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Meeting in Chicago

After meeting online, they agree to meet in the windy city.
You and I have had the most incredible online friendship I can ever imagine. With miles between us, it is quite apparent we will never meet. Much to my surprise, one day you e-mailed me that you are coming to Chicago to some convention in July. We both were very excited about you being 90 minutes away and the possibility of meeting.

The date finally arrives. You arrive first in the morning and get settled in your hotel before attending meetings that afternoon. We meet at the restaurant in your hotel. I am SO nervous! The thought, “I can’t believe this is real” plays over and over in my head.” I had seen pictures, but it did not prepare me for how I would react when your eyes held me in their view. Your playful expression, crinkled nose and slight grin, set me at ease.

We were offered a table but waited for a secluded booth and we sit across from each other and look into each other’s eyes. I keep looking down, embarrassed that you know SO many secrets about me. You reach for my hand and pull it up toward your mouth where your soft lips lightly brush the surface. I asked about your flight and meetings and then told you how much I was enjoying my summer away from the classroom. Our dinner arrived. We taste each other’s food. I love hearing you laugh. The butterflies in my stomach morphed into elephants on a stampede! I don’t know why I was so nervous, I trusted you with most secret thoughts and desires. I couldn’t eat much because of the nerves so we passed on desert. With a wicked glance you lean in and whisper that I would get my desert later.

Leaving the restaurant, we went to walk down the pier by the shore of Lake Michigan. It was a warm night but it still felt great to hold your hand. There was a new moon, it was quite dark, but the path was well lit. Since we were in Chicago, there were not many stars to be seen. We reached the end of the pier and I was able to point out the planet, Venus. “Named after the goddess of beauty and love,” you whispered in my ear before taking my face in your hands and giving me a tender long kiss. I grab onto your shoulders and wrap my arms around you as my knees grow week. You reach around and pull me close, one hand on my back and the other on farther south. You lean forward and press your lips to mine. creating a spark of passion—a spark that could easily become a blazing fire

When you pull back we look at each other and smile and walk back to the hotel. You stop to kiss me along the way at every light on our path, choosing a new place on my body each time. I was so turned on by the time we got back to the lobby I was sure things couldn’t get any hotter.

Back at the hotel, we walk arm in arm into the elevator with another couple. After the doors close you slide your hand down and squeeze my check. A fuzzy warm feeling gushes through me, and you look and me and smile with a twinkle in your eyes knowing what your touch is doing to me. The elevator stops and the other couple say good night and gets off. The doors barely close and you are in front of me, my breasts rubbing into you, my nipples getting hard fast. This alone takes my breath away and then I feel your lips on my neck and I close my eyes and moan. Your kisses move up my neck to my face and over my closed eyes. I am so glad you are holding me so tight because I don’t think I could stand by myself. I feel drunk with pleasure and passion. The worries vanish---my entire mind is gone---all that is there is you and your incredible kisses.

The elevator doors open and you guide me to the room, leaning me on the wall as you open the door. I start to get my bearings back as you swing the door open.

We walk into the room and you lock the door. We stand looking in each other’s eyes and you cross over to pick me up in your arms and carry me over to the bed. As we lay next to each other, my heart is racing. I still can’t believe this is real. My senses reel as I feel your hands rubbing my arms and back. I take a deep breath as the spark between us ignites and flames of passion begin to burn. You ask if I remember what you said you would do to me if we were ever really together. I’m not exactly sure what you mean because you had said a lot of things. You sat up and turned your head down as you reach to my feet. You remove my sandals, kicking your shoes off at the same time. I start to sit up and you told me to lay back, relax, and enjoy. You start rubbing and massaging my foot, first the right and then the left. Then you bent down to kiss each toe. You see the goose bumps on my legs and hear me suck in my breath. Your masterful hands start massaging my calves and your lips follow with more kisses. I can’t believe this is happening to me! I grab the pillow next to me because I had to hold on to something. You start crawling up between my legs, easing them open to meet your massaging fingers and kissing lips. There are tender sweet kisses everywhere! You peek at my crotch under my skirt as you kiss up my thigh. I am panting for breath and grasp at your hair. I wind my fingers through your hair as you kiss from the left thigh to the right. Your fingers brush against my panties sending shudders through me. You hear me moan and I try to say something but I can’t find the words---my brain is still missing. I hear myself stuttering and feel you move up to kiss me. I am so hot and turned on I can hardly lie still. Miraculously, you have kept your self control, and gained complete control over me. My body responded only to you, my brain absent.

