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Luscious Rapture

Elizabeth meets Maxwell and the connection is instant.
Authors note: This story was written a while ago. I'm putting it on here because I'm interested to see what you guys think of it. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Elizabeth stood on the balcony of her home and looked out into the night sky, her long brown hair blowing in the light breeze. She scanned the stars with her bright green eyes and sighed, shifting her feet under the heavy weight of her gown. The gown hugged her chest, flowing out at her hips, its light pink cloth flowing softly against her feet. She smiled thinking about her trip she was taking tomorrow. She hadn't seen her aunt or uncle in a few years and she was called upon to come and help take care of the children, since her uncle was becoming ill rather quickly. They lived in the south, Georgia to be exact and she always loved visiting them, their large plantation house was beautiful and Elizabeth loved sitting on the wrap around porch at night rocking in the rocking chairs.

Maxwell stood at his uncle’s home in Georgia. He was a tall man 6'2 with strong shoulders and a narrow waist. His black hair almost touched his shoulders with a slight curl to it. He scanned the fields with his deep blue eyes. He shifted his feet, his heavy black boots sliding across the wood of the porch. A small bead of sweat was beginning to form on his brow. He took a deep breath and rolled up the sleeves of his grey shirt to his elbows. It was a hot Georgia day, and Maxwell wondered what the summer had in store for him. He smiled a little and stepped back inside the house walking up the stairs.

Elizabeth stepped out of the carriage carrying an off-white umbrella to block the hot Georgia sun from her face. She tipped her hat up to see her aunt running from the house to greet her. She smiled and hugged her tightly. "Elizabeth dear, it's so nice to see you." Elizabeth smiled and walked arm in arm into the home with her aunt.

Later that night Elizabeth walked out into the woods looking to get away from the sickness of her uncle. She rubbed her bare upper arms as she walked, looking around her mind in its own little world. She stopped when she saw someone, a shadowy looking figure standing a few yards ahead of her. The figure spotted her and started moving closer, Elizabeth got scared, and turned to walk the other way.

"Miss, wait…" A strong, deep voice said from behind her. She turned and saw a gorgeous man, walking behind her. "Where are you running off to?"

Elizabeth smiled, "Do I know you?"

He smiled, "No, but I'd love for you to Miss..?"

Elizabeth bowed her head slightly. "Elizabeth."

He smiled returning the bow. "Nice to meet you Miss Elizabeth, my name is Maxwell, Maxwell Amos."

Elizabeth smiled shyly looking down at the ground.

"So Miss Elizabeth are you here visiting?"

"Yes Mr. Amos. My uncle is very sick and my aunt needs someone to take care of the children."

Maxwell nodded his head "Your uncle is Mr. Smith?" Maxwell asked curiously.

Elizabeth nodded her head. "Yes. Do you know him?"

Maxwell leaned casually against the railing of the nearby fence. "I've heard of him, my uncle as spoken of him quite fondly in the past."

Elizabeth looked at the sky. "Please forgive me Mr. Amos, but I must leave. My aunt will be putting the children down for sleep soon and she will need my help."

Maxwell straightened himself. "I understand Miss Elizabeth; I hope we will be seeing more of each other. My uncle is having a ball and has invited your aunt and cousins."

Elizabeth smiled. "I will see you then, good night Mr.Amos."

Maxwell watched Elizabeth walk away. This was going to be a very interesting summer indeed.

Elizabeth looked at herself in the mirror, what was her problem? She had met the man once and for no more than ten minutes, why was she fretting over what to wear to his uncle’s silly ball? She sighed heavily, fixing the bow tied around her waist. Her long brown hair curled and hanging freely. She picked up the skirts of her blue gown so as not to trip and walked out of the house getting into the carriage.

Once at the ball, she laughed and danced, not once seeing Maxwell until close to the end of the ball. She was sitting outside on the porch watching the stars, minding her own business.

"Miss Elizabeth, do tell what are you doing out here alone?"

Elizabeth looked at Maxwell. "I do love the night sky. Please won't you join me?"

Maxwell smiled a little sitting in the rocking chair next to Elizabeth. They sat like that in silence for a while, neither sure what to say.

"Miss Elizabeth your aunt is quite drunk, and in no condition to take the ride home." The voice came from her right. She turned toward the soft but stern voice and smiled knowingly.

Elizabeth turned looking at the governess of the home. "Are you sure?"

"Yes ma'am, Mr. Amos's uncle has requested she stay overnight as well as the children, the home is large enough."

