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My fiance's brother

The most sensual thing happened to me
My fiancé had been pestering me for a while to have kids. We were both from large families and planned on getting married one day to start our own big family. It was hard for me though. I’ve been modeling for a while and my body was my craft. I worked really hard to stay in shape and believe me when I say my fiancé really appreciated it. The thought of having to let myself go kind of scared me. What if I wasn’t able to get back the same results? I’ve enjoyed being in such top-notch shape for so long. What would I do if I could regain that?

 After months and months of pressure I finally gave in and agreed to try for a baby. My fiancé and I always used condoms in the past so this new sensation was really enjoyable. We’d rush home every night and try and try. Sometimes it would be planned and sometimes if he thought there was a spare minute he’d just jump me. Unfortunately after almost a year, we realized something was wrong. For some reason, I couldn’t conceive and this really frustrated him. In my heart I wanted a baby but I knew for a fact it was his dream to be a father. Without even asking, I went to my physician’s office and inquired if the reason for us not getting pregnant was I? After several sessions I was relieved to see I was completely healthy and fertile. The horrible thing was I had to have him checked. After much discussion he agreed to the uncomfortable act of tested him. The lab told us to be patient since it would take weeks for him to find out the result of their tests. A couple weeks flew by when I got home from work and found a message on our voicemail. It was the lab and they called to say he was in certainly infertile. I was broken by this news and knew it would destroy him. I didn’t want him to think he was damaged and responsible for this but I didn’t know what to do. It was important for him to have a baby from his own seed, from his own DNA makeup. He wanted to see what his child would look like, if he or she would somewhat resemble him or me. We talked about adoption before but he said it was out of the question. I started to panic. What was I going to do to fix this? How could I solve this problem? I decided to not tell him until I figured this all out. I deleted the message and stalled for time.

The next weekend I was out with my girlfriends who I hadn’t seen for ages. One of them asked if we had gotten pregnant yet and I lied and said we were still trying. The girls brought up an interesting point though. My fiancé had a brother who happened to be his twin. They were practically identical growing up and were the closest friends. The girls mentioned how it would be so funny if Ron’s twin brother married a woman who looked something like me. If they had children, their children could possibly look like ours. I thought about that comment and realized there may be some truth to that. I mean he has almost the same DNA as Ron so that could happen. Suddenly an idea came to my mind. If I called Reggie, Ron’s twin brother, and told him about the circumstances maybe he would agree to help us. I mean he would do anything for his brother. When I got home from that weekend I called Reggie and told him about our dilemma. I begged him not to tell Ron since it was such a sensitive subject. He really understood and agreed to keep it a secret.

“So Leah is there anything I can do for you guys?”

“Well Reggie this is where it gets kind of uncomfortable for me. I need you do me an incredibly unusual favor.”

“Go ahead Leah, you can ask me.”

“Well you see I wanted to see if you could get your…well never mind. I can’t ask.”

“Come on Leah, just ask me. I mean it’s me Reggie. I know everything about you guys so just let it rip.”

“Okay Reg, here’s the thing. I need you to see if your semen is fertile. Oh gosh, I can’t believe I just asked that.”

“Ha Ha I can’t believe you just asked that either.”

“Reggie it would me so much to us. If you would do this for us I would owe you tremendously.”

“Well I guess I could. That’s super uncomfortable but I’d do anything to spare Ron the pain of knowing. Its not like I’m ever going to have kids.”

Reggie was a successful business owner and had a ton of money but no one to share it with. He was somewhat over weight and he never bothered to care for himself. It there was something we all knew, it was Reggie would be most likely single forever.

“So you’ll do this for us Reggie?”

“Of course, anything for you guys. Don’t worry I won’t say a thing to Ron.”

“Yeah because if he knew Reggie, it would kill him. It would just kill him.”

“I don’t get it though. What if I am fertile, what’s that going to prove?”

“Well it sounds crazy but since you both are twins, your genes and DNA are practically the same. I could be artificially inseminated with your sample and possible conceive. It would be like Ron and I got pregnant but he would never have to know.”

“Oh shit Leah that is the craziest idea ever. Are you fucking kidding me right now?”

“I knew it. I knew you wouldn’t take this well. I know it’s crazy but it makes sense. Please Reggie you have to help us with this. Please do it for Ron.”

“Okay Leah I’ll do it. It’s a crazy idea but when you think about it, it does make sense.”

A month or two passes by when I got a call from Reggie. He advises me the results from the lab came back and the doctors affirmed his semen was fertile. All Reggie needed to do was make a donation to their facility. His sperm sample would be tested for sperm count, motility, how well they freeze and any deformities. He would have to give a series of three samples in order for them to run the various tests. Once that cycle is approved then I could visit and undergo the process of being artificially inseminated.

