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Kristy's submission

Dominant woman turns to submission for the right man
“How much more time will this meeting take?” Derek’s voice was bored.

“Excuse me?” snapped Kristy Anderson. She spun around to glare. Her legs, heightened by another new pair of designer 4-inch pumps, spread slightly making the slit in her skirt rise up a firm thigh. She did not get to be the head of ForEx Trading by putting up with arrogance such as this. No one had ever taken power from her.

“Yes,” he stated. “I need to know much longer you intend drone on about the fate of the dollar.” He looked down at his iPhone as he spoke as both a challenge and question.

Derek Cooper also happened to be her top currency trader.

“You mean to tell me that…” she began only to be cut short.

Derek didn’t stir from his relaxed stance in the plush conference room chair. “I came to this meeting at 1 pm prepared for a one hour session where I’ve given you my complete attention but now you’ve gone over by 20 minutes. I have a full afternoon with several clients and this meeting is cutting into my 2 pm client presentation.”

The others in the room stared with wide eyes and she felt control of the meeting slipping away.

The stunned silence was broken by the other somber suits at the conference table as they excused themselves. Derek’s questions would have a nasty impact on their boss and they did not need to witness another of the beautiful woman’s famously lethal replies. Kristy had a natural, distinguished bearing that came from being raised in a proper conservative home, attending the proper schools and knowing all the right people.

Kristy wouldn’t stand for such rudeness. “Who am I, Mr. Cooper, to tell you how to manage your afternoon? Tell us all, Mr. Cooper, do you have a date that I’m encroaching upon?”

Hushed snickers trickled from the departing employees who were shuffling papers and pens with the thought of ‘You’ll never guess what Derek told that bitch today?’ This sort of gossip was gristmill gold; the entire firm and probably every other firm on the street would know in a matter of a minute or two.

Derek began gathering his papers. “No, encroaching really isn’t the right word -- I’d say that ‘trespass’ is more appropriate… hold on for a moment. I have to take a call. Hello, Jim. That’s right she went over as usual. No, I think that would keep her quiet - assuming she could wrap her lips around it. But we’re going to have to reschedule our meeting for the same time next week, will that work for you?”

The door clicked shut behind the last of the other employees.

Kristy stalked to Derek’s leather seat with an expression of mercurial anger. Her hands were on her hips, the snarl on her face the epitome of rage. “You insufferable arrogant asshole!” She drew back to deliver a slap across his face.

Anticipating this, Derek snapped the phone shut and intercepted her wrist in mid-flight. When he thought of it, she really was so easy to manipulate in this manner. Very few, if any, people ever said no to her. Her look of scorn would humble most men, so very few men were ever able to create this kind of emotion. If by chance she caught your eyes on her body, she would deliver her smug, self-satisfied smile guaranteed to make any man feel that she was glacial and unapproachable.

He gripped her wrist firmly and a mutual stare down lasted for a few seconds before Derek got to his feet, still holding her wrist, and twisted her arm behind her back, pulling her to him so he could feel her breasts against his chest, panting with emotion. But what kind of emotion?

His voice was low and condescending. “If I continued to let you run on, I’d have to call off all my appointments for the day.”

She hissed. “Before I submit my formal complaint to the head partner, tell me what this was really about.”

He grinned down into her enraged, beautiful face. “I am showing you how much power I have over you. How does it feel?”

She was speechless, her face a glazed incredulousness.

Smiling and almost taunting her, he said, “You looked angry before but now you look simply dazed and confused. But what I really want to know now, holding your wrist so tightly… does this make your cunt wet?”

Kristy tried to twist and free her wrist but Derek knew she’d put up some sort of a struggle -- a woman like Kristy did not just back down. He forced her to turn so her back was to him and shoved her to the nearest object in the room, the copy machine. He took the back of her neck and bent her over the glass while he nestled his now excited but trousered cock into her skirted ass. He slowly gyrated and moved his hips, taking the moment to please himself against her. He pressed his knee between her thighs, forcing her legs open.

“I just asked you, does this make your cunt wet?” He slid his hand between her thighs. “This morning, did I not offer you the thrill of a lifetime?”

Not a word from Kristy, just a grimace, but Derek was not convinced that Kristy was not enjoying this thoroughly.

“Last night you begged for me to spank your ass till it was red and then shove my cock into your tight little pussy but I had another idea and told you to expect the thrill of a lifetime.”

Derek reached down and under her skirt. Her fragrance filled his head urging him to yank down the hose and thrust his hand over her crotch. His fingers slid through the moist folds and she shuddered beneath him.

“Yes indeed, you are wet, my little cunt.”

She didn’t reply but her breathing became more rapid.

Her wetness and smell were enough to make his cock grow to its fullest and filled with a sense of urgency that needed to be serviced.

