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Mr. Officer

I have been a part of the New York Police Department for some time now. I have made many arrests. Some criminals give up easily, some want to play rough, and some try putting up a fight. They even try to escape, but in the end, they never win.

Well, let me tell you about today. As I start off my day like any other, I wake up in the morning and get dressed in my uniform. I'm looking sharp, and just hoping for a good day.

I usually work the day shift, from five o'clock in the morning until five o'clock in the evening. While out on patrol, it's just another day. I give out a few warnings and traffic tickets, you know, the normal stuff. The rest of my day continues. By now, I'm hungry, just like any one else, so I decide to take a break. I go to the local mall, where I park my car and start walking towards the food court.

As I pass some of the stores on my way to the food court, I notice a woman. She looks to be around five feet high, and around one hundred and thirty pounds. She has a nice, tight body with lovely curves. She is inside Victoria's Secret, trying to stuff panties, bras and lingerie down into her big purse.

I walk up to her softly, so she isn’t alarmed enough to run off. As I get closer, I start reaching out for her hand so I can grab it. I grip her hand tightly, and I pull and turn her towards me. I read off her Miranda rights.

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?”

She says nothing.

"Ma'am, please put your hands behind your back." 

She begins to argue about why she's being arrested, and I reply, telling her she's being charged with shoplifting. She argues that she hasn’t stolen anything.

"Please, Mr. Officer, let me go!”

I remove her from the store to take her to the police department. I take her to the car to do a pat-down search before transporting, and ask her to spread her legs apart.

"Ma'am do you have anything in your pockets or on you that may pinch or stab me?"


Starting my search, I move from her collar down her back, and down to her waist. Then, I reach around and search down from her chest, around her breasts, between, around and underneath. As I open my hand and cup her breast, I softly and gently squeeze. Her head automatically falls against my shoulder, and I hear a soft moan escape her lips as my hand moves from her breast down her stomach and her waist. My thumbs slide into the seam of her jeans searching from front to back.

“Damn it, you're turning me on!”

I can feel my cock starting to harden as I continue my search down her legs. I move my hands down her thighs, inner and outer, softly squeezing her nicely toned thighs and legs. Moving my hands back up from her legs and thighs, more moans escape her lips as I make it to her crotch. I feel her legs close instantly and trap my hand between her as I rub and press against her crotch. 

“Fuck me right here, right now, Officer.” 

"Ma'am, can you refrain from talking like that? Please watch your head as you enter the car."

Finally, we made it to the precinct where I bring her into the interview room and remove the handcuffs.

"Is there anything I can get for you, miss, before we begin our questioning?"

“Yes, you can. You can get me that big hard cock I felt as you were frisking me.”

I move towards the door and lock it, and then turn around, releasing my gun belt so it hits the floor.

"Ma'am, please get against the wall right now."

She does. I kick and spread her feet apart. Her hands and arms are high above her head against the wall. I quickly take one hand and grab a handful of hair. I pull back on it, whispering into her ear, "Be careful what you ask for."

With her head pulled back, I press hard against her. I know she can feel my hard cock pressing against her ass as I kiss and bite on the side of her neck.

“Yes...” escapes her lips as my hands move around her front. I feel across the buttons of her blouse, and rip it open as the buttons pop off everywhere. I quickly run my hands low on her stomach, down to her jeans, which I unbutton and unzip. I begin to pull and wiggle them down her hips and legs. As her thighs come out of the pants, I kiss them. I work my mouth upwards towards her black, see-through lacy boy shorts. I take my hands and smack her ass before I shove my face into her buns, kissing and nibbling on them as I squeeze her cheeks.

I pull down her boy shorts while she unsnaps her bra. It hits the floor at the same time as her panties. As her feet step out of her shorts, I rapidly turn her body around. I push her up and throw her legs over my shoulders. As I hold her legs tight, she places her hands on the back of my head, forcing my face to be shoved into her lovely, fresh scented pussy.

My tongue circles round and round her swollen clit. I move it down her juicy wet lips and between them, licking her pinkness. I lift her up from the ground, raising her up the wall with my hands gripping her ass. I keep squeezing as I continue licking and thrusting my tongue in and out of her pussy.

I release my hands from her ass, and open my uniform pants, dropping them to the ground. Her moans become louder as she squirms around on my shoulders. I lift her up higher to remove her legs from my shoulders. then I make her wrap them around my body, sliding her down to my waist. As we kiss deeply, her ass falls right against my hard cock. I reach down and pull it out of my boxers, lining it right up to her slippery wet lips. Her pussy slides right down on my cock as I thrust her up and down, making her slip down fully on my cock.

Her moans become louder with each thrust as she slams down harder each time. Feeling so wet, so warm, so good, her juices slide down my cock and balls. Her arms are locked around my neck as she bounces in my hands. My arms are now gripping her shoulders and pushing her down harder each time.

I take her away from the wall, still bouncing her in place. As she holds me tight, I remove a hand from her shoulders. I begin smacking her ass and squeezing it. I have both hands around her ass so I can hold and keep her in place, as I begin bouncing her across the room. From one end of the room to another, her pussy slams down on my cock. Bouncing her hard, and then harder, across the room, her moans become louder with each bounce.

She moans out, ''Fuck me, officer. Fuck me.''

Grabbing her by the waist and doing just that, I lift her up and slam her down even harder.

“Oh god, yes, yes...” 

As she screams out in pleasure, I bring her to the table in the room, laying her down on it. I pull her to the edge and place her legs up across my chest and shoulders. I start ramming my cock deep inside her tight little pussy.

''Yes, officer! Yes!'' 