I was overjoyed because my plan had worked. Ron was oblivious to the fact that he couldn’t naturally have children but would never have to know. Reggie agreed to help us out and now our dream of becoming pregnant was actually going to happen. My excitement soon turned to anguish though. Reggie called and explained that the cycle wasn’t going so well. He wasn’t able to provide them with enough samples at the proper time. Something was happening with him and he wasn’t able to fulfill his obligation. He explained it to me and said it was like he was freezing up. He couldn’t do it. The pressure and the awkwardness of the doctor’s office was getting to him. Whenever he tried to give a sample he couldn’t. I was crushed. What was I going to do now? My only chance was now lost. That’s when Reggie had a strange idea. He asked to speak with me in person now. He wanted to talk about a different opportunity. I had no idea what he was getting at but I would do anything to make this happen. Maybe he found a different lab or donation facility? Maybe he found another way to help Ron. Whatever it was, it was our last chance. He asked that I meet him at his place on Saturday. I had a swimsuit pageant I was in that afternoon so it would have to be that evening. He agreed to the arrangement and asked that I meet him at his place to discuss it so Ron wouldn’t be suspicious. I made an excuse to Ron and told him I would be staying with the girls in Clearwater after the show. Ron had no idea what was going on and didn’t care either way. He was piloting a plane to West Virginia that weekend so I was on my own anyway.

Well Saturday came and as I was at the swimsuit contest I noticed Reggie there. It was at this beach side bar and the contest was filled tons of beautiful women. As always, the crowd was filled with all these over the hill, fat, greasy men. They were always hooting and hollering at us, drooling while guzzling down their beers. Although I loved the attention I was getting, I hated the fact that they would grab at us as we walked through the crowds. I swear if another one of those drunk assholes grabbed my tush as I walked by I would deck them. As I was on the platform receiving my victory sash, I saw Reggie standing in the crowd below me. He was lit up like a lighthouse. He seemed so excited to see me. He just couldn’t take his eyes off of me. It kind of made me uncomfortable because he was gawking at me just like all the other guys. I noticed how heavy he had become. You wouldn’t even know Ron and him were twin brothers anymore. Ron was so fit and muscular and Reggie was flabby and hairy now. When I walked down after the contest he grabbed hold of me and gave me a big hug. The oils from my body leaked all over his polo shirt and down onto his shorts. I felt really bad but he didn’t even notice. When he picked me up off the ground in a bear hug I flinched as my breasts accidentally smashed up against his face.

“Reggie put me down now. Please.”

“Oh sorry Leah, I’m just so excited for you. Congratulations on winning another contest. I’m really happy to see you again.”

“Yeah I’m excited to see you to Reggie. So what’s this other idea you have?”

“I’ll tell you when we get back to my place. Grab your things and we’ll head over in my car.”

Reggie helped me collect my sweats and bags before piling ourselves into his car and driving to his house. Reggie was very wealthy and lived just outside of Clearwater. He had this really fantastic house on the ocean. An interior decorator furnished it with patterns from across the Atlantic, majestic items from the far east and beautiful elements from many exotic cultures. I could only wonder at what Reggie has experienced through his many travels. As we walked inside, he took my bags and set them in a guest room. I was baffled by his behavior because he seemed very flustered. He asked me to sit down in the living room and talk about what he had in mind.

“Alright Leah, this is the dilemma I have. I can’t do it at the lab. It’s too demanding. For some reason I just can’t get to that point.”

“What point?”

“You know the release. I just can’t make myself cum there. It’s like I’m being watched by people in white coats.”

“Sorry Reggie, I know that was a lot to ask from you. Have you thought about doing that here then and just dropping it off afterward?”

“Yeah I tried that too.”

“So what is this other idea you have Reggie.”

“Please don’t freak out when I say this but I was hoping you could help me with this.”

“In what way Reggie?”

“Well I am doing this for you guys and I need some help getting to that point. Maybe there is something or someone you can arrange me with to help me out.”

I could see the disappointment and failure in his body language and tone of voice. He seemed desperate for companionship and was reaching out for my help. I didn’t know if I had any friends who I could pawn off on him. No way would any one be so quick to move into a situation like that. It takes a while to become romantic with someone. I felt so responsible. It was my fault he was feeling like this and I felt horrible. It was crazy but I thought maybe there was something I could do for him at this very moment.

“Reggie, why don’t you just relax okay? Don’t let the pressure get to you. You are so sweet for doing this for me.”

“I know Leah, I just want to help you guys though.”

