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Loving Laughter

Turning the corner into my large bedroom I could barely contain the laugh attempting to force it's way through my throat. The reason for the massive chuckle building in the confines of my gut was my girlfriend standing just a few short feet in front of me.

Her body was barely covered in a pair of my boxers and one of her white tank tops. Her feet were bare as she jumped up and down slightly on the soft pads of her toes. Her brown hair was halfway brushed, and still a half rats nest on the top of her head.

Biting down on my hand I continued to watch as she continued singing at the top of her lungs into the purple hairbrush enclosed in her dainty fingers. The entertaining show continued on for another minute until she looked in the mirror, her eyes spotting me doubled over in silent laughter behind her.


Looking up I saw her face turning red in a mixture of embarrassment and anger. Angrily reaching up and continuing the brushing of her brown hair, she glared at me waiting for an explanation. Standing up straight once again I took numerous large gulps of air trying to refill my now empty lungs. Tossing her brush angrily on the dresser, keeping her eyes locked on her reflection, she made herself busy getting ready for whatever plans she had made for today.

Walking slowly behind her I wrapped my arms loosely around her waist, resting my chin on the top of her head. At first she did her best to ignore the fact I was even there before giving up and glaring at my reflection. Smiling widely, flashing my teeth at her I could practically see her heart melting.

"It was beautiful, Jessica. I promise you that, it was just so cute to see you so into it, I couldn't help but stare."

Pouting her bottom lip out, I tightened my grip on her lightly running my fingers up and down her side making her cringe away from the ticklish sensation.

"Then why did you laugh?"

Her voice was now a pathetic whine as she batted her eyelashes at me. Pulling my head away slightly I connected the soft pink of my lips to the smooth as silk skin on her cheek. "Because it was so adorable. I could cry or laugh, I figured laughing would be the more manly choice."

I watched, mesmerized, as she shook her head before turning in my arms to face me. Leaning down I gently connected my lips to hers, letting my hands slide down to the beginning of her butt. As her fingers tangled in the ends of my curls and her tongue wove its way in my mouth, I carefully began to massage the warm globe beneath my hands. Without warning she suddenly pulled away.

"Why would you want manly, you aren't even a man."

Dropping my jaw in fake offense I carefully ground my hips against her, taking special care to make sure my growing erection rubbed mercilessly against her. Pulling her silky brown hair back I carefully brushed my lips over her earlobe.

"I am most definitely a man."

The grip she had around my neck slowly tightened as she rubbed back against me. What had started as a joke was suddenly much more than that, both of us had perspiration forming on our foreheads, heavy breathing filled the air decorated with an occasional moan. Finally losing my cool as the bulge contained in my tight denim jeans began to actually hurt, I grabbed onto her hips and picked her up carrying her to the bed. Her small hands immediately pulled my body flush onto hers. It took every ounce of self control left in my body to pull off her trembling torso.

"One minute."

She moaned quietly in protest, causing a thick flow of precum to leak from me. A jolt of pleasure flowed through my body as it started and her name quietly left my lips, in a deep raspy tone only found within me when I was about to engage in sexual actions. Stumbling to the door, jumping at a shock wave of pleasure with every step, I slammed it shut flicking the door to locked. Turning to look at the beauty on my bed my heart stopped.

Her small body was splayed out on the bed before me, her hand slowly slipping under the boxer band lying on her hips. I watched transfixed as her legs slowly slid apart and her hand disappeared under the cloth. Lowering my own hand over the denim covered bulge I pressed and moaned out loud at the sweet pleasure of friction.

Jessica's deep brown eyes flicked open slightly to glance at me. Her eyes locked on the movement of my hand pressing on and off against the swelling in my jeans. In a flash her eyes were closed and a deep moan left her mouth as I saw her hand obviously moving much more frantically between her legs.

Sprinting to the bed she pulled her hand away slowly a cheshire cat grin on her face. Grabbing her wrist, I gently tugged her hand to my face sucking her damp fingers in my mouth. The sweet taste of her juices was heaven on my tongue. Losing myself in the taste, I sucked angrily as the flavor diminished and dropped her now soaked finger from my mouth. Growling angrily I stared down at her aroused body, a fire building in my body.

She wore an innocent expression on her face as she stared up at me, waiting for my first move. Attacking her neck with my mouth, I nipped at the skin tenderly causing confused whimpers to leave her throat. On one hand it felt amazing, and in another it hurt. Grinding my hips into hers I felt like screaming in ecstasy at the feeling of her soaked through boxers rubbing against my hard cock.

Sitting up straight I tossed my clothes to the floor in a flash, not taking any time to make it seductive. I needed release, and I needed it now. There was no time for messing around. She followed my lead frantically discarding of any material covering her mouthwatering body. I stopped for a moment to admire her breathtaking beauty.

"You sure are slow for a man."

Looking deep into her eyes, growling defensively I hovered myself over her body. She smirked at me proud of her comment as her hands grabbed onto my back, slightly clawing at the skin.

"You want it hard?" I asked her questioningly, my deep raspy voice once again finding it's way out of my body.