I'm pounding into her pussy, fast, then faster, pushing in so deep inside her as her juices and cream flow over my cock. Faster and harder, I pound as the smacking sounds fill the room. Her moans and the smacking sounds are as loud as each other. Her legs start tensing and closing, and then shaking as I keep thrusting. Suddenly, she screams out, "Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!'' 

As she cums hard, she gasps for air. I pull out and take her off the table, pushing her down to her knees, and brushing my cock across her lips. She is breathing hard, and her mouth is open trying to catch her breath. I shove my cock inside her mouth. I fuck her mouth quickly, grabbing the back of her head and pushing it down my cock. I make her gag on my length, pulling out as she gasp for air again. 

Thrusting fast into her mouth, I feel my cock throbbing and tingling as her tongue slides round and round my head. My cock stiffens up as I pull out, stroking it, and shooting my cum all over her face and mouth until the last the drops fall into her mouth.

Suddenly, I start hearing banging on the door. It's my female Lieutenant, Rodriguez. She's a Puerto Rican, thirty-six years old, with 38DD breasts and a small waist. She keeps in shape since she's a divorced single mother of two.

"What's going on in there?" she yells, bursting through the door.

''Oh my god, what the hell are you doing, Sergeant Johnson?''

I walk over to her, shutting the door right behind her and locking it.

"Lieutenant Rodriguez, you walk around here so moody and angry all the time, and I’m going to fix that right now." I pull her by the gun belt, taking it off and busting her uniform open with her buttons popping off. 

''What do you think you're doing, Sergeant?''

"I would like for you to be quiet. Shhh... I told you already..." I pick up the panties from the suspect I was dealing with, ball it up, and put them in the Lieutenant's mouth. I strip her naked, pushing her down on all fours, and take my belt from the floor. I place it around her neck firmly.

"Now, you will call me daddy, okay?" I tell her, as I remove the panties from her mouth.

'Huh? What?'' she replies, a bit dazed.

"Tell me, will you take your spanking like a good girl?"

''Oh, Papi.''

To hear her using her native language is so sexy, it makes me throb. I remove the belt from her neck, and I spank her ass with it.

"Now, be a good girl, and lick the cum off her face."


"No, what?" I ask her, spanking her ass hard. "Follow my rules, or you shall be punished. Hear me," I tell her, spanking her ass even harder.

''Si, Papi.'' 

"Good girl. Now, lick it off."

She does, and I watch her licking her face, and they swap the cum from her mouth as they start kissing. Taking my cock, I push it between them as they both start licking down my shaft. They swirl their tongues around the head of my cock, making it hard once again. Reaching over to my Lieutenant's ass, I grab and squeeze it. I start slapping it with my hand before rubbing up and down her tight Spanish cunt, pushing my finger inside, wiggling it around, and then pushing another inside.

Fingering her cunt quickly, I pull my fingers out and taste her juices from my own skin. I reach down and grab Lieutenant Rodriguez's hair, pulling her head back. Then I turn to my suspect, telling her what to do.

"Lie down and spread those legs open. Now, Lieutenant, you be a good little slut, and eat her pussy."

''I never...'' she replies. I punish her with the belt, smacking her ass again.

"What did I say?"

She does as I tell her, and begins eating her pussy, licking her wet walls as my suspect grabs her by the hair and shoves her head into her. She grinds her pussy up and down her face and mouth. I walk around them, watching.

"Now that's a good little slut," I say, spanking her ass.

I lean down, still smacking her, and spread her cheeks open. I run my tongue up and down her cunt, sucking on her lips, tugging on them. I run my tongue up and down her slit, and up to her ass, smacking her cheeks as I do. I grab her hair and pull as her head comes from my suspect's pussy.

I tell my suspect to turn around and eat my slut's cunt, as I reach for the handcuffs and cuff Lieutenant Rodriguez with her hands behind her back. Grabbing her hands by the handcuffs, I push her face down, back into the suspect's pussy. As they eat each other's pussies, I shove my cock inside the little slut's cunt, with my belt in hand, spanking her ass on both sides .

Thrusting hard into her cunt, I pounding away, pulling her hands hard and bringing her body onto me. Moans are coming from the both of them, filling the air and room. Squeezing her ass and spreading it open, I thrust deeply into her. I fuck her quickly and as hard as I can. Feeling her juices and cream flow down my cock, I feel my suspect sucking on my balls as I slam into my slut.

My balls tighten and my cock stiffens up as I pull out and slide it into her mouth. I pull on my slut's hair.

"You have been such a good girl, daddy's going to take care of you some more." And I shove her face back down into her pussy as my suspect deep-throats my cock. I pull out. My cock is all wet from her mouth, and I push into my slut's tight ass, pushing and forcing it in since she so tight. I start ramming my cock into her ass, deeper and deeper.

''Oh, si, Papi, mas, Papi.'' 

I pound into her cheeks while punishing her ass with the belt. My suspect is rubbing and playing with my balls as she sucks on her clit and fingers her. Their breathing, so heavy, moaning so loudly, sweating, dripping bodies mixing the aroma is intoxicating. Her ass is shaking, and she tries closing her legs. She shakes harder as she cums hard, and my suspect cums too. I am pounding as hard and fast as I can,and I reach the peak right then.

"Oh fuck, fuck..." I start cumming deep into her ass, filling it up with my cum. Fucking great as it feels, I pull out, and have them both turn to me, sucking and cleaning off my cock with their tongues.

"Hmmm... feeling so good..." I look at them, smiling at my two little whores. "Now, get dressed and carry on about your day. Lieutenant, every time you see me, just say "Daddy".

I get dressed and walk out the room to finish my shift.

"Oh yeah, the handcuffs key is on the table..."

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