“You have. Maybe I can help you now.”

Reggie had a strange look of confusion, as I looked innocently into his eyes. I scooted down the couch toward him and maintained eye contact as I reached over to his lap and unbuttoned his shorts. His eyes beamed open widely and jolted down to my hand and back up to my face. I unzipped his shorts and took hold of his cock, which to my surprise swelled up in less than two seconds. I didn’t say a word as I started to caress his cock with my hands. It was throbbing wildly, like I’ve never seen before. I started to stoke it up and down as Reggie began bellowing out loud. I had no expression on my face as I continued to work it and feel it grow in my hand. Reggie’s head jolted back and his eyes rolled over in ecstasy. I could see it really was turning him on. He wasn’t able to say anything as I teased his member up and down. Without him noticing, I bent over and wrapped my mouth around it. I knew if I could make him cum then that’s all that we needed. As my head bobbed up and down, Reggie yelled out, “Oh Leah, oh Leah!”

I sucked on his rock hard cock for almost a minute before a jolt of cum suddenly hit the back of my throat. It was quite unexpected. I choked on the thick, milky fluid and coughed as streams unrepentantly shot down my esophagus. Reggie grabbed hold of the back of my head and held it down as he continued to shoot his load into my mouth. I tried to resist but he just help my head there as he screamed out in elation. Finally his pelvis jolted uncontrollably as his torso rocked forward. He let go of my head as he uttered, “Fuck, oh fuck. Oh fuck that was amazing. That felt so good.”

“Damn it Reggie, you almost made me choke to death.”

“Sorry Leah, I couldn’t control myself.”

I looked down and saw his member glistening brightly. It was smooth and shiny but free of any cum. As I reached up to wipe my mouth I noticed there was only a small speckle of sperm left on my face. I was so disappointed, I thought I could get him going and then collect the outcome in a cup for the lab.

“Reggie you were supposed to cum in a cup or something, not in my mouth.”

“How was I supposed to know you were going to do that? Man if Ron knew we did that he would kill us. You would be in huge trouble Leah.”

“I know Reggie, I didn’t even think about that. Oh my gosh what am I going to do. This has gotten so out of control now. Our relationship would be over if he ever knew.”

“I know it would. That’s why I won’t say a thing.”

I half-smiled as I looked up at Reggie. I didn’t know if I should cry from embarrassment or hug him for being so sweet through all this. This situation was out of control now. I cried as I related we had just taken it well beyond a point of no return. I mean I just gave Reggie a blowjob. And worse, he came in my mouth.

“Oh Reggie what are we going to do? You just have to keep trying so we can make this happen.”

Reggie got up and walked into his bedroom and walked back out. As he walked into the living room he grabbed me by my hand and lifted me to my feet. He guided me into his bedroom, which was unusually large. There was a large four-pillared bed and a small sitting room to the left of that. Large glass paned doors bordered the bed to the right and the ocean sat just feet outside. As I stood there and gazed at the opulence, Reggie sat on the foot of his bed and looked back at me.

“Okay Leah, I know something that definitely will work.”

“Go ahead Reggie.”

“I want you to slowly take off your clothes, leaving the bikini on underneath.”

“Hold it, you want me to strip for you! Are you fucking crazy! What kind of girl do you think I am? “

“Leah you just sucked my dick. How is this any worse?”

He had a point, this was nothing compared to that last act of desperation.

“Reggie I’m practically your sister, you can’t be serious.”

“You want this baby don’t you?”

“Of course I do.”

“Well you got to do this for me. I need to get hard again right? This will definitely get me going.”

“Reggie you don’t think this is kind of weird? We’re like family.”

“Leah, are you going to do this or what? Come on your fucking gorgeous. Are blind or what? Haven’t you seen how we all look at you? You’re unbelievably gorgeous. I mean just today you won another bikini contest”

“Really, that’s kind of nice to hear, weird but nice. I’m sorry, I’ll do anything to have this baby for Ron.”

As I started to dance, Reggie picked up a remote control and ushered in soft, seductive music. He sat there on the bed and peeled off his shirt as I gyrated back and forth. I slowly peeled off my sweatshirt and my sweat pants revealing my tiny, gold bikini underneath. I could see Reggie’s eyes fixed on my chest. His gaze kept navigating up and down my body and beads of sweat poured down his face. I could see his dick rise up out of his shorts and I was thrilled to see it was working. He kept fighting the urge to take hold of himself even though it was obvious he wanted to.

“Leah you have no idea how much I’ve wanted you. You’re absolute perfection.”

I didn’t know what to say. That disgusted me because now I thought back to all the years I’ve known him. He must have been lusting after me since the beginning and I never noticed it.