She nodded slightly biting her lip. I moaned deeply before attaching my lips to hers. Our tongues taking turns sliding in and out of each other's mouths, in the midst of our lip lock her bare legs wrapped around my waist, snapping me back into the realms of reality. Lowering my hips towards her warm pussy I could feel my whole body shake in a tremor of pleasure as my now rock hard cock slipped up along the folds of her dampness.

Closing my eyes and slowly thrusting back and forth I got lost in the feeling of being up against her, as my pace heightened the head of my dick ran repeatedly over her sensitive clit. My name was leaving her mouth, almost to the point of screaming. It was obvious in her every movement that she was already cumming, and I had yet to penetrate her. This was a feat not many men could accomplish, but I could. Because as I said before, I am a man.

Stopping all movement I waited for her to come down off of her sexual high before locking eyes. She clawed at my back harder and growled angrily at me.

"Get. In."

Leaning down and sucking her earlobe in between my teeth I quietly whispered to her, "Your wish is my command."

With a sudden force I drove all the way in her, in shock at the immense pleasure suddenly filling my ever nerve. It was more intense than anything ever had been with us before, tugging on the sheets beneath us I panted heavily, freeing all the way within her. Every feeling was registering in my mind, and one single thought kept driving my sexual needs higher. I could feel my potentially toxic precum deep within her fertile body.

I took one last deep breath before pulling out at a painstakingly slow pace. Her moans seemed to be almost pleading with me to go harder, do it faster, do everything opposite of the way I was doing it at that moment. Seeing as I was Nick, it was my job to always please my woman. With all but my head pulled all the way out I rammed back in, hard and deep. Her back arched as she screamed my name, only fueling me on.

Withdrawing myself again her eyes locked with mine, it was our own personal signal that we loved each other, even in the midst of our animalistic nature that's what mattered the most. Smiling weakly I restarted my assault on her shivering body. Repeatedly drawing out in a snail's pace and re-entering her at a top speed.

Our sweat seemed to be mixing on her stomach as the air became thick with pants and moans. Both of us had weakening strength as the orgasmic feeling began to slowly overtake our bodies. Her arms dropped from around my back and grabbed at the wrinkled sheets beneath her. It became a struggle for her to keep her legs wrapped around me as I never stopped my continual attack on her tight walls.

Slowing down my pace she reached up and kissed me passionately, an almost awkward exchange of tongues and spit as our moans filled each others mouths. Pulling away and gasping for air I screamed, quite literally, as her own orgasm began. Slowly tightening and loosening around my cock. After the first thick shot of white sperm left me I began going faster again, trying to get as deep within her as I could.

The sounds of skin smacking on skin, and the liquid friction leaking out between her legs drove both of us insane. Panting heavily I slowed down once again, as her body tried to milk any last shots of cum from my body. Rolling on my back next to her I shivered in near pain as the seemingly cold hair hit my cum covered slightly lessened erection.

"Suck it. Now."

Turning to look at her I saw her jaw drop in shock. I stared at her waiting for a response, when no movement or words were made I pointed to my once again full erection.

"I said suck."

Pulling her dark brown hair up in a ponytail she quickly lowered to her knees in between my legs. Leaning back against the headboard watching her, rather pleased with myself. It suddenly became more of a struggle to keep my eyes open as I felt her small dainty hands wrap around my large dick. Sighing in relief at once again feeling pleasure my breath caught in my throat as she winked at me while licking her lips.

Groaning and thrusting up into her hand a thin stream of precum began flowing. She smiled, pleased with herself and moved her hand up and down slicking my hard member with the new cream. She stared at it intensely, and almost seemed mesmerized by it. Slowly she lowered her head before opening her lips and loosely wrapping them around the head sucking heavily, running my hands lazily over my abs I closed my eyes taking in the feeling.

It was a new feeling as her mouth continued to lower on my shaft, her tongue running along all the sensitive nerves. Moaning loudly my hand made its way into her hair. I began grabbing at her hair causing sure knots for her later. None of that mattered, except that she keep sucking. Fighting the urge to keep my eyes shut I opened them slightly and was immediately rewarded.

Her eyes were looking at me, with a complete sense of innocence. The only thing ruining this innocence was my large member within her mouth. Thrusting into her mouth her eyes closed as she tried to keep down her gag reflex, succeeding within the first try as I slid farther in down her throat. Clamping my eyes shut I moved slightly in and out, fucking her face.

Just enough to get added pleasure but never leave the warm confines of her throat. I could feel the hot ragged breaths leaving and entering her nose at the beginning of my shaft, this only succeeded in adding another kind of pleasure for me.

Her fingers moved swiftly between my legs finding my sensitive balls and running them between her hands. Cussing under my breath I didn't even warn her that I was cumming as spurt after spurt it slid down her throat. I couldn't form a coherent thought as I let myself loose within her mouth.

She pulled off slowly and slid up my body to rest on me. Breathing heavily I carefully rubbed her back before kissing the top of her head.

"I love you Jessica."


This is my first story so, cut me some slack.
Constructive criticism is nice.

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