Elizabeth looked at Maxwell. "Miss Elizabeth I'd be happy if you stayed as well."

Elizabeth settled herself in the room later that night, smiling to herself as she thought about Maxwell. She opened the door leading to the private balcony to her room looking out at the garden. She smiled and decided to take a walk; it was a very beautiful night. She walked around the garden for a minute.

"Miss Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth jumped and turned. "Mr. Amos I am sorry. It was such a lovely night I couldn't resist."

He smiled. "No need to be sorry Miss." He shifted his feet shyly. "I couldn't sleep."

"Nor could I," Elizabeth replied too quickly.

Maxwell chuckled. "It's a beautiful night Miss Elizabeth wouldn't you agree?"

"Indeed." Elizabeth smiled.

Maxwell looked into her eyes, and smiled. He wanted to kiss her so bad, but what would his uncle say? He sighed looking up at the sky. Elizabeth smiled looking over at him.

"Mr. Amos, it's getting late." She smiled. "Good night." She bowed her head before turning to walk away.

His hand shot out grabbing her softly on her upper arm before Maxwell even realized what he was doing. "Please Miss Elizabeth wait…"

She turned, looking at him. "Something wrong Mr. Amos?"

His grip on her arm turned into more of a caress as he moved closer to her.

Elizabeth kept her eyes on the ground, her breathing getting quicker. This man was so close to her she could smell his cologne, with a hint of sweat, such a manly smell. Elizabeth blushed. How could she be turned on by his nearness? Maxwell lightly placed his forefinger under her chin tilting it up.

"Miss Elizabeth..." Maxwell said on a whisper as he leaned in to kiss her.

Elizabeth moaned into the kiss as he deepened it. She moved closer molding her body against his. Maxwell ran his hands down her back and through her hair, pulling her closer as his tongue massaged hers.

"Elizabeth! Where are you?"

Elizabeth jumped pulling herself away from Maxwell. Her face was flushed and her lips swollen. "Mr. Amos, I must go..." She turned and ran back into the house, with her hand over her mouth.

Maxwell stood there watching her go, wondering what came over him. It wasn't proper for a gentleman to kiss a lady unless they were engaged or married. He ran his hand through his hair, as he shoved his other hand in his pocket. He barely knew Elizabeth but he could still feel her soft warm lips on his. He sighed heavily walking slowly back into the house. He hoped he would run into Elizabeth but when he walked by her room he didn't hear any noise. He took one last look at her door as he walked into his room.

Elizabeth hurried her aunt the next morning hoping to avoid Mr. Amos. What was she thinking last night? Kissing a man she barely knew. What would her mother say? A proper lady kissing a stranger. Well he wasn't much of a stranger anymore.

The carriage was ready and Elizabeth still hadn't seen Maxwell. She finished fixing her hat on her head, before walking out into the hall. Elizabeth was busy keeping herself from tripping on her skirts, when she bumped right into Maxwell. She looked up to see him wearing tight black pants, and a white shirt, unbuttoned showing just a hint of his chest, with the sleeves rolled up showing his strong arms, which Elizabeth found incredibly arousing.

"Oh Mr. Amos I am so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going."

Maxwell smiled. "It's quite alright." They stood in silence for a minute before Elizabeth turned to walk away. "Wait Miss Elizabeth, I hope I will be seeing you soon."

She smiled as she walked away before looking over her shoulder at him. "You know where I live."

As she stepped into the carriage she shook her head, she couldn't believe she had said that. But the way he kissed her was like nothing she had experienced. She touched her lips as they rode home.

"Aunt I will return later, I have to get away," Elizabeth told her aunt before stepping out of the house. She had to get away and walk. She needed alone time. She took a blanket so she could look at the night sky. She sat under a tree enjoying the stars, thinking about Maxwell.

It had been a month since the ball and nothing had happened. She frowned, wondering what had kept him from seeing her.

Elizabeth wanted nothing more than to marry this man, of course he had to want it too, and then she had to get her father’s approval. She smiled again, touching her lips.

"Do tell, Miss Elizabeth, what is occupying your thoughts?"

Elizabeth jumped turning and looking toward Maxwell’s deep, luscious voice.

"Maxwell what are you doing here?"

"Well I came to see you of course."

Elizabeth stood up and smiled.

"Miss Elizabeth I do like the way you say my name, say it again," he asked her as he moved closer to her, barely touching her bare arm.


He smiled, a gorgeous smile that made Elizabeth melt. She took a step closer, it was a tiny step, but enough of a step to let him know she wanted more, much more. He lightly touched the side of her face and Elizabeth leaned into his hand.