“Come over to me Leah, dance on me.”

I reluctantly walked over and started to slowly groove to the music as I hovered over his legs. He took hold of my hips and held me as I moved from side to side. I bent over and draped my breasts in front of his eyes as he leaned in closer to see them. I whished my hair side to side, flailing it throughout the air. It waved across his face as I teased him with it. This was actually kind of exciting for me. I used to do this for Ron all the time and it was kind of exciting to have the chance to do it for someone else. As I danced, I could feel my body heat rise and my skin started to glisten from all the oil and sweat. Reggie slipped one of his hands underneath the strap resting along my right hip. He caressed my hip before sliding his hand down around my backside and along my thighs. He was utterly inspecting every inch of my body. I hadn’t planned on him touching me but I let him do it just for a short while. His gaze was locked and I could see the dark intentions behind his eyes. He took hold of my ass and squeezed it firmly before turning me around and sitting my on top of his legs. His hands rushed up my torso and around my breasts. He squeezed them firmly before slipping his hands underneath my top and cupping my breasts. It felt great and I fought the urge to push him off of me. His fingers navigated to my nipples and the cold touch of his fingers caused them to harden instantly. He was enthralled by the stiffness of them and used his index finger and thumb to stroke them.

Ron never did this for me. He would always skip the foreplay and slip his dick in and out of me within minutes. All he wanted to do was act out fantasies of his. He’d make me do something and then bone the fuck out of me. Reggie was much different. He was more seductive and sensual. His hands drifted down and under my tits as he lifted them in the air to gauge the full size of them. I couldn’t help but get wet. My labia was throbbing and swelling from the tension. I felt juices sliding out of my slit and down my inner thighs. Reggie’s hands dropped down my torso and between my legs. His right hand pulled my bikini bottom away from my skin as his left hand dove down inside. His index finger caressed the lips of my vagina and drove me wild. I could feel him explore the inside of me and tickle every fold of skin hidden away. The sound of his fingers sticking together and noise of the friction intensified. He thrust one of his fingers deep inside and I noticed how his whole finger disappeared. He slowly took it out and thrust back in with two fingers. My vagina tightly wove itself around his hand as he softly rubbed the inside. He fingers came out again as he slowly worked three fingers down into me. I could notice his fingers struggled to find their way back inside. My vagina was throbbing so much; it seemed to encompass every tiny curve of his hand. I moaned out in ecstasy as he slowly worked his fingers in and out for several minutes.

“Wow baby you are so tight. How about we tried to fit a little more inside.”

I knew exactly what he was talking about. His member was erect and resting against my ass and lower back. Without looking, I could already measure the shear size of it. It was exceptionally larger than Ron’s. I felt it continually growing and pulsing against my body. It seemed to go almost up towards the middle of my back. I could feel how thick it was as it rolled side to side against me as I gyrated my hips to the motion of his hand. His hands pulled away from my pussy and quickly rushed up along my thighs and across my chest. I could feel him breath against my neck and I could see him in a mirror across the way leer at my body. His eyes continued to gaze up and down at my tight, voluptuous frame. My tits were sitting high on my chest and sticking straight out. My legs were tan and olive, shining from the oil and sweat. My brown hair rested along my right shoulder as Reggie began to kiss my neck. My gold satin bikini was pushed away from my tits and his hands continued to fondle and caress them.

Suddenly Reggie shifted his hands to my hip and helped me up off of his waist. He pulled the tie from my bikini bottom open and moved the material covering my pussy over. His hands shifted down to his waist and he grabbed hold of his cock as he shoved it into my slit.

“Reggie wait a second, we can’t do this.”

He didn’t say a word, as he bounced me up and down on his legs.”

“Reggie, this is taking it too far.” (Each word of mine slightly muffled and broken from the gasps of air I let out as he pummeled my pussy).

“Leah you know this is what we have to do. Just help me do this for you.”

“Okay Reggie but please not to rough.”

In an instant, he picked me up and put me on my feet as he stood up. He shoved me forward onto the end of the bed as my breasts squashed beneath me. A shock suddenly shot through my body as he slammed his dick deep inside me.

“Aahh!” “Aaahhh!” (Each time he thrust into me, air shot out of my lungs from the shear force)

“Reggie that’s too hard! Softer please!”

“No way Leah.” (He muttered while thrusting into me)

“I’ve always wondered what it was like for Ron to fuck you and now I know.”

“You’re much bigger than Ron. I’m not used to your size. Please take it easy okay.”

I didn’t know what to think. It didn’t hurt it just surprised me. He was slamming me so hard I needed a few seconds to adapt to it.