You kiss my lips again, longer and deeper, and I wrap my arms around you. You reach down holding the soft flesh of my breast in your hand, rolling the nipple between your thumb and finger. I try to reach to the bottom of your shirt to pull it over your head. You stop to help me and after it is off you pull my top off. We lay next to each other feeling our bodies and I tell you I want to feel you skin to skin. No problem you say and you quickly remove my bra. AHHHHH It feels so good to smash my body into yours. You kiss down my neck and nuzzle between my breasts while you rub your fingers lightly over me, increasing my arousal. I feel your fingertips walk down my stomach to my thighs and your fingers slide under my skirt, beneath the waistband of my underwear. You slide across the top of my pussy lips and grin when you feel how wet they are. I moan at your touch and hold my breath when I feel your finger slip between my lips. You look at me and smile wickedly as you take your wet finger up to my nipple and rub my juices all over it. You then bend down to lick it clean. The contrast of the cool air and your warm tongue is more than I can bear. You wrap your lips over it to taste it fully and massage it with your tongue. Now I am at the edge. I feel your fingers return, rubbing my slippery magic button and whispering sweet words to me. I try to reach for your belt but you said to wait—you want to watch me cum. I am so alive with all nerve ending sending messages to my brain at once. It did not take you long before I began to shudder with pleasure. You lay next to me, holding me so close I can hardly catch my breath. You patiently rub my back, play with my hair, and kiss me softly while my breathing returns to normal. I am thinking this is by far the greatest experience I have ever had when you whisper in my ear, “This is just the beginning sweetheart.” The look you have in your eye stirs me deep within.

After a few more moments of bliss my brain begins to return and I reach down to unbuckle your belt. I undo your pants, you lift up so I can wriggle them down. I purposely rubbed against your cock, which was peeking out of your boxers as I pulled your pants down to your ankles. I crawled down to the bottom of the bed to reach them and you lifted my skirt to get a good view of my butt. I got up off the bed to take your pants off your ankles and removed my skirt as it was only getting in the way. I was surprised to see your underwear miraculously had disappeared while I took my skirt off

You motion for me to come back to bed, which I did, jumping in with a tad too much enthusiasm. We giggle as a pillow fell off the bed knocking the lamp next to bed on the floor. We lay close and snuggle for a while. I can feel your amazingly hard cock pushing in toward me, begging for attention. You guide my hand to your crotch. I tickle your balls and walk my fingers up and down, before bending down to give it a kiss. I started with a light peck right at the top as you had said this was the most sensitive part. I hear you moan and it spurs me on. I put the entire top in my mouth. Using my tongue I lick and massage the spongy part, teasing you lightly with my teeth. You gently ease more of your cock into my mouth. I have never done this but am not sure if you know that, as I seem to be making you very happy. I hold you with my left hand and with my right hand I let my fingertips crawl down your crack toward your butthole then squeezing your cheek. Moving at a steady pace you moan and growl deeply. I had forgotten about myself until I felt your warm hand massaging my butt and your fingers dipping in and out of my pussy. I stop sucking you to moan and realize how difficult it is to receive and give pleasure at the same time. You must have understood or were ready to move on because you sat up to guide me to my back on the bed, under you. I look up at you and tell you I want to feel you inside me. I can’t wait anymore. You position your legs between mine and I feel you enter slowly. I can’t believe your control. You pause every inch or so as I have not had something so large inside me for ages. I am enjoying this tight feeling…this filled up feeling…..the warm wetness….your husky voice…

I feel your balls tickle me as we lay together as close as people can get for a few minutes. This must be what heaven is like I whisper and you smile. You feel my hips move involuntarily and begin to slowly make love to me. The pace and feelings intensify and I am losing all rational thought. I feel myself coming to the edge again when you whisper you are going to fill me with cum. Our orgasm was unbelievable, the emotions overflowing. I had never shared an orgasm with anyone else before. There are no words I know to describe this incredible, amazing feeling.

You turn to your side pulling me with you and we lay there with you still inside me. I am still breathing hard as are you but we smile and we kiss many sweet kisses while I massage your earlobes, the one part of you I had not touched yet. It feels so good lying with you in me, and your arms holding me so close, that I never want this moment to end.

Then I remembered something I wanted to try. I pulled back and smiled at you with a sexy grin so you knew I was not pulling away from you. I bend down to find your lovely cock coated in my juices. Mmmmm I taste good on you! You pull me up to your lips for a deep long kiss. We lay for a long time kissing when you ask if I want to take a shower with you…

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