"Elizabeth you captivate me. The first night I saw you here…” His voice cracked, full of emotion.

“I do not want my skin to part from yours as long as I live. I lie away at night thinking of your face, your beauty, your smile. I love you. Please accept my hand."

Elizabeth smiled, her eyes tearing up. "Yes, Maxwell."

She laughed through her words, as he picked her up twirling her around. He stopped still holding her against him, her feet off the ground. He leaned in as she did. His lips touched hers as her hands racked through his thick silky hair.

As they kissed he let her feet touch the ground, as his hands found their way down her back pressing her body against his. She moaned against his mouth, as his hands found her breasts, pushing the top of her gown down, freeing them before him. He groaned when he saw them, kissing her neck, biting it gently, making his way to her breasts. He kissed around her nipple almost teasing her. She moaned letting her head fall back pushing her breasts out further. He turned her so he was behind her, keeping his hands on her chest, as he placed hot wet kisses on her neck. She tilted her head to the side moaning, as she bit her lip. He slowly pulled the skirts on her dress, and touched her. She let her head fall back onto his shoulder, and he placed a soft kiss on her cheek, as she turned her head, kissing him full of passion. He let his fingers slide up and down her lips, before spreading them and touching her exactly where she wanted. She bucked against him, and moaned his name. He grew harder, and he wanted her but not here, not outside. He let her skirts drop, as she pulled the top of her dress back up, and turned her to face him.

He kissed her, and whispered against her mouth, "I want you so bad, but not here. My home?"

She smiled and took his hand in hers, as they walked to his home. He kicked open the bedroom door, and closed it pushing her gently against it.

He kissed her pressing his body against hers. She moaned pushing her hands under his jacket, pushing it off his shoulders. She started working on the buttons of his shirt, as she kissed her way down his jaw, to his neck. He groaned and worked on the buttons, and snaps on the back of her dress. She got his shirt off, and kissed down to his chest, going back up to his face, licking and nibbling on his ear lobe. He moaned, and finally got her dress off, so she stood in just a flimsy slip, which left nothing to the imagination.

He let his eyes trail over her body, and groaned, "You are beautiful Elizabeth."

She blushed looking down at the floor. She had never been nearly naked in front of a man, much less a man this gorgeous. He smiled reaching down and kissing her in a way that made her forget she was embarrassed. He slowly walked her over to the bed, as he lifted the slip out of his way. He laid her back onto the bed, and looked into her eyes as he took his heavy boots off, unbuckling his belt. Her eyes gazed slowly south until his pants joined her slip in the floor. Her eyes widened, and he slid down on top of her holding his weight off of her.

"Trust me, my love."

He kissed her as he held her face. He reached down holding her breast in his hand as he kissed down taking one hard nipple into his mouth. She arched her back as new sensations shot through her body. He kissed way to the other nipple, before working his way down to her mound.

He opened her legs, and she blushed again. He was so close to where she wanted him to be, she was begging him to touch her.

"Please Max, please, touch me," she asked her eyes closed and faced flushed.

She let her hands fall onto his tanned, strong shoulders. He kissed each thigh, before kissing her most precious spot. She moaned louder, as he spread her lips, taking her little bundle of nerves in his mouth, and licked it gently. She arched her back as her orgasm threatened. He smiled, kissing his way back up to her face. He kissed her before rubbing his head up and down her opening. She moaned, and spread her legs more. He slowly put his head into her opening a few inches at first. He paused letting her get used to it, She moaned, and he pushed in further until he felt the barrier, he pushed passed it quickly. A single tear slipped down her cheek as the pain shot through her. He stopped, not moving at all. She felt so great he had trouble keeping still, but he wanted her to feel great before him.

"Did I hurt you, do you want me to stop?"

She smiled, rubbing his strong, muscled back. "No Maxwell. Please just touch me."

He smiled, sliding his hand down and rubbing her, until she was moaning again. He pulled back out, slowly going back in. She moaned this time, as the pain quickly turned into pleasure. He moaned, as she put her small hands against his large chest, as she pushed against him to match his rhythm. They both moaned, and rolled around, as they both reached new heights.

"Oh Maxwell I'm going to...." she said as she arched her back, and started to cum.

He groaned, as he felt her, which made him orgasm with her.

He kissed her softly and sweetly, as they lay there, catching their breath. "My dear I must be too heavy for you."

She smiled, "No I like you just this way."

He smiled as they lay together; he wondered what tomorrow held.

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