“I can’t believe how good this feels Leah. You’re body is perfect. I’m going to enjoy every second of this.”

His words drove me wild. He wanted me bad and was getting his wish. He was fucking the shit out of me. I looked over my left shoulder to the mirror and saw him thrusting like a wild animal. He was pushing every inch of his cock in and out as he fucked me from behind. My juices were pouring out of me and splashing at each thrust he made. He kept muttering, “Fuck yeah baby! Fuck yeah! Take it all Leah, you know you want it!”

I did want it and I couldn’t help it anymore.

“Give it to me Reggie. Give it to me!”

We were yelling out in ecstasy so loud I would guess all the boats in the harbor could hear us. The bedposts were fluxing and the wooden floor was creaking below our feet. Finally after several minutes, a stream of heat shot up my waist and into my chest. I was breathless for seconds as a river of electricity coursed through me. My body quivered and my legs trembled underneath Reggie who was still moving in and out of me with intense ferocity. I could feel the cum crash inside me and the sensation of my orgasm fully enveloped every emotion and feeling in my body. I had never been fucked so passionately before. Reggie was still going and finally came to apex minutes later.

He pulled out of me and spun me around. I sat with my ass on the bed as I watched him reach for his dick. Without notice a stream of cum shot out of him and onto my face. I pulled my hand up to block it as he shot several more beads onto my chin. My face was a mess as I looked up at him. I was speechless over the amount of cum drenching me. Reggie suddenly reached around my head and pulled my open mouth over his cock. He bobbed my head up and down before finally coming to a rest.

“Reggie what the fuck was that? I’m not your sex toy you know?”

“Whatever Leah I heard you enjoying that.”

I did enjoy it but I despised him for trying to use my mouth for his sexual gratification. I have to admit though that he fucked me like no one has before.

Finally, the problem with Reggie was fixed. I'd just get him to sleep againand have him cum in me this time. That would be the answer to all of my problems and I could put all this strangeness behind me. As I sat up and started to stand, Reggie walked over to his bed and climbed on. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me next to him. We were spooning for a second when I pushed myself away and looked over at him.

“Reggie you can’t get this twisted. Remember we are doing this for Ron and thats that. I'm sure you'll understand we only need do this one more time. Ron can never know what happened earlier or what just happened a few minutes ago.”

“I know exactly what you mean Leah. Ron can’t ever know. He definitely can’t fucking ever know. Like you said before though Leah, we’ve taking this to far now. We’re well beyond the point of no return now.”

“What exactly are you getting at Reggie?”

“Well seeing that we have already done this, our relationship has changed entirely. Don't you realize that you just slept with your future husband’s brother. What worse thing can you do to him? The way I see it now, you and I are friends with benefits.”

“Wait a second Reggie we are not friends with any kind of benefits. As far as I’m concerned this is it. You got hard in less than 10 minutes apart and came each time. What else do you want from me? This is it. This was not part of our deal you jerk.”

“Leah you have no idea what kind of mess you just created. You and I know that our relationship is now a sexual one. I didn't tell you to suck my dick or sleep with me. All I wanted to do was see if you could set me up with one of your hot friends. I never even thought this kind of thing would have happened. I’ve been as intimate with you as anyone could be. I’d hate for Ron to know that now.”

“Please Reggie, don’t tell him. All right you’re right, it is a sexual one. I know it’s different now so please don’t make this any worse by telling him.”

“Make it any worse? Leah come on, did you really think I was that bad?”

“Well no. You were actually kind of good.”

“I knew you enjoyed. I definitely know I did.”

“Okay Reggie, we’ll keep this our little secret then.”

Years have past since that day and our relationship has almost gotten us in trouble once or twice. I remember recently during the Fourth of July he and I and Ron were visiting family down in Panama Beach. It was a huge get together and everyone was there. There must have been seventy people there celebrating. Reggie was so spur of the moment to. Any chance he got he would grope me or caress me without anyone noticing. As the fireworks were going off I went inside to get a drink when he suddenly pulled me into the laundry room. He was dangerous and acted like a wild man. He just pulled my skirt up and picked me up in his arms as he fucked me. I kept looking out the window at all the people who were enjoying the fireworks show. Ron was out there drinking with the guys and oblivious to the fact that his wife was fucking his brother just inside. I could see the glare and colors of the fireworks reflect off of Reggie’s face as he rammed me incessantly. I kept yelling out in joy knowing the sound of fireworks exploding above us would mask it. Within seconds, Reggie would cum inside my mouth. We did this often and he usually initiated it.

I used to hear people use the term friends with benefits, now I know what they truly mean.

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