He released her from his grip and turned her around to face him. He was unmistaken that the look on her face had changed.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

Kristy could only whimper and her flush was unmistakable. Her eyes moved to his and her silent communication that can only come from a good deal of time spent together, resonated with Derek. Derek had guessed that to Kristy, submission at the hands of a deserving man would send Kristy to her highest level of sexual arousal. She had spent years in search of just the right kind of man that she could both trust and find exciting to fuel her most secret fantasies.

“Get on your knees, Kristy.”

She slid between his feet, then raised her head to face Derek’s groin. He deftly unzipped his trousers and pulled out his fully erect cock. Without being asked, Kristy took the length of his cock deep into her mouth, her red lips leaving a delicious ring two thirds of the way down his shaft.

Kristy’s eyes locked onto to Derek’s, revealing to him acceptance of submission to him. Her focus was solely centered on Derek as her mouth slid slowly up and down the length of his cock, her lips gripping the shaft tightly to maximize his sensation. Gone was the glacial bitch that demanded to be at the center of power: here and now, on her knees and presented to him was a sexual submissive whose primary desire was Derek’s pleasure.

Derek’s cock was at its maximum girth at the sight of those beautiful eyes locked onto his but he also knew that to properly consecrate this new dynamic, he’d have to take her as a truly dominant man would. Eyes locked to Kristy’s, his fingertips reached for the necklace he had given. To the untrained eye it could have been an ordinary piece of jewelry although quite beautiful. Not gold or silver but platinum with links that were oval and larger and more prominent than most necklaces currently in style.

He slid the tip of his finger underneath the necklace and gently pulled it higher - a signal for Kristy to stand up. Her silent but dignified acquiescence to his wish was in contrast to the cauldron of urgent need within her to not just be fucked, but to be ravaged.

Derek pushed chairs away from the dark wood table. In a confident, calm voice, he demanded: “Now Kristy, walk to the conference table and bend over with your elbows and hands firmly on the surface.” Kristy had an idea of what may be coming but walked with an uncommon unsteadiness. Her heart raced with excitement, her pulse heightening sensations, her breathing rapid and shallow and she found herself in an immersion of sexual stimulation that she had dreamed of but had always been very elusive.

Kristy made it to the table and faced the panoramic window. She paused for a moment and realized she could look out the window but she couldn’t truly see. Her vision had narrowed to what was about to happen. Her inner being was absolutely elated at the thought of loss of control, both of her body and the situation. Those many years of being taught how to behave, how to think and how to react like a proper lady in society flew out the window as she recognized that she had desired this moment from the time she was a horny sixteen year old reading bodice-ripper books of American cowboys and their heroines fucking underneath the stagecoach on the eve before the next attack.

Lost in her fantasy-turned-reality, she bowed to the table as Derek had demanded. He was suddenly directly behind her, his feet tapping at her heels to widen her stance.

This was not the time for gentleness and Derek saw no need for sexual gentility. He rubbed the head of his cock along Kristy’s pussy lips, teased her with nudging just the head of his cock inside, gathering up a bit of her lubrication in preparation.

And then… a deep, single primal thrust of his hips shoved his fully engorged cock as deep as possible into Kristy sopping wet cunt.

Was it stars that flashed by Kristy’s eyes? She couldn’t be sure but she had to retain some balance on her elbows as she absorbed being impaled by Derek. The sensation of that first penetration, going from seeking her entry, spreading her lips and opening then the swift plunge… she was instantly close to the edge of climax, knees trembling as her polished nails dug into the hard table.

Derek’s balls slapped against her clit and she bit back a scream, her cunt clamping down on his cock, spraying his shaft with her juice.

“Don’t you dare cum,” he growled in her ear, his fist in her hair, pulling the careful coiffure into disarray. “Not until I tell you.”

She panted, willing the air to cool her pussy, desperately trying to keep the climax at bay, deliciously riding the edge of orgasm. He pounded deep into her, his hips hard against hers, crushing her thighs against the edge of the table. Faster he ground himself into her and his cock grew, wider than it had ever been. His hands gripped her hips, pulling him into her, hard.

“Please, please, please…” She wondered for a moment where the whimpered words came from, then realized the voice was hers. Begging. Oh, god, begging, please, oh fuck, please, please let me cum…

“Now!” Derek groaned as he thrusts became ragged, cock hot and full.

She stifled her cries against her arm as her cunt shuddered around him, sucking his cum deep into her pussy as her own juice dripped down her thighs. A final thrust deep into her throbbing cunt and he collapsed against her back, one arm on the table to keep from crushing her.

A few moments passed as he regained control, her pussy finally stopping it’s pulsing around him. He pulled free from her and stood, then yanked her up with a fist in her necklace. Spinning her around to face him, he crushed her mouth with his. His free hand dipped between her thighs to scoop a bit of their mingled cum onto his fingers, then he smeared her mouth with the juice. Grinning at her glazed, blissed face, he kissed her again, tasting them on his tongue.

Derek pulled his clothing back into place, straightening his tie and smoothing his hair. “I have appointments to see to now,” he said. “Be ready for more tonight.”

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