin, firm bra-less tits, and trimmed pantyless crotch.

James kissed and nuzzled Jen's breasts. He nibbled on her nipples and parted her lips with his right hand middle finger. Jen began to moan almost instantly from the penetration. James then licked his way down Jen's body and began to lap up her flowing fluids. Jen squirmed on James's tongue and began to squirt all over his face.

Jen could take it no longer and pulled James to her. His cock slid into her quite easily. Jen welcomed James's thrusts with gasps and moans. James plunged deep into Jen, sending her into ecstasy. Jen wrapped her legs around James's waist as he stood, bringing him deeper within her. She bit into his shoulder as she orgasmed. James felt her spasms which brought him to flood her with his seed.

The two sat on the ground to catch their breath. Now they had to figure out how to clean up and return to the dinner without too much notice.

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